Why are some men attracted to women who are not as good as their original partners?

  I have a female colleague who usually has a gentle temperament, but yesterday I just accidentally bumped into her and she got angry and told me that if you guys don’t want it, you will only bully women. I was scolded a little bit dumb, and then I realized that she would react like this because she found that her husband was fierce to herself but gentle to other women.
  After returning home, I told my wife about it. She first warned me not to make the same mistake, and then said a similar thing. It turns out that the plot of the TV series is not necessarily fabricated, and there are people who do it.
  There is no doubt that men should fight for doing so. But only for a while, I am afraid that the fundamental problem will not be solved. Many people think that men do this because they are bothered, but in some stories, I think this is a result, not a cause.
  Whether it is a real case or a TV series, you will find that the target of a man’s derailment is often much worse than his original target, at least from an objective point of view. Why is this so? The key is that they can make men feel more present and feel that they can do something for women. To a certain extent, the reason why men seek outside is because they don’t get what they want in their relationships, such as dignity and sense of accomplishment. To put it bluntly, they feel needed.
  Imagine if your husband buys flowers for you, and your response is: “Don’t buy it next time, you have to pay the mortgage!” He must feel uncomfortable, even if you do it for the good of the family. If there is another woman at this time who is full of love when receiving the flowers, and also expresses gratitude to the person who gave the flowers, how do you think your husband will feel?
  Looking at the relatively happy marriages around me, I am even more sure that men really need the feeling of being “needed”. I have a good friend whose income and position are not as good as a wife who works in the same company. However, as long as the family makes any decision, the wife will definitely give him the final decision, and let him make the choice.
  Some female friends may be very unconvinced and think that their husbands should feel needed, such as needing him to make money or bringing a baby. There is a subtle difference between this, that the feeling of being needed is for those men who think they are what they should do.
  For some men, they are very conscious and feel that bringing a baby is what they should do. Therefore, if you let him bring a baby, he must have a sense of accomplishment. However, for other men, he lacks such self-consciousness. Then, you expect him to bring a baby. For him, this is not needed, but required. However, if you change your mindset and make him feel that it is not being asked to bring a baby, but that the child needs to establish an attachment relationship with him, then he will not feel that bringing a baby is required but needed.
  Every man has a different feeling of being needed. Some hope that his wife will feel safe, and some hope that his professional skills will be affirmed by his wife. Many times, this is where men are less confident. Just like a man with a small income, he will pay more attention to whether his income can contribute to the family. At this time, even if you make a lot of money, let him be responsible for paying the most important expenses of the family, so that he feels that he is needed.
  Of course, this may be an excuse. Why do women pay for the fragility of men? Please let me say something to my same-sex partner. We need to be affirmed. If we are affirmed, we will do better. This is a positive cycle.
  Finally, what I want to say is that I am not asking you to review whether you feel that men are needed, but to provide a different perspective on why some men are attracted to other men. Even if this hasn’t happened yet, you can find out what kind of needs men have and give them some opportunities to play. It is definitely helpful to enhance your relationship.