Sea Soul Trifold

It was a bit depressing for a while, and a bit stuffy for a while. This was a sign of the typhoon on the island. There is not a trace of wind around your body, only the knotted and melted, melted and knotted salt and frost on the vest. While the black sky approached, there were hurriedly moving clouds above his head, like cotton wool being torn, struggling so silently.

When the typhoon warning was being broadcast on radios everywhere, the entrance of the harbor was already black and a mast approached. The difference is that at the top of all the masts, a small red flag pierced the dark cloud, and that bright touch was just facing the shore. The long-awaited sent a message of returning home.

Nearby, the hustle and bustle of the wharf has already shattered the condensed depression and sultry heat in the air. The arms of the fishermen picking goods were filled with greasy sweat, and the fishy springboard undulated rhythmically. Prove the weight of baskets of fish. The souls of those fishes and shrimps were also left in the ghostly sea when they were salvaged and left the sea. We sucked them delicious and juicy, we tasted them colorful, has always been the gift of the sea.

At this time, a child’s scream cut through the black cloud: “Mom, there is a fish alive!”

Just when the mother broke off the child’s hand that was holding her clothes tightly, the fish jumped up and flew out of the basket that was bound to trap it, but its destiny was not to return to the water, but to fall heavily. On the deck, let it squirm wildly, let it rip the blue skin to bloody flesh…

The child was frightened, and once again pulled his mother’s clothes to hide behind the adult, with an innocent look on his face. Mother put down the bamboo basket in her hand, rushed to catch the fish that was unwilling to fate with her quick and dexterous body, and threw it into the bucket on the side. The injured fish had water and became quiet.

However, it seemed that all of this suddenly angered the dark clouds inexplicably, and I saw that it turned head on faster, heavier and darker, and I didn’t know when the wind started to burst out all around. The dark clouds are getting lower and lower so that you can’t breathe, as if you can reach it as soon as you stretch out your hand, as if you can be swallowed as soon as you raise your head. The gust of wind also raged to tear away the sultry heat and the hustle and bustle. The waves kept shaking the ship’s side. The dark clouds were exchanged for the fishermen’s panic screaming.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the pier, only the child quietly stood tiptoe on the bucket and looked at the fish. Grandma once told him that if a fish leaves the sea, it will lose its soul, and if it loses its soul, it will die immediately. It was the first time in his life that he saw a fish without losing his soul. He was overjoyed and curious and naturally excited.

The child kept reaching into the water and playing with the fish lightly, not hurting at all but caring with all his heart. But suddenly the dark clouds turned the whole bucket of water into black, like ink and paint, and he couldn’t see his fingers. The fish was also submerged in the black, but in the eyes of the child, the fish was hidden by the dark clouds, so he opened his mouth and inhaled and blew towards the dark clouds. It is estimated that he was going to blow these dark and malicious dark clouds back to the sky. Go, a small hand stretched its sleeve into the bucket and grabbed it…

The dark clouds have almost covered the top of the head, and there is a dull thunder in the distance, the heavy rain is still brewing, but from the violent wind that has been unscrupulous all around, even the naive fishermen can smell the smell of the sea, then everything is fast Is here.

Basically all the baskets on the anchored fishing boats were quickly transported away by everyone, and even the few remaining were covered with large oilcloths. The mother finally cleaned up the basket and came over to pull the child. This time the child grabbed the fish’s tail in the bucket, his eyes narrowed with joy, and his baby teeth were revealed with a smile.

The fishing boats are moored side by side in the haven, stretching for more than a dozen miles, and the fishing boats seem to have been chained with iron cables. At the moment when the dark clouds threatened and raged, the dock on the island was almost empty…


Although the black ghost has enveloped the small fishing village, the fishing village is still peaceful and peaceful. Typhoons are actually commonplace for them. Dark clouds covering the sky and the sun may be the moon and stars.

Every household raised the evening cooking smoke early in the morning. The cyan and curvy cooking smoke enveloped the fragrance of fresh fish, which could slowly rise to another island far away. At this moment, as soon as the smoke came out of the chimney, it was torn to pieces by the turbulent wind. So there is no trace of the cooking smoke on this day, but the fragrance of the fresh fish is inexhaustible. As the dark clouds get closer, the more airtight it becomes, the more attractive the fragrance of the fresh fish becomes.

Seeing that his son came back safe and sound, there was a smile on the corner of the grandmother’s mouth. It turned out that the dark, sallow and cold face had a little warmth. Men go fishing in the sea, women look forward to turning back into stone. This is not a fairy tale but the knot of people who depend on sea life. No one can change.

The daughter-in-law tried to sort out the bamboo basket she brought back, and then scraped the scales to wash the fish. The fire in the stove was already lit and she was sweating profusely. Husband and brother counted the money in the hut, calculating the cost and harvest of this trip to sea. Only the child was still playing with the fish by the bucket outside. The light from the room allowed him to see the deep wounds on the fish, and the torn skin seemed to stop bleeding.

The flaming shrimps and crabs are out of the pot, and there is a smell all over the house. It is not so much the smell as the fishy smell of the sea. People in the mainland who are far from the sea may not be used to this smell, so they say it is the smell of the sea. In fact, after living for three days, if you peel the fish and shrimp with your hands and feast on it, the smell of the sea that cannot be washed off your mouth, hands and body, then you will be completely conquered by the land and water, and you will say without doubt That is the fragrance.

Taking advantage of the scraped scales and still golden fresh fish, boiled the milky white soup in the pot, puff puff puff was bubbling, and after taking the time, the mother came over to the bucket to fish for the soulful live fish, a handful of the child She cried when she held her, just like a child who had lost her beloved toy and made a fuss. She cried so much that the grandmother who was lying on the bed was about to get up, and she was anxiously holding on to get out of the bed.

The mother picked up the child and whispered in his ear: “Grandma’s illness will soon get better after drinking the fish soup. Do you want your grandma’s illness to get better?”

The child stopped crying suddenly, choked and nodded sensibly. After a while, when he felt a little regretful, when he ran into the kitchen, there was only a pile of fish intestines and a pool of blood on the cutting board.

A fisherman was drowning in the sea and was about to die. A fish burrowed alive from his mouth, and then a huge wave washed him ashore, and he escaped. People have always thought that the fish saved him, so the village legend has it that the soul that eats a live fish can come back to life. Only the child’s mother never believed the story told by her grandmother. She even thought it was superstition. It was just the fisherman’s luck.

But today, the mother who doesn’t believe in evil killed the fish so quickly, boiled the fish meat and the soul into a soup and fed it to grandma to eat, which made the whole family unbelievable. Grandma leaned on the head of the bed and opened her mouth to drink the delicious fish soup with difficulty, her mouth squirmed slowly, her head slightly nodded, her face seemed to be gradually red…


The dark clouds in the east gathered to a certain extent and then began to roll and boil, followed by lightning and thunder, strong winds and heavy rain.

The dark clouds and the rushing wind did not affect the rich fish and shrimp feast of the family. Only this flash of lightning made the child pale with fright, and closed his eyes and plunged his head into his mother’s arms. The mother’s mind has always been a harbor for sheltering the children, just like this island is a haven for fishing boats, just like this old house and family are the home of fishermen who shelter from wind and rain.

The fish and shrimp feast was only halfway through, and all the males in the family followed the fisherman as helpers. It was a low old house. The lower part of the wall was made of stone blocks, and the upper part was the brick wall with lime powder white. The roof eaves above the head could catch the tiles on tiptoe, in order to prevent the super typhoon. The roof was overturned, and the entire roof was covered with ropes similar to fishing nets, and at the four corners, thick ropes were finally hung to hang a large stone.

The fisherman went to the roof and replaced a few broken tiles, went to the south to repair the leaking stone wall joints, and scooped up a spoonful of cement to make up for it. The stone wall foundation is a major feature of the building on the island. It seems solid, but as long as it is constructed improperly, it will always be wet and leaky.

The big raindrops slammed down unscrupulously in the rushing wind, the tiles buzzed, and the skin crackled painfully. Then every drop wanted to smash the ground out of a pit. …The clothes will get soaked in a short while, and they will stick to the body. The fisherman ran back in a panic, drinking and eating fish no longer.

The family sat there quietly, and any sound would be submerged, swallowed, and destroyed by super typhoons and storm showers. At this time, only silence is the sharpest, and only silence can resist the typhoon roar, which is a weapon that is not shaken by the threat of disaster.

The dark clouds gathered and brewed into rain, which should have fallen straight down, but when they encountered a vortex-like typhoon in the middle, they condensed into a spiral acceleration and shot towards the island like a bullet. Suddenly, the sea on all sides was also stirred by the vortex like a thousand horses, frantically surrounded and charged towards the reef island, shaking the mountain with a roar.

Even if there is a village around you on an island, you still feel lonely because of helplessness.

The sound of thunder, rain, wind, sea… Twisted and stuffed into the ears, the child was already so scared that he covered his ears and got into his mother’s clothes. The mother was also close to her husband while holding her grandma’s cold hand.

It was almost midnight when the surroundings were crackling, and the things that were blown up fell on the roof, some of them actually hit the roof, and the sound of shattering tiles can be heard from time to time. The fisherman followed the sound with a serious face and looked up. He knew that now was the most terrifying moment of the typhoon. Grandma opened her eyes and stared at the roof, desperately panting with her mouth open. The chandeliers swayed randomly in the sway of the air, and the shadows of everything came to life strangely.

Suddenly, with a loud bang, the lights in the room went out, and then it was suffocating and dull. Outside the window is still a typhoon performing a dance, sweeping the peace and order into a mess. In the darkened room, I only heard the children crying in fear. The family had never experienced such fear before, and they all huddled together beside grandma’s bed and hugged timidly.

Typhoon, the natural divine power between heaven and earth will make you feel extremely small and extremely weak. No matter what your body is stalwart, no matter how powerful you are, no matter how bold you are, you will be completely shattered and shattered, leaving you in awe and fear in your heart!

After a while, the fisherman seemed to understand something, stood up, and began to fumble for something in the darkness. For a while, he found the candle lit, and then took pictures around the roof to confirm his judgment. Finally, he said in a trembling voice: “The roof hasn’t collapsed, it scared me to death!”

The whole family breathed a sigh of relief when they heard this. Mother looked at the alarm clock at two thirty. Everyone gradually felt that the wind was getting smaller and the rain was getting bigger. Before the fisherman took the washbasin to pick up the leaking water on the roof, the accumulated water outside quickly crossed the threshold and poured into the house, instantly floating the washbasin. The ankle was submerged in an instant, and several buckets floated in an instant.

One of the buckets swayed in front of the child and jumped up a fish unexpectedly. Only the child can quickly identify the scar of the fish, and it is certain that the mother did not make it into fish soup. He burst into tears again into a smile.

The night’s typhoon passed when Dongfang Yubai, and grandma swallowed in the darkness. The mother held her grandma’s stiff body and cried, crying to death, and kept muttering: “I didn’t eat that fish for you, but I didn’t believe in that fish…”

The fisherman was so angry that he kicked over the bucket and hid to the side choked with sobs.

Only the child walked over and picked up the fish carefully, and put it back in the bucket, without a trace of expression on his face.

Seventy-seven and forty-nine days later, the sea burial was carried out in accordance with the grandmother’s last wish, and the child also put the fish back into the sea.