People must live to their extremes

People come to the world once, to feel the beauty of life, not to be enslaved by life.

Hemingway once said: “I always believe that people who live more seriously in their hearts will also live more plainly on the outside. In an age of luxury and waste, I hope to show the world that human beings really need very few things. of.”

If you ask this world, what can be unsurpassed and never outdated? The answer is-only those who desire minimalism will never be surpassed; only the simple lifestyle will never go out of style.

A writer likes to live a simple life. There is no TV in the house, the floor is light to see people, the ashtray is often cleaned, the pencil is neatly placed in the pen holder, the quilt is dried once a week, and the clothes are only a few minimum. I like to wear cheap, simple-designed clothes, so I don’t have to worry about getting dressed every day. For him, “just right” is the best description of life, and it doesn’t need too much money.

The book “Minimal Life” also says: “Owning objects means spending energy on objects.” It’s just that we rarely realize this. Whether life is exciting or not depends not on “how many things you have”, but on “how much time you have to make yourself happy”. “To possess is to be possessed.” Too much space for things will consume a lot of our energy. The debris around us is just like the fat on our body. The less “cellulite”, the easier the heart will be.

People who enjoy the simple life can often settle down and concentrate on doing things. Cartoon master Cai Zhizhong wrote in “Autobiography”: The bliss of life is not to enjoy food, not to travel on vacation, not to achieve fame after struggle. It is to control the heart in one place, control the body in one place, and fulfill one’s dream.

When he was young, he used to sit in a chair for 58 hours and independently completed a 4-minute animated TV title; also once did not open the door for 42 days, closed the house to complete a very time-consuming work; spent 4 years in Tokyo, Completion of the comic series of Chinese philosophers. He said: When our focus is completely on what we love, we can finish it quickly. At this time, everything is silent, and the only thing we will hear is the sound of the rustling of the pen on the paper and the sound of our own heartbeat, like It is that there is only one person in the entire universe. The brain will continuously secrete endorphins, and an inexplicable bliss is slowly transmitted from the head to the outside to fill the whole body, and it is as comfortable as a sweet river flowing slowly through the body. This kind of beautiful feeling, unless you experience it yourself, Otherwise, it is difficult to describe it with others. If a person can find something that he particularly likes to do and forget to sleep and eat for it, then he is a happy person.

It is mentioned in “Minimal Life” that whether we are interacting with 5 people, 50 people or 500 people, we have an influence on others, and the “ripple effect” it produces far exceeds our own.

Among them, there is no so-called neutral communication. Our communication with another person can only be positive or negative. We can add value to the lives of others, or consume the value of his lives.

Therefore, a happy and beautiful life requires us to continuously simplify interpersonal relationships and leave behind the most important people in our lives.

Living a simple and simple life does not require you to be pure-hearted, but to have a very clear definition of your desires.

In the continuous separation, we will gradually get closer to what we really want in our hearts.

People come to the world once to feel the process of life, the beauty of life, not to be enslaved by life.

The most delicious thing in the world is this light joy. A simple life is charming, and a simple human heart is happy.

I hope you and I can live transparently, live simple and simple, and you will be happy.

People can only do things and can’t do things, there is no difference between doing big things but not doing small things, or being good at small things but not controlling big things. Because big or small things are often printed with unexpected labels. People who can’t do things are usually at a loss and confused, and those who can do things often have a calm and reasonable determination.

Be careful when doing small things well, and grasp the direction when doing big things well. No matter how big a thing is, you must start from the small; no matter how small, you must start from the big.

Jun A has low eyes and low hands, disdain to do small things, and can’t do big things; Jun B is courteous and cautious, seeks success in small things, and seeks undefeated in big things. Over time, the gap between the two has widened, and eventually it has become a big difference.

People are always doing things, and talents are the basis for deciding something. A person treats everything as a trivial matter, and it will eventually be ruined; if he treats everything as a major matter, he will surely fail. The big things after success are also regarded as small things, and the small things after failure are regarded as big things. Only by having such a foresight and having such a mind of right and wrong can we truly control the relationship between good things and people.

It’s man-made and natural, but it’s always due to someone digging the canal and diligently, not because some people are up and down and reap the benefits.

And do big and small things to fulfill the good and the bad.