The Compassionate Longevity

Seeing and not seeing are two ways to live. You can see everything in this way or that way. Go to a place of mercy as much as possible, go to a wide place, and go down the donkey and push the boat along the river. Such people live for a long time, and they are often kind and good-looking because of peace.

Everything can’t be seen, but this is not okay, that’s not right, no matter how awkward, how come, look for anger everywhere, feel that the whole world is enemy of oneself, tossing to the end, things may not have changed much, the face is gradually seen because of the anger. ferocious.

“Tao Te Ching” says that Dao is natural. The Buddhism says to be compassionate. In fact, what I mean is to get through oneself internally, so that the internal organs can be unimpeded, and the whole body can be connected to the whole body, and the self can communicate with the spirit of heaven and earth. Therefore, entanglement is worse than letting go, and fighting for a thousand ends is worse than keeping one foot. Peace will lead to less humiliation, and compassion will inevitably live longer.

For breakfast, the millet porridge is just pickles, and I eat it with relish. When you suddenly think about what the richest men eat, the sweet feeling just now may be gone.

Even if someone tells you that they are drinking porridge for breakfast, you still have difficulty returning to the lusciousness before. Because, in the face of a kind of strength, you are accustomed to self-weakening. The impoverishment of material makes the soul pitiful. I always feel that others must be the best. Even if you eat porridge and pickles, it is the most expensive porridge and pickles. Moreover, Huatang Lishe, servants shuttle, are more elegant and elegant than drinking in their own hut.

In fact, the problem that people have to solve throughout their lives is to live their own problems. The core of living oneself is not that there is no one else in your eyes, but that there is no comparison in your heart. You live yours, I live mine, and the world is safe.

People are most afraid of comparison. Once you feel inferior to others, you will feel a lot of unsatisfactory emotions, and then in your mood, you will often feel unwilling.

If the reverse is true, if you always feel that people are inferior to me, you will naturally be happy. But in fact, the converse people always feel that this is just self-deception, and they soon fall back into the quagmire of inferiority.

Pain is easy, happiness is hard. In this sense, others are not hell, but oneself.

Similarly, it is not appropriate for one child to compare performance with another. The most suitable is to work harder than anyone else.

The former belongs to utilitarianism, while the latter is idealism. In other words, the former means that adults transfer their utilitarianism to children. The latter is to return the ideal of the child to the rationality of the parent.

Children who are admitted to Peking University are certainly worthy of celebration, but children who have worked as hard as they were admitted to Peking University are also worthy of respect. Although the world emphasizes that the winner is the king, as a parent, you must have such a feeling that as long as your child works hard, he is the king. At any time, it is worthy of pride, and it is worth boasting to others.

It stands to reason that it should be the best state to live without worrying about food and clothing. Because one step forward is greed and one step backward is poverty, both of which are easy to make people miserable.

But everyone wants to have more. After all, the more you have, the brighter your life will be. If wealth and glory are prosperous, and the stars hold the moon, who does not like it and who does not love it? Although there may be the deepest pain at the highest point, those who have this glory do not want to say, and those who look up do not believe it, so apart from the scenery, there is no pain.

I would rather cry in a BMW than laugh on a bicycle. The secular upward approach is often easy to be so hysterical. This also explains very well why the rich still want to be richer, and those who are officials are willing to be bigger officials. Because troubles may be ridden, but scenery can heal injuries.

A person living in this world will always think. When you are alive and kicking, you have to think more about material things. At this time, what you care most about is what you get and what you lose. Only when you are about to die, you can think about philosophy easily, because at this time, nothing else matters, life and death are more important than anything else.

From the perspective of thinking, when I was alive, I thought about what I didn’t have, and when I died, I thought, alas, I will have nothing. The former is the fanaticism of existence, and the latter is the nothingness of dying. Therefore, to live toward death will take everything lightly. However, when life is splendid, people are more willing to be born, and no one wants to live illusory.

This is extremely realistic. But the embarrassment is also here. The more realistic people live, the more they want to achieve. They don’t want to say it, but they have to recite it.

What’s interesting is that in this process, some people still have to live to be babbling. Originally, a good life was obtained through my own efforts, but I always like to attribute all this to a good destiny. Because, in their view, destiny is more mysterious than hard work, more summoning, easier to solidify and eternal.

What does it mean to have a good life? It’s a bit like a monarch power. Roughly speaking, in fact, I don’t need to work so hard to get everything I currently have.

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