Cryptocurrency plummeted across the board

Affected by news that the U.S. Treasury Department will accuse multiple financial institutions of using cryptocurrency to launder money, on the 18th, Bitcoin once fell below $52,000 each. In one day, Bitcoin, which once stood at a high of $60,000, fell more than $10,000, a drop of more than 17%.

Bloomberg said on the 18th that in addition to Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies also plummeted that day. Calculated by the 24-hour rise and fall, Ethereum plummeted by 20%, Binance Coin plummeted by 17%, and so on. The rapid decline of cryptocurrency caused heavy losses for long investors. Within 24 hours, more than 470,000 people broke their positions, and nearly $40 billion in funds was wiped out.

Several reports attribute this round of decline to market speculation that the U.S. Treasury Department may crack down on money laundering through cryptocurrencies. Fed Chairman Powell recently stated that Bitcoin is “a bit like gold” because it is more of a speculative tool than payments. European Central Bank President Lagarde took aim at Bitcoin’s role in promoting criminal activities in January this year, saying that the cryptocurrency has been promoting “interesting business.” In addition, the Central Bank of Turkey also announced that it will ban the use of encrypted digital currencies for payments from April 30, stating that there are plenty of reasons to support the implementation of the ban.

On the evening of the 18th, at the 2021 Digital Payment and Digital Currency Sub-forum of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference, Li Bo, deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China, said when talking about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, “We must ensure that speculation in crypto assets will not cause serious This must be done in order to increase financial risks.”

US President Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga met in Washington on the 16th and issued a joint statement after the meeting. The press briefing on the White House official website shows that the United States and Japan will jointly promote the so-called “secure and open 5G network” and pledged to invest US$4.5 billion to strengthen their competitiveness in the digital field. Australia’s “Sydney Morning Herald” believes that this move is designed to ensure that Chinese companies such as Huawei will not dominate 5G and other emerging areas.

The White House briefing on the 16th stated that the United States and Japan will promote secure and open 5G networks, including Open-RAN, by promoting innovation and promoting trusted suppliers and diversified markets; through investment in secure networks And advanced communication technologies, including the research, development, testing and deployment of 5G and the next-generation mobile network “6G” to enhance competitiveness in the digital field. The United States pledged to invest 2.5 billion U.S. dollars for this, and Japan invested 2 billion U.S. dollars.

“Nikkei Asia” reported on the 18th that up to now, in the base station market, Chinese companies such as Huawei and ZTE account for about 40% of the market, plus heavyweight companies such as Ericsson in Europe, Nokia and Samsung in South Korea. 90% market share. In this regard, American and Japanese companies are lagging behind. In terms of 5G patents, although Qualcomm of the United States holds approximately 10% of global patents, which is equivalent to Huawei, Como Communications, Japan’s largest mobile communications operator, only accounts for approximately 6%. According to the US “Diplomat” magazine, there are currently almost no domestic hardware suppliers that US and Japanese operators can cooperate with. As a result, they are forced to choose among hardware made by Chinese, European or Korean companies.

Faced with this situation, “Nikkei Asia” reported that in order to avoid the mistake of starting late on 5G from happening again, Tokyo, Japan is determined to board the “international arena” of 6G from the beginning. The US attitude was reflected in an article by Bloomberg in February. The report said that the development of 6G may give the United States an opportunity to regain lost ground in the field of wireless technology. Vikrant Gandhi, senior industry director of information and communication technology at the American consulting firm Frost Sullivan, said: “Unlike 5G, North America will not let the opportunity of a new generation of (communication technology) leadership easily slip away this time. The competition for 6G leadership may be fiercer than 5G.”

“The cooperation between American and Japanese companies is already underway to promote the new network architecture “Open-RAN”. “The Diplomat” stated that in the past, operators had to purchase the entire system, including base stations, from a single supplier to ensure compatibility. The Open-RAN standard aims to create an open source layer so that operators can mix hardware from multiple vendors.

“The key to the US-Japan statement is not software or hardware, nor even chips. The core is on Open-RAN.” Communications expert Zhang Chi said in an interview with a reporter from the Global Times on the 18th, “China and Europe have passed these years. The efforts of the United States have made a lot of black boxes in the manufacture of 5G equipment, and the technology is very advanced. Now the United States and other countries want to engage in open wireless access, overthrow the existing telecommunications technology system led by Huawei, and establish a new system. This It’s a very poisonous trick.” Zhang Chi said that the Open-RAN theory is very good. The United States and Japan will invest a lot in this, but it is difficult to achieve the success of the latecomers. In response, “Chinese companies should continue to make efforts and contributions to the world’s telecommunications services under the framework of the International Telecommunication Union and in accordance with the existing development path.”

Last weekend, Prince Philip, the husband-in-law of Queen Elizabeth II, was buried in Windsor Castle. While watching the live broadcast, millions of viewers around the world are also exploring the screen image of the “old prince” who will always let the queen go in front of the film and television works, but from time to time will be unobstructed. In the popular British drama “The Crown” in recent years, four actors have played the role of Prince Philip of different eras.

In the first four seasons of “The Crown”, Matt Smith and Tobias Menkis played the young (left) and middle-aged (right) Prince Philip successively. The former is cunning and the latter is restrained and elusive. “Young Philip” Matt Smith believed that Prince Philip’s life was torn apart by “responsibility to his wife, royal duties, and his own social role.” Shakespeare’s old drama bone Jonathan Press will interpret Prince Philip’s later life in the next two seasons. In addition, in the second and third seasons flashback clips about Prince Philip’s childhood, there is also a young Philip played by the “post-00” British actor Finn Elliott.

Prince Philip in the film and television works is not completely true. In the third season of “The Crown”, Prince Philip played by Tobias Menkis was obsessed with the 1961 human landing on the moon, and then invited three astronauts including Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin to visit English. In the play, the astronauts are full of novelty and admiration for Buckingham Palace, but in reality, Gagarin was indeed warmly welcomed by the British people when he visited London and Manchester. He did visit Buckingham Palace, but Prince Philip, who loves flying, did not meet him privately, and even showed no unusual enthusiasm for Gagarin, who was first in space.

Prince Philip is regarded as the “glue” between members of the British royal family of different ages. There are many examples of this in “The Crown”: Prince Philip married the Queen of England in 1947, but only if he gave up Greece and Denmark. Royal title. In the play, Prince Philip is the first person in the royal family to open his arms to “son-girlfriend” Diana. As for the life of Prince Philip, not only British dramas are being filmed, but American dramas are also being performed. In “Charles and Diana: A Royal Love Story” broadcast by ABC in 1982, British actor Christopher Lee played Prince Philip. This old British opera bone died in 2015. When he was awarded the Knight’s Medal 6 years before his death, it was Prince Philip’s eldest son Charles. In addition, with his performance of Prince Philip in the 2007 Oscar-winning film “Queen”, American actor James Cromwell was described by the “New York Times” as a “darkly glowing light bulb” beside the Queen in the play, very close. real life

In the Spanish Copa del Rey final that ended early on the 18th, Beijing time, Barcelona defeated Athletic Bilbao 4:0 and won the 31st Copa del Rey championship in team history. It became the team with the most championships in the history of the Copa del Rey and ended the game. The team’s 721-day championship drought. The last time Barcelona won the championship was on April 27, 2019, when they won the 2018-2019 La Liga championship, and they have not won the championship since.

In this big victory, Messi scored two goals and surpassed the legendary Spanish forward Sarah with 9 goals, becoming the player with the most goals in the history of the Copa del Rey final. Messi also won his seventh Copa del Rey with Busquets and Pique, tying the record of winning the Copa del Rey with Gaenza and Bellauster in seven. At the same time, Messi has also become the first player in the 119-year history of the Copa del Rey to score a goal in the 7 finals, including twice in the Copa del Rey finals in 2015 and 2021.

According to statistics from Barcelona’s official website, Messi has won 35 championships in Barcelona and is the player with the most championships in the history of the team. After winning the Copa del Rey, everyone took a photo with Messi. French defender Langley quipped, “When is my turn, you line up!” Messi’s future also became the focus of attention after the game. Barcelona Chairman Laporta Said, “I believe Messi wants to stay in Barcelona.” Barcelona coach Koeman also said frankly, “I hope this is not the last cup of Messi’s participation in Barcelona, ​​we want him to stay here.”

Spain’s “World Sport” believes that Messi has found the joy of playing football in this brand new Barcelona. Messi personally admitted, “This trophy has a special meaning to me.” This championship is also the first championship after the new management of Barcelona took office. As Laporta said, “I hope this is the first championship in a glorious era.”