The brilliant 2020 Pineapple Science Award announced

On the evening of October 18, 2020, the 2020 Pineapple Science Award was finally presented at Wenzhou Medical University successfully! The characteristics of the Pineapple Science Award are funny and serious. It selects scientific and technological research with a sense of humor from scientific research published in regular academic journals, rewards those imaginative and interesting scientific research results, and arouses people’s curiosity about science. And enthusiasm, also known as the Chinese version of the “Immortal Nobel Prize.”

This is the ninth annual Pineapple Science Award. In the past eight years, the Pineapple Science Award has awarded dozens of scientists for scientific research projects done out of “curiosity”, such as “Counting money can relieve pain”, “How much urine in a swimming pool”, “Why mosquitoes are not caught Raindrops smashed to death”…

The 2020 trophy is also very special! In previous years, the Pineapple Awards have been awarded with water guns, hammers, faucets, Mexican hats (spontaneous symmetry broken), optical fiber boards for Sloan Digital Sky Survey, a piece of plastic in a sealed welded metal box… What is the 2020 trophy? It is said that it is the work of a certain artist, and the contact information of the artist is also included. If the winner has any opinions, he can directly mention it to others. It is not about the Pineapple Award?

So, which insightful science projects and popular science workers have been captured by such an interesting Pineapple Science Award in 2020?

Pineapple me award: “Science and browser play representative”
Winner: Matthew Weathers, Lecturer, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Biola University

The pineapple me award is to reward individuals who have made outstanding contributions to science communication. The 2020 winner is Matthew Weathers, a teacher from Biola University in the United States. If you want to give him an attribute, it should be “The 6th person in the world who plays with the browser the best.”

Matthew Weathers, who usually teaches probability and algorithms, has made a lot of videos. Through clever editing and program control, the clone on the computer screen can be used to praise himself on the podium. In the beginning, his purpose of doing this was just to avoid the loss of students in a serious computer class…Unexpectedly, when he was put on the Internet, it began to spread virally, and the number of broadcasts has risen steadily. Now it has been broadcasted. Billion, from then on to become the flow responsible for the scientific community.

Matthew Weathers expressed his surprise for winning the Pineapple ME Award this time. In the video of the award-winning speech, he was thousands of miles away. He also used his usual good show to perform a “Email with his own help.” The award certificate of the Pineapple Science Award in here is issued to myself”.

Mathematics Award: Research on the disappearance cycle of the public teaspoon

Winners: Dr. Campbell Aitken, Senior Researcher, Burnett Institute of Medical Research, Australia, etc.

A group of discouraged Australian scientists discovered that there will never be a teaspoon in the office. No matter how much the purchasing department buys, they will inevitably have no spoons in the end.

To find out the reason, they repurchased 70 teaspoons, marked them one by one, and carried out a secret observation for 5 months. In the end, 56 out of 70 teaspoons mysteriously disappeared during the observation period. The study found that the teaspoon in the public tea room disappears half every 42 days, that is, the half-life of the teaspoon in the public tea room is 42 days; the situation in the research group’s own tea room is slightly better, but the half-life is only 77 days (P <0.05). The rate at which the teaspoon disappears has nothing to do with its price and quality. In recognition of the researchers who gave a statistical conclusion and a galaxy-like comfort for the mystery of the disappearance of the inexplicable public goods in life, the Pineapple Science Prize awarded them the 2020 Mathematics Prize. Psychology Award: Epidemiological Methods of Breaking Up Lovers Winners: Emily Ogg, Department of Psychology, McGill University, Canada, etc. I don’t want to press the elevator, worrying that the person in front of it will be infected with germs; when an infectious disease is pandemic, I am afraid that I will be recruited... This scale is intended to measure the degree of the respondent’s mind about the disease, but it seems to be able to Reflect something else. A research team from the Department of Psychology at McGill University in Canada found that: in speed dating, people with higher scores are less likable and have no desire to fall in love. Not only that, if you watch a video of "Top Ten Disgusting Hygiene Common Senses" for young people before the friendship, his enthusiasm for dating will take a turn for the worse. This is exactly what the "behavioral immunity" mechanism is doing: when you are in a similar situation after being hinted at the health risks of intimate contact with your date, the behavioral immunity mechanism will automatically make you unwilling. I would rather bear the regret of wrong and distorted love, but also keep the peach blossom and the virus out of the door together! In recognition of the efforts of Emily Ogg's team to dismantle a pair in a pandemic era full of unknown dangers, they are specially awarded the 2020 Pineapple Science Award Psychology Award. Pineapple U Award: Formula graffiti on the manhole cover of Secondary 2 Winner: Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Don't step on the manhole cover! Don't step on the manhole cover! This time, it wasn't just that I was afraid of bad luck, but that there was knowledge on the manhole cover. These smart manhole covers are made by the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The physical formulas are displayed in cute cartoons, and they are dedicated to let people remember the formulas so as to combine "science and art". Representatives from the No. 2 Institute brought the winner's manhole cover (replica, because it is illegal to pry the manhole cover) to the scene. Physics Prize: Men with long beards are more resistant to beatings Winners: David Carrell, Professor of Biology, University of Utah, etc. What is the use of a beard? A view called the "boxing hypothesis" suggests that beards may have the function of protecting the face. Compared with females, males have more violent behaviors, and the face that bears the brunt of hand-to-hand combat may be able to rely on a big beard to avoid the bad luck of fractures. In order to test this hypothesis, the biologist David Karel of the University of Utah and the physicists of the university designed a drop-weight test: replace the mandible and beard of a human with an epoxy resin model and sheep fur, and then- Smash it! The conclusion is: complete fur protection is very prominent, and no beard and only stubble are useless. Perhaps compared to looking good, beating is the ultimate mission of the beard. To commend the researchers for providing a reason to live with a smile for the shaggy men who have been declining in the fashion industry, the Pineapple Science Prize awarded them the 2020 Physics Prize. Biology Award: "Nausea Scale" challenges the limit Winners: Professor Val Curtis from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Dr. Michael Debarra from the Department of Life Sciences, Brunel University Online surveys have begun to become a research tool, so when you scan an advertisement that says "Come and research something with us is disgusting", you won't be surprised, right? Research it~ Therefore, a questionnaire will be opened in front of you, and 72 items need to be scored from 0 to 100, such as: · Someone got his nose on the table. · Someone passes you a bowl of soup that the fly swatter has stirred. · Step on a bunch of maggots with one foot. I believe that after completing the questionnaire, everyone will have a heartache of "God, why am I so cheap". However, Professor Val Curtis of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Dr. Michael Debara of the Department of Life Sciences of Brunel University firmly believe that the six-factor scale of human nausea they developed has the solid foundation of evolutionary biology theory. The backing can play a key role in the formulation of health policies in reality. In order to commend the two researchers and discover our extreme dedication to pathogen aversion, the Pineapple Science Award specially awarded them the 2020 Biology Award! Invention Award: "Baoding Edison" Winner: Handmade Geng There is a young inventor with a novel idea and an exquisite welder, known as "Baoding Edison". The "not useless, it's really useless" series created by this inventor, such as stainless steel brain collapse, boxing backpack, etc., have been deeply integrated into our lives. He is handcrafted. In order to commend him for his profound understanding of contemporary life and reinterpret the relationship between man and man and between man and matter, the Pineapple Science Award specially awarded him the 2020 Invention Award! Medicine Award: The game becomes a prescription drug for ADHD treatment Winner: American game company Akili Interactive Labs Hey, why are your kids always playing with mobile phones? He is treating ADHD! ! what? ? ? Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder is often caused by abnormal neurodevelopment. It is not as simple as "children's mischievous and active". Symptoms of patients include inattention, impulsive behavior, mood disorders, learning difficulties, maladjustment... What's worse, most ADHD patients are children who are growing up. The serious side effects of first-line treatment drugs make parents embarrassed; and behavioral intervention Other non-drug treatments require professional doctors, which are scarce resources... Is there a cheaper, more accessible and more acceptable method for children? A game company called Akili developed EndeavorRx. In this game, players need to complete many small tasks: such as collecting red creatures among the strange creatures that keep appearing, such as avoiding obstacles while advancing fast... Akili isn't the end of a game that "may improve concentration", otherwise he won't get the pineapple award! They recruited 857 children with ADHD between the ages of 8-12 and conducted a rigorous clinical trial for one and a half years. The results proved that EndeavorRx can indeed improve attention! Because of the detailed and credible data, it became the first game-based digital therapy approved by the US FDA. Fantasy Award: Urine Concrete Construction of the Moon Base Winners: Anna-Lena Jonnickson, University College of Ostford, Norway, etc. In the construction of the lunar base, high-efficiency plasticizers are needed to make qualified 3D printed concrete. Anna-Lena Jonnickson and others at the University College of Ostford in Norway discovered that an excellent candidate plasticizer is hidden in the human body! After repeated experiments by them, the cement made with urea, water and simulated lunar soil can pass various tests well. Perhaps in the future, a not-so-rich moon landing enthusiast will be able to obtain a pass for advance entry by relying on the proof of "I pee more than others, and I pee better than others". I can also add a brick and a tile to the construction of a lunar city with my own hush... In recognition of the great imagination of the researchers, they have pointed out a clear way for ordinary people to land on the moon. The Pineapple Science Award specially awarded them the 2020 Fantasy Award!