Love to eighty percent is the most beautiful

An incomplete iron circle, very envious of the round and without any regrets, so it took a lot of setbacks and finally fulfilled one of his wishes. When it stood proudly on the top of the mountain, it was full of expectation, thinking that it would be a complete feat when it rolled down the hillside in a moment. But when it rolled to the foot of the mountain and climbed up, it felt confused. How could the complete self be worse than the self with imperfections at the beginning? I rolled down from the hillside in an instant, and I didn’t see anything!

In fact, life is a circle. Don’t demand perfection everywhere, otherwise you will lose a lot of the fun you should have.

At the time of wheat harvest, farmers would say a farming saying: “Eight mature, 10% harvest; 10 mature, 20% lost.” In May, the wheat will be the same every day, and after a wind, the wheat will explode. If it is not harvested in time, a large number of wheat kernels will fall into the ground. In order to avoid losses, experienced farmers will sickle the wheat when the wheat is eighty ripe. If the wheat is harvested when it is ten ripe, the loss will be great.

In traditional Chinese paintings, some white space is often used to express the scenes such as wind, water, clouds and fog in the picture. This technique is more subtle and introverted than directly using colors to render. White space can coordinate the composition of the picture, reduce the feeling of depression caused by the composition being too full, and naturally guide the reader to direct the attention of the subject. It seems that artists know how to love better. When love reaches eighty minutes, love naturally becomes a kind of transcendent art.

Love to eight points is not only a kind of wisdom, but also a state.

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