Fable of Flying

A ball of cotton

A lump of cotton felt dirty and wanted to clean it up.

Qingshuitan said sympathetically, “Come here to wash.” Cotton washed itself in the Qingshuitan, and his body was also full of water.

Cotton is very grateful to Shimizu and is unwilling to squeeze the water out of her body.

Qingshuitan started to feel uncomfortable, and he didn’t want cotton to take away its moisture.

As a result, Cotton could only slowly squeeze out the moisture in the body, and then turned back and slowly left the clear water pool. Cotton is still grateful to Qingshuitan, but has always been unable to think about it. Qingshuitan can accommodate other people’s filth, but he doesn’t want others to take away their own bits.

A spring bamboo shoot

Pueraria lobata has already spread on the ground. One morning after Chunlei, it suddenly saw shoots growing underneath itself.

Pueraria lobata said to Chunsun, “I’m so sorry, I pressed you under my body.”

Chunsun said, “Haha, Pueraria lobata, which shoot have you ever seen crushed to death? Once we get out of the ground, nothing can stop us!”

Two days later, the spring bamboo shoots grew taller. Pueraria lobata looked up at Chunsun and sighed: “You can be confident if you have the vitality of publicity!”

A shovel

The shovel is worn out, and the owner has no time to throw it away. Put it in the utility room first. He conveniently put the new shovel that had just been used for a day beside the old shovel.

In the evening, the new shovel quietly asked the old shovel: “I learned it when I started training, and we have to retire at a certain time. Are you retired now? Is there a chance to reactivate it here?”

The old shovel said: “Even if I start to use it again, I have no use. Our position is not an idle job. It is really necessary to use up energy and one inch a day. The master put me here, it is him temporarily No time to deal with it.”

The new shovel asked: “Retired, do you feel sad?”

The old shovel said: “Everyone has his own mission. For us little people, accomplishing the mission is more important than experiencing success. Oh, maybe you don’t understand the truth yet.”

Its daybreak. The owner took the new shovel and went to the field. When he left, he took the old shovel and prepared to throw it in the trash can at the intersection.

A street light

In autumn, a street lamp was newly erected on the side of the highway. The street lamp saw the leaves rustle down, feeling the impermanence of life, and sorrowing for it.

The leaves have never been noticed, so I am very moved and start to look up at the street lights.

During the day, the street lamp went out, and the leaves thought that the street lamp was dead, and she shed tears of sadness. Unexpectedly, the street lights were on again in the evening, and the leaves were happy again.

It asks a lot of questions about street lights. For example, why did it go out, why it turned on again, and why it was different from yourself. The street lights are a bit annoying, and I feel that the leaves interfere with my life. The street lamp said to the leaves: “I didn’t express my feelings for you, but you caused me to think about life. I have an independent life, and you have your life. You have too many hearts.”

The street lights began to ignore the leaves. But its light shines on the leaves. The leaves stared at the street lamp silently, all night and all night, until they rot and turned into mud.

As for the street lights, I saw new buds emerging from the treetops.

A flowing cloud

Liuyun has been to many places, and he has almost forgotten where he has been. Sometimes it has to stay longer, and there is always someone urging it not to stop.

“There are still many places to go ahead, so hurry up.”

“As soon as you stop, what about the people behind? Go ahead!”

Liuyun was full of complaints, but no one listened to it. It is getting lonely. It really wanted to stop, and it didn’t care if it was broken.

Feng kindly said to it: “I have no choice but to blow you away at that time.”

This time Liuyun saw the green wheat field with full eyes. It really wants to stop. It stopped. The wind is blowing and getting bigger and bigger. Liu Yun hugged herself tightly, not allowing herself to disperse.

Finally, drop after drop of rain fell on the wheat field. That is another appearance and identity of Liuyun. Now it burrows into the mud, hiding very deep and very comfortable.

An apple

Christmas Eve. The teenager came home from outside, saw bananas and apples in the fruit bowl on the table, picked up the bananas and ate them.

Mom said: “Son, today is Christmas Eve, I want to eat apples!”

The son chuckled and said, “Eating bananas can also help you sleep! Besides, apples have to be peeled, which is troublesome.”

After speaking, he cut one off and gave it to his mother. Say: “Be filial to my mother.”

He does not mean that. Feeling that it has doubled its value and full of confidence, Apple squeezed onto the banana, appearing arrogant.

Banana said: “Apples, we are all born equal, all beings from the earth. Besides, everything has its own ruler. It doesn’t have to be this way?”

Apple said: “Banana, you can’t stand being valued by others? When you have my honor, maybe you will seal me to death!”

In the evening, the teenager watched TV very late, and could not find food at home for supper, so he ate all the fruits on the table.

A tabby cat

A small tabby cat catches butterflies on the grass. The tabby cat followed it and kept saying:

“Be careful, don’t step on the broken glass with your feet.”

“Slow down, pay attention to the bushes ahead.”

“Don’t keep staring at the butterfly chasing, you will be exhausted.”

Xiaocao felt very angry: “You stare all the time. I don’t have any personal space. I feel that I have a pair of eyes staring at everything. I’m very uncomfortable.”

The tabby cat ran to the seesaw alone, squatting on the highest point, looking at the tabby cat from a distance. Sometimes the small tabby cat catches the butterfly and deliberately releases the butterfly, the tabby cat also smiles quietly.

The little tabby cat came back and played on the seesaw with the tabby cat. The tabby cat said to the tabby cat: “I will always be a little bit more than you.”

Little Cat doesn’t understand: “What?”

The big tabby cat said: “Shang Xin. You are younger than me. I take care of you a little bit more. It’s normal.”

Little Cat doesn’t understand. Only if it becomes a tabby cat, it will understand. Oh, that will take many years!

A monkey

The baboon in the zoo asked the magpie to deliver a letter to the monkeys in the mountains. The monkey started crying when he saw it: “What’s this! Being locked in a big iron cage all day long. It’s as boring as a human being at work! It’s sadder than going to work… The baboon has a hard life… I can only stay there forever.” It’s a place… it’s an office, a bedroom, a restaurant, a reception room, and a toilet! The life of the baboon is terrible!”

The magpie felt unable to comfort it, and flew away. The monkey suddenly smelled the fragrant smell, and when he opened his eyes, it turned out that a tourist handed it a sausage.

The monkey snatched it without hesitation, peeled off the skin three times, and swallowed it in two mouthfuls.

It spreads its hands, meaning more.

The tourist said: “Nothing more!”

The monkey was anxious, leaped on the tourist’s back, and started to turn over his backpack. The tourists ran up in a hurry.

The monkey on the tourist’s back suddenly felt two cold lights on the opposite side. It turned out that it had crossed its border, and another monkey was about to attack it. It quickly jumped off the tourist’s back and ran back to its own territory.

The monkey forgot the letter the baboon gave it.

A little chicken

The chick was intently looking for food in the grass, and unknowingly walked a long way. It looked up: Yeah! Where’s mom? What about brothers and sisters?

It spread its fledgling wings, stretched its neck and tweeted, stumbled forward and ran for a while, only to find that it was still alone, surrounded by grass, and then ran forward in a different direction.

Feng despised it: “When I am hungry, I am looking for food, and my mother does not find her. I hurried to find her all day long. Can we just play without looking?

The little chicken said: “Looking for food is to survive, and finding a mother is to survive better. This is the premise. What is playing? Playing is just a negative phenomenon of survival. You don’t understand anything, and you still come to me. What to guide!”

After hearing the little chicken’s words, the wind stopped making a sound, and the grass straightened up.

A pebble

A stone rolled down from the mountain and fell into the mountain stream. It bumped and bumped along the way, it hurts its muscles and bones, and its whole body aches. It’s really scared to go a long way. Dashui pushed it forward again, and it was very anxious and perplexed.

It became edgy and became a pebble.

Later, it finally stopped moving. There is a big rock in front of it blocking the way. There is thick silt under the big rock, and the silt can’t be washed away by the flood.

Dashi said to the pebble, “What are you hiding behind me? Since it is a stone, you have to be harder, not afraid of bumping, falling, or breaking your body.”

Pebble said: “You said it nicely. If you have the ability, you can hit yourself, throw it, or break your bones.”

Dashi long sighed: “I have been stuck here for many years. These silt sands have made me unable to move. I have always been proud of the dashi, but my hands and feet have been tied up by fine sand. After so many years, I have seen more and become weak. The strength is also small, but I still have the ambition of a stone. I am here at the moment, and I must be elsewhere in the future.”

Pebble hid behind the big stone, just about to talk, was swept away by a torrent. Later, it fell into the deep pool under the waterfall and stopped moving. I don’t know if it would think of Dashi’s emotion in those years.


In the autumn, almost all the fruits with seeds are brought into the farmers’ homes, even the lumpy sweet potatoes and potatoes in the fields are brought into the farmers’ homes. Only the radish remained in the ground. In the cold wind, the radish tassels were still green, even if it was frosted, even if it snowed.

Turnip is surprised, why do everyone receive it at home, and they still stay in the field? I have grown up, so I should go home!

The radish asked the radish tassel: “The radish tassel, do you still need to grow it?”

Turnip Tassel replied: “You or I will mature first!”

Turnip asked: “Then why haven’t we gone home yet? If I don’t take back home, the moisture in my body will be lost, and it will become hollow!”

Turnip Tassel replied: “I heard the farmers say, maybe because we can withstand the cold.”

When Turnip heard this, he burrowed his body into the soil desperately to prevent the moisture in his body from being lost.

After the beginning of spring, the farmers came to the fields and took the turnips and tassels back home. He said to himself: “This year’s radishes are of good quality, and now they have enough moisture.” He sang a song and planted green vegetable seedlings.

A creek

The creek is narrow and short, and admires the openness of the big river very much. It is very eager to become a big river one day.

Dahe said to it: “Did you not see that I am under a lot of pressure? I have to deal with so many sediments every day; I have to carry so many ships every day. I also envy you for your leisure time!”

Xiaoxi said: “A brook that doesn’t want to be a big river is hopeless. Life without ambition is despicable.”

Finally, Xiaoxi got a chance. There was a violent rainstorm in June, and the water flow suddenly exceeded ten times more than usual. The water in the creek soared instantly, the torrent washed away, the embankment collapsed, and the creek was buried.

After the rain has passed and the weather has cleared, there will be no more brooks on the earth.

Dahe sighed and said, “You should live within your means, and you must also live within your means. The creek must take your time.”

A lighthouse

Every voyage ship is eager to return to his hometown. Once you see a lighthouse, no matter which continent it is, no matter how far away the lighthouse you see from your hometown, the ship will be excited to beep.

The lighthouse in the daytime has a white wall. If the sun is dazzling, you can’t see it clearly, but fortunately, the continental line and distant mountains are still visible. At night, the identity of the lighthouse becomes prominent, and the flames it burns can be seen from far, far away.

The tall and thin tower guard walked over from afar once a day, added fuel, lit the flame, and went back. The next morning, the flame will automatically go out due to lack of fuel.

The lonely lighthouse is very lonely, so it is also very happy to see the ship, the flames hula hula. Of course it also knew that that ship could not stay by its side for long.

Two lonely people saw each other’s happiest moment.

A clump of thatch

When the weather was cold, thatch felt that its energy was not as good as before, so it slowly reduced the water in the body, condensing the little vitality to the roots of the grass.

A boy ran over here noisily after school, shouting: “I see a clump of withered thatch here, let’s burn it with fire!” Thatch yelled, “No!” and let the wind help. This meaning is displayed through body language, but humans cannot understand its voice.

Thatch felt a little pain in his body, and his consciousness became blurred. It grabbed the soil in the ground with its roots, digging hard.

By the next morning, when he woke up, he looked up and found that all his exposed parts on the ground had turned black and gray, and he cried with disappointment.

The soil comforted it: “My child, I have seen a lot. No thatch has been burned to death. I have seen thatched thatch. It’s good to cry. It’s good to be covered with dew and frost. The roots are there. , Don’t be afraid of anything.”

The thatch raised his head and stared at the sky every day, the roots desperately piercing into the ground, deeper and deeper. One day, it suddenly felt warm, and its body moved, then moved again.

The soil said: “Child, you have grown again!”

Thatch held the soil tightly and said excitedly: “Thank you for your encouragement. If it weren’t for you, I would probably be melancholy to death. Unfortunately, I can’t repay you. I can only embellish you with my light and tender green.”

Mu Mu said: “I only did what I should do. Let us be grateful to each other and bless each other!”

A platform

The road next to the platform is very busy. Various vehicles go back and forth, and only buses stop.

There are not many people waiting in the cold wind, and they are basically regular customers. Every platform knew them, but they didn’t know which platform they got off at. Sometimes the platform wants to ask about the bus, the bus is always so busy, I can’t say a word.

The platform is always cold and warm. Especially when it is windy and rainy, the platform takes good care of passengers, but the platform does not know whether the passengers are cold and warm.

When the passenger faced the stop sign set in front of it, it found that he was confused. When passengers leave, they often don’t even look at it.

The platform is getting quieter and quieter. So many people, so quiet hearts.

A Chinese character

One Chinese character didn’t recognize himself, so he ran to ask another Chinese character: “What’s my name?”

Another Chinese character looked at it in surprise: “I don’t know what my name is, but I care about you! The master hasn’t read us aloud, I don’t know. Let’s wait for the master at ease.”

The host hasn’t come to read for a long time. The Chinese characters ran around the pages of the book. They found many characters exactly the same as themselves, and felt very cordial; if they saw something slightly different from themselves, they were also very excited; when they met someone alone, they ran to and The indifferent Chinese character stayed for a while.

Some Chinese characters ran to the spine of the book, and some ran to the cover. There are a few naughty people who want to run to the opposite book, but they can’t get out of this book.

Those Chinese characters realized the alternation of day and night, and felt wet and dry. But their only hope is to know themselves quickly! Except for the Chinese characters on the cover, almost no one knows their master! But the Chinese characters on the deepest hidden page are also known in rumors: their owner is a kind old man.

Finally, one sunny morning, the Chinese characters on the cover saw the host coming. With white hair and crutches, he walked slowly and arduously to the writing. He touched the characters on the cover with trembling hands, and the Chinese characters felt the warmth of their hands, and they dared not express the atmosphere.

The old man sighed: “The years have sent you away. What use is it for me to leave these words? You, you, I will never see you again!”

The Chinese characters listened silently, and some even sobbed. Although they can’t read their name, they all know what the old man means.

Cinnamomum camphora

There is an old camphor tree at the entrance of the small mountain village. I don’t know how many years it has grown. This year I encountered a difficult problem, that is, how to build that road.

The old man said: “The tree cannot be moved. Such a big tree has grown for a few generations. There is no reason to let it make way. In addition, Tian can’t make a road.”

The junior said: “The tree is a field on one side, an old road on the side of the field, and a stream on the other side. It is not big enough to cover the creek, and the old road is too large to occupy the field. Now my solution is to build the road on the creek. The way to go is built on the old way.”

Xiang Zhang was silent. It wants to tell people: “There is another way, people fly like birds! Now if you want to call me nonsense, it will be possible in a few years!”

Asuka said: “The real barriers are hard to break, and even communication is of no avail. Of course, some barriers can be resolved through communication.”

A bird’s nest

The swallow flew back to the south, and the nest under the beam was barren due to no one to manage.

Yan Wei missed Yanzi very much: “What is the meaning of my existence without you?”

The old man sitting leaning on the pillar of the house looked up at Yan Yan, and said, “The swallow is gone, but the Yan Yan is still there. It’s like the old house is still there when the man is gone.”

The little grandson who ran into the house from outside said happily: “Grandpa, didn’t you say that Yanzi always returns to his hometown? Next year, Yanzi will come home!”

Yan Wei waited in the cold wind. Finally, the weather was warm and the swallow flew back. The first thing to do was to repair the bird’s nest.

The little grandson also grew up slowly.

An undershirt

The undershirt was thrown into the trash can by the owner. It couldn’t figure out how it had such a good relationship with its master, and it was so dedicated to the master, but it ended up in such an unbearable end. It couldn’t help but shed tears.

The trash can said: “You don’t have to be so sad, right? I feel ashamed for you. Think about it, how long have you served the master? You have also changed color, with holes, and smells. Things have their duties. Do your duty and give up.”

The undershirt said: “No matter how long I serve, I am a part of his body. What is my value without the master?”

The trash can smiled and said: “You still have the face to say the word value? If you are valuable, you will not be discarded! Not only are you worthless, but you have no brains!”

He smelled himself, looked at himself, did not speak, but the sadness in his heart became more and more severe. It buried itself at the bottom of the darkest and dirtiest trash can, willing to bid farewell to the world in this way.

A catkin

The catkins are blown off the branches by the wind, and they no longer belong to the willow tree. It will never return to the willow tree. It had climbed onto the branches of the willow several times, the willow stomped, and it fell again.

The catkins went further and further in despair.

It lay on the wide leaves of Psyllium; it sheltered from wind and rain on the fragrant petals of winter jasmine; it hung upside down on the eaves of the prince, and it had seen the prince’s daily life; it fell into a puddle and was caught by wheels. Overrun; in the end, it was taken away by a pug and fell wearily in the bushes of the park.

No one knows that it was once a flower. Catkins is also a kind of flower!

The willow tree still wants to take root. Along the way, it had many sincere desires, but it seemed that it was not worthy of such desires. When “Mei” leaves, it only wants to “live”.

I hope to find the tender willow branches in the bushes in summer. We all take care of it and grow up soon.

a method

A person who was led by a dream stumbled and walked on a sunny road.

The sun shines on the courtyard wall, and the naughty peach blossom from the courtyard wall; shines through the small bridge; shines through the flower umbrella; shines through the exhausted car. The man didn’t seem to see it at all. He only saw a dream. He walked in the depths of this dream and couldn’t wake up.

Why does he have a dream? Why don’t you wake up? The children came and asked me quietly.

I told the children: “Because he is tired and needs rest. Dreaming is not his career, but a way for him to comfort himself.”

The kid looked at the dreamer and didn’t understand what I meant. Then he ran away happily. Under the blue sky, he is so small and so happy.

The dreamer laughed.

A landline

Modern people basically use mobile phones, and few people use landlines anymore. The mobile phone proudly said to the landline: “Your era has passed long ago, my era has arrived!”

The landline said frankly: “I have also had glorious times, and I have seen the sadness of others, and have long experienced what metabolism is. We are just tools in human hands, a kind of wearable goods, and no self-renewal ability. What to be proud of!”

The phone apologized with shame: “It turns out that we are so unbearable. Please forgive me for being so messy. The lack of vision leads to misjudgment and narrow-mindedness.”

The landline said blankly: “The law and destiny exist. We can only face it honestly.”

A frog

In summer, the stream splashed and made a brisk sound. Hearing the sound of the water, the tallow trees on the shore liked it very much.

I don’t know when, a frog came to the pool not far away, croaking all day long. When the sound of running water is small, only the sound of frogs is heard. At the beginning, the Chinese tallow tree was not used to it, but it took a long time to get used to it. On a few occasions, it also heard the frog’s accidental and very refreshing touch of magic, and the beauty of that voice was simply unparalleled.

The tallow tree said to the stream: “Although your voice is beautiful all day, I feel that sometimes frogs sing better than you.”

The stream rushed towards the shore, responding to the tallow trees, but did not stop, and continued to splash into the distance.

The dog’s tail grass under the tallow tree expressed different opinions: “Although the occasional whims of a child is precious, his knowledge will never exceed that of an adult. The whole of things is far better than the parts. I really love listening to the sound of water. .”

A train

Cang-dang-dang-dang, the train galloped on the tracks.

The wheels turned quickly, singing happily. It gratefully said to the railroad track: “Some people say that you control me. Only I know: Without you, I would have no direction.”

Railroad said: “I am also very happy, you wipe away the rust on my body, make me as bright as ever. I want to thank you!”

In the car window, a young man looked out the window. The train drove very fast and he was about to arrive at his destination

A cabbage

A batch of cabbage grows in the field, and one cabbage grows differently from the others. It often thinks about three questions: Who am I? Where am i from? Where am I going? This makes it depressed, paying special attention to self-cultivation, and looks slender and introverted. One day, it suddenly heard someone say that it had been recited in the earliest collection of poems in China, “The Book of Songs”. At that time, it was called “Song”!

It couldn’t help but look around, the group of ignorant cabbages would only whisper in the wind and say something short of their parents. It couldn’t help but sighed and continued to think about three major issues, but it was puzzling.

The master came with Pudao. He took a fancy to this beautiful cabbage at a glance.

The cabbage shouted: “Don’t cut me! I am a literate and thinking cabbage! I still have many questions without answers!”

Pu Dao said: “Don’t be so arrogant! Turnip is also called Fei in the “Book of Songs”. Let me tell you the answer: I am a Pu knife for cutting cabbage. I come from the master’s kitchen. I go to the master’s kitchen. !”

The host whistled and said: “How can cabbage have the ability to think? You come from a seed and go to the table. Well, do you eat cabbage noodles at night or cabbage wraps?”

One Tube Bau

Bau hung on the wall for many years, and it was covered with dust. The owner was about to move, and suddenly he found Bau, so he wiped it clean and blew a piece of “Golden Peacock Jumping”.

“I haven’t blown it for so many years, it’s not very decent.” The master said to himself.

Bau was a little excited: “The master wants to use me more and take me to my new home. A Bau that doesn’t blow is of course still a Bau, but a Bau that blows is a valuable Bau.”

The master was lost in thought.

A loquat

The owner saw that the skin of a loquat was a little damaged, so he threw it in the flowerpot. Unexpectedly, after more than a month, a small loquat seedling grew in the flowerpot.

The host said with emotion: “I even threw you away as rubbish. I didn’t expect your vitality to be so strong.”

The flowerpot also expressed feelings: “The master treats me as a trash can, but you use me as an incubator. Loquat and loquat, you also add to my life value.”

An old temple

There is a temple by the road, which is very old. One day it rained and the rainwater leaked to the ground.

A swan was tired from flying and wanted to find a place to rest. When he saw a temple, he was very happy to fly down. When he walked in and looked up, he whispered and said, “It’s better to fly in the rain on a rainy day and fly right away.” It’s a dry place.” It flew away.

After a while, a oriole came. It took a look, oh, there are still a lot of dry places! It stood on the roof beam, enjoying the scenery under the rain curtain and singing. Lao Miao listened very deeply, tears in his eyes.

Seeing everything with a complaining attitude, everything is worthless; singing and facing, not only gives the other person a happy space, but also experiences the satisfaction of life.

A swallow

The poultry will hold a year-end summary meeting and prepare to award the best pest eradication award to the swallows, and let the wind bring this news to the swallows.

Yanzi felt a little embarrassed: “No. There are two reasons: one is that I can’t accept the award, and I won’t go back until next spring. It was not the end of the year but the beginning of the year. There is another reason, that is, it is not awarded. I and I will work hard, I don’t eat pests, what do I eat!”

Feng said angrily: “Is it easy for me to bring a message! Running from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere. It’s really a waste of money!”

After the fox heard this, he said to himself: “Swallow, you can’t get rid of a good award for personal reasons!”