Two Spanish men “glide falconry” soaring in the sky with falcons

Two Spanish men “glide falconry” soaring in the sky with falcons
Over Algordonale in southern Spain, a well-trained falcon flies with two men. The video shows that this huge falcon dived down from the air, spread its wings, and firmly grasped the camera rod with its claws. After a few seconds, it released its paw again and repeated the action several times. Finally, it flew in front of the two men and kept a distance of about one meter. It is reported that this sport is called “Gliding Falconry”, which specifically trains birds to fly with humans.

A father in the United States wears skirts and high heels to work to prove that the clothes are genderless
Mark Bryan, a 61-year-old American man, is a robotics engineer living in Germany and the father of three children. Starting four years ago, Brian was determined to challenge gender stereotypes in fashion. He wore short skirts and high heels to work, to shops, and sometimes even at home. Brian also shares his daily outfits on social media, often posting mixed photos of himself wearing shirts, short skirts and high heels. Brian described himself as a “straight man, a happy married man who likes Porsches and beautiful women.” Since Bryan wore skirts publicly, some people have questioned his sexual orientation. He said that most of the time I would tell them that it was none of their business.

Russian 70-year-old climber slides upside down from a cliff crack without any protection

Recently, a shocking performance by a 70-year-old man in Russia was shared on social media. The video shows that 70-year-old Didu Andrei Andronovich stood upside down in the Stoby Nature Reserve, sliding down a gap in a cliff. He was wearing loose jeans and a green hoodie, no protective clothing, and no ropes. He used only his hands to control the fall, and after descending to the bottom of the cliff unharmed like a “Spiderman”, the crowd of onlookers burst into applause, and Andre stood up and made another split, showing his agility.

An American woman parachutes from a height of 3962 meters while sitting in an inflatable swimming ring
In Florida, the daring emergency doctor Robin Moore sits in an inflatable swimming ring and parachutes from an altitude of about 3,962 meters. In the video, Robin wears a hoodie, shorts and cowboy boots and is pushed out of the plane while sitting in a swimming ring. Two parachuting companions jumped out with her, grabbed the sides of the swimming ring and Robin began to fall. At about 7000 feet (about 2133 meters) from the ground, the two companions released the swimming ring, Robin opened the parachute to complete the parachute jump. Robin said after the jump: “This is an exciting jump because I chose the’cowboy style.”

Pakistani armless man plays billiards with his chin
In Punjab, Pakistan, 32-year-old Mohamed Ikram was born without arms. He learned the skills of playing snooker with his chin and won several awards in local competitions. Ikram was born in a poor family and had no education when he was a child. His main pastime was watching people play snooker, but he did not know when he started secretly practicing. He said: “God didn’t give me an arm, but he gave me courage. I use this spirit to achieve my ambition.” He hopes that one day with the help of the government, he can compete on the international arena.

An American man swims with a crocodile and calls him a “partner”
John Bullard, a man from Florida, USA, had a peculiar close encounter with an alligator. The video shows that this alligator is gradually approaching Braj, who is swimming in Lake Miami. He stated that the alligator was named “Elvis” and called it his partner. However, when the alligator approached him, he suddenly opened his mouth and bit his shoulder. Brajie immediately screamed and left the water, while his friend continued to stay in the water with the crocodile. Later, Braj shared the video on Facebook. He said: “Today I was bitten by an alligator, but it is still my friend and I will be back soon.”

American artist’s creation of Halloween “bloody crime scene” leads neighbors to call the police several times
The Halloween decorations made by American East Dallas artist Steven Novak have attracted many “visits” by the police. The video shows that Novak used nearly 75 liters of fake blood to create a bloody crime scene in the yard. One of the dummy was lying on the roof and was pierced in the head by a large knife. The head of another dummy was pierced by the legs of a chair and was lying in a pool of blood, while the other “corpse” was killed by a chainsaw, along with a bag and cart containing the “corpse”. At night, a group of zombies can be seen struggling and shouting in the windows of Novak’s house. This creepy creation has caused multiple complaints from local residents.

Man flying at low altitude on paraglider playing football with people on the ground

When a British man flew down from a mountain on a paraglider, he played football with young people on the ground. The video showed that the pilot was flying just over 2 meters above the ground. He found a group of young people on the path of the hills and asked one of them to kick the ball at him. The young man was reluctant at first because he was worried that his ball would be kicked down the hill. The paraglider pilot said: “I will kick it lightly.” So the young man threw the ball out, and the pilot kicked it back to him with precision, and finally they cried their fists to celebrate.