Why are there 7 days a week?

   From 6000 to 4000 BC, a group of Sumerians lived on the Mesopotamian plain in the Tigris and Euphrates river basins. By observing the roundness of the moon, they found that the time from a half-round moon to a full moon is 7 days; from a full moon to a half-round moon, the time is another 7 days; from a half moon to a moon disappears, the time is 7 days; from a moon disappears to The half moon is another 7 days. It can be seen that 7 days is the cycle of the moon’s profit and loss.
   Therefore, they divided a month into four weeks and seven days as a cycle, and used Sun God (Sunday), Moon God (Monday), Mars God (Tuesday), Mercury God (Wednesday), Jupiter God (Thursday), The seven star gods of Venus (Friday) and Saturn (Saturday) named these seven days. This is the earliest origin of the name “week”. They also built a god tower to worship these seven star gods, thinking that the seven star gods took turns “on duty”, each in charge of one day. Later, the week system was inherited by the Babylonians.
   The ancient Jews were influenced by the civilization of the Mesopotamia and also accepted the weekly system. Later, the concept of the week spread to Europe along with Christianity derived from Jewish religion.
   Why should the clothing label be on the collar?
   I believe that many people have been “bitten” by the label on the collar, especially for people with sensitive skin. The design just behind the neck is very inhumane. That being the case, why does the clothing manufacturer have to put the label in this position?
   The reason is obvious. When you buy clothes, you can usually see the label on the inside of the neckline at first glance, and the same is true for product quality inspectors. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission requires that the product information must be presented visually when the product is submitted for quality inspection, which can improve the efficiency of quality inspection. Therefore, although there are no hard and fast rules, most businesses place the label on the neckline by convention. Since the location is not easy to change, why not use more comfortable materials? This is a cost issue. In the 1960s, the clothing manufacturing industry began to use low-cost polyester fibers to make labels. Today, 75% to 80% of clothing labels on the market are made of this material. This kind of material itself is not piercing, but when cutting, the factory uses high-temperature metal wire. The edge of the melted label will become very hard after solidification again, which makes people feel panic. More advanced factories will use ultrasound to cut labels, so that the edges obtained are relatively smooth, but at the same time it will increase the cost by 15%.
   Are people allergic to water?
   This question seems absurd. After all, about 60% of the adult body is water, but there is a rare disease that is suspected of being allergic to water-water-borne urticaria. This kind of disease usually appears in early puberty, and the patients are mostly women, and the allergic part can include skin part to whole body. The patient’s skin will start to develop a rash after contact with water, causing a burning sensation and headache. After stopping contact with the water source, the symptoms will disappear within half an hour to an hour.
   You may wonder whether impurities in the water cause allergies? However, even if the tap water is changed to distilled water or saline, the symptoms will still appear, and they are not related to the water temperature.
   At present, the cause of water-borne urticaria is still unclear. Although the current cause is unknown and cannot be completely cured, patients can still use antihistamine drugs to relieve allergic reactions.
   Why would growling hungry
   Why you would feel hungry stomach it? This is the feeling of the nerve center. We have to eat every day, and the food we eat can usually be emptied from our stomachs in four or five hours. At this time, the stomach will begin to contract violently, making people feel hungry. We know that no matter when there is a certain amount of liquid and gas in the stomach, the liquid is generally gastric digestive juice secreted by the gastric mucosa, and the amount is not too much. Gas is generally swallowed along with food when eating. In this way, when the stomach wall is violently contracted, the liquid and gas in the stomach will be squeezed and pressed, running around, just like when we wash clothes, if a certain amount of air is wrapped in the clothes, they will be squeezed in the water. When you rub it, you will make a cooing sound. The two situations are the same.
   The ancient “bell doctor”
   “Ling doctor”, as the name suggests, is to practice medicine in the villages and households with string bells, so “Ling doctor” is also called Zou Fang doctor and Cao Ze doctor, referring to the folk doctors who wander the rivers and lakes. “Bell doctor” is a very good way of practicing medicine in ancient times, sending doctors home and delivering medicine home. As a form of medical treatment, “bell doctor” is relatively speaking with the sitting doctor. We know that doctors have fixed places, and those who sit in clinics and hospitals to see a doctor are called “zaitang”. “Bell doctors” are not quack doctors. Most of them are taught by family teachers. They have skills such as carrying medicine pouches on their shoulders, hanging gourds, shaking string bells, and sometimes shouting a few voices to introduce medicines for curing diseases. They are dedicated to serving the common people, although they work hard, they never get tired of it. In ancient times, Hua Tuo, Bian Que, and Sun Simiao were all “bell doctors.”
   Why grapes will climb the shelf
   if cling to their way, the grapes belong to this volume Sudo, ivy vines belonging to adsorption. The creeper does not have a stem to support the body. There are many slender and curved tendrils on its stem. Each tendril has a small suction cup at the top, so it will not fall off even if it climbs on the wall by wind and rain. The ancestor of the grape is a wild plant that grows in the forest. It needs sunlight to grow, but it does not have upright branches. The surrounding trees absorb all the sunlight. In order to gain more sunlight, it had to climb the tree. How did the grape grow? If you look closely, you can see that there are very thin tendrils on the vine, which can rotate and swing in the air. When the tendril hits the trunk or pillar, it will quickly curl up on it. After being curled up, it will continue to climb upwards without breaking. A tightly entangled vine, with heavy things hanging on it, is constantly pulling.
   Why is it said that “Wind Tune” can be “Rain Shun”
   my country is one of the countries with a famous monsoon climate. The southeast wind prevails in summer and the northwest wind prevails in winter. Spring and autumn belong to the transition seasons from winter monsoon to summer monsoon and from summer monsoon to winter monsoon respectively. In the usual year, in May, the summer monsoon outpost reaches the Nanling Mountains, detours to the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in mid-June, and rushes to the North China and Northeast Plains at the end of July. If the summer monsoon moves from south to north step by step according to this rule, without wandering or jumping, this is the so-called “wind regulation”. The activities of the rain belt are closely related to the monsoon outpost. The rainy season begins wherever the summer monsoon outpost reaches. In agriculture, the crops in the farmland of South China, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, North China, and Northeast China are in need of rainwater. Rainwater comes from a source and nourishes the growth of crops. When the crops do not need rain, the monsoon activity has just passed, the rain decreases and the sun increases. This is the “rain smooth”. If the monsoon outpost stays in an area for too long, or if it jumps over, the wind will not adjust and the rain will not go smoothly. In this way, there are often floods or droughts.

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