What is the experience of the twelve constellations from the mouth?

Speaking is an art. Sometimes words are not right, but they can cause a lot of trouble. We often say in our lives that illness comes from the mouth and the evil comes out of the mouth, so we still have to be cautious when we speak.

Aries: often hurts others

Aries likes to get rid of others, and likes to say something awkward when others are unsatisfactory. Seeing the depressed look of others, they are particularly happy.

Taurus: keep thinking about it

Taurus’ mouths are not shown in that they are always smashing thoughts, they are particularly nagging. I have already said it twice, but I still keep saying it, making people around me a headache.

Gemini: Like to interrupt

Geminis like to interrupt suddenly when others are chatting in full swing. In fact, they don’t even know what others are talking about, but they want to be present so much that they want to be involved.

Cancer: Always say the wrong thing

Cancer’s intentions are good, and they want to comfort others. But they always say things that shouldn’t be said, and every time they finish speaking, their complexion will change as a result, which makes Cancer very distressed.

Leo: Nervous will stammer

Don’t look at Leo is very lively on weekdays, always talking all kinds of things non-stop. In fact, they are very timid people. On more important occasions, they either can’t speak directly or stutter in various ways.

Virgo: The atmosphere is directly frozen

Virgos are not popular because they are hard to hear. Every time they don’t speak, the atmosphere freezes as soon as they speak. Others don’t know what to say, so everyone does their own thing.

Libra: Always complaining

Close to Libra, you will be very dizzy. Because they are always making complaints, feeling that everyone around them treats them very badly, and Libra is not satisfied with anything, so they will show it.

Scorpio: Go straight to the point

How powerful are Scorpio? They can hit the nail on the head every time. Sometimes people dare not touch on some topics, and they always describe them in a tactful way. However, no matter how many Scorpio people are, they just point out the main points.

Sagittarius: It’s not good to pass on

If there is something to pass, don’t let Sagittarius pass it. Because they are the kind of people who will always pass words to the wronged ones, they always hear that it is one thing, but that it is another thing.

Capricorn: Talking to Oneself

Capricorns’ mouth-worn expressions are that they are very good at talking to themselves, many times they don’t know what they are muttering. Anyway, even if this is the case, Capricorns can be very focused, completely unaffected by others.

Aquarius: Boasting is worse than cursing

Aquarius really want to praise people, they sometimes think that others are great. But Aquarius boasts make people noncommittal, and they don’t know how to respond, because they are no different from cursing.

Pisces: The reaction is too fast

Chatting with Pisces is very tiring, because they react too quickly. Sometimes when you just start, they are already over. Such a Pisces will rob others, making people wonder what to say.