The origin of black olives in Greece, an “oasis” in the epidemic

Kalamata, the most famous olive-producing region in Greece, has just finished its busy picking season, and the joy of harvest is still in the air. Unlike other parts of Greece that are still trapped by the new crown epidemic, the epidemic has little impact on Kalamata, with only a few cases. It is also called the “oasis” in the epidemic by the Greeks.

The coastal town of Kalamata is located in the southern part of the Peloponnese, between the sea and the mountains. From 395 to 1204 AD, it has been a fortress of the Byzantine Empire. It is also one of the filming locations of the American romantic film “Love Before Midnight”. This area of ​​about 253 square kilometers has a population of only about 60,000, and most of the residents are olive-growing and processing households. There are only about 20 Chinese and overseas Chinese in Kalamata. Gong Chunqiu from Shanghai, China, and her Greek husband run a century-old olive grove here. A few years ago, Gong Chunqiu’s husband inherited the olive grove from his father. After the husband retired, the family returned to their hometown of Kalamata from Athens. Gong Chunqiu said that the experience of being an olive garden owner is far less romantic than imagined. Throughout the year, I spent all the physical activities such as weeding, deworming, cutting branches, picking, and squeezing oil. Although it was hard work, I was very happy. Returning to the natural pastoral life made the couple feel very satisfied.

Gong Chunqiu said that Kalamata’s life has always been very leisurely. Most enterprising young people go to Athens and other big cities to develop their careers. Due to the large number of elderly people, there are only 5 intensive care beds. After the outbreak last year, she was worried that the local medical system would collapse. However, Kalamata’s epidemic prevention situation has been better. The reason is related to the warmer local temperature, less population and less commercial activities. Locals believe that the native black olives also played a vital role. This olive is only grown in Kalamata and is protected by the “EU Origin” label. Black olives are large, dark green, brown or black in color, and have tough flesh. A study by the University of Athens found that black olives help lower cholesterol, improve immunity, and improve human health.

Sayers above are that Sulc ur, the instructor, was a gay friend of literature, especially Hungarian; he always had a hard time waiting for the newspapers, and although they came to him quite late and quite intermittently, he read all their visible and invisible letters eagerly. If he smelled a literary novelty somewhere among his acquaintances, he followed him until he found a trail; and grabbing it, he did not let it out of his hand until he had also completely buried its contents.

It happened once that Sulc ur by accident -20-he came into possession of a new literary phenomenon in the countryside, a drama, and to read it he set himself the early morning hours of a day. The light of the stars slowly faded as the sun extended its rays from the east side of the sky, and after a dandelion for a while, the bell of the tower rang for five o’clock in the morning. , stroked the slightly suddenly horrible comet from his forehead, rubbed his eyes with his fists, and after a minute grew up in his upholstered nightgown, after he put it on his back for the first time, and on the second charge his arm would have gotten out of it. Denique, on the body of the nightgown, had a homemade sipka on her zenith and a pair of slippers on her nadir, from the chimney of the upper floor of the body circling with curly tobacco smoke. And all this happened in one of the rooms facing the courtyard of the ground floor of the two-storey house of lawyer Dorgács, which Mr. Sulc called temporary.

And sitting at a table, he wanted to read the drama. But fate began to look at him today with evil eyes.

“Sulc ur!” Shouted a voice through the half-open door, the owner of which was still unwashed and unfinished, and in the house he acted as the common valet of all the staff.

“What do you need, Jancsi?” Mr. Sulc asked, staring a little -21-he raised his eyes from the persons of the drama to the person foolishly sitting in his room.

“Tens ur’s vocation, let’s go up!”

“What about the stallion, so early? I haven’t even dressed. ”

“I can’t help it anymore, but hurry up, tens ur said!” And along with the voice, Jancsi disappeared.

And ur Sulc left the drama there, and as he was full of his little talent, he rushed from his dressing gown to his other dressing gown with so much fire and effort, but what he did not call a dressing gown, but a summer trousers and a summer jacket with an annual income of 200 forints. . And after he had washed himself and the flakes of his head had been removed, he held his upstairs room and held his neck to the steps of the upper floor, and as he kicked down the narrow corridor leading to it, he noticed the servant in a similar direction before he noticed a terrifying scream does not affect evaporating milk.

“Oh! for God’s sake, Sulc ur! what the gutta did you do? No’sz it for me if the lady finds out! ”Cried the servant, who had just arrived from the cow’s milking and would have just taken the milky bastard to a higher order if ur Sulc had not collided with his blind heat.

“Let me go now, my soul, Juczi, but you see that I have to hurry!” Replied ur Sulc whole paedagogusi -22-with phlegm, then, as an atonement, with the same phlegm, Chip faced Juczi, and he continued to drive with synthason phlegm.

Juczi was still standing there for a while, looking at the wasted milk, shaking his head, putting his hands together; later, however, he gathered all his spiritual-physical strength and scattered fragments of tiles, and with his noble determination he stepped before his tribunal now with nothing, as usual with the little, as he whipped out much of himself.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sulc approached Mr. Dávid Dorgács, a lawyer and board judge, otherwise his highly respected boss, who was already sitting in his office among his favorites, his perpetual lounges, and his vinegar-smelling vinegar, even on an empty stomach, without feeling the slightest nausea. Just in vain! the habit does an awful lot.

“Good morning,” Sulc began, shaking his feet.

“Good morning, good morning,” the boss interrupted. “Come on, Amice!” I had called you for a long time, maybe it wasn’t quite yet? ”he picked up a note from his desk.

“I mean – yes – but – still” – rebe- and hebegé Mr. Sulc.

“All right, good! We may not be late yet. Occasionally, we are fortunate that Daraby spectabilis is not such a very accurate person. Do you know Mr. Daraby, a board judge? ”

“Yes, I saw when he was here yesterday.”-23-

” That’s right , he was here !” Repeated Mr. Dorgács with an official occupationally important image, and repeated for a peculiarity, as he never spoke in imperfectum. “He is one of my clients, we discussed his case just yesterday, and I forgot to ask him a very important opinion and circumstance related to the essence of the defense. For the same reason, please visit Amerg Gergely Daraby at the ” golden tap” of your accommodation with this letter . He wanted to leave early this morning, but I have reason to believe you can still find him here. In any case, please be so sweet, my sweet friend, to get there as soon as possible, because the thing is in my very interest, I really don’t want the board judge somehow to get here anymore. ”

“I see!” And received the letter.

“Remember, at the gold pin.”

“I see!” And he opened the door.

“I don’t know the room, but I’ll tell you there.”

“I see,” and the door was closed by Mr. Sulc.

“Sulc my friend!” The boss opened the door afterwards.

“Praise me!” Mr. Sulc escaped from the stairs, standing in front of his boss, wondering whether to take off his hat or just leave it on his head.

“Then be so good, please, and don’t be late, because I want you to cut my hair even before I get dressed.”-24-

“Welcome, tens ur!” S ran down the ladder.

Service was great in our instructor, will and fidelity, too, and at home, in a cramped room within the four walls of his room, and when he set about writing, reading, and teaching: he was quite a man on his feet; but as soon as he got out of his room, he felt a terrible lack of one: the reality of life, practical reason. With the letter, he went to Lord Daraby, reached the “golden pin”, and even at such a good time that his principal did not think so, and as he questioned the judge, he got the answer from his boots cleaning his boots in the porch that the tens ur still sleeping.

“Aren’t you leaving this morning?” Mr. Sulc asked, exhorting as a blower.

“We would leave for sure, but when my lord hasn’t woken up yet.”

“Or so!” Mr. Sulc realized, and he was perfectly reassured. He didn’t even ask any more questions, but walked up and down the porch with big steps, waiting for the board judge to like to wake up. He thought nothing more than that the letter should be handed over to Lord Daraby, and he saw it as nothing more than waiting for the resurrection. And he walked to Sulc ur on the porch, bored and squirming about his drama, waiting for almost two hours on the porch.

And the minute of deliverance struck only when Daraby smoked his breakfast from the barrel of a large bay. -25-Mr. Judge, already fully dressed, stepped out of his room in person, and saw Mr. Sulc, leaning in front of the door and still holding the letter in his hand. But ur Sulc also saw him and immediately recognized the board judge he had seen yesterday.

“Your servant! I am fortunate to give respect to Mr. Tens Dorgács, lawyer, and he handed it over, and the board judge read it immediately.

“Yes, alright! I respect Mr. Tens, and since I’m only going to leave at noon, I’ll visit before lunch. Maybe you (and the board judge took a long break here, as he looked at the instructor as a butler at first glance) are you perhaps a jurate of Mr. Dorgács? ”

“She’s actually educating at the house.”

“Yes? educator? ”repeated the board judge ur in a voice that other people used to marvel at, watching the actual educator all the way through. “I respect Mr. Tens!”

“Thank you very much; I recommend myself! ”

His boss, meanwhile, could not imagine where he might have been the educator of his two sons and a daughter, and judging by the well-known conscience of Ur Sulc, he almost began to believe that he was running after the already departed board judge’s car and running until he either caught up or released his soul. : s im Sulc ur pops in, with a burning face, as red as if it had been scorched, at least under the asshole of the butchers of Debrecen.

And as soon as he came in, Dorgács lawyer ur immediately -26-he wrapped a towel around his neck, and settled on a chair as if he were sitting on a horse. Nor did Mr. Sulc need to grab a pair of scissors and combs in the noble occupation of Hugli, in the presence of the boss who had arrived during the time, in order to narrate his procedure in his mission today. At the end of the surgery, satisfaction was great; anyway, it can be used in such many ways, and, quod plus, cheap home furnishings are rarely resented, not intact when you cut your hair!