Bill Gates: The collapse of an American hero

   Before May, Bill Gates was an American hero, a world-renowned super rich and a philanthropist. But when the Seattle Medina finally bid farewell to the rainy season, his life did not usher in the dawn.
   The fall of the altar originated from a divorce notice. The Gates and his wife announced the end of their marriage on May 5. The 27-year marriage was confirmed by the two that there was no love at all. “It is impossible to believe that the two can continue to grow together. Subsequently, the Microsoft board of directors decided that Bill Gates should leave the board of directors.
   Is this still the male model who thinks that the smartest decision in his life is to find his wife Melinda? After the cocoon, the world took a deep breath. It turns out that the marriage of this model couple is a bitch. This crowded relationship is not only about the two parties, but also the intervening third party, and even the sex offender Epstein.
   01 Lao Qian met upstarts
   On May 17, Gates admitted through a spokesperson that he had had a long-term extramarital affair with a female Microsoft employee and ended it in a “friendly way” before 2020. It turns out that Gates, who has always shown humility and kindness, turned out to be a dirty fish stealer.
   Zhongming Ding Shijia is often accompanied by desire. The compulsory subject of many powerful people is not to learn how to overcome desire, but to cover up the star stain with fig leaves, and to show others in the face of the benevolent in front of the general public. And one of the survival rules of the noble lady is to ignore her husband’s loveliness.
   Smart as Melinda, how could he not know this rule. The American tabloid even reported that on the wedding day, Gates suggested to Melinda that he needed to spend a week alone with his ex-girlfriend every year. Melinda actually agreed to this absurd request. What really made her take back the vows she made before God was most likely not Gates’ stealing…
   The Wall Street Journal had previously revealed that the rift between Gates and his wife had actually lasted for a long time, as early as the two. Years ago, Melinda started consulting with a divorce lawyer and revealed that her marriage had “irrecoverably broken down.”
   In the eyes of the outside world, this elite marriage is a long-term stream, but by 2011, a dangerous factor rushed into it.
   Coordinates the Upper East Side of New York, where wealthy businessmen gather. Gates met the notorious sex offender Epstein. This confrontation has quietly changed the course of the fate of both sides.
   Epstein owns a private island in the Caribbean Sea and receives celebrities every year. It is not the blue sea and blue sky that attracts these celebrities, but a group of underage girls collected by Epstein on the island.
   In 2005, Epstein was accused of sexually assaulting a young girl, and he was not arrested until 2008. The charm of the privileged class in the United States lies in the fact that money is able to watch the law. It has been in the gold powder class for many years. Epstein’s rights have taken root in law enforcement agencies. In the end, the Florida prosecutor agreed not to prosecute him, and finally faced less than two years in prison. There is close to free work parole.
   In other words, when Gates met Epstein, the latter was already infamous. But the upstarts who are struggling to grow from the bottom and extend their tentacles to the upper class have a fatal temptation for “old money” like Gates, and their undisguised greed is very novel than the latter.
   02 Angry Melinda
   In 2013, accompanied by her husband, Melinda met Epstein for the first time, and that meeting made her very unhappy. This sex offender is vulgar and shows off. During the meeting, Melinda was sitting on pins and needles. Afterwards, she angrily warned Gates not to interact with Epstein.
   Although the relationship between Gates and Epstein cooled down, the two remained in contact before Epstein fell into a wave of lawsuits again in 2017. A flight data sheet shows that Gates took Epstein’s private jet to Palm Beach, Florida in 2013.
   In July 2019, Epstein was arrested again on suspicion of sex trafficking with minors in Florida and New York. Perhaps this “nouveau riche” who grew up from the bottom has mastered too many secrets of the rich. At this time, Epstein became the abandoned son of the forces behind it. In August, this swaggered sex offender was in a lower Manhattan prison. Committed suicide.
   Later, forensic doctors speculated that he did not die by suicide, but was strangled. However, the forensic conjecture was not adopted after all. After all, who cares about the cause of death of a “rat”. It is the rich man who has had fetters with Epstein who are really caught in the stormy sea.
   Fortunately, Gates and Epstein have no business dealings, and the details of their private exchanges are only a catch by the American tabloids. Therefore, Gates was not implicated at the time, but the overwhelming reports touched Melinda’s nerves. .
   After reading these surveys, Melinda later realized that the relationship between Gates and Epstein was likely to surpass her imagination. At the same time, she also discovered that Gates’ former adviser and former foundation Employees have had a deep relationship with Epstein.
   In October of the same year, Melinda had many conversations with the divorce lawyer, and finally had a showdown with Gates. In 2020, the couple will be absent from the World Economic Forum, which must be clocked in on the schedule.
   Perhaps in Melinda’s view, her husband’s betrayal is not a necessary factor to stifle marriage, and Gates’s irrational choice to entangle with sex offenders is a disregard for common interests. In addition, the youngest child has reached the age of 18, and the couple is in their sixties. She has fulfilled the duties of a good mother and a qualified wife. There is really no need to shed blood for the Gates family.
   This former husband and wife are excellent partners for each other. They once raised their eyebrows and shared the dazzling American dream to the whole world.
   03 villains, angels and executioner
   Gates before the divorce, an angel of the world. He is rich and smart, and he is also a benevolent who loves philanthropy. The history of his struggle to found Microsoft is a model for every entrepreneur and an idol in the minds of countless people. But in fact, before becoming an entrepreneur, Gates was clearly a dude’s.
   There is a Melinda between the angel and the villain.
   Before meeting Gates, Melinda was a golden girl-born in the middle class, graduated from the computer department of the prestigious Duke University, and later obtained an MBA degree. She quickly emerged after joining Microsoft. Before marrying Bill Gates, Melinda managed more than 100 employees.
   In contrast to Gates, his success is not a myth. Although the American media are keen to show the world a perfect fairy tale of creating wealth through their unremitting efforts, they did not mention that Gates’ mother, Mary, is an excellent entrepreneur herself. It’s hard to say that Gates’ success has nothing to do with the wealth and connections his mother has accumulated.
   When he was a student at Harvard, Gates loved to participate in the nude queuing. After dropping out of school, his hobby became worse. Bill Gates’ biographer once broke the news that he is not a stupid technical house, and his lust is an open secret in the industry.
   If he wants to stand up as a diligent entrepreneur, Gates understands that he must find a good partner who can help him stick to the label of becoming rich with diligence. The other party should be a model of striving and making progress. So in Microsoft’s office, Gates found Melinda like a treasure.

   There is no romantic history of Cinderella meeting a prince in the world. This marriage is full of calculations from the beginning. Melinda recalled: “Bill Gates listed the advantages and disadvantages of marriage on the whiteboard in the bedroom, and carefully analyzed them.” Gates also solemnly sought the consent of his ex-girlfriend before marrying Melinda.
   Melinda did not disappoint Gates. The image of a traditional lady she displayed after marriage was well received by the public. Gates worked 16 hours a day and had no time to take care of his family. Melinda also worked hard and took over the “widowed parenting.” Even if Gates had more than one rumors of private meetings with female subordinates, she smiled faintly, and if necessary, even came forward to support Gates and clean up the mess.
   In 2000, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was established. Most of the assets in the husband and wife’s name have been donated to the Gates Foundation. He also set up a will that said 98% of the estate will be donated to the Gates Foundation. . At this time, Gates has been written as a philanthropist by time. Everyone has long forgotten that in the sea of ​​commerce, he is a cold-blooded, decisive executioner.
   In 1980, IBM launched a personal computer. With Gates’s mother’s matchmaking, IBM offered him an olive branch and asked him to write a program with his partner Allen. What really caught Gates’ interest was that IBM also needed an operating system.
   In fact, according to the level of Microsoft at the time, it was completely incapable of developing an operating system, but Gates fully agreed.
   Allen learned that Tim Patterson had developed an operating system called QDOS, so he bought it with Gates at a cabbage price of $75,000, renamed it MSDOS (the predecessor of the Windows system), and sold it to IBM.
   This is the first take-off of Gates’ entrepreneurial road. And his second takeoff was in exchange for hurting Allen.
   Since the establishment of Microsoft, the two have been at odds with the number of shares they hold. Until 1983, Allen, who had just been diagnosed with cancer, heard that Gates was discussing with Ballmer in his office about how to further dilute his equity. At this point, the two sides officially broke.
   The share dispute also ended with Allen leaving Microsoft. Later, he sold 68 million shares of Microsoft, becoming a stepping stone on the road to the richest man in Gates.
   Later, Microsoft climbed the IBM tree and quickly occupied the PC market. This seedling attached to IBM has gradually flourished. By virtue of its absolute monopoly, it has signed an “exclusive” clause with software developers, so that all popular software must be dependent on the Microsoft system to survive.
   And Microsoft’s road to fortune was quite unbearable-by copying WordPerfect and Lotus, it launched Word and Excel, the latter two quickly occupied the market relying on the compatibility of Windows. Under Microsoft’s strong plagiarism, the Silicon Valley company at that time had nowhere to go. It was either acquired by Microsoft or plagiarized to death by Microsoft.
   It was not until the emergence of the Foundation that the label of executioner gradually faded. At this time, Gates generously donated his money and contributed to the charity of the world. In all aspects, he is indeed an angel of the people of the world.
   Gates, 04 abandoned children
   after the divorce did not expect the storm, Gates founded Microsoft single-handedly is now being abandoned. The collapse of Gates’ heroic design is bound to affect Microsoft’s stock price. Microsoft’s top priority is to cut off the relationship with Gates.
   In the second half of 2019, a female Microsoft engineer claimed to have had a sexual relationship with Gates since 2000, and the Microsoft board of directors subsequently launched an investigation, but this matter soon disappeared. Until recently Gates became the focus, and the board of directors restarted the matter. Soon, news broke that Bill Gates admitted to having an extramarital affair and resigned from the Microsoft board of directors.
   On one side is Bill Gates, who was lonely after the divorce, and on the other side, he harvested all of Melinda. According to “Forbes” data, Gates is currently worth more than 130 billion US dollars, or about 841.4 billion yuan. After divorcing Gates, Melinda will get a huge amount of fortune. The public opinion and the child almost all stood by her side.
   After 27 years of patience and humiliation, the traditional woman who was willing to retreat behind the scenes for her family has grown into a feminist representative. In 2013, the Gates and his wife needed to write the foundation’s annual newsletter. But Gates only left a short section for Melinda, but Melinda said that the two parties, as co-chairs, should jointly write this newsletter. As a result, the two sides broke out fierce quarrels and even reached the point where they “almost killed each other.” At that time, Melinda believed that “their marriage will end because of this.” Although they compromised in the end, the balance of power between the husband and wife had already tilted.
   In the eyes of those who are familiar with the husband and wife, Melinda has more leadership potential. Buffett even thinks that Melinda is better than Gates in grasping the overall situation.
   Last year, Melinda published a new book “Women’s Moment: How to Empower Women and Change the World”, encouraging all women to strive for equality and realize their own values. In the future, Melinda’s life will be even more exciting, and we have reason to believe that she will write a new climax in her career.
   Bill Gates once said: “The God of Luck will patronize everyone in the world, but if he finds that this person is not ready to meet him, he will walk in through the gate and fly out through the window. “I
   don’t know if Gates is now ready to welcome the god of luck, to reverse the direction of public opinion, and to be redefined as an American hero.

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