Selling 1 billion bottles a year, why does it counterattack and become a “net celebrity”?

In the beer industry where the market is almost saturated and the growth is sluggish, an old beer in the fourth and fifth tiers, which was almost lifeless, has risen against the trend in the past two years and achieved explosive growth. It sold 2.6 million bottles in one day and sold in one year. More than 1 billion bottles, and quickly became popular on short video platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou, and Station B, becoming a “net celebrity” in the current beer market. This is Xinjiang Wusu Beer, which is nicknamed the “Death-Death Wusu”.

The counterattack of Wusu Beer has become popular, and people have to sigh that the power and magic of online marketing can turn corruption into magic, turning an unknown “little milk student” into a first-line “big star”.

So why did Wusu Beer succeed in its counterattack?

Unique western style
From the perspective of customers’ minds, consumers like to pursue fashion trends and are bored with the old. The more unique things are more easily accepted by them. And Wusu possesses such unique connotations, conditions and anomalies. For Xinjiang, most people have a more obvious desire to explore and pursue, and there is also a regional cultural cognition including magic, beauty, and vastness. When they hear that it is a beer from Xinjiang, they will naturally want to taste something new. feel.

Therefore, geographical location is also a very important mental resource. It is precisely because of Xinjiang’s unique geographical location and culture that Wusu Beer’s unique regional characteristics have been strengthened. If there is no geographical concept of “Western Regions” and “Xinjiang”, Wusu Beer should Success is a lot harder.

Unique brand characteristics
First of all, more than 20 years ago, beer was mostly at 12 degrees and 11 degrees, with high alcohol content, while “light beer” was a tributary of the market, relatively rare and unique; after 2010, in order to cater to the trend, light beer became the mainstream of the market, 8-9 Alcoholic beer overwhelms the market, while beer with high alcohol content has become scarce and unique.

Nowadays, domestic beers are basically industrial beers. One part is to cater to the taste of the general public, and the other part is to reduce the cost. The alcohol content is getting lighter and weaker. The alcohol content is ≥3%vol and the wort concentration ≥8°P. This kind of beer has less foam. , The taste is weak and the flavor is not very good. Some drinkers even call this beer “beer”, which means it tastes like boiled water. In contrast, Wusu has an alcohol content of ≥4%vol and a wort concentration of ≥11°P. It has a rich and rich taste, which is unique and unique, just like Guo Degang’s saying “It’s all based on peers.” .

Secondly, the Wusu beer has a large capacity and a lot of filling, with two or even four bottles at the top of a bottle. High-end beers such as Budweiser, Heineken, and Qingdao are mostly 155mL small bottles, and the market base price starts at 10 yuan. For consumers with a large amount of alcohol, it is like “burning money”. In terms of capacity, Wusu Beer is “excellent for the price”, and it is indeed worthy of the name “Great Wusu”.

Drinkers who usually drink seven or eight bottles of light beer have no problem. When they encounter two or three bottles of Wusu beer, their mouths may be constricted. If the amount of alcohol is not good, they will feel dizzy after a few sips, and one or two bottles may be “floating.” Floating like a fairy”, full of stamina, really “deadly ecstasy.” But the more this is the case, the more people will try and refuse to admit defeat.

Alcohol is easy to get drunk. In the past, it was not the advantage of the product. According to the public’s perception, fast sobering was the advantage. However, because of its high intoxication, this differentiation has formed a distinctive feature. Therefore, Wusu Beer relied on the differentiation of high alcohol content and large capacity to quickly grab the freshness of consumers and became a “net celebrity”.

Aiming at the channel power behind the brand
Wusu Beer has created a new category in the minds of customers: a new category of beer in Xinjiang. In order for Xinjiang beer like Wusu Beer to go far, it is necessary to build differentiated channels to complement it.

So at this time, Wusu Beer decided to use barbecue shops that are difficult to cover by the five major beer brands as a breakthrough. In 30 large and medium-sized cities outside Xinjiang, it has covered 26,000 barbecue shops with related cooperative relations with it, especially the Northwest barbecue, forming a unique New channel power.

Barbecue shops are generally the consumer terminals that the five major beer brands are difficult to cover and are relatively weak. This makes Wusu beer easy to make smoothly, and the combination of barbecue and beer is the favorite of the Chinese people and easy to promote.

Furthermore, channel profits are high and the thrust is more sufficient. As far as distributors and terminal businesses are concerned, I will work hard on whoever gives more profits. According to the survey results, the profit of Wusu Beer’s distributors can usually reach 10 yuan/case, and the terminal profit is as high as 40 yuan/case; while mainstream beer distributors’ profit is usually 6 yuan/case, and the terminal profit is 20 yuan/case. . On the whole, Wusu Beer’s channel profit is even higher than that of Budweiser and Heineken. Therefore, Wusu beer is more tempting, and the channel thrust is more sufficient.

Deploy new retail channels and realize online and offline linkage sales through multiple modes such as live broadcast and e-commerce. In the JD Drinks Channel, one of the most classic red canned versions of its brand has recently been among the top ten best sellers, ranking seventh, but in terms of the number of purchases, the number of 530,000 jumped directly to the fourth place, the top three. They are Tsingtao Beer, Harbin Beer and Aishibao Wheat White Beer. It is not easy for an old brand to quickly become popular in online channels. In the next three years, Wusu Beer plans to increase its online share to 30%.

Comes with the Internet topic: “Death to Death” Big Wusu, “Kill You”
The positioning slogan is an expression of brand positioning in a lively and interesting way that is easy to enter the mind. It is an effective way to establish a brand and open the market. Wusu Beer formulated its own communication slogan “Wusu Beer, meet a good brother”, but this slogan does not have the ability to self-propagate.

Fortunately, because of its strong alcohol and slow decanting time, many netizens gave it a nickname: “Deathing Wusu”, which suddenly became a word-of-mouth and unforgettable positioning slogan, with the help of shaking Platforms such as Yin, Kuaishou, etc., have formed a “net celebrity” effect, and word-of-mouth marketing spreads quickly.

It’s worth mentioning that Wusu Beer’s logo “WUSU” was “played badly” by netizens abruptly, and it was pronounced as “NSNM” by everyone. Die you, see who is powerful, it means “fighting wine”. As a result, “It turns out that Wusu can not only get drunk, but also lives” this slogan spreads more and more widely. This is a kind of market Pinyin culture, along with the ICBC’s logo “Love to save or not to save” and Porsche’s Latin “Broken Used Car”. At the same time, it echoes the folk nickname of Wusu Beer, “Deathing Big Wusu”. This interpretation undoubtedly added another topic, which further aroused the resonance of netizens and accelerated the spread.

At the moment, at station B, which knows young people best, search for the keyword “Wusu”, and the most viewed video is from an up host with more than 8 million fans. The title is “I heard that a bottle of Wusu beer Can make you drunk? “.

In short, with the help of B Station, Douyin, Kuaishou and other platforms, Wusu Beer has done enough marketing with its own topics, forming a gimmick on the Internet, reflecting the biggest feature of “easy to get drunk” and catering to young people who like to compete with alcohol Psychology has shaped the differentiation of the brand. The most important thing is that young people who don’t know much about beer but like to drink beer, like to try, like style, but don’t understand style. This is also a flow blessing of spontaneous propaganda. Jiang Xiaobai also used Weibo to create various online topics and gained great attention, quickly becoming a trendy brand and leading consumer fashion.

A chance encounter with “Bo Le” Carlsberg is like a fish in water
Wusu Beer was born in Wusu City, Xinjiang in 1986, with an initial annual output of only 5,000 tons. Later, due to development needs, the headquarters moved to Urumqi, but Wusu City still has two production lines. Ten years later, in addition to Xinjiang Beer, Wusu Beer and Luyunbao Beer, each state or locality has its own brands on the Xinjiang market, such as Shawan Beer and Changji Beer. At the end of 1998, there were 22 beer in Xinjiang.

In the long-term battle of big fish and small fish, Wusu Beer is almost bloodless and needs to work hard to find a way of life of its own.

In 2003, Wusu Beer and Sichuan Blue Sword Group signed a 50-year joint venture agreement. After that, Wusu Beer was placed under the custody of Blue Sword Group. However, Wusu Beer did not shine in the hands of the Blue Sword Group, but fell into a loss. By 2005, Blue Sword Group and Carlsberg, the world’s third largest brewer, jointly invested in the establishment of Blue Sword Brewing. As a result, Wusu Beer joined hands with Carlsberg and became its joint venture holding subsidiary.

By May 2016, Carlsberg completed the acquisition of 100% equity in Wusu Beer from Blue Sword Group, and Wusu Beer became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Carlsberg. Since then, Wusu Beer has changed from a pure “Xinjiang Balangzi” to a “Northern Cold Prince”. With sufficient financial and resources to promote it nationwide, it has ushered in a leap-forward development and started in 2018. The national expansion journey.

With the support of Carlsberg’s sufficient financial and resources, Wusu Beer swallowed well-known local Xinjiang brands such as Changji Beer, Kashgar Beer, Huocheng Beer and Tianshan Beer. Today, Yiqi Juechen has rushed out of Xinjiang and established nearly 10 production companies across the country in the past two years. Its product sales channels cover more than 30 provinces and cities, and it has become one of the beer brands with faster growth in cross-regional marketing of local beer brands. , And quickly became a “beer internet celebrity.”

Concluding remarks
Now, with the label of “large capacity, full wine, three bottles, Xinjiang characteristics”, coupled with Carlsberg’s capital, Wusu Beer is speeding up its expansion in foreign markets in a high-profile manner.

However, if Wusu Beer is to truly become a new star and new engine in the beer industry, there is still a long way to go in the future, and it will face more follow-up challenges from Chinese and foreign competitors.

One is the encirclement and suppression of imported beer. Heavy and large-capacity imported beer, mainly German dark beer, draft beer, puree, etc., has already been heavily deployed, and the penetration will surely be accelerated in the future;

Second, the domestic giants, mainly Tsingtao Brewery and Snowflake, have been vigilant and will speed up Chen Bing’s response, and prevent new competitors from disrupting the situation through more diverse and more flavorful product layouts;

Third, as a new riser and a new challenger, Wusu Beer must beware of the ebb impact of the “net celebrity effect” that comes and goes fast, always create topics to increase marketing vitality, and maintain the freshness and vitality of the brand.