What shall we do

I think you, um, how to say, are still a bit… conservative in your bones. He spoke carefully and carefully, and because of his careful consideration of words, his intonation seemed very serious. She had to stop and glanced back at him subconsciously.

He felt that his goal had been achieved, and he continued to speak carefully. Well, that’s the case, it doesn’t mean that you are conservative, your conservative is progressive… conservative.

Progressive… conservative? She was also the first time she heard people say this about herself. Conservative and progressive. She wanted to laugh a little, and felt a little uncertain. If there is such a word, does her smile seem a bit too ignorant?

Yes it is. Sometimes it is not open enough.

But I don’t think I’m conservative. I think it’s good for me to be with everyone. It’s good enough to be able to open up. She tossed her hair, she always did that, she always tossed her hair if she had nothing to do.

It’s my personal feeling. He chooses his words carefully. For example, yesterday, your reaction was unexpectedly strong.

It’s not… just not used to it. She bowed her head and walked absent-mindedly, like a child doing something wrong. Fortunately, she didn’t play with her fingers. He wanted to laugh a little.

Is it conservative or not used to it? You scared me yesterday and made me call you to apologize in the middle of the night.

Did you call in the middle of the night? Why am I not impressed? she says. When she said this, she was serious, as if he was lying. Is her face red? He was walking behind her and did not look at her.

Maybe in my sleep, I forgot a few moments, and when I remember, I will call your room. You are vague, let me stop talking and rest quickly and don’t think too much.

Really, did I say, I can’t remember.

Just forget it. He said aha, as if he was relieved.

She was late for class on the first day.

She was sent by someone that day. His door was just open. At that time, wind passed through his room. It was the wind of May, with a hint of tender white scent of Sophora japonica. She and a man walked by laughing while talking, and couldn’t help but glance at his room. He just put down his backpack and was tinkering with his laptop. Hearing the voice, he looked back. They passed by in a flash. The woman wore a light-colored skirt and the man wore a pair of glasses. He wasn’t sure if the people who came were with them. Zhongqing Villa seems to be not small in scale. They talked and laughed. The person wearing glasses said, yes, this place, this time you can write your novel quietly. The woman seemed to lower her throat and echoed something, but he didn’t hear it clearly. Then there is the sound of the door lock opening and knocking the door. He walked over, trying to close the door, but he didn’t expect the wind coming through the hall to slam the door tight.

Later, he heard the door knocking from her again. They went out together and talked as they walked, but their voices were obviously lowered, and their voices became faint and they couldn’t hear them clearly.

She was late for the opening ceremony in the afternoon. In the whole class, she was the only one who was late. Her face flushed, and she said embarrassing words back and forth. Later, she was late again. He remembered her at once. He couldn’t help remembering her. She was sitting in front of him.

I haven’t seen her listen to a class seriously. Her attention is always incapable of concentrating. Toss the hair for a while, and then toss the hair for a while. Is there grass in her hair? A girl who was at the same table with him angrily went to another empty table once and said that she couldn’t bear it. Why did her head move around all the time?

She did move around all the time. There was a notebook with the same light green leather cover as them on her desk. From his point of view, her notebook hadn’t memorized anything seriously, and it had completely covered all her small movements. Prop, she has two mobile phones, one on the table and the other in the cloth pocket behind her. It was a cloth pocket that they issued uniformly. It was simple and practical, and the design was pretty good. During class, the phone in her cloth pocket made a buzzing vibrating sound from time to time, and she could hear it clearly. When the phone vibrated, she would turn around in a panic and turn her cloth pocket. He thought, why didn’t she put all her mobile phones on the table? Or just keep the one that is always ringing at hand, don’t others do it like this? On the contrary, the cell phone she had on hand did not ring. However, her two mobile phones, regardless of whether they ring frequently or not, she always puts down one and picks up one, which is a bit of a brow and heart.

One afternoon, a discussion class. She sits beside him. He can observe her more closely, her hair, her mobile phone. She still has to shake her head twice in a while, as if to remind others that she has thick curly hair. When she is not shaking, she will braid a strand of hair on her forehead into a small braid at a very fast speed, and then quickly pull it apart. The phone in her bag didn’t vibrate, but she would take it out after a short while and look through it. Draw a few strokes quickly on the notebook according to the phone. The content in her notebook remembers to be scribbled, but in another place a few pages away, she carefully uses a carbon pen to draw a kind of landscape sketch. She took out her mobile phone for a while, compared the drawing, and then hid the drawing, showing the appearance of taking notes seriously.

He praised her for painting well. She immediately covered the painting, a little embarrassed, and said lightly, didn’t she? I am learning to paint.

Are you familiar with the road in this village? He looked at her in front of him. Said it was a walk together, it was as if she was leading him. How passive can he be?

After breakfast, he squatted in front of a holly tree at the door to smoke, saw her coming out of the dining room, and was taken aback in the lobby, then walked straight out, walked to him, and asked what he was doing? He took a deep breath, spit it out, and said, smoke. Ask her again, do you smoke? She waved her hand. Do you still smoke? She asked. What is this called? He thought, what a cigarette is, I will do more. He remembered last night, so he inhaled the rest of the words and the last puff of cigarettes into his stomach.

Are you okay? She asked. No. Shall we go for a walk? she says. it is good. He stood up.

As soon as I left the house, I saw several other classmates in front, and there were leaders of the college inside. She suddenly became nervous. He felt her tense. He deliberately said that we catch up with them. Forget it. I don’t like to walk with the leader, awkward. Then again, let’s go another way.

He thought, she would definitely say what happened last night. What would she say? But she said nothing on the way. He deliberately mentioned, for example, his self-made term “progressive conservative” designed to criticize her for overreaction, but she took care of him, as if deliberately downplayed the topic.

After walking many times, she said, Sun Er and I walked around yesterday, but we were still confused! We will not get lost, will we? You can’t go back, right?

I’m afraid I can go back the same way if I can’t go back. Anyway, I didn’t go far. He says.

Let’s walk again, maybe you will find it, you don’t know, the place Sun Er was looking for is very interesting, and it was done by a group of college students.

What are you doing?

There are everything, there are paintings, photography, and similar performance art. Young people have so many ideas!

He didn’t think there was such a place in the village. He rarely came here. He walked along the road in the morning and evening, and occasionally went to the small supermarket in the village to buy some water and daily necessities.

Last night, it was because of buying water. He said he wanted to buy some bottled water and make tea. Although the water quality here is not bad, he is still not used to making his red robes with the tap water in the villa. She said she would buy it too. Come with me, I know a supermarket, Nongfu Spring is two yuan cheaper than the roadside store. she says. She walked ahead like a warrior, familiar with the road. She said that the first day I checked in, I ate with my husband in the village. After eating, I went to the supermarket. If I did not go to the supermarket, I was afraid that the opening ceremony would not be delayed. Her one sentence revealed two pieces of information: one, the man with glasses who brought her here was her husband; second, she and Mr. glasses not only ate out, but also went to the supermarket together.

He and her bought water, a big bucket of 5 liters. He paid for her and took the initiative one by one. She said that it is too heavy, so let’s take one person and one bucket. He said that a barrel in one hand is not sinking. It’s like carrying water. It’s hard to pick one bucket on one pole, but it’s much easier to pick two buckets on one pole. His theory is very strange, and she is happy that someone can help her carry it.

The water was really too heavy, it was such a long distance from the supermarket in the village to the villa. His two hands were sore that when he reached his door, he handed her the other bucket. She happily took it and said, thank you for the water, and thank you for bringing the water back. I will come to me later. Let’s have tea in the house. He had just entered the house and was breathing undecided. Her call came again, saying that he should come to your house to drink tea. Any kind of tea will do. I don’t care. He smiled and said nothing.

Soon, she came over in slippers. Da Da Da, the sound is casual and lazy, unlike a particularly cautious look. Sitting on the bed, she didn’t care about tea at all, but asked: Why is your room so good, or is it a big bed? He said, isn’t it all the same? She said, it’s not the same, we are all twins. He has never been to other people’s rooms, and he doesn’t know the difference between the double bed and the double bed here. Are two beds bad? He says. No, she said. She patted the bed under her ass with her hand. The big bed is so comfortable that she can toss as she wants. How do you want to toss? He says. Hate, she said. Tell me what have you done in the past two days? What can you do? Go to class and sleep. He says. Didn’t you do anything else? She asked. No, what can you do if you are so nervous? He says.

What tea do you drink? He asked, and after he asked, he realized that he only brought Dahongpao. I only have black tea here.

You can drink whatever you want. She pretended to be casual, but her eyes looked from his room.

The tea was brewed and passed it over. She didn’t seem to even look at it, so she put it on the table in front of him.

You also write poems. She said nonsense.

She writes poems. On the third day of the class, she gave him a beautifully crafted collection of poems. She probably gave it to the classmates. He flipped through it and let it go. How do you say, her poems look pretty good, and they follow a small and fresh line, light and clear. He boasted perfunctorily.

How do you know what I wrote? He is strange.

WeChat, look at your WeChat. As soon as they came, they added WeChat to each other. You know why I just came back, I ran to the bathroom and read one of your poems. As she spoke, she turned on the phone and played a piece of audio she was reading.

He listened to the voice on her phone, very professional. He felt that his little poem was becoming shining under her reading. Awesome! He said, no wonder the broadcasting department is really good. The bathroom, the effect is average. Seeing you buy water for me and carry water for me, this is a benefit for you. If you are in a hurry, you can improve it a little bit. She was referring to the voice she read aloud. he knows. pretty good. It’s really good. He says. not good. Not good enough. You are like this. She retrieved his poem from her phone, moved to his side, and pointed out some sentences to show him. In order to see exactly which sentence she was talking about, he had to stretch his neck to read it. It’s pretty close. He even smelled her smell mixed with sweat. Just now, they have walked a long way. He was sweating too. She said, look at this, it could have been handled like this. She began to read, shaking one of her hair dyed brown as she read. Her face kept flashing as her hair flicked around. He thinks this face is pretty. He was a little embarrassed. As soon as she put her arms around her shoulders, she stood up as if being scalded, and looked at him with flushed face: hate! What are you doing? He felt very innocent. He just wanted to give her a hug. He took photos and took pictures. As long as a girl, he would give her a hug naturally. Few people overreact like her. He retracted his hands awkwardly, not knowing how to place them.

Why are you reacting so much, sit down.

I don’t sit. I sit down and you are like that!

What’s wrong with me?

I’m awkward like you.

The course schedule is very tight, all day long. There are three hours of class in the morning, and some teachers talk about the class, sluggish and squeeze their lunch and lunch breaks. The place where they took classes was neither a city hotel nor a university campus. Instead, they were concentrated in a place called Zhongqing Mountain Villa, a 4A-level scenic spot with beautiful scenery but a remote location. The teacher in charge of the class is strictly managed, and he must ask for leave even if he is out for more than two hours. It is also troublesome to ask for leave. You must apply first and then approve it level by level. They are like being caught suddenly, small beasts locked in a cage, they still feel fresh and exciting at first, but after a long time, they will also feel restrained, nervous and anxious.

Thanks to a great immortal in the class.

Where did Daxian come from? Daxian himself was confused. He said he hadn’t written any novels a long time ago. Who still writes novels in this era? When asked what he was doing, he twisted the other fingers with the thumb of his right hand, and someone suddenly realized, oh, you are at the bank. He glanced at people through the myopia with the big eyes, which were more white and dark than benevolent. That’s the big boss who started the company. Someone said again. Isn’t it vulgar again? Daxian helped Fu’s glasses that were constantly slipping down. I am still a guest professor at the Normal University. So what are you doing? Daxian twisted the other fingers with the thumb of his right hand. Isn’t this still some money? You know that money is becoming more and more vulgar. Someone suddenly realized, fortune-telling? Daxian closed his eyes slightly and smiled. Wow. The class fryed immediately.

It turned out to be a fortune teller, it was so fun! The most noisy girls are the girls. They surrounded the Daxian, almost as if they came forward and hugged them. From a walk after dinner to coming back from the outside, Daxian always gathered around a group of chirping women, they are good for the Daxian. Yes, there are backpackers for Daxian, and others who want to be a walking stick for Daxian. The purpose is nothing more than to make Daxian count his life for himself.

She is the most noisy one. When they were busy buying this and that for Daxian in the supermarket, he and Daxian stood together, and Daxian first met him: Chen Huohuo, you are a social person. He said, Daxian, what’s your algorithm, who is not a social person? Daxian said, I’m talking about social people, not the social people you are talking about, I’m talking about people who mix with society.

How do you know that he is a socialist, master? She came over and asked.

Look, he talks, he walks, he listens to class. He was alone in the class holding his arms.

He just pretended to be a fool. She laughed.

The muscles on his body weren’t pretended, they were trained right away. Daxian said.

She leaned over and looked at him, trying to raise and stop her hand, as if she wanted to touch the flesh on his arm with her hand. When the master said these things, he was by his side, smoking a cigarette, smiling. He found the master’s assumptions ridiculous. But it’s also fun, isn’t it? So Daxian said that he would deliberately hold his arms, as if deliberately cooperated with Daxian. His performance was calm and vivid. She didn’t know if she was attracted by Daxian’s remarks or by the “energy” in him. She looked at him innocently, as if she was verifying the truth of Daxian with her innocence.

Do you practice martial arts? She asked.

Practice six! He teased.

She didn’t care at all. There was a psychedelic look in her eyes.

Master, he doesn’t admit it! She reported him.

Daxian said that our job is not to let anyone admit it. We are only responsible for inferences and predictions. Recognizing or not acknowledging it is someone else’s business, which has nothing to do with our work. Our work is the same. Unless we use different prediction methods, the result of the game should be the same. The key lies in the interpretation. Whether we can use realistic language to interpret it in depth involves justice, officialdom, emotions, business, finance, and medical care. After waiting for a lot of knowledge, there is my personal understanding in every feng shui dynasty. Otherwise, no one would spend thousands of dollars to listen to me.

Master, are you still making money? she says

What do I eat without making money? I have a company that specializes in this. I am also a feng shui consultant for many large companies in Beijing, and I have to give them regular feng shui lessons. The company’s mid-level and above personnel appointments and dismissals must first seek my opinion.

On the way back, Daxian was surrounded by the girls in the class, and some people even suggested that Daxian should start class at night. This is really exciting, too exciting.

They were bluffing, and the idea of ​​giving Daxian a lesson at night was not implemented. But this did not affect their enthusiasm. They gathered the big immortals on the sofa in the second-floor lounge, taking turns taking turns. Everyone did not hesitate to treat themselves as a treasure, and they did not hesitate to hide their birthday characters. Leaked secrets to Daxian. Daxian was very calm and calm, and was not messed up by their chirping at all. He said, don’t mess up, don’t mess up, come one by one.

He sat on the opposite sofa at a distance, watching them take turns in battle, and then stepped back griefly. Daxian is very professional and has a special sense of honor for his work: He wants to speak truthfully. He must speak truthfully. Daxian showed them one by one, and then pointed them one by one and said: You guys, stop cooking. Some people are not convinced, feel that they are very good, and are on the rise. Why can’t he say no, he said he would stop the food? Some of the faces went black and stopped talking in anger, and some wanted to try to get Daxian to recalculate. Nothing more. do you know? Something will occur if it belongs to your life, if not, do not push it. Your fortunes are all written in the eight characters, understand? This is fate!

There are also men, after finishing the calculation, they came over to him and said: Quite accurate. He calculated what happened to some of my key nodes. Later. Who knows in the future? Fools are counted later, aren’t they?

When he passed. She is nervously counting her second life.

She has already done her own calculations, and she wants to do her fortune. She asked Daxian if it could be counted. Daxian pushed his glasses upwards and said that of course it was possible, but he had to make it clear who counted them. She said it was her husband. She quickly reported her birthday horoscope, and she seemed to have come prepared. Daxian glanced at the phone, thinking about it for a while, he was not in a hurry, and Daxian spoke in an orderly manner. She nodded and became more and more nervous. The expression on his face was too clear: Daxian was right. Daxian said: He has a good future. Good family background. Rich family background. rich. These two years will be richer. exactly. She whispered, becoming more nervous. Asked again, can I spend his money?

Daxian didn’t hesitate at all, and uttered three words firmly in his mouth: No flowers.

The flowers on her face withered with a smile, and whispered: I can’t spend his money?

Daxian leaned back on the sofa and said: You can’t spend it.

She asked: Why?

why? Daxian stretched his voice and let himself sit up straight on the sofa again: Why, because there are people outside him.

Daxian said astonishingly, all around him was silent. He thought this great immortal was ruthless enough to make her feel so embarrassed in front of so many people?

The lighting in the living room was dim, and her vigorous face immediately turned gray.

After a while, she said: I know, I know. He has someone. I just want to ask, can I spend his money?

Daxian thought she was annoying, waved his hand and said: Didn’t I tell you, he has someone! There is someone out there, can you afford it?

Under the light, her face was almost green.

Shall we go hiking? She told him.

She didn’t find a place to play with Sun Er, but dragged him to the front of the mountain. He doesn’t want to crawl. He is calculating the time for class. She said, early. The mountain is not high, let’s go up and take a look. She looked like begging. He didn’t speak, and she took the lead on her own to walk up the concrete steps. Before climbing a few levels, I heard her scream of “Ah”. He hurried over, but there was a black spider with big fingers in the middle of the road weaving a web and blocking it there. He pierced the cobweb with a dry branch and found a pool of blood-stained bird feathers in the corner, pointed it to her, and she screamed “Ah” again. Squatted down to study the feather carefully, guessing how it broke, was it hit by a slingshot, or it was accidentally scraped on a tree branch and broken. How much does the big bird hurt? She hissed and sighed. However, she quickly emerged from the sympathy for the big bird, her brisk footsteps were like springs under her feet.

There are no unusual tree species in the mountains, they are just ordinary cypress trees. But she is still full of novelty, dry branches, dry pine cones, and ants rushing up and down the trunk can all attract her. She found a piece of pine resin the size of a nail from a pine tree, took it to her hand and looked at it repeatedly, and then pointed it to the rising sun, carefully observed its color, and murmured: Look, there is light! Huang Chengcheng’s light! The light of the sun! Do you know what you lack? It’s this kind of light, you guys, sometimes your heart is really too dark. Need these lights to illuminate.

She takes you one bite. Of course I want to get his echo. But what did he say? Is she the object of harm and blow? What happened last night? Daxian’s open mouth will hurt her? Come and see, tell you, tell you. She turned back and yelled at him. He went over and took a serious look at the pine resin in her hand. It was nothing special. Any pine resin could see light under the sun. He admits that they are indeed a little gloomy, he, Daxian, they all have. After that fortune-telling, the great immortal wanted to invite him to drink and eat skewers. He went, and Daxian talked a lot about the girls in the class. For example, based on the appearance of XX, he will talk about the “that aspect” of XX and say which of them is more “sexy”. Those unnecessary, are completely the topic of men making fun of women, which are already subjective assumptions overflowing his professional ethics. Fortune-tellers are dark and normal. They are not so dark and they are not a good gentleman. The point is that when he heard Daxian say these things, he was actually interested, and used it as a criterion for secretly judging their good character.

Completely apologetic, he put his arms around her shoulders, as if he could comfort her in this way. She jumped away just as she did that night. She said: You hate it. He smiled generously. You still laugh, you actually laugh. She moved under a crooked neck tree and said seriously: You take my pants off! He glanced at his jeans subconsciously, as if the pants were about to fall off as soon as she said. He thought it was funny. He knew it was a joke. But why does she say this? It’s a bit erotic. He asked: What do you want to do? You can hang yourself under this crooked neck tree. He said, if I really take off, I’m afraid you can’t bear to let me hang myself. hate. She said again, with a certain joy in her tone.

She ran forward. On the hill, her two legs looked straight and strong. She kept turning back to greet him, to make him hurry up. It was clear that he had reached the top of the mountain, but the gray concrete path was still extending. He wasn’t sure where that road would lead. He stood down, not wanting to leave. She saw that he hadn’t followed, and walked back unhappily. Later, she stopped, looked at the roadside in a daze, and said nothing. He walked over to see what she was looking at. Look, what is this. She pointed to the two big pits on the side of the road and stared blankly. It’s just two pits. He thought, maybe it was used for planting trees. What will happen if we jump down? He laughed dumbly. This pit has just reached waist, and it’s okay to jump down. I jumped down first, you buried me. Then you jump down again and bury yourself. She said it seriously. I don’t want to die. He said that life is wonderful.

What do you want to do? She asked. I want to fuck you. He wanted to answer her like that. He really thought so, and when he thought so, he found that his body had already reacted. She is really a weird person, and such a weird person can often arouse his desires.

Halfway back, she said she wanted to take a break, so she sat down on the steps. Without speaking, he lowered his head and watched the ants fighting on the steps. The ants here are black and big, and can clearly see every antenna of the ant. He had to sit down, the concrete step was limited to two adults sitting next to each other, and he smelled the damp sweat from her. She was sweating. She looked at it for a while, then started shaking her head again and again, tossing her hair back and forth. The hair she tossed over will reveal a piece of her neck. It is white and plump with golden hair on it. After being cold, it will stand on top of each other, like turbulent arrows.

why do not you talk? She asked. What are you talking about, he said. What a quiet place, you can see Hongluo Temple from here. It is said that Hongluo Temple has a Fa conference today. Do you want to see it? Don’t want to. Don’t want to? Well, I don’t want to. He was a little restless, and he felt that he was hot all over, like a hot red iron plate. Tell me a story. I heard that you can tell stories. I don’t want to tell stories. What do you want to do then. What shall we do? He says. The breeze is peaceful, the sky is clear, and the day is beautiful, what we have to do to be worthy of your temporary surprise, right? Temporary intention? It seems like it was a conspiracy that I called you to climb the mountain. Regardless of his conspiracy, it is a good idea to do anything. He says. I know what you want to do, you guy is so bad, it’s not a good idea anyway. she says. You haven’t done it yet, how do you know it’s not a good idea? Maybe you will be overjoyed when you do it. But before he moved her hand, her body jumped up like a spring.

What are you doing, why are you so surprised!

ant! ant! The ants crawled into my skirt.

The ant shook off, but she did not go, and sat down again. Pulled him to sit again. He didn’t sit, and her surprise startled him a bit.

Show me your poems again? I want to read your little yellow poem. Her voice suddenly became lower.

No. He said, I don’t have a little yellow poem.

I have got. She said, sit down and I will show you. I found one from the Internet, you wrote it, it’s really yellow.

He had to sit down and read his “little yellow poem” on the phone with her. He has forgotten when he wrote it. In fact, he didn’t think it was yellow, but it was just a formality.

Not yet yellow, not yet yellow. She pointed to some of the passages. Look, look. Thanks to my concentration, otherwise I can’t bear this kind of poetry.

That restless thing is about to move again. Is she hinting at him: Let’s do something together. What are you doing? Of course, it’s not just sitting together like this, watching the ants fight, and reading the little yellow poems indiscriminately. We can also do something more interesting and exciting: for example, hugging and kissing on this cramped path, maybe we can go to the woods for a big fight together! He almost laughed when he thought of these four words. why are you laughing? she says. I didn’t laugh. You just laughed. I heard you smile. I didn’t laugh. You just laughed, don’t admit it, you badass! She pretended to clenched her little pink fist as if she was going to punch him. He knew that it was just another form of acting like a baby. He could take the opportunity to clenched her little fist and hold her. Into the arms. Isn’t it all like this? Isn’t this all the vulgar bridge? But he was still a little frustrated. At this time, the bell in the Hongluo Temple in front of Xuanwu Mountain suddenly rang. The bell sounded sacred and solemn, as if it stretched from the depths of history through a space-time tunnel. He couldn’t help but feel a sense of despair. He stood up resolutely and said we should go back.

At noon that day, she did not see him eating. In the afternoon seminar, he was not there either. At dinner, she always looked back expectantly, hoping to see him walking from the entrance of the dining room as usual. She waited eagerly all night, but he seemed to be missing.

After dinner, the classmates went for a walk as usual. She and a few girls walked along, and they went to Lucun again. She walked behind everyone like a thief. She didn’t dare to look up. She just climbed up together. Mountain. There are their footprints on the mountain, their voices and breaths, and the verses that make her blush and heartbeat. She couldn’t wait for those female classmates who were chattering around, and returned by herself early. She ran to the bathroom and secretly read his “yellow poem” again, but she was blushing and heartbeat. One day she didn’t see this “bad guy”, she was a little restless. After reading it, she listened to it twice by herself, and boldly forwarded it to him on WeChat.

She washes up early, goes to bed early, lies on the bed, and waits for his reply. With this kind of sweet waiting, she gradually fell asleep in a gentle state of mind…

She thought she would dream of him, but she dreamed of her husband, wearing elegant glasses. The husband has always been so elegant, driving a Mercedes, constantly turning around and telling some sweet little jokes. She thought she was talking to herself, so she always smiled at him. She always loves to laugh. The husband said that she was attracted to her characteristic of laughing at the beginning. How cute are people who love to laugh. That’s how my husband told her at the beginning. So she laughed, laughed. There were flattering elements in her smile. He took out a stack of money from his briefcase. The money was so dazzling that he took out Qian Tongtong and said to the back that it was all for you. Her smile became a small garden. She stretched out her hand happily, but the money ran over her to another woman’s hand. Yes, she was not sitting on his Mercedes. Sitting in the back seat of his Mercedes is another woman. She is very familiar with that woman. She saw the woman put stacks of money in her shoulder bag. You really don’t give her flowers? The woman asked. If not, I will give you flowers. She is a fool, and she is looking for a fortune teller to count me. There are women outside! What did you tell her? The woman asked. I said, of course there are women outside of me, and my woman is you. I have to let her know, right? Hahaha. He smiled triumphantly.

She was crazy and wanted to stretch out her iron fist to teach the dog and the male and female violently. But as soon as he stepped on the gas pedal, he whizzed and disappeared. She is really crazy. She wanted to avenge the dog and the man and woman, she looked everywhere. She found her husband’s company. The door of the husband’s company was open, and there was no one inside, but as soon as she came out, the ridicule in it swarmed out. she cried.

… She heard his phone call and he said, did you send me a WeChat? I heard your voice, a voice more beautiful than an angel. She didn’t speak, she just cried. But he couldn’t hear her crying, he still smiled and talked to her. She heard him say, let me sit in your room for a while. Later, she heard a knock on the door. She got up and opened the door. Why are you crying? He says. I didn’t cry. she says. Her tears flowed more happily. He held her in his arms: What, who bullied you? No one bullies me. she says. She wanted to break free, but was held tighter. He began to suck the tears on her face, he was so gentle, and turned her body into water. She became a pool of water that could not be cleaned up, and she willingly dumped on the bed, letting him gently suck and caress. He blew into her ear and said we should do something. She also said, let’s do something. Then, he tore open her pajamas. When he did this, he was not as gentle as he was just now, just like a robber. She was also longing for his robbery possession. Then she shouted.

Let’s do something.

Let’s do something. She shouted again.

Then she woke up in her own voice. There is no one around her. Only the light gently stroked herself on the head of the bed. She touched her face. The face is all wet.

At this time, the phone in her room really rang. She opened her eyes wide and didn’t move. She didn’t even dare to get up to see who was calling. The phone rang for a while, and then she heard a knock on the door. It was exactly the same as the knock on the door from the dream just now. She did not dare to show up. The knock on the door was so short that she was scared into a cold sweat.

Later, when she opened the door, there was no sound in the corridor, and the dark red carpet did not leave any clues.

She returned to the house and found it was eleven o’clock in the evening. She gave him no reply on WeChat. She couldn’t sleep anymore. After another while, she put on her clothes, got up and went to his room. Their room is separated by a small storage room. She walked through the storage room, then knocked on the door of his room, once, again, very patiently.