Crazy ideas of scientists

   Human brain glue, cotton candy machine to make capillaries… not the craziest, only crazier!
   Not long ago, Trump put forward a “crazy” idea: Why don’t we use nuclear bombs to deal with hurricanes? In fact, as early as the 1960s, scientists put forward similar ideas. In 2012, scholars made a serious calculation: to neutralize a hurricane, six “little boy”-level nuclear bombs must be released every second. . This is of course not feasible, but this also shows from the side that there are too many crazy ideas in the laboratory and in the minds of scientists-for example, the following.
   The use of the old material – cotton candy machine with manufacturing capillary
   cotton candy that you must have seen, probably also eaten. But have you ever thought, what is the diameter of each sugar wire? The answer is 35 microns, which is thinner than a hair. As a result, scientists thought of another function of the cotton candy machine.
   Regardless of whether it is to study or treat diseases, organs are inseparable, and there are so many organ donors every year, far from meeting the needs. Therefore, scientists have always hoped to grow organs in the laboratory. The method of cultivating organs is similar to that of growing beans. Set up a shelf and let the newly born cells crawl along it. The shelf is the most commonly used hydrogel ……
   fire with fire – using Botox to treat endometriosis
   inner wall of the uterus endometrium, is essential to nurture life of the structure. However, some people’s uterine lining grows in the wrong place, running into the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and even the intestines. why? Not sure. Is there a cure? No.
   The only thing we know is that where the endometrium goes, it will cause problems, proliferation of tissues, formation of cysts—and of course, pain. For normal ovarian tissue, the endometrium is a foreign body. When encountering a foreign body, the nerves will be excited and drive the muscles to contract, which will lead to severe and continuous pain. What should we do?
   Some scholars put forward a bold idea: use botulinum toxin…
   AI frenzy-use artificial intelligence to customize enzymes
   Enzymes are widely involved in various biochemical reactions and are very efficient. Therefore, some scholars have always hoped to use enzymes in industrial production, such as the production of drugs. The problem is that the biological environment is different from the industrial environment. It is best to modify the enzymes according to the needs to increase their activity and reduce their “squeaky”. How to customize it?
   For example, you plan to make hot and sour potato shreds, but you don’t know which vinegar is the best. You can fry many plates at the same time, put one type of vinegar on each plate to see how it tastes. Enzymes customized traditional, …… this approach is the use of a
   brain glue – with angiogenic materials to repair brain
   all our feelings, all activities are inseparable from the brain. The necrotic brain tissue of stroke patients will be gradually absorbed by the body to form a cavity. The functions performed by this part of the tissue are not replaced by other nerves. So, some scholars came up with an idea: If furniture has cracks, it can be glued together; if paper is torn, it can be glued together; then, can the cavities of the brain also be glued?
   Of course, they are not using ordinary glue, but vascular endothelial growth factor…
   starved cancer-anti-angiogenic drugs to treat cancer
   In 1961, Judah Foxman was commissioned by the US military to find a substitute for blood.
   Foxman found some materials to test their effects, so he bathed the rabbit’s thyroid glands to see if they could survive.
   Out of curiosity, he injected some cancer cells into the petri dish. Cancer cells proliferate quickly and become tumors, which is expected; what is unexpected is that the tumor in the petri dish is too large to change.
   Could it be that these cancer cells suddenly “reformed”?