The “small country weapon” Mossad’s revenge in the past

The Jewish prophet Maimonides said: “If the enemy wants to kill you, you should kill the enemy first.” Mossad is Israel’s weapon of “killing the enemy first.” Mossad contributed a lot to the fact that Israel, a small country with a few people, can survive in an environment surrounded by enemies.

Blood for blood, chased for thousands of miles
On the afternoon of May 23, 1960, Israel’s “Father of the Nation” and then Prime Minister Ben Gurion announced to the people: “Mossad has captured a very important Nazi war criminal, Adolf Eichmann. The crime is so wicked and untold. He is too numerous to read. In the so-called’final solution to the Jewish problem, they bear the same guilt as other Nazi leaders—that is, the heinous crime of the tragic slaughter of 6 million Jews living in Europe.” After receiving this news, the whole nation of Israel was joyous.

Adolf Eichmann, who was captured alive by Mossad, had lived incognito in Argentina for 10 years in peace. At that time, he escaped from his shell and replaced himself with a dead body to accept the “trial” of the Jews. He almost concealed it from everyone until he was pitted by his son. In order to capture the hearts of his girlfriend, Eichmann’s son often shows off his father’s brilliant “contributions.”

Under Mossad’s net of heaven and earth, this inadvertent “daddy show off” behavior made Eichmann’s true shape exposed, and he could only be captured in the end. Late at night on May 31, 1962, Eichmann was sent to the gallows. He once said: “When I walked into the tomb, I would laugh at killing 5 million Jews. This incident brought me great satisfaction and pleasure.”

Eichmann at trial in Israel in 1961

The unfinished guided missile boat

It is impossible to know if Eichmann on the gallows finally regretted what he said. There may be regrets, after all, it is because of fear of death that he would hide in Tibet and survive for so many years. Mossad, who “don’t let a Nazi butcher die in good faith”, stood up the backbone of the entire nation, and at the same time declared to the world that the era of Jewish abuse has passed. If someone dared to bully the Jews again, even if he fled to the end of the world, Mossad would not let him go.

The highest principle of Mossad is: For the benefit of the country, there is nothing that cannot be done.

In addition to chasing Eichmann from thousands of miles away, since 1972, in order to avenge the 11 compatriots who died in the “Munich tragedy”, Mossad has launched a nine-year madness against the organizers behind the “Munich tragedy”. Transnational assassinations and revenge. In 1988, Mossad also ran a long distance into Tunisia to assassinate Abu Jehad, a senior Palestinian leader who threatened Israel’s security.

Mossad is not only a hero who “returns blood for blood” for his compatriots, but also a “king of thieves” who steals for the country. In 1962, the Soviet Union sold a batch of guided missile speedboats to Egypt, then Israel’s archenemy. In order to further improve its ability to contend with Egypt, Israel is actively negotiating with Western countries to purchase missile speedboats.

In 1967, after arduous negotiations, the missile speedboat bought by Israel was built in France. When the missile speedboat was about to be delivered to Israel, the third Middle East war broke out. As the result of this war damaged the interests of France, France refused to deliver speedboats to Israel, and the relations between the two countries became ill-willed.

France’s hardline stance has made Israel’s plan to strengthen its navy face a failure. In addition, after the Third Middle East War, Israel urgently needs new boats to supplement its naval strength. Therefore, the speedboats seized by France are very important to Israel.

To this end, Israeli high-level officials also convened a special meeting to discuss, and finally adopted the “stealing” plan proposed by Mossad’s then director Amit. This ship stealing program is also known as “Operation Noah’s Ark.” Mossad used the network of relations across Europe and Asia. On Christmas Eve in 1969, Mossad’s spies successfully drove the ships out of the French Gulf and returned to Israel smoothly.

In addition, in 1966, Mossad used the beauty scheme to lure Iraqi pilots to drive the most advanced MiG-21 to Israel. After Israel and France feuded in 1968, they could not get the supplement of the French Mirage fighter. To consolidate national defense, Mossad used the hands of a senior Swiss engineer to surreptitiously change pillars and successfully obtained the blueprint of the Mirage fighter.

Mossad understands the dangerous situation and psychological pressure of the agents very well, so he can forgive them for their exposure and failure.

Also in 1968, Western society imposed an arms embargo on Israel, which severely hindered the process of Israel’s nuclear program. Therefore, Mossad used the hands of American merchants to successfully steal 177 kilograms of enriched uranium.

During Clinton’s presidency of the United States, Mossad also obtained 30 hours of affectionate recordings of Clinton and Lewinsky, and once wanted to use this to coerce Clinton into implementing a foreign policy favorable to Israel.

Born in sorrow, from reorganization
A small country Israel, which actually controls an area of ​​only more than 20,000 square kilometers and a population of just over 9 million, can forge Mossad, one of the world’s four largest intelligence agencies, on what basis?

Isai Harrell, one of the founders of Mossad, once said that the leadership of Mossad should set an example for the next term, and all Mossad personnel should be as patriotic, selfless and passionate as he is. The highest principle of Mossad is: For the benefit of the country, there is nothing that cannot be done. Therefore, the enthusiasm of the Mossad spies to escape from the sky is their innate national attribute. There is also a saying in the industry: “Israelis engage in intelligence like war, they will always be in a state of war, and they don’t hesitate to do anything.”

Mossad is not the earliest intelligence agency in Israel. At the beginning of the establishment of Israel, the four intelligence agencies of Amun, Simbet, the Political Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Aliya-B formed the Israeli intelligence system. Due to the fuzzy division of labor and overlapping responsibilities among the four intelligence agencies, internal conflicts often occur between them, and Israel’s national security faces many loopholes.

The MiG-21 was instigated in 1966

Ben Gurion was angry and distressed about this and ordered the full reorganization of the Israeli intelligence system. On April 1, 1951, the “Intelligence and Special Mission Bureau” was established, which was later the famous “Mossad”.

Mossad, established on the ruins of intelligence, was inconspicuous at first, but also experienced a series of humiliating and failed mission activities. But under the sense of national responsibility for survival, Mossad’s spies adhered to the creed of “if they are thrown out of the door, then get in through the window”, and finally created a world-renowned spy sea miracle.

Do your best to rescue
The “Seven Lampstands” in the Mossad badge look like three pairs of arms stretched out, as if to tell the world that the powerful power of Mossad is pervasive. There is also a circle of Hebrew engraved around the badge, which is taken from the “Proverbs” of the “Bible · Old Testament”: “If there is no strategy, the country will decline, and the wisdom will lead the people to live in peace.”

This shows that Mossad is particularly seeking outsmart in his actions and opposes brutality. Therefore, the main characteristics of Mossad spies are vigorous style, well-organized, accurate and fierce actions.

In the espionage world, Mossad has very few people, only about 1,200, unlike the CIA and the Soviet KGB, which have tens of thousands of spies. However, Mossad paid great attention to the shaping of individual spies. The former director of Mossad Meir Amit once said that for Mossad, people are the most critical factor. Mossad is notoriously strict in recruiting agents.

In terms of institution building, from the day it was established in 1951, Mossad has gradually incorporated the characteristics of intelligence agencies such as Britain, France, the Soviet Union, and the United States. Its first three leaders have personally learned the characteristics of the intelligence agencies of the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union and the United States. Later, Simon Perez and Yitzhak Shamir, who served as prime ministers, had a history of French intelligence work in their early years, and introduced many dazzling confusing techniques in “French espionage” into the entire intelligence system.

Mossad recruited and trained agents not by rewards, but by faith. In history classes, they instilled extreme hatred of Nazi fascists in these agents, and warned them from a geopolitical perspective: Israel is always in the circle of Arab countries “destroy and fast”, thus training them to fight for the country. National beliefs.

Compared with other national intelligence agencies that ruthlessly abandon or even kill exposed agents, Mossad’s actions are very humane. Mossad does not think that “a lost spy is a damn spy”. On the contrary, Mossad fully understands the dangerous situation and psychological pressure of the agents, so he can forgive them for their exposure and failure.

When his agents are unfortunately arrested, Mossad will rescue them at all costs. On February 3, 1968, under the mediation of Meir Amit, the then chief of Mossad, Lotz, who had been detained for three years for stealing information from the Egyptian military, was released. The price of the release was that Israel exchanged 9 captured generals and 5,000 prisoners of war.

In 1965, Mossad agent Eli Cohen, who had almost become the Minister of Defense of Syria, was exposed and arrested. After Cohen was arrested, Mossad tried his best to use resources and connections around the world to rescue him. Many national leaders, including the Queen of England and the Catholic Pope, pleaded for Cohen to plead with the former Syrian President Assad.

At the same time, Israel also planned to kidnap senior Syrian officials to threaten Syria to keep Cohen for his life. Although all these efforts went to waste with the execution of Cohen, how could Mossad’s actions of love and justice not make the agents willing to “work their lives” for it?

After entering the 21st century, as the world situation changes, in the Middle East, extremist terrorists and Iran have gradually become the thorns of the United States and Israel. An increasing number of Arab countries also regard the first two as a major concern.

The enemy of the enemy is the friend, and the relations between Israel and Arab countries have been greatly improved over the years. Especially in September 2020, Israel established diplomatic relations with the UAE and Bahrain successively. This is a big step towards peace in the Middle East.

For Mossad, who was born in war and was reused in war, peace means that its power and influence on the country will decline. For example, after Israel and Egypt signed the “Camp David Agreement” in 1978, the value of Egyptian intelligence, which was originally extremely important to Israel, declined sharply.

With the normalization of diplomatic relations between Israel and Arab countries in 2020, the affairs of these non-diplomatic countries that Mossad was previously responsible for will also be transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel as required.

After the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001, the then Mossad director Dagan submitted a reform plan for Mossad to the then Prime Minister Sharon. According to Dagan’s plan, the reformed Mossad will transfer most of the original espionage functions to the Israeli Military Intelligence Agency.

The reorganized Mossad is mainly responsible for eradicating foreign forces that threaten the security and interests of Israel and Western countries. In recent years, the “Islamic State” terrorist organization and Iran have been the main targets of Mossad. Therefore, after the assassination of Iran’s top nuclear scientist Mohssin Fahrizad, it is difficult for the world not to cast doubt on Mossad.