She stared at the greasy sausage on the plate, smashed the single-sided egg, and stirred it with the chickpeas. The egg mixture and the orange sauce become more viscous after mixing, and the burnt edges of the slices of bread are soaked in it. She put down the fork and sighed softly.

Outside the window, the green fields of England were paved in the quiet morning mist, rolling all the way to the window. And inside the house—in the restaurant of this old house, the carpet exudes a warm and old smell, young faces crossed by the noise, they searched, sat down and talked excitedly with their dinner plates. Soon, a dozen square tables covered with white tablecloths were filled, and only the seat opposite her was still vacant. At this time, the usual lone traveler walked in her direction. She hurriedly lowered her head, praying that the British boy would not sit down opposite her-she didn’t want to speak in English, but only wanted a worry-free breakfast.

However, he went straight to the table, tilted the plate in his hand slightly, and asked: “Can you sit?” (In fact, the literal translation from English should be “Do you mind?”)

She said she didn’t mind, and twitched the corner of her mouth at him. He also showed a similar expression, then put the plate down gently, almost squeezing into the seat from the side of the window-the girl sitting on the other side was telling the neighboring table about her pet dog gnawing slippers. , Did not notice his arrival at all.

“Hi, May.” He said hello formally.

She replied: “Hi”, but did not include his name “Ethan”, which might seem pretentious because it is too formal.

May is her English name, and her real name is Jiang Yue. As the only Chinese in this English literature major, teachers and classmates have always shown full curiosity about her real name. On the first day of enrollment, in the ice-breaking class of the class, when the teacher asked about the meaning of her Chinese name, she Explained as “moon above the river” (the moon on the river), it caused an uproar. When asked why she chose Mei as the English title, she simply replied that she was born in May. In fact, she thinks that this monosyllable word is easy to pronounce, and it is quite oriental.

The fact that he knew his name surprised her somewhat. After saying hello, in order to avoid further communication, she hurriedly forks a small piece of egg white and prepares to start eating-after thorough mixing, it has been completely wrapped in sauce.

“Moon above the river, I remember this.” He continued.

“Oh, is it?” she said in a slightly exaggerated tone. She wanted to say something more, and she didn’t want to just perfunctorily. It seemed that she was not polite, but her brain was blank. When he said this, she was shocked by a mischievous style completely deviating from her usual behavior.

“A beautiful name,” he said.

“Thank you!” She put the piece of egg into her mouth, and this time the corners of her mouth opened more.

Ethan wore a short brown denim jacket. The beige shirt inside seemed to be of flannel texture and looked completely new, because when he was in school, he always meticulously wore a black woolen coat or dark blue rain jacket. Under the lime-toned sky, a tired, even gloomy look was always engraved on his pale face. Jiang Yue saw him a few times outside class. He always walked quickly through the shop windows along the street alone, never carrying any rain gear, and let the drizzle on his head get wet. Jiang Yue’s main playmates on weekdays-a few Chinese girls who are in the same school but who study cultural industry management, always call him a “ghost” in private. On this day, under the soft light, this combination of Ethan’s body made Jiang Yue the first notice of his slightly curly light brown hair.

“The coat looks very nice.” She said along the way, thanking that she had found the topic.

He glanced down in surprise, and said, “Thank you! It is old and I bought it in high school.”

Even this answer seems too lively. Jiang Yue was caught off guard by his slightly shy expression, and shoveled a large mouthful of beans into his mouth.

The eager atmosphere of the other tables is completely different. They communicate with each other one after another. The simple dialogue always stops abruptly in three or two sentences and falls into a long interruption. At this time, the turbulent movement around is approaching and distant, making people Can’t help but question the senses’ judgment of external reality. This is not the first time that Jiang Yue’s trip has caused similar confusion. In this house, whether it is the long and slender windows at the end of the promenade, or the musty coral-colored dark flower wallpaper, she has been placed in this house. Yu Shaking Dreamland.

Two months ago, the college finalized this group outing for students majoring in English literature. The site was chosen in this ancient country house with a history of hundreds of years. It is said that it once belonged to a pair of prestigious local noble sisters. The purpose of this trip, according to the teacher’s statement in the email, is to help everyone relax their emotions by returning to nature, and to explore the embodiment of rural scenery in the creation of English literature. Before leaving, Jiang Yue worried about this for a while. She doesn’t have many friends in the class. After class, she only socializes with the few Chinese girls who are managed by the cultural industry, going to the supermarket, having dinner together, and traveling. She even regretted her choice of English Literature from time to time. This was mainly due to the frequent sense of loss and frustration in her learning experience. Whenever she encountered a group discussion in class, she sat among the group of foreigners almost forever without saying a word. She just smiled dryly and praised their babbles, and the discussion was never because of her. Absent interrupted or affected in any way, everyone can always disperse happily in the end, and the notebook is full of gains, and there is no contribution of her. In fact, she is not without output, on the contrary, she always talks in her heart, but she knows that once she speaks, she will always turn over and over again with a few dry adjectives and some boring sentence patterns, so she is willing to be an outsider. But she didn’t really feel strenuous because of her schoolwork. She felt more at ease when it came to writing essays. The first draft of each of her essays was first written in Chinese characters and then translated into English. As long as she can spend some time in that small private bedroom, everything will be fine.

This sudden trip threw her into a dangerous situation-the content of the activity did not involve any classroom professors or paper assignments, only endless seminar groups, one-on-one guidance, or paired demonstrations. She was forced to disarm, and she could be embarrassed at any time without any defensive resistance. She was as distressed as a soldier on standby in a trench, and finally numb to the enemy. However, in this three-day trip, she has finally survived the first two days and came to the morning of the last day.

Jiang Yue ate up that plate of English breakfast-she had never finished the food here before. When she got up, she felt full and uncomfortable, but she was still grateful for the food. She couldn’t imagine how embarrassing this occasional social interaction would be without it. To some extent, the overflowing pan of chickpeas gave her unprecedented shelter in the past few days.

Overall, she is thankful that Ethan is not very talkative, as he has always been. They parted ways after the meal, and there was no other nonsense except a polite farewell. But on the way back to the room to fetch the laptop, some fragments of the dining room always flashed in front of Jiang Yue’s eyes like a projector cassette. For example, when Ethan mentioned “the moon on the river”, the sly light that was difficult to catch at the corner of his eyes. So she sat on the edge of the bed, turned on her mobile phone, and posted an expression of “rolling her eyes” in the group of four named “The Little Master of the Chinese Academy of Literature”, followed by the sentence “I just had a very good meal with the ghost.” Long breakfast”.

The cultural industry management girls responded quickly. They teased in an inquisitive and restless tone, and said something inconsequential but embarrassing to her. Jiang Yue sent out a long list of messy answers and deleted them repeatedly, thinking that they were girlfriends. In fact, there was no need for any response. In the end, she only said that she was going to the group discussion soon, so she didn’t read the news anymore. They discussed it for a while, and then turned to other topics.

The topic of discussion this morning was modernist novels. This was the part Jiang Yue was most interested in. However, she was absent-minded. After consuming too much calories in the morning, she frequently became drowsy. When the tea time arrived for a long while, she hurriedly walked into the lounge to get coffee. The rich variety of snacks on the table had been arranged neatly. She stared at it hesitantly for a moment, and finally took a custard butter biscuit and decided to go. Enjoy it in the library next door with the sofa-she entered this room by mistake the day before and has been thinking about it since then.

She cautiously pushed open the heavy carved door, a heavy wooden savory smell rushed over her face. There was no one in the room. A piano was placed near the door. The four walls were covered with bookshelves and filled with dark green. The vermilion tome with gilded lettering, she stood there timidly, not daring to move, thinking for a moment that she was a reckless intruder in Austin’s novels, as if there were eyes full of eyes staring at her, among them The girl’s pupils half-hidden behind the piano board are the most eye-catching.

Someone came in again. The moment the door opened, the noise from the lounge rushed inward, and was turned away. Ethan appeared at the door, holding a cup of coffee in his hand.

“Sorry!” He might have misunderstood Jiang Yue’s panic expression, thinking that he had scared her.

“No, it doesn’t matter. I just came in too.” She came back to her senses and explained.

Therefore, the two “intruders” chose locations farther apart indiscriminately. Jiang Yue sat on the end of the couch by the window, and Ethan sat on the reading chair near the piano. They did not begin to communicate, as if tacitly waiting for more “intruders”, but no one came for a long time, the door did not move, only a faint burst of laughter came from behind the door.

For a while, Jiang Yue pretended to be in a daze at the white lawn outside the window and the ink-colored woods a little further away. When she turned her head, she ran into Ethan’s gaze in the same direction. They smiled crampedly at the same time. Jiang Yue secretly contemplated this situation and had to think it was wonderful. She had never had any intersection with this British boy before, and she hadn’t even made any basic gaze gestures. She thought at one time. ——Before he said “moon above the river” at breakfast ——He didn’t even know that there was a classmate like himself. In fact, she doubted whether he knew the existence of anyone in the class.

This time, at the moment when the eyes met, Ethan did not speak first again. Jiang Yue still held the custard butter biscuit in her hand. The fat was melted by the temperature of her fingertips and was leaking out a little bit. She knew that she could not enjoy this biscuit well. In such a quiet room, chewing No matter how elegant the biscuit tries, it will definitely appear abrupt and show clumsy feet. She regretted not choosing those soft and moist cakes just now, and she was even more angry that Ethan only drank coffee and didn’t eat anything.

“So, what is the topic of your discussion?” Jiang Yue put the biscuits on the small tray of the coffee cup and completely gave up thinking about it.

“Fitzgerald,” Ethan said.

“Ah, it’s very tricky.” Here, Jiang Yue rarely succeeded in using a precise and sophisticated vocabulary.

“Yes, his stuff is more troublesome.” Ethan hurriedly swallowed the coffee in his mouth.

“The Great Gatsby” was the first English original novel I tried. I was just in high school…” She lied. Her first English original literary book was clearly “Pride and Prejudice” “, which is full of concise and funny language.

“That must be a huge blow.” Ethan laughed.

“Yes,” Jiang Yue waited for this answer. She smiled and said, “After that, I don’t want to read any English originals anymore.”

Ethan went on to express some of his thoughts on Fitzgerald’s text. He spoke for a few minutes, but the speed was so slow that she couldn’t understand the sentence. She was very pleasantly surprised by their coincidence of opinions, and she couldn’t help saying: “Yes, I agree.” However, the beautiful words left her brain again, wandering outside, and for the one they were discussing A dazzling writer, she feels that the basic words are not suitable. She doesn’t want to let some mediocre sentences destroy the artistic conception at this moment, so she has to pretend to reminisce about Ethan’s beautiful comment, nodding for a long time, and drinking again. A few sips of coffee.

Ethan raised his hand and looked at his watch, and said, “I’m afraid we should go. The second half is about to begin.”

Thank goodness—Jiang Yue got up immediately. He opened the door first, asked her to pass, and wished her success in the discussion that followed. Jiang Yue put the empty coffee cup and custard butter biscuits on the messy long table, and left the lounge with the flow of people.

In the second half of the discussion, she felt that her state had recovered a lot, and everything went very smoothly. She even said four sentences in a row at one time, and the group she was in completed the task ahead of schedule. As the class was about to end, the group members began discussing about taking a walk in the nearby woods after lunch.

“We should go and see if there are any horror stories in the’Black Forest.” The French girl in the group said with shiny eyes.

“Yes, this damned house is too boring, we should go out and breathe out.” The American guy has already begun to pack the computer into his schoolbag.

“I’ll join. What do you think, Mei?” The Indian girl turned to Jiang Yue.

“Of course it sounds great,” she replied-as quickly as a conditioned reflex.

“Everyone, remember to wear more.” The enthusiastic organizer of the French girl finally urged.

After that, Jiang Yue went back to the room to fetch things under the pretext of this, and declined the invitation of the three group members to have lunch together. About ten minutes later, she entered the restaurant alone and sat in the same position as in the morning. The classmates lined up in twos and threes to pick up their meals and sat in the middle of the open dining room. The lonely seat in the corner of the wall opposite her was always ignored-everything was like a replica, except that everyone’s plate was replaced with a piece of light Of boiled salmon, a pool of white sauce and some mixed vegetable leaves. Ethan never showed up, and Jiang Yue’s desire to have a clean meal was fulfilled, even though he was late. The lunch dessert was a lava cake, which was served on the table as soon as it came out of the oven. With the exclamation of joy when everyone cut them, the thick chocolate sauce flows, and the sweet smell instantly fills the room.

Jiang Yue thought of the abandoned biscuit in the morning, feeling inexplicably sorry.

After lunch, the four-person group of Forest Adventure appeared outside the gate of the ancient house as scheduled. As they walked across the lawn, Jiang Yue glanced back at the whole view of the house. It was like many ancient buildings on the streets of England. The white exterior walls were interlaced with black wooden structures in the shape of “meters”. Under the sky, it looked a little gloomy. She caught a glimpse of the puzzled eyes of her classmates behind the obscured glass window. An unprecedented sense of belonging spontaneously emerged. She quickened her pace to keep up with her companions.

The woods are not far away, but a ten-minute walk away. But it turns out that French girls are very wise-the temperature in the woods is even lower. Moisture is trapped around tall temperate trees, and thick, moist and soft sawdust spread under the feet. These natural metabolites continuously emit an indescribable cold smell. Squirrels seem to be everywhere, and some of them stopped abruptly when they passed through the bushes, looked at the group of strange intruders, and then swiftly slipped away. They walked in front of each other, changing combinations at will, talking quietly as they walked, and soon, the window edge of the ancient house that showed the warm yellow light disappeared from the vision of looking back, the black tree trunks became denser and the light was also Then it darkens. They walked deep into the woods and paused on a higher hillside. Everything became quieter, and Jane reached the point of silence. They could no longer distinguish the existence of fog, and replaced it with clearly visible water vapor in the air, spinning clearly.

“Are we going to continue?” the American boy asked. “If you go further, you will be over the mountain.”

The Indian girl took out her mobile phone to check the time and said, “Let’s go back, the afternoon seminar is about to begin.”

The French girl looked towards the top of the hillside with some nostalgia, but also agreed to the return plan. Jiang Yue would not raise any objections. In fact, she wanted to return to the warm house a long time ago, because the leather boots on her feet really struggled to walk up the slippery stones, but she didn’t want to discourage everyone.

The way back seemed to be better, and it didn’t take long before the edge of the grass and the outline of the ancient house surrounded by the ambiguous white mist appeared again. I don’t know if it was because of returning from the deep forest, Jiang Yue felt that the outside world seemed brighter than ever.

“Look! Is that Ethan?” The French girl suddenly exclaimed.

Everyone looked in the direction of her fingers—on the vast grassland in the distance, a few huge dead tree trunks lay there, clearly shaped like silhouettes, and a thin figure stood on it.

It was him, Jiang Yue recognized the off-white shirt, but she did not speak.

“Unexpectedly, there are people who are as cold as us.” The American guy still spoke first.

“What is he doing there?” the girl continued, with an unbelievable expression.

“Probably think about life.” Jiang Yue said in a slightly ridiculous tone.

“He’s a weirdo, don’t you think.” The French girl said as she strode across a stone.

“I never talked to him,” the Indian girl shrugged. “I don’t think he is dealing with anyone at all.”

“Neither did I.” The French girl responded.

“He is really withdrawn.” The American boy concluded.

“But I always think he seems a bit interesting.” He added immediately.

The Indian girl curled her lips and said, “He must have no friends.”

As if the ear-piercing roar was getting stronger and stronger, Jiang Yue gradually couldn’t hear the vivid voices of her companions. She repeatedly weighed the tone of what she said just now and realized that she had used him despicably to gain the approval of the team. Jiang Yue was deeply embarrassed and did not participate in their discussion anymore. When the four of them arrived at the house and pushed open the door of the front hall, she looked back, and Ethan’s distant figure was still moving slowly on the rugged tree stump. The rest of the afternoon, she was caught by a strange memory. She remembered that in a physical education class in junior high school, she was surrounded by a group of girls walking on the tree-lined road, describing to them the sleeves of the boys at the same table. With the mean tone of the red autumn clothes, she shuddered in her heart as soon as she spoke. This afternoon, similar chills continued to spread and entangle her body, no matter how angry she was, she couldn’t get rid of it.

This is the early winter after Halloween and before Christmas. In the struggle with the night to divide the sphere of influence, the daylight in England gradually shrinks and gives up the dominance-which makes the atmosphere of dinner even more cozy. When night fell, this big house far away from the towns and settlements was like a cluster of flames, beating on the vast wilderness, young people’s laughter broke its years of silence, and every corner of it was no longer dilapidated, but slowly emerged. The prosperous scene of the past came out.

The dessert for dinner is toffee pudding. Jiang Yue is still sitting in her old position. She hopes Ethan can come. She urgently hopes to say a few words to him, whatever she wants, in order to dispel her guilt. She had already imagined all the possibilities of dialogue in her mind, arranged some clever words, and even rehearsed the tone of each topic in advance, hoping that Ethan could sit down opposite her to accept her. Fan’s wishful thinking, self-directed and self-acted “atonement”. In addition, she sincerely wanted to know the reason why he was there alone. She imagined that there was a wider field of vision on the stump, which could reach distant villages, and patches of white houses gathered in the depressions of the hills.

However, Ethan did not appear. In fact, he never came to eat at all. Jiang Yue frequently patrolled the surroundings and never saw him until the pudding was on the table-it was bathed in amber-like salted caramel syrup crystal clear, showing a gradual white to coffee color. The warm tone. Jiang Yue no longer looked forward to it, thinking that his conscience would never be able to make up for it. The restless heat that had been swelling outwards from her chest all afternoon, completely vented at this time. The dense night outside the window flooded everything, and the mottled and lonely outline of the withered wood in the distance was completely indistinguishable. Jiang Yue even began to wonder whether the blurred back of Ethan she saw in the afternoon was real, and it was shrouded in fog—like a dream It often happens.

Before she finished eating her pudding, the other three members of the four-person expedition team approached her and invited her to the tavern under the ancient house for a small gathering in the evening. She agreed to the amnesty immediately, feeling a little ridiculous that she was mediocre and self-disturbing.

The four of them walked out of the restaurant. The Indian girl talked to her about her initial ideas for the thesis. Jiang Yue’s emotions gradually relaxed and she casually said something in agreement.

Ethan appeared in the corridor unexpectedly, staring at a portrait on the wall.

“Hello, Ethan!” The French girl said enthusiastically, which surprised Jiang Yue behind her.

When Ethan turned around, Jiang Yue hurriedly turned to the Indian girl next to her, and then continued her words, as if their conversation was coherent and deep, and would not be disturbed by the outside world.

“Oh, hello, hi.” He gestured to the French girl and American boy in front of him, without interrupting the other two who were talking.

“We are going to the cave tavern below, shall we come together?” The French girl unexpectedly offered him an invitation. Later, the Americans also echoed: “It is said that it was their wine cellar before. It should be very interesting.”

Jiang Yue and the Indian girl stopped, smiled friendly at Ethan, and expressed welcome.

“Okay, why not?” He agreed without hesitation.

The stairs leading to the ground were dimly lit, and chaotic shadows swayed on the cream-colored stone walls. The steps are narrow and high, making it very inconvenient to walk. The American boy and the French girl walked at the forefront, followed by the Indian girl and Jiang Yue. Ethan walked at the end of the line. When they passed a corner of the handrail, he whispered: “Beware.” Jiang Yue moved her lips and said nothing. After the stairs were terminated, they passed through a flat right-angled corridor. The narrow arched doorway of the tavern appeared at the end. Like most underground spaces, the roof here was very low. He hunched naturally and looked a little funny.

Surprisingly, there are no other students in the tavern. In the dry air, there seems to be a slightly sour alcohol smell that is quietly fermenting. They randomly found a corner, sat down around the table and chatted for a while before getting up and going to the bar to order a drink. Jiang Yue went to a bar in the city twice with a few Chinese friends. At that time, faced with rampant drinkers and fast-moving bartenders, she had no time to get acquainted with the various drink names on the wine list. For the first time, She frantically asked for a can of beer and fled back to the booth. Later, she mustered the courage to go further and ordered a glass of gin with a short name. But this day, after her companions had taken their wines and returned to their seats, she decided to spend some time thinking about it. This quiet, enclosed space gave her a sense of security. She finally ordered a glass of wine called “Raspberry Bomb”. On the wall of the curved cup, tiny bubbles kept escaping upward, and then they were hidden by the rich red jam on the surface.

When Jiang Yue returned to her seat, she calmly looked at the group of classmates. They appeared in this scene in an unprecedented manner, without the uniform light and ugly fluorescent-colored leather cover notebooks in the classroom. They had them on hand. Wine glasses of different shapes, their faces are particularly charming in the dim light. No one talks about literature, they talk about pop singers, European movies, American football, or even football leagues. She was curious and excited, acting as an observer, indulging in her beautiful and poetic imagination. In the end, they turned to Jiang Yue curiously, seeking her voice-which was beyond experience.

“What exactly do you want to hear?” She became nervous again.

“Whatever, we are too curious about China.” The American guy said.

“Do Chinese people believe in Buddhism?” the Indian girl asked.

“What is your wine culture? I heard that the degree of Chinese wine is terrible.” The Frenchman asked.

“About your name…” Ethan said, “How does moon above the river correspond to Chinese specifically? Your name only has two Chinese characters, doesn’t it, then which one of them is moon? Which is above the river?”

Everyone agreed: “Yes, it’s better to tell your name!”

“My last name is’Jiang,’ which means river. My name is’Yue, which is moon. In fact, neither of these two words contains the meaning of above, but when they are combined, they have that meaning. You can say They constitute a naturally connected mood.” She was satisfied with her expression.

“It’s so beautiful.” The French girl said excitedly, “I’m going to learn Chinese.”

“I said, this is amazing, isn’t it? Two unrelated words, without connecting words, are grouped together to form a scene and can be used as a person’s name.” The American guy said to Ethan.

The Indian girl went on to say something, but soon she started to babble, Jiang Yue was a little distracted, and prayed anxiously for her to end this speech as soon as possible. Because according to the order, there is still one person who did not speak, she worried that this long speech would blur the original focus. Sure enough, after the Indian girl finally finished, Ethan just smiled and nodded, and didn’t mean to speak, so the Americans then asked to learn a few simple words of French. That spell-like language poured out from the French girl. Everyone cast envious glances and began to imitate over and over again, even including Ethan, repeating those round basic syllables awkwardly. Only Jiang Yue was ashamed to speak, she silently picked up the phone, pretending that she had important news to reply.

Later, they talked about American cities again. The reason was that French girls said that America seemed to be full of boring places except New York. The Americans expressed slight resistance based on the casino city of Las Vegas.

“Actually I want to go to Nashville.” Jiang Yue said.

“Nashville?” her American companion repeated with his eyes widened. “What’s so special about Nashville?”

“Seriously, I never thought that anyone besides the Americans knew about this place.” He added immediately.

“Country music?” She hesitated. For the impression of the connection between the city and country music, she felt precise and vague, so she hurriedly added: “Also, I think this place name sounds nice.”

The American guy frowned slightly, took a sip of wine, and did not express his opinion.

There was no one else in the tavern, maintaining a kind of comfort that was just right. Until four o’clock in the morning, the whole mansion had fallen silent, and they didn’t know it. They were talking about those light topics in this small underground corner. They kept their voices low, but they were full of emotions. Although Jiang Yue did not participate deeply. Come in, but in this elegant and warm atmosphere, she enjoys it very much, feeling that she has touched the existence of so-called “literature” for the first time. Their eyelids were fighting, and their sitting posture gradually loosened. Finally, at about a quarter past four, the Americans put forward the exit. Everyone got up tired and left the tavern, making unfinished speeches all the way, in the quiet darkness. Shuttle through the corridor and return to their respective dormitories. In the end, only Jiang Yue and Ethan need to continue to march deeper.

They passed by paintings of different ages on both sides of the corridor. The beam of Jiangyue’s mobile phone shone on the vermilion carpet, pushing the circular silver light spots forward, awakening the dust that had been sleeping in the carpet fibers for many years.

“It’s too late, isn’t it?” she said.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect it. I shouldn’t have joined you. That way I would have a good night’s sleep.” He joked.

She laughed silently.

“We went to the nearby woods in four afternoons.” She said.

“Really? That must be very interesting.” He replied, and Jiang Yue found his tone a little hard to guess.

“It’s very cold.” She held the phone to her chest, and the beam of light leaned straight toward the end of the corridor. The originally clear light spot passed through the muddy air and turned into a fuzzy halo, shining on the serious strange face in the frame. . The two of them walked forward several meters in silence, Jiang Yue repeatedly thought about the well-known question-whether he also went out in the afternoon-she was about to ask.

“I’ve been to Nashville,” he said first. “I have relatives who live there. I used to spend summer vacations there.”

Jiang Yue turned to look at him in surprise: “Really?”

“To be honest, it is really ordinary there.” When he turned his head, the eyelashes on the side close to the light source appeared translucent silver gray, and the other half of his face was sunken in the dark. “But you should go.”

“I will.” At this time, she discerned the wallpaper that was raised on the edge of the door frame on the left hand side, and stopped at the door of her room.

“Good night, moon,” Ethan said.

“Good night!” she replied, closing the door gently. At this time, it seemed as if the dim sky light had passed through the curtain, she decided to find a chance to ask Ethan that question after she woke up.

At ten o’clock in the morning, the returning bus stopped in the center of the house on time. Jiang Yue’s companions all appeared under the porch with dark circles under their eyes, and their luggage piled listlessly at their feet. Only Ethan was gone again. Jiang Yue joined the team of “Secret Tavern Night” and stood there waiting for the notice of getting on the bus. At the end of the three-day trip, looking at the energetic but plain faces of other classmates, she felt relieved and satisfied. Fortunately, she was part of the action last night. The only thing that worries her a little is that Indian girls have been staying with her, which means that they are likely to sit together in the next drive. She will have to continue to be with her enthusiasm and eager speech for three hours. . Jiang Yue looked around absently, eager to find a reason to leave for a moment.

“I’ll go to the toilet.” After she said, she picked up her bag and walked quickly back to the hall, walking against the crowd through the crowded doorway, and returning to the depths of the house. Sure enough, Ethan appeared in the empty hallway of the dormitory, rummaging around in his bag unhurriedly.

“Ethan,” she called to him actively, “Why are you still here?”

“I seem to have left something.” He raised his head and said, “Oh, I found it.”

He zips up his backpack and walks out with her. The doorway is no longer as lively as it was a few minutes ago, and everyone is in the car. They quickened their pace and walked towards the car. Jiang Yue first ascended the steps of the bus. Looking around, the seats were almost full, except for the two adjacent positions in the back row, which were conspicuously empty. She turned her head and motioned to Ethan, and he immediately probed the probes and saw them.

Jiang Yue steadily walked through the narrow corridor, passed the crowded heads, and walked towards the rear of the car. When she was about to arrive, the Indian girl waved her hand in front of her.

“Hey, I reserve a seat for you!” She neatly removed her bulky schoolbag from the seat beside her, tucked it at her feet, and looked at her with a full smile.

Ethan stopped behind Jiang Yue. She looked up at the adjacent seat close at hand, and finally turned to the Indian girl and said, “Okay, thank you.”

Jiang Yue sat down beside the Indian girl, while Ethan continued to walk towards the back row. She lowered her head in a panic and unzipped her backpack, and took out an empty water glass. Her hair hangs down to form a barrier, covering the indescribable complex emotions stuck in the corner of her mouth.

The car quickly moved, leaving behind the old manor, which was brightly lit and still warm. Whether it is the slender lines of the cascading coniferous forests, or the huge decayed tree trunks lying on the grass, they slowly fade into thick fog and become translucent white.

As the car entered the highway, the clouds became thinner and the sky lit up. Some withered patches appeared on the round hills on both sides. Before taking a closer look, they retreated endlessly in the ups and downs.

On the second day, Jiang Yue saw Ethan walking towards him in the teaching building. He returned to his boring blue-black outfit. They almost met in this neat and bright corridor. While hesitating, he lowered his head, the corners of his mouth quivered slightly, and brushed past her.

Jiang Yue didn’t hesitate at her feet. She thought of going to a nearby Chinese restaurant with her friends. She couldn’t be late, so she strode out of the teaching building and hurried into the dense drizzle like spider webs.