There are too many “isms” in this world, and I always wander in various “isms”. My naive idealism is: human beings return to the jungle, the fittest survives, the weak eat the weak-of course, I never admit that I am a “Darwinist” .

Tang Nuo (author of “The Story of Words”, “My Simple Thoughts on Reputation, Wealth and Power” and other works) mentioned that he had an anarchist ideal, but this was an unrealistic ultimate yearning for him . In “Common Sense”, Thomas Paine described the government as a “necessary evil” in the best of circumstances, because mankind is bound to have such a large system to make everything run in an orderly manner, despite the “ultimate nature” that mankind pursues. It’s a threat.

The world is already crowded with nearly 7.8 billion people, and natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce, such as clean water, clean air, clean green spaces… How does an earth feed such a large population? All resources and manpower must be integrated into a system so that the world can run more stably. This is the world created by mankind. We are all in the system. The so-called “born to be free” is a romantic imagination.

Humans will never return to the jungle. “The Avengers” villain Thanos may be an idealist, but it is not a good idea to let most of the humans on earth disappear randomly. If Thanos is more vicious, he can choose to destroy all mankind. But because of this “compassion” heart, such a bit of “miscalculation,” or his “attachment”, “justice” finally defeated “evil”.

Thanos himself also wanted to go back to the land, plant flowers, and watch the sunrise and sunset, but this was only his short-lived fantasy. Thanos can’t return to the jungle, and humans don’t want to return to the jungle. So, whether we love or spurn the world we live in, besides fantasy, is there a more peaceful solution?


In “The Man of the Game”, John Huizinha expounded the relevance of games and the evolution of human culture from the perspective of games. He believed that games as the essence of culture are of great significance to society. People get the ultimate happiness and freedom in the game.

This is not to say “King of Glory” or “Werewolf Kill”. Human society comes from games, such as language, law and order, business and interests, industry and art, etc. To put it simply, life is a game. We are playing police officers, doctors, lawyers, parents, lovers, but this is by no means as false as the movie “Trumen’s World”. Real and pure games are one of the main foundations of civilization. Games are a kind of good behavior. We have liked games since we were young, and humans gain enthusiasm in this.

So, everything is fun, “ism” is fun, the system is fun, the jungle is fun, work is fun, competition is fun, and rolling in the sun is also fun. The game brings temporary perfection to our chaotic life. It is fascinating, with its own rhythm and harmony. The game explains everything.

Understanding the nature of the game, perhaps human beings can lead to ultimate freedom.

But is the so-called “ultimate freedom” also a small vocabulary invented by human civilization, like a tongue twister, that fascinates us and carries on this game with passion?