The United States wants to discuss compensation for the descendants of black slaves

on the 14th local time, after intense debate, the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee passed a bill aimed at setting up a committee to study the issue of compensation to the descendants of American slaves. The bill will be reviewed by the Senate and the House of Representatives, but in a congress with serious differences, the prospect of final passage is not optimistic.

According to the above bill, the newly established committee will review the issue of slavery and discrimination in the United States from 1619 to the present, and examine the role of the federal and state governments in supporting slavery and discriminating against the descendants of slaves. Then, the committee will formulate some remedial measures: how the government will formally apologize, and what form of compensation should be given to the descendants of slaves.

Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, the initiator of the bill, said that the bill will enable the United States to “finally face the serious social gaps that exist in today’s African-American communities and propose solutions.” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Na. Dele stated that this legislation “is intended to open a national dialogue on how to treat African-Americans in the context of the existence of slavery, the period of apartheid, and the structural racism that still prevails today. Brutal abuse”.

Last weekend, a video of an Australian dance group called “101 Doll Squadron” performing an electric hip dance at the launching ceremony of the country’s new navy ship caused great controversy. According to a report from Australia’s “Sydney Morning Herald” on the 15th, in the original news video broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the group wore short tops and hot pants to perform sexy dances, and the Australian Governor David was sitting in the audience. · Hurley and other senior officials. Many people think that this performance is not suitable for this kind of occasion. However, the group later accused ABC of being “misleading” and “very weird” about the editing of the dance video, saying that the Governor and others were not present at the time. Australian Prime Minister Morrison also criticized this.

The group issued a statement on the 15th, saying: “Since last weekend, members of the 101 Doll Squadron have been personally attacked from major media platforms. We now feel very insecure. This media that advertises support for women is full of malicious intent towards women.” In the dispute, the dance group has deleted the dance video on its Facebook page and turned the Instagram video permission to private.

The group believes that ABC made a “misleading editing” of the video, not only cutting the screen to the guests and important people who were not present at the time, but also shooting from an angle that the audience can’t see. They think this is an operation. “Very weird”, while condemning ABC for deliberately making these women and their dance clips appear very explicit. The statement said: “These are images that will appear in the media, which makes us feel threatened and exploited. There are many problems with ABC that need to be explained.”

According to the British “Guardian” report on the 15th, ABC issued an apology statement that day for the editing of the video, saying that it was a government official who informed reporters that the Governor and the Navy Commander were dancing at the scene. ABC admitted in the statement that the video should not be edited in this way, and apologized to the Governor, the Navy Commander and the audience for this mistake. In addition, ABC has updated the video and admitted that the previous video clips did not reflect the true order of events. The correction statement issued by ABC stated: “The original video is incorrect. The Secretary of Defense was present, but the Governor and the Navy Commander actually arrived after the performance.”

Australian Prime Minister Morrison also stated that he was “disappointed” by the ABC’s report on the incident. However, Morrison did not comment on the dance performance itself, but believed that “it is disrespectful to the performers. It is also dishonest to imply that the Governor or others are present in that way.”

To celebrate Rome’s right to host the famous golf tournament “Ryder Cup” in 2023, the Mayor of Rome, Virgenia Raj recently released a video about the city of Rome on social networking sites. But the discerning person immediately discovered that the so-called ancient Roman Colosseum in the video was in fact the ancient Colosseum in the French city of Nimes.

According to a report by French Radio Blue on the 14th, at the beginning of the propaganda film, a bird’s-eye view of the Colosseum in Nimes continued to appear for a few seconds. Many people understand this error. Because the two are very similar in construction age and style. It’s just that the ancient Colosseum in Nim is a bit smaller than in Rome. In this regard, the Deputy Mayor of Nimes, Dues, said wittily, “It is human nature to make mistakes, thank the Mayor of Rome for helping to promote the attractions of Nimes!” But in Italy, this mistake is not easy to forgive. Andrea, secretary of the Democratic Party of Rome, told the media: “After five years as mayor, Raj can mistake the Colosseum. Such a person should never run for re-election.” Some members believe that the Oolong is indeed an example of Raj’s failure to govern.

Facebook’s Instagram apologized for providing incorrect dietary advice to users with eating disorders. The software’s search function will automatically recommend terms such as “appetite suppressant” and “fasting” to some people. Some people who have recovered from anorexia will be irritated after reading related entries, and even relapse of anorexia.

A user who had suffered from eating disorders told the BBC that Instagram has repeatedly recommended some “harmful” content to them, such as calorie counting, diet or exercise plans for weight loss. This information will cause some users who suffer from anorexia to relapse. Even some normal users will be induced to blindly fast and lead to undesirable results.

Instagram said on the 14th that harmful words have been deleted. The social media platform also prohibits any content that “promotes, encourages, or glorifies eating disorders” and restricts posting of advertisements for weight loss products to adults. A Facebook spokesperson told the BBC that this was an “error” but it has been resolved.