India has become the second worst country in the world

According to data released by the Indian health department on the 12th, the country has more than 1.352 million confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia. In the past 24 hours, India has newly confirmed about 168,900 cases, setting a record for the highest single-day increase since the outbreak for 6 consecutive days. Up to now, India has surpassed Brazil to once again become the second worst country in the world.

New Delhi TV reported that Maharashtra is currently the most severely affected local state, with more than 63,000 confirmed cases in a single day on the 11th. The state government is likely to announce that it will enter a state of blockade again within this week. It is closely followed by Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. In addition, on the 11th, the Indian capital, New Delhi, also saw the number of new cases exceeding 10,000 in a single day. Chief Minister Cassiriwal stated that this is the fourth wave of the epidemic in New Delhi and it is “more dangerous” than ever. He emphasized that although the government does not approve of re-implementing the blockade in the capital area, it cannot completely rule out this possibility. He called on the public to cooperate in implementing various epidemic prevention measures and actively vaccinate.

The “India Express” published a commentary saying that India’s current epidemic situation is more severe than last year. Measures such as curfews or small-scale lockdowns have been expanded from large cities such as Mumbai and Delhi to small and medium-sized cities such as Lucknow, Kanpur, and Varanasi. “These measures may only harm the economy, but they cannot contain the spread of the epidemic.” The article also questioned whether the Indian medical system has sufficient capacity to deal with such a large and rapidly growing infected population. India’s Deccan Herald reported on the 12th that the medical systems in the more severely affected states of Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, and Punjab have been overwhelmed, with shortages of ventilators, oxygen and intensive care beds. The Gujarat High Court stated on the 11th that the state is “going” to a state of health emergency.

According to the “Times of India” report, in response to a new wave of epidemics, the Indian government announced on the 11th that the export of the antiviral drug Remdesivir was banned. At the same time, the Indian drug regulatory agency also urgently approved the use of the Russian “Satellite V” vaccine on the 12th to alleviate the current shortage of vaccine stocks. This vaccine has also become the third vaccine approved for marketing in India after Cov-ishield and Covaxin. The Ministry of Health of India believes that the main reason for the large-scale spread of the current epidemic is the failure to strictly observe the epidemic prevention measures in various places. The irony is that hundreds of thousands of Hindu followers still gather and bathe on both sides of the Ganges to celebrate the “Big Pot Festival.” “The Big Pot Festival” is a traditional Hindu festival, celebrated 4 times in 4 different cities every 12 years, each lasting several weeks

“The news has been confirmed: Israel was involved in the power outage accident at Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility.” On the 12th local time, a message from anonymous intelligence officials in the United States and Israel detonated the mainstream Israeli media. The New York Times, which first received the above news, stated that it was the Israeli intelligence agency “Mossad” that destroyed Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility. This action caused a heavy blow to Iran’s uranium enrichment activities. The Natanz nuclear facility requires at least 9 It takes months to restore production capacity. Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said at the meeting of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Parliament on the 12th that the accident was caused by Israel seeing progress in a new round of nuclear negotiations, and Iran is moving forward in lifting sanctions and therefore took the opportunity to retaliate. . Zarif said that Iran will not let Israel succeed and will take retaliatory actions against Israel at an appropriate time.

According to Iran’s semi-official Islamic Student News Agency, sources in the Iranian intelligence agency said that the person responsible for the accident at the Natanz nuclear facility has been identified, and the intelligence ministry has taken relevant measures to arrest the perpetrator and investigate the cause of the accident. The New York Times quoted a source as saying that the initial report believed that the accident was caused by a cyber attack, but the latest development confirmed that there were traces of the use of explosive devices at the scene. The explosives completely destroyed the internal power supply of the Natanz nuclear facility. System, causing “serious damage”. It is not clear whether Israel had notified the United States before the action, and the Israeli side declined to comment on the accident.

Iranian Atomic Energy Organization spokesman Kamalwandi went to the Natanz nuclear facility to learn about the accident after the accident occurred on the 11th. He accidentally fell from a height, injured his ankle and head, and had to be hospitalized nearby. In an interview with Iranian media, Kamalwandi said that he saw many aluminum flakes scattered around some valves of nuclear facilities at the scene.

According to Israeli media, although most Iranian officials did not attribute the attack to a specific organization or country, Zarif and some members of the Iranian parliament believed that Israel played a major role in the incident. Zarif said on the 12th that the first-generation centrifuge that was damaged in the Natanz nuclear facility accident will be replaced with more advanced equipment, which will improve Iran’s position when it asks the United States to lift sanctions against Iran. At the same time, Zarif emphasized that Iran needs to properly protect its nuclear facilities and nuclear scientists, “so as not to fall into the cunning trap designed by the Zionist regime.” On the 11th, Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization Chairman Salish condemned the “hostile action” against the Natanz nuclear facility, and regarded it as an act of “nuclear terrorism”.

Danny Yatom, the former director of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, expressed concern about leaks of Israeli operations in an interview with Israeli Army Radio on Monday. He warned that this may “affect Israel’s combat capabilities.” “If this incident is indeed an action involving Israel, then the consequences of this leak will be very serious, because some actions must be hidden in the dark.”

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Khatibzad said on the 12th that according to Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, Iran has legal defense rights. This kind of nuclear terrorism may cause tragedies for all mankind, so it can be regarded as a crime against humanity. The Middle East media said that this was the second Israeli attack on the Natanz nuclear facility reported by the international media in the past year. It is reported that in July last year, there was an explosion and fire at the Natanz nuclear facility, which had a major impact on Iran’s nuclear industry. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has repeatedly warned in the past week that Israel will defend itself against Iran’s threats and stressed that Jerusalem will work hard to combat Tehran’s “nuclear ambitions”.

The US “Wall Street Journal” stated that Vienna is currently conducting talks aimed at resuming the Iran nuclear agreement signed in 2015. The United States and Iran have disagreements on how to lift US sanctions against Iran and how to return to the nuclear agreement. On the 12th, the European Union announced sanctions on eight Iranian security officials, including Hussein Salami, the commander-in-chief of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The EU said that the above-mentioned sanctions have nothing to do with the Iran nuclear agreement. At a critical juncture, there are disagreements in Iran. The Iranian Parliament recently accused the moderate President Rouhani of “defying the law.” Iranian media reported that 190 of the 235 members of the Iranian parliament who participated in the vote on the 11th agreed to accuse Rouhani. Analysts believe that this matter is likely to be related to the Vienna negotiations, because Iran, which is dominated by moderates, may reach a certain degree of compromise with the United States in the negotiations, and it will inevitably be opposed by hardliners, which will undoubtedly increase. The difficulty of the new round of negotiations that started this week.

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