Belarusian pseudonymous seduces billionaires, embroiled in political whirlpool, embarrassed and imprisoned

  Nastia Rika, a copycat lady from Belarus, claims to have the secret to attracting the rich and has won 6 billionaires. The ultimate goal is to get Putin.
  She calls herself a “professional male hunter”, saying that there is no man in the world that she can’t catch. She also set up an online class to teach “hunting” experience and made a fortune. But finally fell into a terrible political struggle.

Nastia Rika
Putin’s next goal to get the richest man in Russia?

  Open the ins of Nastia Rika, and what you see is an atmosphere of showing off your wealth. Carrying a name bag, staying in a luxury hotel, exquisite afternoon tea and professional photography.
  If you don’t click on her personal webpage, you will think that she is no different from many rich ins internet celebrities. But what she sells is not beauty, but “experience”.

Often drink red wine on private jets

Helicopters and different styles of sports cars are often in the mirror

  On Rika’s personal website, there is a large text “Temptation Academy” written in Russian, which teaches women how to attract rich men. Her online classes are also divided into several stages, with different fees.
  From 7,900 rubles (684 yuan) to 49,900 rubles (4324 yuan), you can listen to her personally explain how she used a year to catch billionaires.
  Her ins also has 640,000 fans, and she has become an out-and-out internet celebrity in the Russian language world. She can make a lot of money by selling lessons. It sounds like something like this is actually bought by someone, but also because Rika’s half-truth and half-fake celebrity persona is a little genuine, she really has a relationship with the famous Russian billionaire.
  This person is Oleg Deripaska, the richest man in Russia on the Forbes list in 2008. Deripaska has a lot of energy resources in his hands. He is the leader of the world’s second largest aluminum company “Rusal”, the founder of Basic Elementde, one of Russia’s largest industrial groups, and the president of an energy company. But the enemy country has no problems.

Rica’s personal website

The number of followers following Rika on social media

  In 2016, Rika met the oligarch Deripaska in some way. In August 2020, she was invited by Deripaska to take a yacht on the coast of Norway.

Oleg Deripaska

  At that time, not only Deripaska was on board, but also Prikhodko, then Deputy Prime Minister of Russia. One month later, she was invited again to live in the rich man’s country house in southern Russia.
  In January 2017, she went to a ski resort in Austria with the rich again, which made people feel very intimate and favored. On the same day, she also met Waldman, a lobbyist from the famous Endeavour Company in the United States. While lobbying Waldman for employers for resources, she was also responsible for lobbying WikiLeaks founder Assange.

Rika and Russia’s richest man Oleg Deripaska

  And one of the subsidiaries of this Endeavour Company is the Miss Universe Company that was once acquired and controlled by Trump. Seeing this, someone may have discovered that Rika has fallen into a very complicated political relationship.
  But Rika didn’t realize the danger and took this experience as her own talk. She often called herself Deripaska’s lover on ins (the rich had a wife at the time and divorced only in 2018), and posted videos of traveling with Deripaska. He even packaged this into a personal inspirational story, marketing his identity as a wealthy hunter and an upper-class celebrity.
  In the past two years, she has published three “Success Studies” books about her and Deripaska in one go. What “How to seduce billionaires”, “How to seduce the rich for the poor”. She soon began to participate in TV shows and fabricated her contacts with several other rich men, including the president of the well-known Russian social networking site VK. Even shouted to President Putin. Many people believed that she really relied on her charm and talent to change from a civilian to a socialite favored by the oligarchs of a wealthy and enemy country. But only Rika knows that the truth of the matter is not as beautiful as he said.

Call girl dress up celebrity

  Rybka was born in Belarus in the Soviet Union in 1990. In the Slavic people who are rich in long-legged beauties, Lirica is definitely not outstanding. She admitted that she had undergone many lip augmentations and she was only 160 cm tall.

  Mother is an ophthalmologist, and she is the only child in the family. Learning from an early age was not good. He was expelled from the school before graduating from junior high school, and then he could only go to night school. Although on ins, she portrayed herself as a sexy hot girl, she actually has two marriages and a son.
  When Fengzi got married at the age of 16, Rika was quite indifferent to her children and her husband, and had little control over the son born to her first husband. Soon after the second marriage, he abandoned his 11-year-old son and second husband because he wanted to go to Moscow for gold. (Later she broke out that she had two children. The youngest daughter lives in the United States and her father is unknown.)

  After coming to Russia to work hard, she packaged herself as a highly educated model and began to approach the upper class as a senior call girl. In other words, Rika is likely to have entered some organizations that provide high-level pornographic services, and maintains a physical transaction-based relationship with the oligarch in this capacity.

Three “Success Studies” books about her and Deripaska published by Rika

  Because according to later investigations, when she was in the oligarch’s country mansion, at least three call girls lived in the house. She was just the tip of the iceberg of the oligarch’s chaotic private life.
  But Rika is an opportunist, and she immediately realized that she could beautify these experiences and use it to make money. But a high profile will eventually bring bad luck, not to mention the political and business circles that are difficult to penetrate. She angered a tough man—Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.
Get involved in the political whirlpool and go to jail in embarrassment

  Alexei Navalny is known for exposing corruption in the Russian government and has also been assassinated and threatened many times.
  Before the 2018 election, his office in Moscow was broken into by a group of women posing as sex slaves. Afterwards, these women also participated in many related sabotage operations. Other activities include Waynes, who is naked in support of sex crimes.
  At first, the angry Navalny just wanted to find out who the messenger behind these women was. Following the clues, he touched Nastya Rybka, who was involved in the sabotage operation. Who thought of following the video shown by her, unexpectedly discovered After the oligarch Deripaska and the deputy prime minister, the deputy prime minister can also be heard saying something about Russia-US relations from the video. This was used by the opposition as evidence of cheating in the Russian election.

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny

  At the same time, the United States is conducting a Trump-Russian investigation, and the Democratic Party doubts whether there is Russian manipulation behind Trump’s election.
  During the time when Rika was in the mansion in the suburbs, Deripaska had seen a man who spoke fluent English and was sitting in a car with excellent confidentiality, who was suspected of being an American agent.
  Ricardo Nava Tierney after the investigation is issued, once very high profile claimed to “hide the truth” made public
  and Deripaska was campaign manager of Trump’s business partner, is said to owe oligarch campaign manager, a lot of money, so with commitment “Intelligence” comes as a mortgage. (I don’t know if the oligarch has accepted it) In
  other words, the scenes in which Rika and the oligarch travel together are at the center of the political vortex of the United States and Russia. Regardless of the investigation, Rika seems to know too much, and may even participate in some plans.

  Now that things have been exposed, the oligarch wants to silence her, and both the United States and the Russian opposition want to learn more from her. In 2019, Rika, who fled to Thailand, was arrested and imprisoned for “organizing illegal prostitution”. When arrested, she claimed that this was the “punishment” of the oligarch and asked the oligarch to forgive her. (In the same year, 10 women who specialize in hunting wealthy people were also arrested.)
  But at first, the oligarch ignored her. Rika felt that the big deal was not good. In Thailand, where the language is unsuccessful and the place of life is unfamiliar, she thinks she will definitely do it. Be killed. He went slanting forward again, saying that he had a lot of evidence of “passing through Russia”, including conference recordings and videos, and hoped that the United States could shelter her.
  This proposal may have scared the oligarchs. In the end, the two reached some agreement that Rika would give all the audio and video evidence in his hands to the oligarchs and destroy them, and promised that they would never mention the oligarchs’ names in their own experiences, nor would they. Then any disclosure of audio and video content is required.
  Rika was finally released and deported back to Belarus in 2019 after nine months of imprisonment. The celebrity account she had run for several years was deleted and blocked.
  However, Rika, who has been dead for a while, doesn’t seem to want to give up the personality of a celebrity, a rich hunter, and a lover. She opened a new account and started selling online classes again. She probably already has a complete team to help her. She even used her arrest experience to deepen the authenticity of her relationship with the rich and earn money.
  Her self-proclaimed “sex master” man Alex Leslie began posting pornographic videos on the Internet and claimed to be training on Rika. Whether she succeeded in capturing the hearts of the rich is a mystery, but it is certain Yes, people’s vanity for money and power has been captured by her and has become a tool for the second time to make a fortune.

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