South Korean madman Yoo Yongzhe, a cruel and sad serial killer

On December 12, 2020, the prototype criminal of the South Korean movie “Suwon” in real life, Zhao Douchun, who kidnapped, raped, and injured an 8-year-old girl, was released from prison after serving his sentence. Because he has a lot of criminal records, he has done great harm to the little girl, and according to the judgment of psychologists, the possibility of him committing a crime again with amazing physical strength is extremely high. Therefore, the Korean people protested against his release from prison. The return of the devil made the people tremble, afraid of being hurt.

In fact, before this, there was also a murderer Liu Yongzhe who was in panic in South Korea. He hunted and killed 19 people in a year, setting the “highest record” of single killings in South Korea, becoming the number one murder in South Korean history. Crazy demons, who kill rich people and women, have caused a huge psychological impact on society. Why does he hate rich men and women, and what motivates him to embark on the path of crime? What is his fate?

Unfortunate encounter
In April 1970, Yoo Yongzhe was born in a poor family in Gochang County, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea. When he was 1 year old, his family moved to Seoul (now Seoul). My father does physical work, my mother does odd jobs in the urban-rural junction, and his family has an older brother Liu Shiping who is two years older than him. The family was unable to make ends meet, and the brothers grew up amidst hunger and the noise of their parents.

Whenever he sees other children living in a carefree life, Liu Yongzhe is very jealous. Since there is no money to buy what he wants, he tries to steal it. Once, he stole the change of a classmate, was caught on the spot, and was almost expelled from the school. Because of doing sneaky things all day, the grades have been poor, and I can only go to the worst high school. There, he came into contact with more bad boys, learned robbery and fraud, and often went to and out of the juvenile correctional facility.

After graduating from high school, Liu Yongzhe, who was not admitted to college, took a job in sewer management. Because of his withdrawn personality and many bad ailments, Liu Yongzhe has never had a true friend since he was a child, and his only friend is his brother Liu Shiping. Before going out to work, Liu Shiping patted him on the shoulder and said, “Work hard and stop doing bad things.” Liu Yongzhe nodded and left home.

One year later, after Liu Yongzhe returned home, he ran into his father and died of epilepsy. Liu Yongzhe was shocked. Epilepsy is hereditary. Liu Shiping suffers from epilepsy and has seizures from time to time. Liu Yongzhe thinks that he must have inherited this terrible disease, but it hasn’t happened temporarily. He felt that God was very unfair, making him poor and sick. As if retaliating against society, he started theft and robbery again. With money, he went to find a massage girl to kill time.

In the process, he met the masseur Park Minzhen and held a wedding in April 1990. In the second year after marriage, Park Minzhen gave birth to a son. Despite becoming a father, Liu Yongzhe has not changed, often committing crimes and going to jail.

In 1994, Liu Shiping died of epilepsy. This incident was a big blow to Yoo Yongzhe. He felt a sense of “death is coming” in his heart. He always thought about it randomly: “Dad is dead, and brother is also dead. Soon it will be my turn!” Park Minzhen tried to comfort him. : “No, you haven’t had an attack once, don’t think about it.” This kind of comfort has no effect on Liu Yongzhe. He once entered the psychiatric sanatorium in the center of Seoul for a three-month recuperation due to mental problems. While taking care of his son, Park Minzhen is exhausted and has to endure Yoo Yongzhe’s emotions.

In May 2002, Liu Yongzhe was arrested and imprisoned again for burglary. Park Minzhen finally couldn’t bear it and filed for divorce against Yoo Yongzhe. Liu Yongzhe was furious: “You left me because you detested my poverty, you a woman who admires vanity!” Pu Minzhen was speechless, and left with a sneer.

Three months later, Liu Yongzhe received the bad news again that his mother died of illness due to overwork. Liu Yongzhe burst into tears: “I have no relatives, everyone is leaving me.”

At this moment, he saw reports of the serial killings of South Korea’s Jeong Doo-young in prison. According to the report, Zheng Douying killed 9 women and children successively from June 1999 to April 2000 before he was arrested. At that moment, Liu Yongzhe felt that all his misfortunes were brought about by poverty, so he especially hated the rich. Why should they live well and enjoy the family happiness. He had the idea of ​​”challenging Zheng Douying”, he wanted to kill more people, and they were all rich.

On September 11, 2003, Liu Yongzhe ushered in the day of his release from prison, but he felt an unprecedented desolation. The gate of the state prison slowly closed behind him, and he walked forward alone, no one came to pick him up. Both his parents and elder brother passed away, and his wife and children had already moved away. He has no home anymore!

Liu Yongzhe returned to Seoul and found a place to live in Xinsadong, Gangnam District. When he witnessed the good life of residents in nearby noble residential areas, his twisted heart burst out with endless hatred.

Road to murder
At this time, Liu Yongzhe was blinded by jealousy and hatred, calmly began to prepare the murder plan, ready to embark on the road of killing.

First of all, he determined the target object, that is, the elderly rich, because their physical strength can not compete with them, and they are at home, and it is easy to find a chance to start.

At 9:30 in the morning on September 24, 2003, Liu Yongzhe disguised as a maintenance worker and entered a two-story single house in Jiangnan District. The couple living here are Li Minghua, an emeritus professor at Shuming Women’s University. Li Minghua is 73 years old and his wife Li Zhenyu is 68 years old. Li Zhenyu had no defense against Liu Yongzhe’s arrival, and politely let him into the house. As a result, as soon as Liu Yongzhe came in, he raised a mace to beat Li Zhenyu alive. Li Minghua rushed to hear the sound, but Liu Yongzhe smashed to death with a mace. This was the first time he had killed, and he didn’t take away any valuables. The pleasure of killing has made him very satisfied.

Liu Yongzhe was very cautious about killing, had a detailed plan, stepped up to understand the situation in advance, and chose to commit the crime when the young and middle-aged were not at home. Soon, he chose the next target, Kang Eunyoung’s house in Jidong-dong, Jongno-gu. 85-year-old Jiang Enying lives with his 60-year-old daughter-in-law Li Xiujing, and 35-year-old grandson Gao Minjun. Usually, Gao Minjun needs to go out to work.

At 3 pm on October 9, 2003, Liu Yongzhe pretended to be a salesman and knocked on Jiang Enying’s door. After entering the door, he quickly smashed Jiang Enying to death, then entered the inner room and smashed Li Xiujing who had not reacted to death. However, what Liu Yongzhe didn’t expect was that Gao Minjun was at home. He heard the noise and walked out of the room: “Grandma, aunt——” It turned out that Gao Minjun was supposed to work in the office this day, but because of his poor health Comfortable asked for leave from the office to rest at home. Liu Yongzhe was taken aback at first, but seeing Gao Minjun’s appearance weakened due to physical discomfort, he immediately gained confidence, rushed forward, and beat Gao Minjun to death. “You should have gone to work, so you won’t suffer this bad luck.” Liu Yongzhe put on a faint sentence and walked away.

Next, he targeted Cui Chenghao, general manager of the Quartermaster Enterprise in Sanchengdong, Jiangnan District, because when he was out for dinner, he heard two customers say that Cui Chenghao is rich, and he hates rich people most.

At 9 o’clock in the morning a week later, Liu Yongzhe, dressed as a delivery worker, came to the home of 71-year-old Cui Chenghao and beat Cui Chenghao to death with a hammer. Cui Chenghao’s 69-year-old wife and maid collapsed to the ground in fright. Liu Yongzhe said blankly: “I only wanted to kill him, but since you saw him, you can only go to death.” , He brutally killed the two.

In order to attract people’s attention and mislead the police, Liu Yongzhe deliberately turned the closet into a mess, left scratches on the safe, disguised the scene as a robbery, and quickly fled.

The successive homicides have attracted the attention of the police. The police found that the three cases were quite similar in modus operandi, so they carried out a combined investigation. They demarcated the murderer’s general scope of crimes, and installed surveillance and focused investigations. However, lacking personal evidence, Liu Yongzhe deliberately left clues that misled the police. After a period of investigation, there was still no breakthrough.

Liu Yongzhe saw that the police were not his opponent, and he had the urge to kill again.

At 10 o’clock in the evening on November 18, 2003, Liu Yongzhe broke into a single house in Hyehwa-dong, Jonglu District through a drain, killing the 87-year-old owner Jin Huilan and two middle-aged maids.

The police chief was furious and threatened to catch this murderous demon. South Korean people are caught in a deep panic, especially the elderly rich.

Surprisingly, Liu Yongzhe’s “perfect” series of serial murders was suddenly interrupted in late November 2003. The police believed that this was because they extracted CCTV footage at the scene of the crime on November 18 and wanted him to be publicly wanted, so that he did not dare to act rashly.

In fact, the reason why Liu Yongzhe stopped the killing was that he was in love. This time, he fell in love with a massage girl named Jin Yanxiu. After meeting the gentle and beautiful Jin Yanxiu, Liu Yongzhe’s lonely soul finally received some comfort, and he had the idea of ​​saying goodbye to the past and starting a beautiful new life. He moved to an apartment in Laogushandong, Mapo District, and talked about love with his girlfriend, and when he was in a good mood, he would even paint and write poetry.

Although Liu Yongzhe has poor grades and did not enter the university, he has an amazing artistic talent to paint for his girlfriend among the flowers and plants. Jin Yanxiu took the portrait Liu Yongzhe drew for herself, and was very surprised: “You paint really well, you really have a talent for painting.” When the love is deep, he will also write poems to express his love for Jin Yanxiu, let Jin Yan Xiu Xin was happy.

Jin Yanxiu’s thoughtfulness and virtuousness made Liu Yongzhe feel at home. He was willing to confess his experience to Jin Yanxiu, but for fear of frightening Jin Yanxiu, he concealed the murder. After Jin Yanxiu heard his tortuous experience, she didn’t say much, she was still with him happily. Liu Yongzhe was greatly moved and believed that they were a natural pair.

In January 2004, Liu Yongzhe plucked up the courage to propose to Jin Yanxiu, but he never expected to be rejected by Jin Yanxiu. Jin Yanxiu said: “I am very happy with you, but I never thought about marrying you.” It turned out that she disliked Liu Yongzhe for criminal history and epilepsy, and worried that he would go to jail again or have a sudden epilepsy. She died, which made her feel very insecure.

Thinking of the ex-wife who was also a massage girl, Liu Yongzhe, who was abandoned by the same woman twice in a row, was deeply hit, and his evil heart quickly swelled and wanted to kill these two women.

However, when he found his ex-wife and planned to do it, he thought of his young son. If the ex-wife dies, what should the son do? Liu Yongzhe thought about it again and again, and finally did not start, leaving alone. Immediately afterwards, he went to look for Jin Yanxiu, only to find that their family had moved out of Seoul and disappeared.

Liu Yongzhe clenched his fists, resentful.

Demon Resurrection
The devil in his heart had recovered, and Liu Yongzhe set foot on his murderous road again. Both his ex-wife and Kim Yeon-soo are massaging women, and he decided to retaliate against this group.

He formulated a more detailed and thorough killing plan. First, Liu Yongzhe bought fake handcuffs, knives, chainsaws, red hammers, scissors and other tools at Namdaemun Market for 30,000 won; then, he used proficient drawing skills to draw the police’s identity documents, and then use the computer at home. Process and print out realistic fake police certificates.

On February 26, 2004, Liu Yongzhe dialed the massager Zheng Zhilan’s phone and asked her to call for service. Unexpectedly, Zheng Zhilan replied: “I’m sorry, it’s too far away. I’m not feeling well today, so I won’t go out.” Just when Zheng Zhilan was about to hang up, Liu Yongzhe said that he could go to her residence to find her. The price is not a problem. Zheng Zhilan hesitated for a moment, but agreed. Liu Yongzhe took the hammer and acted immediately. After arriving at Zheng Zhilan’s home, Liu Yongzhe had a relationship with him, taking advantage of the situation, he used a hammer to force her to death. Fearing that fingerprints, hair and other things left on the scene would be used for DNA testing, the house was burnt down to cover up the truth.

After the incident, the police thought it was a vendetta, and did not connect this case with the previous homicide at all. The police investigated the victim’s interpersonal relationship in detail, and wasted a lot of manpower and material resources without being able to solve the case.

Two weeks later, Liu Yongzhe shot again. He called the massage girl Park Seung-mi and asked for on-site service. Park Seongmi agreed with a smile, but as soon as he stepped into Liu Yongzhe’s house, he was hit to death with a hammer. Liu Yongzhe dragged the corpse into the bathroom and dissected the corpse. Because of too much blood, it was inconvenient to throw the corpse. He left the corpse in the bathroom for a day and night. After the blood was drained, he put it in a black plastic bag. Behind the mountain, buried the corpse. Liu Yongzhe was cautious, worried that the plastic bag containing the corpse would leave fingerprints. After burying the corpse, he destroyed the plastic bag.

After killing two massaging women one after another, Liu Yongzhe was greatly satisfied in his heart, as if he had succeeded in revenge, but his ex-wife and ex-girlfriend are still alive after all, so he still will not stop killing massaging women.

On March 24, 2004, I called the masseur Li Enxing and asked her to meet on the street. The other party arrived as scheduled. Suddenly, Liu Yongzhe showed Li Enxing a forged police ID, detained her with fake handcuffs, and said solemnly: “I’m here to investigate you women in the dust, please get in the car and walk with me.” Li Enxing believed it was true and obeyed. The ground left with Liu Yongzhe.

After tricking Li Enxing into the house, Liu Yongzhe killed him with a blunt weapon. Li Enxing let out a scream before he died, then fell heavily to the ground, no breath.

It was this scream and the sound of her falling to the ground that attracted the attention of the neighbors. Liu Yongzhe heard the neighbor knocking on the door: “I seem to hear someone calling, what happened? Do you need help?” Liu Yongzhe got out of a cold sweat, calmly turned on the TV, and said through the door: “I’m just Watching TV. I’m so sorry, I’ve made you noise, I’ll turn down my voice now.” “Oh, okay.” The neighbor had no doubts, turned and went back to his house.

Liu Yongzhe escaped the catastrophe and continued to divide the body. In order to remove the handcuff marks on Li Enxing’s wrist, he directly chopped off his wrist and burned his hands.

The next night, Liu Yongzhe put the body in a plastic bag as before, and took a taxi to the back mountain of Fengyuan Temple to bury it. Who knows, after seeing the plastic bag, the driver frowned and asked Liu Yongzhe: “What’s in such a big plastic bag?” Liu Yongzhe was taken aback for a moment, and the answer was soon in his heart: “Oh, I am a butcher. This is some beef and mutton delivered to the restaurant.” There is no flaw in the answer, and the driver nodded and stopped asking.

Although the killing and burying of the body was not particularly smooth, it was finally shocking. Liu Yongzhe breathed a sigh of relief.

Although there are frequent missing masseurs, few people report the case because of their special occupations. The owner of the massage parlor thought they were abducted or ran away by themselves.

As more people were killed, Liu Yongzhe’s techniques became more skilled. From April 6, 2004 to May 26, 2004, he used the method of treating Li Enxing and killed five masseurs. By this time, Liu Yongzhe had killed 19 people, and the last two victims were from the same massage parlor-Huatian Huacong Massage Parlor.

Liu Yongzhe, who had succeeded many times, slowly relaxed his vigilance. He actually attacked Huatian Huacong Massage Center for the third time on July 15, 2004. This was a particularly risky thing. When he dialed the number of the massage parlor, the boss immediately recognized his phone number, and he was deeply puzzled whether the first two masseurs would return. While dealing with Liu Yongzhe carefully, the boss called the police: “The man who had asked two missing massage girls in our shop has called again.”

The mobile investigation team of the Seoul Local Police Agency moved after hearing the news and successfully arrested Liu Yongzhe. The police did not expect that, before waiting for questioning, Liu Yongzhe arrogantly declared himself: “My name is Liu Yongzhe, and I am the serial murderer you are looking for.” The police were taken aback, but Liu Yongzhe laughed at the police’s incompetence and had nothing to do with him.

At 12 o’clock that evening, when Liu Yongzhe was questioned by the police, he suddenly fell to the ground and bit his tongue. This is a typical symptom of epileptic seizures. The police were suddenly in a hurry and hurriedly opened the handcuffs and prepared to send him to the hospital for treatment. What was unexpected was that at the moment when the police were taken lightly, Liu Yongzhe pulled away and ran away without a trace. It turned out that he was pretending to have a seizur

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