Spain’s “Smell Bank”

There are many “smell banks” in Spain. As the name suggests, their function is to store smells! People can store the smells of people, animals or other objects through some kind of carrier and store them in the “smell bank.” What makes people wonder is that smells are everywhere, and they are not rare and precious things. Why should they be stored in the bank as valuables? What is the use of “Smell Bank”? In other words, what is the use of smell?

In fact, the usefulness of scents can be greater! For example, it can help find people, search for pets, retrieve lost belongings, and so on. If a certain city has a “smell bank”, people can store the smells of themselves, their relatives, small animals, and important objects there for emergencies.

Maria, a patient with Alzheimer’s disease, often forgets the way home, sometimes even her own name. Her family is very worried, so they extracted her body odor through a “smell bank” and stored it. One day, Maria went missing again. The family looked for two days but did not find it, so they had to call the police and turn to the “Smell Bank” for help. After the police dog sniffed Maria’s original scent at the “Smell Bank”, she followed her possible route to search, and finally found Maria in a semi-comatose state at an abandoned construction site. It turned out that Maria got here because she was lost, and unfortunately fell into a big pit, broke an arm, and coupled with her advanced age, she couldn’t stand up again on her own. Fortunately, the police dog found her through the smell. After a few weeks of treatment in the hospital, Maria was discharged home. Without the “smell bank”, her chances of survival would be very slim.

The “Smell Bank” also helped the Spanish police crack a lot of major cases. In some crime scenes, if the police could not find the suspect’s fingerprints or shoe prints, they would let the police dog sniff the smell on the spot, and then go to the “Smell Bank”. In contrast, if there happens to be the smell of a suspect here, the police will be able to find this person soon. Nowadays, the Spanish police department will take photos of criminal suspects, measure their height, and press their fingerprints, and at the same time extract their body odors and store them in the “smell bank”. This will greatly improve the efficiency of detecting crimes in the future.

Bravo is a pet lover. He has a Samoyed dog and an Asawa dog, both of which are more precious, so he asked a “smell bank” to store the dog’s urine so that he could search after it was lost. . One day, when he took two pet dogs to play in the park, he was fascinated by playing mobile games. After a long time, he looked up and found that the Samoyed was gone! This made him extremely annoyed, and he hurriedly asked the “Smell Bank” to help him find it. One day later, the police finally found the Samoyed dog in the pet market. After he got the news, he was very happy! It turned out that his Samoyed dog was sneaked away by a pet dealer. Fortunately, he was found by a police dog during the transaction. The pet dealer was also caught by the police on the spot.

In addition, the “smell bank” can also be used to find real objects. Many wealthy merchants have hidden famous paintings, antiques and other valuable objects in their homes. The smell of these objects can be stored in the “smell bank”. Once stolen, the smell can also be used as a clue to find.

So, how does the “scent bank” collect scents?

If you want to collect human odors, you have to use gauze, cotton and other highly absorbent carriers to collect them in the armpits. The effect is the best; for small animals, they mainly collect their odors through urine, and then pour the urine into special products. Seal the sealed glass products with wax and store them in a constant temperature room.

Of course, the smell will dissipate with the passage of time, so the “smell bank” can store the smell for a period of time. Generally, it can be stored for 3 years at a time, and the current charge is 100 euros. In Spain, this special bank provides a lot of convenience for the police and the masses, saves a lot of manpower and material resources, and is worthy of promotion all over the world.

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