My first overseas marketing job was to sell car batteries. I have a senior who works in an overseas marketing team. He often has various novel ideas and tries his best to put them into practice, never considering whether it is applicable in actual business. Perhaps because of this characteristic, his promotion rate is much faster than his own age.

Among his various novel ideas, there is a ramen promotion project planned for the Japanese market. This idea came up from the perspective of the leaders of the automobile repair center. He carefully observed the daily habits of these leaders and found that even if they are busy with work every day, they still buy a lot of ramen.

Soon after, he moved to the German Bosch Group and held a key position in its Asia-Pacific Center in Singapore. I met him when I was on a business trip to Singapore, and he told me that his goal was to become a member of the board of directors of the group headquarters.

Once, he accompanied his boss in the German headquarters on a business trip. When inspecting the scene, the German boss suddenly asked him: “How many people are there in this country?”

This is a basic matter in market research. He did investigate before, but he was still asked by this sudden question and couldn’t think of the answer for a while. However, he did not appear to panic, but immediately thought about the problem from the perspective of the questioner. He thought that the boss should just be curious about the general market demand and didn’t care about the specific numbers. Fortunately, he still remembered the population of the city where he lived, and said: “This city has a population of about 5 million. There are 3 such big cities in this country, and 80% of the population lives in these 3 big cities. In this way, there are about 20 million people in the entire country.”

The effect of this answer is many times better than that of directly saying the correct answer, because he not only accurately grasped the boss’s psychology and made an appropriate answer, but also showed his calm and calm posture and meticulous logic in front of the boss. Sexual thinking makes a good impression on people.

From this incident, I once again appreciate the importance of considering the problem from the other side’s point of view. “Customer” does not only mean the object of the goods I sell, everyone around me, in a sense, is my “customer”. I should think from their perspective. This kind of effort will provide unlimited possibilities for my work and my entire life.