You only have one chance to educate your children

   Some people think this sentence is too general, but the fact is that before the child is 18 years old, The child’s problem is the parent’s problem.
   Indeed, children will go to school, will make friends, and will be affected by the surrounding environment of the social environment. In the final analysis, family education is the background color of a child’s life, and all problems that children encounter can be solved in family education.
   Becoming a parent is never about giving birth to a child, feeding the child, dressing the child, and sending the child to school. Even animals know the skills to train cubs to survive and hunt, not to mention us humans. The responsibility of our parents is to give our children the ability to live a happy life. Therefore, children’s friendship, children’s studies, children’s temperament, children’s character, children’s living ability, etc., are all inseparable from parents’ teaching.
   When the child’s growth has gone wrong, don’t say that the child was taken by a bad friend. Why didn’t you tell the child what kind of friends to associate with? When there is a problem with a child’s performance, let’s not say that the school teacher is irresponsible. Why don’t you pay attention to your child’s learning situation? When there is a problem with a child’s upbringing, let’s not say that the environment affects the child. Why didn’t you tell the child what behavior is right and what behavior is wrong?
   In the education of children, it is difficult for our parents to shirk responsibility. Anyone can say: I’m sorry, I can’t do anything about your child, please be smart, but parents can’t.
   After the age of 18, the child has officially grown up, gradually leaving the circle of influence of his parents and starting his own journey alone.
   At this time, he will come out of his small family, see a bigger world, and know more people. Compared with his parents, his children may spend more time with classmates, friends, colleagues, and lovers. Naturally, it will also be affected by the surrounding environment and have independent thinking about the world. But it is more inevitable that the children at this time are full of traces left by the original family, perhaps traces of happiness, or deep and shallow wounds.
   Before the age of 18, children get enough love and respect, then after the age of 18, they can also use love and respect to give back to others and the world; before the age of 18, the child develops good learning and living habits, then after the age of 18, these habits Will always accompany him and become his bargaining chip for happiness and success; before the age of 18, children have acquired various abilities and skills, then after the age of 18, these abilities will become his weapon and armor against everything.
   Happy people are healed by childhood all their lives, while unfortunate people are healed their childhood all their lives.
   Therefore, we have become parents, although we may not be able to create a perfect environment for children to grow up, but at the very least, we should not let ourselves become children’s nightmare.
   Life is a relay race, and the native family is the first. If the child loses the entire game, the first club is responsible, but it is unfair to attribute all the reasons to the first club. Similarly, it is also inappropriate to throw off the responsibility for the first club. of.
   Perhaps the child will meet a good teacher, a good classmate, a good partner, and a good partner outside the family. These will become his second and third clubs, giving him more hope of winning the game. But in any case, as parents, we don’t want our first stick to be a drag on our children.
   Education cannot be repeated, and some regrets can never be made up. Don’t think that if you don’t accompany your child now, you will have a lot of time to accompany your child. In fact, if you don’t accompany your child now, you will not be able to accompany your child in the future.
   Children have to go to school, work, and get married. The growth of children is a process of separation from their parents. The lack of companionship in childhood will only become an eternal gap.
   Do not indulge children blindly, and the consequence of being unwilling to educate them is that children will eventually be taught by others in a more cruel way. Don’t be stingy about giving your children positive emotions and warm encouragement. Nothing can make children happy than letting them fully feel that they are loved.
   The matter of educating children cannot be explained clearly in a few words. Many details need to be carried out by us in practice. But there is only one thing that our parents must always keep in mind: education is a regrettable art, but educating people cannot tolerate any mistakes.
   We must always take every problem of our children seriously. On the way to education, it is our parents who need to learn and correct more.