BBC apologizes for fraudulent visit to Princess Diana

An internal investigation by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) recently revealed a shocking inside story: The interview with Princess Di, who shocked the royal family in 1995, was actually obtained by the media reporter using fraudulent means. This scandal has plunged the BBC into a crisis of confidence, and the professional ethics of its staff have also been widely questioned. After the agency issued an “unconditional apology,” Prince William and Prince Harry issued separate statements strongly condemning them.

According to a report by the New York Times on the 21st, on the 20th local time, the former British Justice Lord Dyson, who led the BBC internal investigation, released a 127-page investigation report that determined that Princess Diana’s exclusive right to interview in 1995 was the BBC reporter Bashi. You obtained it by forging documents and deceiving Princess Di’s brother Spencer. In order to get close to Princess Di, Bashir used forged bank documents to convince Spencer that MI5 and the media hired staff to monitor Princess Di. After gaining Spencer’s trust, Bashir was introduced to Princess Di and became the BBC The “Panorama” column won an extremely rare exclusive interview.

In fact, the BBC initiated an internal investigation into the matter as early as 1996, and previous investigations determined that Bashir’s deception was not a deciding factor for Di Fei’s consent to the interview. The person in charge of the investigation was Tony Hall, who later became the president of the BBC. In that investigation, Hall skipped Spencer, hurriedly concluded the incident, and praised Bashir for being “honest and decent.” Dyson wrote in the investigation report that the BBC deliberately concealed Bashir’s actions and “failed to achieve the high level of integrity and transparency the agency advertised.”

According to the New York Times, Princess Di revealed in this interview that “there are three people in my marriage (alluding to the improper relationship between husband Prince Charles and Camilla at the time)”, which triggered a storm of public opinion surrounding the British royal family. But Bashir, who was originally little-known, has since retired and retired until recently. Although he expressed his apologies recently, he still insisted that the interview with Princess Dai was a personal choice. Hall also said embarrassingly on the 20th that Bashir should not be trusted back then. The current BBC president David issued a statement on the same day, stating that the BBC could not set the clock back 25 years ago, but should make a “full and unconditional apology” for this matter.

Since this interview was one of the reasons for the breakdown of the mother’s marriage and the misfortune, Prince William and Harry did not buy into the BBC’s apology. Prince William made a very rare strong statement on the 20th, criticizing the BBC staff for spreading sensational false statements about the royal family, which not only aggravated the fear and anxiety of his mother, but also made her more isolated. He believes that the party responsible for this matter is not limited to a “rogue reporter”, but also related to the irresponsible leadership of the BBC; “Panorama” should take this talk show offline forever. Prince Harry denounced the BBC’s unhealthy practices of “using others and unethical”, and said that such plots are still widespread in the media industry. He sighed: “My mother has lost her life for this, but nothing has changed.”

“Europe reached an agreement on a’vaccine passport.” According to a report on the 21st by German TV, Portugal, the rotating EU presidency, announced on Thursday night that after multiple rounds of negotiations, EU member states and the European Parliament have reached an agreement on a digital “vaccine passport” Opinions are expected to be implemented on July 1.

The “vaccine passport” contains a QR code that can display information about the holder’s vaccination, virus test results, and recovery after diagnosis. According to regulations, people who have completed a dose of the new crown vaccine can apply for it, but the vaccine must be approved by the European Medicines Agency. The “vaccine passport” will apply to all EU countries as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. The President of the European Commission von der Lein emphasized that the “vaccine passport” will be “a key element for restoring safe and convenient travel throughout the European Union.”

In order to promote the “vaccine passport”, the European Commission will allocate 100 million euros from emergency funds to help reduce the cost of new coronavirus testing. According to regulations, EU countries “must not impose additional travel restrictions” on persons holding “vaccine passports” unless this is necessary and proportionate to protect public health. However, the German “Daily” said that the European Union countries are currently lacking vaccines, it is difficult to fully complete the vaccination before summer, so many people will miss the peak travel season. Despite this, the German weekly “Der Spiegel” stated that the EU economy has now entered a technical recession, and the “vaccine passport” is conducive to the movement of people and promotes the EU economy, which is known for its tourism industry. German News Television said that the “vaccine passport” can promote the vaccination campaign, restore the normal order of society, and enhance the people’s confidence in the fight against the epidemic.

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