Embarrassment is sometimes a person’s privacy. It may be suffocation, misery, hardship, or just powerlessness. In the same world to make a living everywhere, if you want to come, no one wants to alarm others because of their own short-term stretch. However, accidents are often uninvited guests, and not everyone can deal with them alone. Therefore, it is not difficult to find that those who have a sharp edge become low profile, and some stubborn people become submissive.

At this time, instinct began to ask for help.

The love and hope in the world, even if it is weak, will always give some answers to all requests for help.

Anyone who has never experienced internal or external difficulties, knows your burning eyebrows, and is willing to solve your burning eyebrows, is one or two of those three and four confidantes who care for each other. Sending charcoal in the snow, the reason why we are impressed is that it is something we can meet but not ask for. Generosity is a letter that does not require alliances, nor is it an oath that does not need to be taken. For such a person, I have to be icy in my heart, a thousand words are unnecessary, and it will appear to be superfluous.

Of course, the one who helps is best to be yourself.

People say that the most wonderful realm is just an ancient house in the mountains, half a room in the clouds, and a half room in the old monk. The world embraces the hustle and bustle and bustle, but there are people who only borrow a mountain, a house, and a cloud, and they will startle us. My heart is turbulent, and I can support myself. It turns out that in addition to being able to talk to others, there is also a person’s chat and laughter.

Often, a person is isolated and helpless, and he starts from himself. Started with great fanfare, not halfway, enthusiasm was exhausted, and I had to wait and see; the facts speak louder than words, the past dreams back at midnight, and the cherishment of people and the cold tea, but missed the way of the present; Careful everywhere, such people who are not as sincere as they can go far; life needs to be handled properly by oneself, someone will do it for you, and you will lose the initiative…

If people do not compromise with the world, the world has to face up to this stubbornness and perseverance. The spring tide brings rain late and is anxious, and there is no one in the wild. If you decide to go, the little boat can also carry passengers through the waves. Self-rescue water and fire may not be believed, at least before the arrival of foreign aid, he had prepared long ago and did not sit still.

Inviting the moon to the shadows, you can become a three-person companion to have a drink; the lone boat cuts the water, and you have to send two rows of clear waves to each other. People who are broad and majestic, embarrassment will be long overdue.

In fact, there are two ways of self-support: one is to care for the vast world of people, and the other is to integrate into nature.

No matter how timely he is, he can’t compare with the strength he gave. The former can solve it, but it is a temporary emergency, and the latter can help, and it will be used for life.