Action movie ebbs, helpless facts

The action film “Rage of Man” led by action star Jason Statham and directed by the famous director Guy Ritchie was released in the United States and China on the 7th and 10th, but the box office and word-of-mouth are not high in recent years. The performance of movies of the same genre is mostly tepid, and it is a helpless fact that action movies are declining in the world.

“Only a qualified commercial film”

As a standard action movie, “Rage of Man” continues the “tough guy” style that director Rich and starring Statham are good at, telling the story of the protagonist after losing his son. In order to find the real murderer, the undercover security company responsible for escorting cash is digging The story of the robber and the boss behind the scenes. After the film was released in North America, it won a local box office of 8.1 million U.S. dollars. The global box office is currently 25.7 million, which is generally less than this year’s other low-cost action film “Little People”.

According to word-of-mouth, the freshness of Rotten Tomatoes in “The Fury of Man” is 66%, and the 57 points on the Metacritic website can only be regarded as quite satisfactory. “Variety Show” affirmed that “this is a film that (should) be experienced in the theater, confidently showing professional and efficient lethality”, and “Guardian” praised “Guy Ritchie for showing meticulous arrangement and handling of violence skills, which is considered strong Powerful B-rated film”, while the “Hollywood Reporter” believes that the chaos of “Rage of Man” “has dragged down Statham’s slow performance, which led the audience to doubt the logic of the plot.” After the film landed in Chinese theaters, the box office on the first day was just over 10 million yuan, which was not as eye-catching as the two domestic commercial films “Above the Cliff” and “Sweeping Darkness: Decisive Battle”.

Compared with Hollywood’s “dominant family” in the field of science fiction films, the ancient genre of action films actually has different performances in the film world of various countries, and it can be regarded as a “repertoire” that can be distinguished in style from Hollywood. Looking at Europe and Asia, not only Chinese-language movies have the most influential “kung fu movies/ martial arts movies”, Japan has “sword and halberd movies” based on its own history and martial arts culture, and Southeast Asian works that use Muay Thai and Sanda to make people shine. Worthy of attention. In Europe, where the film industry is mature, action movies are also one of the most important traditional genres. In terms of commercialization and entertainment, they are not inferior to Hollywood.

In fact, “Rage of Man” is a remake of the French action film “Money Carriage” in 2004. It is also a plot of the male protagonist’s undercover security company’s anti-kill. Although the French version is not as popular as Hollywood, there is a calm rationality and a reflection on society behind the crisp action scenes-children dare to throw stones at the money transport truck, and the robbers are half-and-half sons. The French commercial film director represented by Luc Besson and his “Europa” company once also occupied a large share of the global action film market. They successfully launched the “Hurricane Rescue” series starring Liam Neeson and “Violence” Innovative “Parkour Action Movies” such as “Thirteen Blocks”, and female action movies such as “Nikita” and “Super Body”.

Few new ideas

Just like the same “Longmen Inn”, Chinese filmmakers have shot from “Longmen Inn” to “New Dragon Inn” and then “Dragon Gate Flying Swords”. Action films in various countries have been developing and innovating for many years: Japanese sword halberd films have changed from “Miyamoto Musashi”, “Intentional Stick” and “Zatoichi Monogatari” became famous in the international film industry in the middle of the last century, but after the 1990s, the bubble economy burst and the Daiei company and other studios went bankrupt and fell into depression. In recent years, with the resurgence of new-style action movies, such as “Rurouni Kenshin” merged with the “two-dimensional” and rejuvenated.

Similarly, Thai action movies have also relied on Tony Jia’s “Fighting Fighter” series to hit a world in recent years. Similarly, Indonesian action star Iko Uaisi’s “Assault” series are all hard-core combats. , It is more able to cross language and cultural barriers to the international market.

However, in general, the share of action movies in various countries is gradually declining under the background of science fiction and fantasy movies that emphasize CG special effects. Especially with the rise of superhero movies in recent years, the old-school action stars have been unable to satisfy the audience with their punches and the cost is also Compressed, there are only a handful of action movies that can be shot every year. The history of “Terminator” Schwarzenegger, “Rambo” Stallone, “Raptors Crossing the River” Norris, “Spinning Kick” Shanger Yundun, “Killing as Hemp” Longger, and “Do Not Use Qianlong” History Steven Siegel and many other stars have lost their style and box office appeal, and can’t find a succession of younger generation action stars. They can only play in the “Expendables” series, which can be regarded as a salvation for the glory of action movies.

“Female action movies” received poor response

More than ten years ago, Hong Kong Wuzhi collectively jumped to Hollywood, which triggered a short-term “Kung Fu” boom. Keanu Reeves became associated with Chinese Kung Fu because of “The Matrix”, and later met David, a director who is also keen on action movies. Leiqi, in the past few years, he has produced the “Quick Chase” series, which is very popular and popular, but he is now also a 57-year-old uncle.

In France, with the mismanagement of the “Europa” company on the verge of bankruptcy, “Anna” has a poor box office, and in recent years there has not been a decent action movie coming out. The concept of the so-called “female action film” has not received enough market response-the new version of “Charlie Leak” has not been well received at the box office, and the new version of “Tomb Raider” has not received enough praise. The younger generation of audiences is far less enthusiastic about action films. Super hero film.