What to watch for this year’s NBA All-Stars?

This season’s NBA All-Star Game will be held in Atlanta on the 7th local time (8th Beijing time). All-star starting and bench lineups have all been released: James and Durant have become the “vote kings” of the West and the East, respectively, and become the two teams. team leader. In terms of the specific lineup, the West starts with James, Curry, Doncic, Jokic and Leonard, and the East starts with Durant, Irving, Antetokounmpo, Embiid and Bill. In the latest substitute list, the Nets Harden, Celtics Tatum and Jaylen Brown, 76ers Simmons, Bulls LaVine, Knicks Randall and Magic Vuche Vicki was selected, and the Western Conference All-Star substitute list consists of Pelicans Zion, Suns Paul, Clippers George, Jazz Mitchell and Gobert, Trail Blazers Lillard and Lakers Anthony Davis. . After Davis withdrew due to injury, he was replaced by Suns guard Booker.

James continues to be elected “vote king”

This year’s All-Star players are still selected through a tripartite vote of fans, players and the media. Fans’ votes account for 50% of the all-star game starter seats, while full-service players and a basketball professional media delegation each account for 25%-players and media will be selected from the east and the west. Three frontcourt players and two backcourt players. In this vote, James was re-elected the All-Star vote with 5,922,554 votes. This is the eighth time in his career that James has become the All-Star vote king for five consecutive years. Durant, who ranked second with 5,567,106 votes, will miss the All-Star Game due to injury, and Sabonis will play off the bench. However, Durant will still perform the duties of captain selection-at 9 am Beijing time this Friday, James and Durant will select their respective players in the live broadcast.

The longest term

In order to commemorate Kobe’s No. 24 jersey number, last year’s NBA All-Star Game adopted a 24-point system to determine the winning score-the final winning score is the total score of the leader in the first three quarters plus 24 points. The 2021 All-Star Game will follow this rule. Affected by the epidemic, there are still no spectators for this All-Star Game, and all the arrangements for the past All-Star weekend will be held on the same day: the skill contest and the 3-pointer contest will be held before the main game, and the dunk contest will be placed in the main game. The rest time, it is expected that the entire schedule will reach more than 5 hours.

It’s worth mentioning that this year’s All-Star Game is also the most international player in history: in the starting lineup, in addition to the Greek Antetokounmpo Antetokounmpo and Owen from Australia, Doncic, Jokic Embiid and Embiid are from Slovenia, Serbia and Cameroon respectively. Together with Gobert (France), Sabonis (Lithuania), Simmons (Australia) and Vucevic (Montenegro) on the bench, there are as many as 9 international players in this year’s All-Star.

From Yao Ming’s debut to “Come on Wuhan”

Although the NBA has lacked the presence of Chinese players in recent years, the NBA, which is committed to the global market, has not lacked Chinese elements. At the All-Star Game in Chicago last year, the big screen on the sidelines played the slogan “Come on Wuhan” in Chinese and English. Prior to the 2019 Charlotte All-Star Game, it was the Chinese Lantern Festival. The league wished Chinese fans a happy Lantern Festival through virtual sideline advertisements. In terms of players, Yi Jianlian was selected for the All-Star Rookie Challenge in 2008.

The most familiar to Chinese fans is Yao Ming, who is now the chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association. In his playing career, Yao Ming participated in 8 NBA All-Star Games. After the NBA expanded the All-Star Game fan voting to Spanish and Chinese platforms in 2003, Yao Ming was voted as the starting center in the Western Conference that year, and even more than “Big Shark” O’Neal, who won the finals MVP three times. In the 2004 NBA All-Star Game, Yao Ming scored 16 points, which is also the highest score he has obtained in the All-Star Game in his career. The 2013 All-Star Game weekend coincided with the Chinese New Year. At that time, Yao Ming returned to Houston as a guest and formed the judges of the slam dunk contest with Olajuwon, Drexler, Mutombo and others. Yao Ming also became the present The judges of the “highest altitude” event.

It is undeniable that the era when Yao Ming represented the Rockets also pushed the development of the NBA in China to a new level. Just last week, Yao Ming delivered a speech at the Lanting Forum with the theme “Dialogue and Cooperation, Controlling Differences-Promoting Sino-U.S. Relations Back on Track”, saying that his basketball career in the United States is a very important experience and valuable asset for him. Also let him make many friends. Yao Ming said that basketball was introduced to China soon after it was invented in the United States, and has gradually become one of China’s most popular sports. Basketball has always played an important role in the exchange of humanities between China and the United States.

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