Crisis management, inject new vitality into marriage

  People will encounter many crises in their lifetimes, such as economic crises, health crises, crises of trust…Of course, marriage crises are also indispensable.
  Generally speaking, about two-thirds of a person’s life is entrusted to marriage.
  In this long marriage career, marital crises have occurred from time to time, and a little carelessness will bring the marriage to its end. So, which stages are most likely to produce marital crises?
  The first stage: early marriage
  from love to marriage, two people get along to the real from fantasy, and gradually found that only beautiful and romantic love during marriage is far more of a mundane trivial and dull.
  Therefore, before the hi character on the wall was torn off, the two people started arguing about who was cooking and who was washing the dishes;
  you bought things indiscriminately every day , and you didn’t make enough money to spend money;
  you didn’t pay attention to hygiene and did not do housework. Men still play games every day;
  the filter of love fades, and the two find that each other has so many shortcomings. As a result, dissatisfaction, quarrels, cold wars, and reconciliation continued.
  Some people continue to grow in the running-in, and slowly understand and accept each other’s shortcomings. The two sides tolerate and understand each other, and the relationship is getting better and better;
  while some people find it difficult to accept this truth, infinitely magnify each other’s shortcomings, and even use The shortcomings attack the other party, so that the other party’s strengths are finally wiped out, and the relationship is getting colder.
  The second stage: pregnancy
  into the pregnancy, many women suffer from pregnancy syndrome, the body produces a lot of discomfort, the mood will be very unstable, very easy to get angry.
  At this time, if the other half is not strong, it is easy to cause conflicts between husband and wife. For example, he is unwilling to share housework, cannot understand his wife’s emotions, and even accuses the other party of being too hypocritical. This will undoubtedly make the wife exhausted physically and mentally.
  If the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is not very good, it will make the situation worse, and the dispute will not stop. My former colleague, Xiaoying, had to resign because of her pregnancy. When Xiaoying’s mother-in-law heard about it, she rushed over from her hometown and demanded that Xiaoying must go back to work immediately. She also told her: “The child is two people, and you have to raise it.”
  When there were already various problems in the marriage, she encountered the relationship between her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Nervous, marital crisis is on the verge:
  my husband is already under great pressure, and I have to resolve the conflict between his wife and mother when I get home; the
  wife has been pregnant very hard, and she has to face her mother-in-law to provoke her husband for inaction; the
  two sides quarreled more often, and the relationship was broken. Also getting bigger.
  The third stage: middle age
  we often hear people say seven-year itch, what does that mean? That is, the freshness of marriage is only seven years. After seven years, the passion is no longer and life begins to become unusually flat.
  Most of the derailment and extramarital affair began to sprout during this period, and many people who were unwilling to marry lonely or plainly began to move around. During this period, if one party fails to hold the bottom line, it will be a fatal crisis for the whole family.
  The older generation said it well: “Don’t think about throwing things away when they are broken, but think about repairing them. Many things can be repaired and you can still use them.” The same
  is true for marriage. In the process of getting along between two people, it is inevitable that there will be stumbling, large and small crises. If we get divorced as soon as we encounter problems, how many times do we have to get married and divorced in such a long life?
  If we want to make a happy marriage, we must learn how to manage marriage crises.
  The Marriage and Family Happiness Research Institute specially launched “12 Crisis Management Courses, Injecting New Vitality into Marriage”.
  This set of courses starts from the crisis factors that trigger marriages, uses many examples that trigger marriage crises in reality, reveals the root causes of marriage crises, and finds out the methods and secrets of marital crises. These remedies for marital crises can help us better resolve the confusion in the marriage and obtain long-term happiness.