Stewardess being a temporary shrine maiden is not unusual in Japan

Recently, the news that “Japanese flight attendants switched jobs to be witches in shrines” attracted attention. The shrine maiden is a profession unique to Shintoism and has a very important position in Japanese culture. Except for the official shrine maidens who perform prayers, sacrifices, dances and other responsibilities in the shrine, “temporary maidens” account for a larger proportion, attracting many young Japanese women.

The costume is different from the formal Miko

Affected by the epidemic, Japan Airlines’ flights continued to decrease, and there was a surplus of manpower. Recently, Japan Airlines sent more than 30 flight attendants to Mongshang Taisha in Fukuoka Prefecture to work as temporary shrine maidens. This is also to alleviate the shortage of manpower during the peak period of New Year’s worship. Before the formal work, some flight attendants were trained at the shrine to learn the language expressions and various procedures possessed by priests and full-time witches, as well as their understanding of more than one hundred amulets and mascots. Many netizens believe that this move has a certain social contribution, and the flight attendants who are serving as service workers will definitely be more capable of doing business. However, some netizens hold objections, believing that this practice makes the witches lose their sense of sacredness and awe.

In Japan, unlike Buddhist temples, shrines are specialized places for Shinto worship and worship, and are also a spiritual totem for most Japanese people. Each shrine enshrines a different deity and emphasis. The famous ones include Fushimi Inari Shrine, Meiji Shrine, Izumo Taisha Shrine, etc. Most of the official shrine maidens and temporary maidens can be distinguished from their costumes. The official maiden is dressed in a white Chihaya dress with a “Trussatsu pattern” printed on it. There is no such pattern on the costume of the Temporary Witch.

How to become a “temporary witch”

The Japanese have the habit of visiting the shrine at the beginning of the year for “Hatsubo” (the first time to worship in the new year). This is the busiest period of the year for the shrine. Many tourists line up at the shrine from the evening of the day before the new year. The shrine is open all night and the shrine maidens are also arranged on a 24-hour rotation system. Therefore, major shrines usually recruit a large number of temporary maidens in advance at the end of the year to do short-term work for about a week.

Related articles on “How to Become a Temporary Miko” and “What are the precautions for being a temporary Miko” can be seen everywhere on the Japanese Internet. It can be seen that Japanese people are full of longing and curiosity about this work. Many shrines limit the age of temporary maidens to no more than 25 years old, and most of them require unmarried women. If you are a high school student, you must have permission from the school. Temporary witches working from late night to early morning must be over 18 years old.

If you want to become a temporary shrine maiden, if you have relatives and friends who work at the shrine, the probability of success will be much higher. If there is no “internal response”, you need to pay more attention to recruitment information, and it is easier to be accepted when applying for a witch’s demand. Many job search websites, apps, and the official websites of related shrines in Japan can see recruitment information. You can wait for the interview notice after submitting your resume.

There are a lot of tricks in the interview of the impromptu maiden. According to a netizen with relevant work experience: “Be careful to dress during the interview to give people a clean and neat look. Do not wear heavy makeup, manicure or perm, and do not match with gorgeous jewelry.” In Japan, The interview is usually asked about the reason for choosing this job. Someone asked on the Internet: “I’m about to interview a maiden, and I am very worried about how to answer this question.” The reference answer provided by an enthusiastic netizen is: “People are eager to worship at the shrine. I really hope that I can serve and worship with my heart. Help them.”

After passing the exam, the temporary shrine maidens need to undergo pre-job training to master the knowledge related to Shintoism, etiquette and language in line with their status. There are many taboos and rules at work in shrines. For example, a shrine is a sacred place. Generally speaking, part-time work cannot be used. Most of it is called “aid.” When selling shrine amulets and other items, the words “sale” and “sale” should not be used, but “grant” should be used. .

“I feel sacred”

Temporary maidens usually work from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., except for rest time, they need to work about 8 hours. Their main job is to receive guests and sell items in the shrine, so shrines usually choose women who are enthusiastic, cheerful, with cute smiles, and like to get along with others, and they also have higher requirements for calculation, communication, and temporary resilience. Being a maiden is hard work, especially in winter in most shrines where there is no heating in the rooms where items are sold. To keep standing, the maiden also needs to work hard and be healthy. A netizen who has been a temporary maiden shared his experience: “The temporary maiden wears beautiful clothes every day, the salary is good, and the colleagues are very friendly and kind. Although it is cold outside and it is painful to stand for 8 hours, working in the shrine feels that I have become sacred. Noble.”

Temporary witches’ wages can be paid by the hour (ranging from 700 to 1,200 yen, 16 yen is about 1 yuan) and daily (ranging from 8,000 to 10,000 yen). Although some shrines have relatively low salaries, they still attract many people. Compared with salary, many Japanese pay more attention to learning traditional skills and accumulating experience. In Japan, there is a legend that “the luck of being a Miko will improve”. Some girls who have been temporary witches said that they “made a boyfriend”, “passed the exam smoothly” and so on. Although this claim is difficult to prove, it is an important factor in attracting young women to become impromptu witches.