Blood pressure control saves the brain

  People with high blood pressure control their blood pressure, not only can reduce dizziness and other discomforts, improve the quality of life, but also slow down the occurrence of complications of the heart, brain, kidney and other organs, which is beneficial to long-term health. Studies have shown that controlling blood pressure is not only beneficial to the heart, but also helps to save the brain. Those elderly with high systolic blood pressure have a 19% lower risk of developing mental disorders and a lower incidence of mild cognitive impairment.
   In addition, people with lower blood pressure also have less brain damage, indicating that active treatment of high blood pressure has a protective effect on the brain and can reduce the risk of mild cognitive impairment and dementia. Every person with dementia has experienced a stage of mild cognitive impairment. People with this memory impairment have difficulty doing many things, such as managing finances, recipes or playing games.
   Studies have found that compared with patients with uncontrolled blood pressure, patients with strictly controlled blood pressure have less damage to the white matter of the brain, which is a sign of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. High blood pressure can cause damage to the brain, mainly because the higher pressure in the blood vessels affects the very thin arteries in the brain, which may cause injury and inflammation over time.
   However, lowering blood pressure is not a panacea for treating brain aging. Recent studies have shown that lowering blood pressure too quickly may damage the brain and cause cognitive impairment.

Already intact from the clipped boss’s neck and his own trousers, Ur Sulc brushed the tiny hairs stuck there, as at once the chest-warming sounds touched his ears: the nearly tower clock beat eight! The seedlings of the house, with large stacks of books under their ears, were already nesting around Sulc ur, and soon, under their common direction, set out for their classroom lessons, with thoughts of what a calf’s brain might attack when taken to the slaughterhouse, that is, nothing. The children took their places, and then Sulc ur, due to a huge motion in his stomach, first saw that good glass of milk and ama-27-to get a roll of two pounds, which was waiting for him on his table, sub titulo: “breakfast,” to get. It happened, and for a moment it was a lightning-fast game of the whole thing.

And the lesson began. A drawing of this in detail is not given; we are not telling Sulc ur’s prestigious performance, outbursts, not the macroscopes of children: describing all this requires a separate article. For some sketches of the teaching lesson, we only note that the older boy broke the hic, haec, hoc, the smaller one spelled openly, the little girl wasted sitting, and Sulc ur learned to tolerate patiently. The latter is the most useful, but also the most difficult; However, ur Sulc made amazing progress in it. He also thought a lot during the lesson about how pleasant a pastime and enjoyment drama reading would be for him after that.

We do not know with any certainty whether it was to the delight of the assembled student congregation, or whether it caused only a particularly welcome surprise to certain denominations when the ten o’clock in the tower clock conga? so much is true that a change in the faces of all parties can be noticed. The tenth clock beat was barely heard (but still heard) when he heard the honest name of Ur Sulc from the window of the upper floor opening onto the courtyard. Sulc’s palm began to itch; he began to feel the stench and gestured to his disciples.

“They could go!” To say a word a second time on his lips would have been a luxury.

“Su-úlc u-r!” The top heard again -28-from the floor that half-hearted, half-condescending sound in which it was impossible not to recognize the boss’s organ. And to that sound, Sulc stuck his head out the window grate.

“I’m going!” He pushed his head back from the window into the room, then his whole body into the porch, and so on, all the way to his principal’s room.

“You did the lesson, didn’t you, my friend?” The boss asked, holding a writing in his hand.

“Yes, go!”

“Did the children wear seeds well?” And the boss searched among his documents.

“I have no particular complaints about them.”

“Really? I love that. And no, would you be so kind now, my friend, to describe this little replica in this swarm? You are well and fast, and because it is so urgent – “

“I see, tens ur!” And to this praise, didn’t you know whether to smile or grin? however, he took over the documents with a face that radiated great statisfaction.

“Amice, if she could be ready by noon.”

“You will, tens ur!” S the instructor went and would have been happy to win what he would have reaped by his little replica to be written by lunch if his beautiful hopes for this had not been dashed by his dramatic hopes of reading drama. But in patience ur Sulc was already so advanced that he did not even swear at it.-29-

And what else he might not have written down in twice as much time was pulled down by Sulc ur a quarter of an hour earlier than he had been called to lunch: he was such a man of unparalleled skill at his desk and at the copies. And how unsuitable his pupils were on the moon-shaped shield around him during this writing! how many times he yelled at himself “Don’t shake the table! – you overthrow the squid! – You cut your hand! – you filter your eyes! ”Etc., and how many times do you have to play the role of a judge of peace among them! The dry replica is therefore buried in the stomach of the fat stomach for the desired time and Sulc ur is called for lunch.

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