4 secrets to make marriage lasting

  After getting married, how to be a good lover? Let me share a few points with you:
  fun is important. If you ask me what is the pass code for the close relationship, I think it is: interesting!
  Yang Jiang recalled in “The Three of Us”: “We three are together, and there is always infinite fun.” Once, Qian Zhongshu wanted to paint her a big face while Yang Jiang took a nap, but she woke up but Qian Zhongshu didn’t Succeeded. But he didn’t give up. He drew a tiger on the belly of his daughter A Yuan, and he was very proud and mischievous like a child. Sometimes, he hides brushes and persimmons in his daughter’s bed, and when his daughter finds them, he dances with joy and laughs. Qian Zhongshu is an interesting lover.
  It’s important to operate with care. Lin Yutang said that happiness is very simple: “One is sleeping in your own bed, the other is eating the food your parents cook, the third is listening to your lover say love words to you, and the fourth is playing games with your children.”
  Many people think that after marriage, it’s just firewood, rice, oil and salt, which is just trivial. , No longer romantic, no longer flirting, so that life loses its color and sentiment. Managing intimacy is like farming. Spring ploughing does not necessarily have an autumn harvest, but if you don’t plough, there must be no harvest. Many times, people are always too anxious. After only planting watermelon seeds for 3 days, they want a watermelon; digging a well only digs a shovel, and they want water. Relationship is a kind of life, which needs continuous nourishment and watering.
  When we are in love, we often treat our lover very carefully; after we get married, we are indifferent to and careless about the lover. Many wives have forgotten how to respect their husbands, and they are always grimace and complain. In fact, as long as he says something, you just listen attentively. No matter how powerful a man is, he needs to be understood, listened to, and supported when he is vulnerable. In marriage, you can hug her when she is doing the laundry and when he is working at the desk. Whether it is a shallow hug, a hug or a bear hug, as long as the hug is good. Don’t care about who is active and who is passive. Solve the problems first, and then pay attention to other things. After we get married, we have to be like when we are in love. He knows what you care about and what you like; you also understand him very carefully and treat him sincerely.
  Many women take pride in not taking the initiative to get close to their loved ones in intimate relationships, and feel that the love they actively seek is love at a discount. But for proactive judgments, accusations, demands, complaints, and quarrels, they are easy to come by. It would be a big mistake to take the initiative to destroy it rather than to take the initiative to operate it.
  It’s like seeing the yellow leaves of a potted flower. You always want to remove the yellow leaves. As a result, you pick more and more, but you didn’t expect to continue fertilizing, watering, and basking the flowers. The reason why flowers have yellow leaves is precisely because they lack nutrients, water and sunlight. Isn’t this the case for the relationship between husband and wife? How can it last forever if it only picks up the fault and does not give it nourishment? I just feel that there are more and more problems with my lover.
  The sense of ritual is very important. Many couples have gone through love, grand and lively weddings, and then entered into a dull and unwavering marriage. After getting married, the lover said, “I’m better off buying a chicken to buy a blue enchantress.” In fact, no matter what the stage, you should make your life enjoyable, especially important such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries. There must be a sense of ritual in your days, so that each other can get out of their busy lives and enjoy this moment quietly, and become the best memory in their lives. The sense of ritual can be a hug when going out, a kiss on the forehead before going to bed, or a simple family trip.
  Image is very important. In addition to food, clothing, shelter and safety, sex is an important physiological need for people. After many people get married, they think that old couples and old wives don’t need to pay attention to their own image and are unkempt every day. In many cases, the reason why your lover cheats is because you are no longer sexually attractive at home and no longer assume the role of lover, so the other party goes outside to find a lover. Not only women should not be yellow-faced women, men should not be sloppy and greasy uncles. Some men don’t even wash their faces or brush their teeth as long as they don’t go out, and pick their feet while watching TV… Therefore, no matter how long they are married, both men and women should pay attention to their Image.
  Be sure to remember that when you get married, be an excellent lover, so that your marriage will look like an old wine, and it will last forever.