The long goodbye between Berliners and Tegel Airport

Ten years ago, I took the first flight that landed at Berlin Tegel Airport. After getting off the plane and stepping out of the bridge connecting the plane to the airport lobby, I immediately saw the baggage claim area of ​​the flight. Facing the glass door of the baggage claim area, there was a friend from Berlin waving his arm to pick up the plane.

I thought to myself: “Is this the airport in the German capital? It is so compactly designed, it feels completely incomparable to the airports of Frankfurt Airport in Germany or some cities in China.” At that time, the Berlin friend who picked up the plane said: “Our new airport It should be finished soon.”

Later, I took planes and greeted relatives and friends at Tegel Airport many times. I felt more and more convenient for people: Although the airport was not connected to the developed German train and subway system, it was superior because of its superiority. The geographical location allows people to travel to and from the city within 30 minutes by bus or airport special line.

The airport is a classic work of the German GMP architect firm. It has a hexagonal design. It takes less than 10 minutes to circle all the gates in the field. The integrated design of check-in gates, security checkpoints and boarding gates allows people All procedures can be completed and boarded in a few minutes.

The most important thing is that you can watch your relatives and friends board the plane at the integrated boarding gate, and make them feel welcome the first time they get off the plane. Walking out of the airport is the bus stop and taxi stop. From the boarding gate to the boarding point, the walking distance is less than 30 meters recently. This record has not been broken by other airports.

In October 2020, I flew from Tegel Airport to Zurich, thinking that I would return to Berlin next month, that is, to fly to the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport, and I felt a little bit dissatisfied with Tegel Airport.

“Thank you, Tegel Airport” and “Goodbye, Tegel Airport” were written all over the airport. I have also seen many people come here to say goodbye to the old airport and see the flights taking off and landing in the last month before the suspension.

When the plane I was in was taxiing on the take-off pad of Tegel Airport, I saw people on the observation deck waving, and some people lying on the wall of the apron waving. Suddenly a passenger on the plane said loudly: “Goodbye, Tegel Airport, thank you!” The passengers on the plane applauded together.

Of course, everyone knows that what is waiting for Tegel Airport is not to be demolished, but to be reborn. Tegel Airport has become the collective memory of all Berliners.

On November 8, 2020, Tegel Airport sent off the last flight-Air France AF1235 from Berlin to Paris. It is worth mentioning that the first regular commercial route opened at Tegel Airport in 1960 was operated by Air France. Air France will fly the last flight this time, which is a tribute to history and a feeling of not forgetting the original aspiration and being able to continue.

So far, the Tegel Airport, which has been in use for more than 70 years, has experienced World War II, the division of East and West Germany, built an “air bridge” for transporting supplies to West Berlin during the Cold War, and witnessed major historical events such as the reunification of Germany. End operations.

Construction began in 2006. The Berlin Brandenburg Airport, which was originally planned to be put into use in 2011, was officially put into use after a delay of 9 years due to the failure of fire protection acceptance and serious budget overruns. During the postponement, the question of when the Brandenburg Airport will pass the inspection and be put into use has become a German joke.

The Berliners have been looking forward to the new airport for many years, and at the same time they have prepared for the farewell to the old Tegel Airport for 9 years. Of course, they had never thought that the time to say goodbye to the old airport would be so long.