Old Italian lady, synonymous with exquisiteness

Regardless of dressing, food, or various art and sports activities, Italians never do it. It can be said that Italians live well. It’s exquisite. Walking on the streets of Rome, you can always see old ladies wearing decent suits, stepping on exquisite high heels, carrying brand-name pouches, and wearing exquisite makeup passing by. I can’t help feeling that their elegance and calmness are carved into their bones. Looking for an exquisite pronoun, the old Italian lady deserves it.

Care about fashion appearance

Old Italian ladies wear makeup, wear jewelry, and behave appropriately. The whole body still exudes exquisite romance and charming charm, and some old ladies even painted red lips with meticulous shawl curly hair. The Italian old lady’s interpretation of fashion does not lose to young people. In Italy, young people have limited income. Although many people wear clothes that are trending, most of them are bargains bought from small shops, which are far less well-dressed than the elderly. The elderly in Italy have worked hard for most of their lives and have considerable economic strength. They are not convinced by their clothes, and they are more willing to spend money than young people. Italian old ladies pay attention to enjoyment. Many hairdressers, clothing stores and beauty shops are aimed at this huge market and are opened specifically for old ladies to provide targeted services.

Step into this kind of old ladies exclusive “senior clothing store”, you will find that the price of clothes is not cheap at all, and there is no shortage of brand-name goods. The store is often crowded with gray-haired and enthusiastic old Italian ladies. In addition, the reporter was surprised to find that it is often not foreign tourists or old Italian ladies who shop in famous brand stores in Rome. Although the retired old lady does not participate in any business meetings, she will happily buy the expensive “Prada” suits and “Ferragamo” high heels.

According to the survey, Italian seniors are the most willing to spend money among all age groups in beautifying their living environment, dressing and traveling, and their total consumption accounts for 2/3 of the total consumption of Italians.

Pursue a wonderful life

Although many old Italian ladies have vicissitudes of face and body that cannot be as good as they were when they were young, they have always maintained an elegant posture. Whether they are standing or walking, they have maintained the confidence and grace of raising their heads. They are both intellectual and capable, kind and warm, and love to express themselves very much. Walking in Rome, you will often find old Italian ladies who are talkative, enthusiastic and charming.

The sophistication of the old Italian lady is also reflected in the lifestyle. They have become part of the romantic Italian life. The delicate old lady must have a cup of Espresso (espresso) every morning, and even if she only goes to the supermarket, she must dress up exquisitely and stylishly. Even if wrinkles climb on her face, she exudes a charming atmosphere.

They like sports and fitness and pursue a healthy lifestyle. In Ada Park near the reporter’s house, you can see many gray-haired old ladies who love sports, and they are even the main force of the park sports group. Walking, biking, the old ladies are vigorous. Especially before dinner, many old ladies will take a leisurely stroll in the town, or take a leisurely afternoon tea. Old friends of the same age get together, talk and laugh, and make the delicate old ladies healthier and moodier. Comfortable.

Most Italians at this age, whether old gentlemen or old ladies, are enjoying life. The life of old Italian ladies is not lonely. Some of them enjoy family happiness, some keep four or five pets, and some travel around, enjoy food, and enjoy the scenery. As long as they have time and energy, they will arrange their lives to be extremely fulfilling and exciting.

An old Italian lady who lives in the same community as the reporter said that she spends most of her time playing now, sailing out on a yacht in summer and skiing in the north in winter. She has a rich and colorful retirement life, which is enviable.

“A young man in his sixties and seventies”

When taking public transportation in Rome, I often bumped into old gray-haired people getting on the bus. Several times, reporters tried to give up seats to some seemingly energetic old ladies, but they were tactfully refused. In the community, even though there are already some dysfunctional legs and stumbling steps, many old Italian women are still unwilling to admit that they are elderly people who need others to take care of.

Italy is one of the countries with the most serious aging population in the world. Among the more than 60 million people in the country, people over 65 account for 23.01% of the total population. In Italy, there are not only ancient cities and ruins that are proud of, but also a group of old people who have gone through the years.

Currently, the average life expectancy of Italian women is 84 years. The Italian media once interviewed a 64-year-old woman, and the reporter asked her if she felt that she was already an old man. Her answer was: “How can I be considered an old man? Let’s talk about it after 80 years old.”

Many Italian sociologists also agree with this old man’s view. Based on the latest research and research, they pointed out that the real elderly should be over 76 years old, and no one between 61 and 76 years old should be counted as an elderly person. They call people in the 61-76 age group “post-adults” or “young people in their sixties and seventies.” Even those old ladies who are over 76 years old are still enjoying and portraying the exquisite life in their own way. For them, age is really just a number.

The reporter once met an old woman walking a dog in a park near her home. She was 88 years old. The hunchbacked old man who lived alone was already a little trembling when she walked, but she was meticulous in her dress. The old lady was a lawyer when she was young, with a successful career and a good income.

For this old lady, the reporter couldn’t help but moved her compassion, but the old lady told me that now she, alone, often goes to the supermarket and restaurants by herself, and refuses any nanny or caregiver. She told reporters, “I live well and don’t need anyone’s help.”