What happens when you play tug-of-war in outer space

   If you are in a tug-of-war in outer space, the result is not that the losing party is pulled to the victorious side, but the two players are pulled to each other and give an embarrassing “hug”.
   The reason for this impromptu “hug” is Newton’s third law of motion: whenever you apply a force to an object, the object will exert an equal force on you.
   Due to the gravity of the earth, this law is more obvious in space than on the earth. For example, if you push a boulder on the earth, it is difficult to move the rock due to its large mass. Maybe you don’t know that this huge rock is being pushed back with the same force. If gravity cannot hold you firmly on the ground, you will eventually fly into space.
   When you are playing tug-of-war on the earth, usually those who are heavier and have more chemical energy in their bodies will win the battle. But in the microgravity of space, if you are not fixed in place, when you push or pull something, it will push back, and then you will fly. It’s really a different feeling.

Take care of his students above the table so that they do not violate the rules of eternity, lift the hust, steak for the little one, fill the glass with water, fork, knife, spoon, whenever they are dropped on the ground, lift it up: Today, however, he made an exception in this part, and sipping ur soup from Sulc, he finished it in his heart just as soon as he got up from the table and immediately sat down for half a day.-30- he was already intoxicated with the drama when the butler, with a bottle of wine in his hand (not for the instructor, of course, because they thought he could easily figure out the jerk’s phlegm and sheep patience with the wine), I say, when the butler enters with a scary image , s means how a barrel in the basement has hardened.

And the pillars of the house trembled at that proclamation, and he knew not what the chief should eat; and he did not know what to do with the boss, and for the same night he cast his desperate glances from south to west, from west to east, by the eyes of his once called beautiful and sometimes still imagined beautiful by him; and casts his moment on the universal ” helping ” in the home furnish ; and he lifted up slowly Sulc ur also not beautiful, but his green eyes from his plate to those in the public, and as he picked them up, the greens, they met them, the blues, and there was a magnificent color compound, and the two glances of the four eyes understood each other!

“Please, Mr. Sulc, would you not be so kind as to look into the matter?” The boss asked, her eyes radiating request, confidence, and perfect reassurance.

“Yes, yes, sir Sulc, be so good!”-31-

“Immediately, Grandma! “Very gladly, tens ur!”

“Jancsi!” Cried the boss to the butler who wanted to follow the instructor, “stay here at the table, send Rose down, let Mr. Sulc shine!”

And Rózsi, the pretty maid, taking the candle, lit it with a rubbing match, though she could have lit it with the fire of her burning eyes, and lit it in Mr. Sulc’s cellar with the lit candle of candle, though she could have lit it with the bright light of her eyes. There was nothing wrong with the basement other than that Mr. Sulc had to strike three tires on the unfolding staves of the barrel. It took almost an entire hour. Up there, they were already starting to think and be afraid and whispering that the barrel or tap had found more trouble to attack, and they were beginning to scold Sulc ur’s omission. In our opinion, however, this happened very unworthily: because it was always enough for him, as an art lover, to do what he had done in an hour, and because he had made terribly little progress so far in the craft of cooperation.

By the time ur Sulc came up from his underground expedition, the guests of the table had just risen from their seats, and in front of him there were now two ways open: either to get up with the others and not to eat, or to sit alone and have lunch alone. He soon chose the latter. He sat down alone and began to have lunch alone.-32-

“Then when you’re done with your lunch, sweet Sulc ur,” said Ms. Dorgács tens, shouting out of the next room, “Ilka will have a request for you!”

And Ilka, the shy 14-year-old girl who had already gotten out of the instructor’s hands, flushed behind her mother and stole a moment of hope outwardly to Mr. Sulc. Poor did not know yet that Mr. Sulc had no power to refuse even one request from his mother.

“But don’t hurry, sweet Sulc,” the woman in the house added.

“Immediately, Grandma!” He knew he had to hurry to his horse’s death. It is only a miracle of God that he did not eat the knife, spoon, and fork in his heat.

After spending lunch eagerly, he immediately headed to the adjoining room, where his boss and the eldest daughter of the house had caring exercises with toothpicks.

“Do you command me to be honored?” The instructor asked.

“No, sweet Sulc ur,” the mother corrected, and this was also from a Paedagogian point of view, “by no means!” Ilka just wants to ask you for something. ”

Ur Sulc didn’t know what to answer soon, because he used to lose weight, and he hid his hands in his pockets, then stroked the place of his hopeful beard, then put his thumb in his buttonhole, and then did something else that one used to do when he doesn’t know what to do. A tens-33-she glanced at Ilka and in a moment called Ilka to make her request. Notandum: the woman in tens could have done it personally herself, but this time she thought that she had asked Mr. Sulc quite a lot in this life anyway, and that she might have more pleasure for Mr. Sulc if now, the otherwise pretty Ilka asked for something . And Ilka poured her face with the color of the cooked crab, from the tip of her nose all the way to her ears all the way to the right and left, and she seemed to suffer in the absence of words.

“Sulc ur! “He started someday – I like to see these embroidery patterns torn” he wouldn’t be so kind ”

“To copy them and make fingers for you?” Mr. Sulc added the stuttering child. “Oh, a thousand happy, because it’s a trifle.”

At the sound of these words, a pebble fell from Ilka’s heart, and as ur Sulc took the ragged samples and headed out of the room and thought of his drama, a millstone fell on ur Sulc’s heart.

“But, sweet Sulc ur,” he added to his mother’s daughter’s speech, “Ilka, as you will know, goes to sewing school at three o’clock: I want you to”

“I see, Mrs. Tens. At three o’clock? You will! ”

Is it necessary to say that when he arrived at Ur Sulc’s room, he immediately began to draw, and that by three o’clock in the afternoon, what he had begun had done? Sulc was the exact man, Sulc ur most ready to serve-34-there were seven men in the county. As he bought the finished embroidery patterns, his work was well received and his author voted in favor; Ilka in particular, thanking her so delightfully beautifully, thanked her that ur Sulc would have almost loved her if she had caught her if she hadn’t “ninety-nine”.