A good life belongs to a good owner

Many years ago, at my teacher’s house, I met a very interesting person.

He is also a student of the teacher, and visits the teacher just like us. However, at the teacher’s house, he is like the master, making tea, Zhang Luo food for us, and even after eating, he prepares face wash for the elderly. We thought that he had a special close relationship with the teacher, but the teacher said that this was his first time here, “This child is like a master everywhere, as if he is born with a sense of responsibility.” The teacher told us that the senior’s family conditions are not consistent. No, the academic qualifications are not top-notch, but he successfully competed for a well-known company in Beijing. “It should be his’ownership spirit’ that helped him.”

I later went to Beijing and visited this senior. At that time, he was still renting a dilapidated house and was busy decorating. He bought some old furniture and refitted it from the second-hand market, and bought paint to paint the walls by himself. I said: “What are you so serious about renting a house?” He said: “I live here, so I am at least the owner of the house now, of course I have to dress it more beautifully.”

After a period of communication, I gradually discovered that the senior is not only the “master” of the rental house, he is also the “master” of many places-he will pick up the confetti that others have thrown on the ground when he is walking on the road. If there is a traffic jam, he will run over to direct the vehicles to maintain order; the elevator in the office building breaks down, he will report for repairs…

He is even the “master” of the company where he works. Everything about the company seems to have something to do with him. When he saw outside information that could have something to do with his company, he wrote it down in detail. Once it was heavy rain, he and I were eating outside, but he hurriedly dropped his job and ran downstairs to the company, just to see if the company’s windows were closed. I said, “You are not the boss of the company, so why bother?” He said, “I work here, and I am the owner of this place!”

I went to the teacher’s place last week, and the teacher told me that the “master senior” is now the vice president of that company and has a lot of shares. I nodded and thought, he is now the veritable owner of the company.

Facing the same thing, whether to be passive or active, to be a guest or a host, all within a single thought. But the concept is different, the mood and efficiency of doing things are also very different. If you think of yourself as a passerby in the face of everything, you can only run irritably on the road forever.

A good life belongs to a good master.