Sell ​​one piece every 8 seconds, why is it?

Last year, a dark horse broke into the “Double 11” underwear industry, and occupied the top of the “Double 11” underwear list with a proud posture. It is ubras.

In just four years of its establishment, sales exceeded 1 billion yuan, and its underwear sales ranking ranked first in the entire network, far surpassing the established underwear Metropolitan Beauty, Manifen, Aimer, etc., and also left well-known rookie brands behind.

In fact, ubras frequently boarded the live broadcast rooms of head anchors such as Wei Ya and Liu Tao. In 2020, when most brands are experiencing a cold winter, it has created nearly 1 million monthly sales and a bra market share of 94.1%. , And in September 2020, it received hundreds of millions of yuan in B+ round financing led by Sequoia Capital. How did this “plain” underwear brand become popular? How does it achieve an explosion from 0 to 1 through effective marketing methods?

Capture the new needs of users under the “her economy”
Conforming to the pleasure of new women’s needs, finding category opportunities, and breaking through with “size-free underwear”, this was the first reason for ubras’ success.

With the development of social economy and the improvement of women’s status, more and more women have begun to abandon the traditional thinking framework centered on men, and instead pursue their own physical and mental pleasure. The manifestation of this in underwear is the gradual shift from functional to comfortable demand.

With the rise of women’s rights awareness, many countries have begun to set off a no-steel ring movement, calling for the liberation of the chest and the pursuit of comfort.

In recent years, Generation Z has taken on the banner of the main consumer force. The “Rimless Movement” pursues breakthrough and liberation, but women in the new era and even Generation Z consumers need zero restraint and extreme freedom.

Although the uncomfortable rims are removed for the rimless underwear, it still retains a stronger cup mold. What young consumers need is an underwear product that is more able to release themselves.

The root of ubras’ success lies in the keen discovery of the needs of young women, and with the liberation of female breasts as the starting point, it launched an upgraded version of rimless underwear-“size-free underwear”, creating a brand new category.

With “size-free underwear”, ubras seized the entire underwear market in one fell swoop, and set off a revolution in the Chinese underwear industry. Many new and old brands have begun to follow suit and launch their own size-free underwear.

The emergence and innovation of products always seem to follow the changes in market demand, and this is the case in all walks of life, and the underwear industry is no exception. When consumers are pursuing comfortable and healthy rimless underwear, ubras has launched a more user-friendly “size-free underwear”. It is such a differentiated product category that makes ubras stand out.

Full-link marketing combination to maximize brand voice and sales
Like other newly emerging brands, the effective layout of social media platforms is undoubtedly an important marketing decision for ubras. ubras is actively using mainstream marketing methods such as live streaming, cultivating grass, celebrity endorsements, and private domain operations to occupy the minds of users. Social platforms such as Xiaohongshu, Douyin, and Weibo remain untouched, including Zhihu also everywhere” Questions and answers on ubras underwear light and thin experience”.

1. “Head anchor + celebrity” live broadcast matrix to amplify brand voice

Ubras can become a dark horse in the underwear market in a short period of time, which is closely related to its seizure of live broadcast. The visual characteristics of the live broadcast room make many categories stand out in this wave of trends. The “live broadcast fever” allowed ubras to see an opportunity and began to use the live broadcast e-commerce platform to amplify traffic, and it also allowed the brand to explode. Ubras plays a set of combined punches on live broadcast. It cleverly constructs a live broadcast matrix by means of head anchors, celebrity live broadcasts, and store self-broadcasting. It uses anchors to bring sales, celebrity voices, and store viscosity. Combine your fists to strike out and start measuring quickly.

Starting in March last year, the brand’s live broadcast frequency has become higher and higher, and its store sales have increasingly relied on the live broadcast room.

In the March 8th Festival, the brand used live broadcast combination boxing led by Wei Ya to hit the super single product. The non-size bra single product ranked first in the industry, and the number of sales exceeded 100,000. From April to June, ubras began to sell seamless underwear. , Sports pants and other items were put on the schedule of the live broadcast room; in August, ubras increased the live broadcast efforts in conjunction with the new muscle bottoms. Throughout its series of actions, it is tight and rhythmic, constantly grabbing consumers’ attention.

In addition to binding the two super-head anchors Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi, among the anchors that carry goods for ubras, there are also non-girl stars, such as Ouyang Nana and Wu Xin. The celebrity live-streaming route is a prominent feature that distinguishes ubras from other underwear brands.

2. Comprehensive coverage of other social media platforms to achieve widespread planting outside the site

In addition to live broadcasts, ubras also launched large-scale off-site broadcasts on Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Douyin, and Station B.

Weibo targets are mainly mid-waist talents, and the content is mainly based on new product releases in line with the brand; Douyin is mainly based on information streams related to spokesperson Ouyang Nana; Xiaohongshu is mainly focused on mid-waist talents, content More emphasis on daily grass planting. The main targets of B station are mid-waist clothing and beauty UP owners. Brands used to be intensively launched in October and November to match the “Double 11” gold sales. Affected by the epidemic, ubras has increased its efforts at station B since April last year to increase brand exposure, and continued its efforts in August to coordinate with the launch of muscle bottoms and the “Double 11” warm-up.

3. Establish a private domain traffic pool to increase user stickiness

ubras attaches great importance to the operation of private domain traffic. As early as July 2019, ubras started operating a private domain, using the WeChat personal account “U’s Miao” to reach users. The personal account often publishes benefits such as try-on activities in the circle of friends, and there will be a series of event previews, and even Drain the stream back to the live broadcast room.

At the same time, the brand uses incentives to invite ordinary consumers to post orders on the Xiaohongshu, forming a closed loop with private domains. After consumers receive the product, scan the QR code to add their personal number, they will receive an invitation for posting orders from Xiaohongshu. After Xiaohongshu sends product photos and content with designated keywords, they can be successfully reviewed Get a free piece of underwear at your own postage.

Through live combination boxing and a series of off-site planting, ubras has achieved amazing results in 2020. It can be seen that the success of ubras is inseparable from the omni-channel social media platform marketing layout. Today, the brand has formed a complete closed-loop link for planting grass in the private domain, Xiaohongshu and the live broadcast room: place an order in the live broadcast room-scan the code after receiving the goods and enter the private domain-lead the WeChat personal account to Xiaohongshu-publish a single grass —Enter the live broadcast room again to complete the purchase. Created a new pattern of brand marketing.

Fancy marketing methods to snipe Gen Z
In order to penetrate into the context of young consumers and enhance brand value at the same time, ubras has made a lot of efforts. Choose Ouyang Nana, whose tonality and fan portrait match the brand, as the spokesperson, and launch the blind box series to narrow the distance with young people and so on.

First of all, sign up for brand spokespersons and use celebrity influence to penetrate young consumer circles. The signing of the spokesperson is not only a new exploration for ubras to achieve a brand upgrade, but also for the first time to show the industry its self-developed non-size products. Ouyang Nana became the first brand spokesperson for ubras. As a genius cellist, her sunny, self-confident and independent character is consistent with ubras’s brand positioning of pursuing more “brave, free, independent and comfortable”. Ouyang Nana The inner temperament of the brand also fits perfectly with the concept that the brand wants to express.

In addition to Ouyang Nana, ubras has also cooperated with many actresses. During the “Double 11” period last year, on Xiaohongshu, Weibo, Douyin and other major platforms, you can see videos of female stars planting grass ubras such as Ouyang Nana, Zhang Hanyun, Meng Jia, Kan Qingzi, Xu Lu and so on.

Second, customize brand IP symbols to increase brand recognition. In recent years, IP has been constantly mentioned as a hot word in the marketing field, and the creation of IP image has also been included in marketing strategies by many brands. ubras created the brand IP “Umiao” for itself, using the image of a cat to narrow the distance with young consumers, and the personal account of the private domain also continued the brand’s cartoon IP.

In addition, ubras took a fancy to the popularity of blind box marketing and played with blind box marketing. By launching the “UU box”, it created more brand interest and increased interaction with young users. The ubras mysterious blind box contains 8 pieces of underwear, 8 different colors, and 8 lucky patterns. Each pattern has a different meaning.

Whether it is signing the popular Xiaohua Ouyang Nana, or launching brand IP and blind box products, it is the product of brand marketing under ubras’s insight into the concept of generation Z consumption. It can be said that ubras is very good at dealing with young people and has done a great job.

Concluding remarks
The key to the success of ubras is the following three points: starting from the pleasure needs of new people, finding opportunities in the category of “size-free underwear” to meet the comfort and spiritual needs of new women for underwear; through youthful marketing methods, in-depth young user context, occupation User’s mind; to take advantage of social media platform dividends, use multi-matrix, multi-channel to quickly increase.

Although ubras has successfully harvested a large wave of traffic with its non-size underwear, with the successive entry of other underwear brands, ubras is facing increasingly fierce competition in the “size-free” field. For example, Jiao Nei has also recently launched a size-free bra, and Jiao Nei has already had a certain user mind and reputation in terms of thermal clothing and underwear. It will become the biggest competitor of ubras on the track of all categories of underwear.

Moreover, in terms of brand building, ubras’ shortcomings are also very obvious. Therefore, ubras must focus on the two aspects of “product value” and “brand power”. Because it is far from enough to rely on products and spokespersons to meet the needs of consumers, in terms of marketing, ubras needs to be further combined with feminism and hold more campaigns to resonate with women and achieve the effect of combining quality and effectiveness. .