Why do girls love to eat more than boys

The girl’s stomach never seems to be full. After finishing 20 plates of sushi in a Japanese food store with bozi soda, go out and turn left to buy two chicken feet, walk for a kilometer and then order a cup of milk tea. This is a hundred possibilities for exquisite life, and it is a weekend to reward yourself with a break from part-time work. Fortunately. It’s impossible to keep your mouth shut, it’s tantamount to living a boring life, it’s boring. According to data from the market research agency NDP Group, girls eat 15% more times a day than boys on average. In short, girls want more in terms of eating.

Food, the basic physiological needs of human beings. According to Maslow’s theory, frequent eating can rise to the realization of safety and social needs.

A dish is eaten madly as a bird and beast, this is a tough guy. The girl chewed gently and shared gossip with her girlfriends. Even the lunch in the cafeteria tasted Michelin, and her posture determined her momentum.

For girls, eating has long become a social enjoyment, and it dispels daily anxiety and makes people feel full.

“Women are born with more delicate emotions. They can perceive more details in food and give them imagination.”

Kim Mclynn, head of the NDP Group, explained this.

Professor Gene-Jack Wang of Brookhaven National Laboratory in the United States has done an experiment using professional scanning equipment to monitor the brain activity of fasting men and women when facing their favorite foods.

The results show that women’s brains respond much more to their favorite foods than men, and men can effectively suppress the desire to eat and even offset hunger.

“Observer” once did a survey, among the 10 people who wandered in the dessert area, 7 were women. 18 of the 20 diners who chose steak and mushroom pie instead of vegetable snack were men.

Low-carb diets give girls a chance to eat more.

“Women don’t eat thick cakes and men don’t eat pudding. The unpleasant eating experience is like an eagle that keeps flapping its wings and only takes a mouthful of mud.”

Kenneth Onyango, MD, explained that women’s neurotransmitter levels are lower than men’s, especially hormone fluctuations before and after the menstrual period. Eating more sugary foods can enhance the activity of serotonin.

In addition, desserts may also stimulate the release of endorphins, resulting in a sense of happiness. This is why desserts are more popular with women.

In the late 1990s, the direct influence of merchant marketing on the differences in eating habits of the sexes was denied. Now this concept is being subverted.

And it is true when they yell that they want to lose weight, otherwise they will lose weight inexplicably.