Behind the flock

A long time ago, on a grassland in Mengcheng, in the middle of the Huaibei Plain, a shepherd grazing a large herd of sheep.

One day, the newly born lamb went out to play, and the mother sheep followed unreasonably.

The lamb and mother suddenly noticed a big bad wolf in front of them, and the mother sheep pulled the lamb and ran back to the sheepfold desperately. The mother and son were out of danger.

Soon, the grown-up lamb went out for food with the flock. This time, the big bad wolf appeared in front of the flock. The difference from the last time is: this time the big bad wolf did not pounce at them, but as the flock progressed, facing the flock, it kept retreating.

Returning to the sheepfold in the evening, the little sheep asked his mother doubtfully: “You always say that the big bad wolf is fierce and cruel, and specializes in bullying the weak animals. But today, he saw how big our sheep are. Is he also afraid?

“Child, it’s not that our sheep are so prestigious. What the big bad wolf fears is not that our sheep are so many, but the shepherd who follows our flock and carries a shotgun.”

This is often the case in the world: for the weak, it doesn’t matter who you are and how many you are, what matters is: who is standing behind you.