Stellar flares help discover life

  A study by Northwestern University in the United States showed that although the star flares emitted by the planet’s host stars are violent and unpredictable, they do not necessarily prevent the formation of life and may help discover life. By combining three-dimensional atmospheric chemistry and climate models with flares data observed from distant stars, the research team discovered that stellar flares may play an important role in the long-term evolution of planetary atmospheres and habitability. Stellar flares are emitted by stars and are sudden flashes of magnetic imaging. On Earth, solar flares sometimes destroy satellites and interfere with radio communications.

“Tianwen No. 1” flight mileage exceeded 400 million kilometers

  As of 6 o’clock on January 3, 2021, the “Tianwen 1” probe has been in orbit for 163 days, with a flight mileage of over 400 million kilometers, about 130 million kilometers from the earth, and about 8.3 million kilometers from Mars. The “Tianwen No. 1” mission is the first step in my country’s independent interplanetary exploration. It can “circle, land, and patrol” Mars through a single launch, that is, Mars circumnavigation, Mars landing, and fire inspection. The “Tianwen No. 1” probe has a total weight of about 5 tons and is composed of an orbiter and a landing patrol device. At present, the orbiter has completed the third on-orbit self-check, and all systems are working normally.

“Cable” first detector array completed

  One of the main detectors of the high-altitude cosmic ray observatory “cable”-the Water Cerenkov Detector Array (WCDA) is currently in operation. This is the earliest completed one of the four types of “cable” detector arrays Array. The “cable” is located in Haizi Mountain, Daocheng, Sichuan, with an altitude of more than 4,000 meters. The effective detection area of ​​the WCDA put into operation this time is 78,000 square meters, which is four times that of the existing similar devices in the world. WCDA can scan more than 60% of the sky every day to achieve all-weather observations, with up to 5 trillion cosmic ray incidents detected each year.

The annual power generation of the Three Gorges Power Station sets a world record

  The Three Gorges Project is by far the largest water conservancy project in the world and the hydropower project with the most comprehensive benefits. The latest data show that the Three Gorges Power Station will produce 111.8 billion kilowatt-hours of clean electricity in 2020, setting a new world record for the annual power generation capacity of a single hydropower station. After preliminary calculations, compared with coal-fired power generation, the clean electricity produced by the Three Gorges Power Station in 2020 can replace about 34.39 million tons of standard coal, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 94.02 million tons, sulfur dioxide by 22,400 tons, and nitrogen oxides by 21,200 tons. , Equivalent to a broad-leaved forest with a planting area of ​​3 700 square kilometers.

Biologists found fossils of egg-thief dragons 70 million years ago

  Chinese paleontologists have discovered that a group of dinosaur fossils unearthed in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province are rare in the world that preserved adult, embryo and egg nests at the same time. This provides new evidence for understanding egg-stealing behavior and hatching methods. The egg thief belongs to the theropod dinosaur and lived between 125 million and 66 million years ago. This group of fossils was discovered in the stratum about 70 million years ago. The forelimbs of the adult individuals discovered this time stretched backward and covered the egg nest, and the hind limbs were folded under the body. The body was located in the center of the egg nest, which was consistent with the hatching posture of modern birds.

Researchers “cover the quilt” for the glacier

  After nearly half a year of experimentation and research, researchers from the Northwest Institute of Eco-Environmental Resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences found that using artificial measures to cover the glacier can block solar radiation and heat exchange on the ice surface and achieve the purpose of slowing the glacier melting. . According to Wang Feiteng, a researcher at the Institute, he and his team members established a 500-square-meter test area in the Dagu glacier ablation zone in Heishui County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. They covered a layer of environmentally friendly and green geotextile for the test area to provide heat insulation and slow down the melting of glaciers.

Delivery of my country’s first high-precision quantum gravimeter

  The team of the Gravitation Center of Huazhong University of Science and Technology has made a breakthrough in the research and development of quantum gravimeters, developed a practical high-precision rubidium atomic absolute gravimeter equipment, and successfully delivered it to the Seismological Research Institute of China Earthquake Administration. After double-blind measurement evaluation and comprehensive evaluation by experts at multiple points in urban, suburban, and field stations, the accuracy of the instrument has reached the micro-ga level and passed the acceptance smoothly. As the first quantum gravimeter developed for the industry sector, its successful delivery will break the monopoly of high-precision gravimeters by foreign technology and provide a new way for the development of high-end quantum equipment in my country.

Researchers use light to turn DNA functions on and off

  DNA is the most basic part of life on earth. All the genetic information needed for the operation, growth and reproduction of organisms is stored in DNA. German biochemists have proposed a new strategy that uses light to control the biological functions of DNA, allowing researchers to better understand and control the different processes that occur in cells. The research team used a method called enzyme cascade reaction to understand and track the function of DNA. By using different enzymes to sequence successive reaction steps, the “mask” group can be transferred to turn the DNA on and off. Features.