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  Nowadays, teenage girls can talk about Lancome, Estee Lauder, CPB, what “cut men’s color”, bean paste color, “aunt color”, who doesn’t have a few lipsticks?
  For a long period of time in the past, the domestic cosmetics market was firmly held in the hands of major European, American, Japanese and Korean brands, which made it difficult for local brands and niche brands to stand up. But a visible trend is that local brands are slowly waking up, and niche brands have also entered the public eye. Especially now, beauty collection stores like HARMAY (abbreviation: Huamei) and THE COLORIST (abbreviation: colorist) are making more brands blossom with the help of a complete industrial chain and vast shopping space.
  And the goddess must punch in, industrial style, simple lineup, free trial makeup, more than 1,000 items… Will these make-up collection shops synonymous with new outlets?
Different brands, the same lineup

  Lou Chen walked into WOW COLOUR (Chinese beauty collection store brand, opened on January 4, 2020) for the first time, and saw a large group of beautiful ladies gathered around the counter, holding various makeup samples (try Pretend) Apply smear on the back of my hand, “I have a scene when my grandma is shopping at the vegetable market, walking and stopping, picking and choosing. It was working hours on weekdays, but in WOW COLOUR’s shop, It’s as lively as a vegetable market during peak periods, even with long lines in front of the cash register. The big-name counter next to it is off the beaten track.”
  In addition to WOW COLOUR, the same is true for makeup collection stores such as Xiran and colorists, whether it is work. Days or holidays are the places where you must line up. And these collection stores have a special feature: the similarity of the arrangement method is as high as 99%.

  In the beauty collection store, each brand has its own style and tonality. If you want to highlight each brand, it is particularly important to find the right way to arrange it. WOW COLOUR is arranged according to the category, and also adopts the palace format. According to the size of the box, it is divided into four square grids, six square grids and even nine square grids. It is not only convenient for customers to purchase, but also highlights the differences of each brand; colorists use nine square grids. In this way, the shelves and panels are unified, and the different styles and main colors of each brand are combined, so that it can retain its own style elements and the unity of the store; Xiran has become popular by creating an “immersive” experience. Provide important trial scenarios and become an important platform for consumers to socialize and experience.
  The advantage of a unified style is that the store image can be changed efficiently and quickly. In addition, the store will also display some props and decorate the store according to the festival. The purpose of this is to cater to young people, because young people have high requirements for “appearance”.
  According to the data, the total number of colorist stores exceeds 150, WOW COLOUR has reached 300, and Xiran, the latest to enter the venue, also opened 7 stores.
  In addition to appearances, the choice of brands should not be underestimated. Take colorists as an example, because backed by the powerful KK Group, there is an exclusive brand resource library. So in the store, you can not only see well-known brands like Perfect Diary that follow fashion trends; you can also see many new online brands such as Ju Duo. The beauty collection store happens to help these brands go offline. Great popularity, enhance the stickiness between products and users; at the same time, we will also introduce some tonal niche brands like Mistine to satisfy young people who are pursuing individuality.
  After the brand is selected, the collection store has to go through a rigorous selection process, which is generally divided into 4 steps: the
  first step, the beauty collection store has a dedicated team of buyers, who will make the preliminary selection; the
  second step, the preliminary selection After the selection, the team will back-adjust each of its products, including user satisfaction and word of mouth, etc.; in the
  third step, an independent new product appraisal team will vote on the products, and only after passing can they enter the store trial sales stage; the
  fourth step It is to pay attention to the trial product at any time, usually half a month to a month, and this period of time can basically judge the follow-up sales trend of the product.
  Although the process is complicated, only in this way will it be recognized by the audience.
  In addition, you can try every product in the beauty collection store. Because make-up is a highly experiential category, offline collection stores have always insisted on opening 100% samples, and equipped with makeup remover next to each product, so that consumers can try it out and make purchases after they are satisfied. Although this method will increase the loss of goods, it is worth it.
  Because these shops are more aimed at the post-80s, post-90s and even post-00s, they belong to the receptive generation and have high requirements for experience. If there is no good experience, they will not come to your store. And they are willing to spend more energy and time for a good experience. As long as they approve and like it, they will take the initiative to promote it.
  However, although traditional collection stores like Sephora have big-name endorsements, they have poor service attitudes and have not established strong connections with consumers. During the holidays, only some coupons were sent for consumers to check on their own. Over time, consumers will not be tempted. In addition, apart from the message area under the official account, Sephora has no area for social discussions, unable to increase the stickiness between the brand and consumers, and it is unable to harvest consumer feedback in time. In addition, Sephora’s decoration and arrangement methods remain unchanged, and consumers are more likely to be attracted to other stores after aesthetic fatigue.
  It can be seen that, compared to the traditional collection store, the current collection store is more like a free and open community. It is a theme park where you can meet colorful lifestyles and enjoy every moment of wonderful time.
  At present, domestic makeup collection stores are mainly divided into multi-brand collection stores such as colorists and WOW CLOUR and sample collection stores. On the one hand, they are to meet the needs of personalized consumers, and on the other hand, they are to capture the collection of New opportunities.
Small economy, big business

  Zhang Yang, a landmark in Beijing, a professional photojournalist, and a loyal fan of sample products. Since contacting and accustomed to using the sample, she will actively look for online purchasing shops to purchase, and also buy genuine products because of the sample. Shopping festivals such as “Double 11” and “618” have grabbed the equivalent of 40% to 50% off formal wear in the live broadcast room. , Almost always send a sample of the same amount of formal dress.
  At first, Zhang Yang just thought that the sample was particularly suitable for travel and business trips, but later found out that if you want to try new products, the sample can provide a variety of choices, and you are not afraid to buy a formal dress directly.
  She told the reporter of “Business” that the online samples are often out of stock, and sometimes it takes several months to purchase orders, which is very costly. “After the opening of Huamei in Beijing, I rarely purchase online purchases. Because it can be used offline, if you have a familiar brand, you can also buy directly online, which is very convenient.”
  There are still many consumers like Zhang Yang. With the rapid development of the big-name beauty market, big-name “samples” have also become a new consumer trend. In addition to the rapidly increasing number of online beauty sample purchasing stores, more and more sample collection stores have begun to appear offline, including chain stores and unique cities. At present, the sample has been successfully “upper” and has become a category acceptable and recognized by consumers.

it is difficult to count the sample purchasing shops with more than 100,000 fans and more than 1,000 monthly sales. A customer service agent of a purchasing agency said that the samples sold in the store are all gifted by purchasing agents, because the profits of purchasing agents are less, and the samples are more profitable. But not all formal outfits can be purchased, so some samples will also be out of stock.
  Now, the profit model of selling big-name “samples” has been extended to offline, in addition to market demand, it also benefits from beauty collection stores. Like Meimei, Suning Jiwu, and DL Makeup (DL for short), they all sell big-name “samples”, including makeup, skin care products, and perfumes. And most of the big names in the store are sold at reasonable prices, attracting a large number of consumers.
  Take DL as an example, 20g of Sk2 facial cleanser is priced at 75 yuan; Keyan’s face cream 14ml is only priced at 59 yuan; YSL black opium perfume is priced at 99 yuan… In addition, the store also has member exclusives, and you can apply for permanent membership for only 49 yuan. , Enjoy a 50% discount on the marked price. Stores can also promote the latest activities and new arrivals through Moments, saving a lot of publicity costs.
  Obviously, compared with hundreds of thousands of dollars in big-name formal wear, the price of a sample is easier to be accepted by young consumers. However, many consumers still remain skeptical of the demo channel.
  Where did the goods come from?
  The media once broke the news that by comparing the many products in the store, although the outer packaging has the same Chinese label as the counter product, an interview was conducted with its product group, except for no reply, they all stated that the store is not its brand. For directly authorized partners, consumers are also advised to purchase products through brand-authorized channels.
  And Mei Mei responded: “We are fidelity. We are directly supplied by the supplier and have nothing to do with the brand. If there is a problem with the goods, you can come to us and inspect the goods. There are many ways now. Both can be identified.”
  Both sides have their own rhetoric, and the authenticity is difficult to distinguish.
  Therefore, no matter how “cabbage” the price of the sample is, the development will always be held back by doubts about the source of the goods and the sale of big-name non-sale products. If a business sells a large number of non-for-sale products and is suspected of improper gains or potential safety hazards, the regulatory authorities can investigate and deal with them in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Therefore, companies on the track should pay attention to it, and players who have not yet joined the track should also think carefully.

  Collection stores have become a trend and popularity, while the old retail brands represented by Wanning and Watsons have fallen into sluggish performance under the impact of new retail brands such as Huamei and colorists. In other words, the current way of assembling stores has appeared in a situation of duality.
  The core reason for the popularity of new retail collection stores is capital blessing.
  According to the statistics of the reporter of “Business”, Huamei has completed the A round of financing, led by Hillhouse Capital. The investment amount has not been disclosed, and the post-investment valuation is 500 million yuan. The colorist’s parent company KK Group has completed 1 billion yuan. Series E financing; Color World (Guangdong) Beauty Co., Ltd., the parent company of WOW COLOUR, received a 1 billion yuan strategic financing from Saiman Fund.
  It is not difficult to see that collection stores are deeply favored by capital. In addition to capital, channels are also opportunities that should not be underestimated.
  Take KK Group as an example. It has achieved stable cooperative relations with brand suppliers through direct sourcing, eliminating the need for intermediary and other costs, which not only guarantees the authenticity of the source of goods, but can also obtain goods at low purchase prices. At the same time, KK Group also used the increased purchase volume and high-quality commercial locations to discuss cooperation with brands, launching joint and even customized models. It can not only help KK Group to stabilize its position, bring traffic conversion, but also create explosive models for the brand.
  Nothing is good, and there is no good. NOME, which is similar to the KKV brand under the KK Group, is not so lucky.
  Although NOME has a supply channel, the products in the store are all designed by Swedish designers. The high design cost has caused the company to have cash flow problems and eventually enter the closed store mode. Therefore, channel reform is very important. It is no longer the era of “one path to the dark”. Only diversified development can strengthen the fortress for enterprises.
  It is worth noting that the real main battlefield of the brand is still offline, and it is not a real brand without close contact with offline consumers. Data show that in 2020, the retail sales of cosmetics will grow by 20.5%, becoming the category with the fastest recovery. It is estimated that by 2022, the market size of China’s beauty industry will exceed 500 billion yuan.
  In such an environment, new beauty brands need to innovate even more, because online traffic has been saturated, and they must go offline if they want to make a circle. This is not only to increase sales or broaden channels, but also the only way for the brand to continue to develop. The emergence of beauty collection stores is to meet the needs of these brands and achieve mutual success.
  However, there are also problems in the operation of beauty collection stores. Although you can try it offline and get it right away, it lacks a price advantage compared to online. There are often cases of offline use and online ordering. In response to these, the current beauty collection stores have also begun to establish private domain traffic, by paying attention to the official account, adding customer service WeChat, etc., feedback to consumers vouchers and even direct reductions. This can not only retain consumers, but also strengthen the connection with the store.
  Consumers’ concerns are constantly changing, and only by making corresponding adjustments and changes in accordance with consumers’ changes can they truly be retained. Therefore, collecting and sorting out consumer needs in the shortest time and forming the fastest response mechanism is the future development direction of beauty collection stores

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