Under what circumstances does the American police use the Taser?

The stun gun referred to by the Minnesota policewoman is actually a “pulse police trigger”, produced by Taser International, so it is also called Taser (commonly known as a conductive weapon). At present, the security forces and police forces of many countries in the world choose stun guns as standard firearms, so they have a very high reputation.

Although the Taser is called a gun, it actually has no bullets. It uses charged “darts” to subdue the target. Its appearance is very similar to an ordinary pistol, and it has a pneumatic magazine filled with nitrogen. After pulling the trigger, two hook electrodes will be launched. They are like two small darts, with barbs on the front and thin insulated copper wires attached to the back. After hitting the target, the barb can hook the suspect’s clothes, and the battery in the barrel of the gun releases high-voltage electricity through the insulated copper wire, causing the criminal’s muscles to spasm, shrinking into a ball, and unable to resist.

Taser is widely used by law enforcement agencies in the United States, and its 2,400 law enforcement agencies are equipped with taser. Before using a stun gun on a suspect, law enforcement officials must first shout “Taser, Taser, Taser”. This is a routine operation of law enforcement officers using taser guns.

Taser is a non-lethal weapon, mainly to reduce the accidental injury that may be caused by using ordinary firearms in some non-essential situations, but this needs to meet some conditions: the suspect uses violence or physical resistance, or the suspect uses words or actions. Indicates that violence or physical resistance will be used, or that it may pose a threat to police officers or others. Of course, the premise is that the suspect does not possess a lethal weapon. In addition, it can only be used when the suspect is within reach of the operator and within the range of the taser.

Taser guns are obviously different from real guns. Taser guns are usually lighter and have a different grip and feel. The holster of the Taser has a distinct bright yellow color. Therefore, the Minnesota policewoman’s claim that the pistol was mistaken for a taser was not convinced by the protesters.

The number of rhinos in Nepal has grown to the highest level in decades, partly due to the stagnation of tourism caused by the new crown epidemic.

According to a report by CNN on the 15th, the latest statistics from the Nepal National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Service show that the number of rhinos in Nepal’s 4 national parks has increased by more than 100 from 645 in 2015 to the current 752.

According to CNN, Acharya, an official of the Nepal National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Agency, said that the increase in rhino populations is the result of a series of changes, including investment in habitat management and combating poaching. There is another factor that cannot be ignored. Acharya said that the new crown epidemic has prevented domestic and international tourists from traveling to the national park, which allows rhinos to not be disturbed in their habitats, thereby reproducing the next generation with greater peace of mind.

The Nepalese rhinoceros is an endangered species in the Red List of the World Conservation Union. There are currently less than 2,200 in India and Nepal. The one-horned rhino that once inhabited Bhutan and Bangladesh is now extinct.

Russia’s “Moscow Communist Youth League” said on the 15th that the former deputy director of the National Security Agency of Ukraine Neskoromny said on the 14th that he had received a blockbuster news that Ukrainian President Zelensky has dual citizenship. But Neskromny did not disclose which nationality Zelensky has.

Nescoromni, who fled to Europe because he was wanted in the country, said the news was provided by his new friend. He said: “If these documents are made public, Ukraine will immediately initiate impeachment proceedings against Zelensky.” Neskromny said that he is ready to provide relevant materials to “patriotic political forces” who are interested in this.

As soon as the news came out, people from all walks of life in Ukraine speculated about which nationality the president still owns. It doesn’t matter if it is American nationality. There is also speculation that it may be of Italian nationality, because Zelenski has a villa on the Adriatic coast, which has little effect. But if Zelensky has Russian nationality, it may be the reason for his impeachment. In addition, if it is Israeli nationality, it may also anger Ukraine’s patriotic forces. In February of this year, Zelenski shut down a number of media that criticized the government, so the Uzbek opposition decided to start impeachment proceedings against him.