Seeing your inner self-confidence from “Versailles Literature”

Recently, the ten buzzwords of 2020 have been released in “Chew Words”. “Versailles Literature” and “Worker Fighting”, “Hou Lang” and “Retrograde” are included in the list, which should be regarded as an affirmation of Fanxue’s social influence. The internet hot word “Versailles Literature” was born thanks to the netizen “Little Milk Ball”. It specifically refers to a discourse mode of “showing off in a low-key manner”. This discourse mode first suppresses and then promotes, both publicly and secretly praised. , Talking to himself, showing off with a tone of pretending to be distressed and unhappy. It may sound like a new thing at first, but you might as well remember that when we were in school, would there be a lot of complaints from classmates around us that there was no time to review a certain exam, and when the score came down, he dumped you for several blocks. This is not Versailles literature anymore. The same expression is condensed and accurately packaged and named.

Differences and dissent under Fanxueda
The word “Versailles literature” has actually appeared for more than half a year, but it has been tepid. Ma Yun “My least favorite is money”, Liu Qiangdong “I am a blind face, I don’t know whether my wife is beautiful or not”, Sa Beining “Beijing University is okay”…respected by netizens as the representative of Versailles documentary literature, namely Really based on reality. However, what finally brought Fan Xue out of the circle this time was the Versailles fictional literature represented by Meng Qiqi. The fantasy-based false Fan features both the core of Marie Su’s literature and the wording of Versailles, resulting in unprecedented expression. Additive effect.

Looking through every piece of Meng Qiqi’s fame, there is no sense of disobedience in any youth romance novel. Every detail accurately grasps the aesthetics and fantasy of the little girl, and the personality of the waste girl and the elite master. It is more like a renaissance of Mary Su literature’s transition from paper media to Internet social platforms. It is just a ride on the popular school expression, relying on old wine to fill new bottles, and it is completely popular.

Here comes the problem, Versailles fictional literature is undoubtedly Versailles, but there are still a group of “victors of Versailles” in the documentary literature of Versailles. Is the premise of Versailles literature delineation to look at the feelings of the audience, or to look at the original intention of the communicator? One day, a friend called me, and as soon as I connected, I heard her crying over there. After a long time, I dared to ask, “What happened?” She calmed down a bit, and said sobbing: “My father disrespects me too much! He, he bought me a house in Beijing!” I cautiously tried: “Do you want you to repay the loan?” She said, “No, I bought it in full.” I asked again: “Is the house too small?” “No, 180 square meters.” “Is the location too off?” “No, it’s on the North Second Ring Road.” I paused for a few seconds, only to hear her cry again: “Because he didn’t ask my opinion in advance, and he didn’t respect me at all…” I couldn’t control my anger and hung up. Phone. Not long after, she sent a WeChat message: “I thought you could understand me, why did you hang up my phone like them? I’m really uncomfortable.”

Later, I suddenly realized that her pain was real, but this kind of pain was incomprehensible to most people. She was talking about the troubles of her daily life. I thought it was bizarre because I didn’t belong to her circle. Part of the effect of Versailles literature may be the gap in expression and understanding between different classes and different lifestyles.

Herd: the butterfly effect in human society
The essence of Bokeh creation is to hit the public’s psychology. The number of Chinese netizens is 940 million, of which young netizens account for a considerable number. The topic of emotion and wealth affects their nerves. Most of them desire and cannot reach the high, handsome or white partner, arrogant and comfortable lifestyle. Fantasy is more than reality. When they see someone living the life they admire, it will attract them to tiptoe to the wall to see what it is. Of course, what they don’t know is that they often see the imagination of another group of people who have the same fantasies as them. That’s it. In any case, they became the first group of people sitting in the front row to eat melons.

Where do the followers come from? You know, the network not only spreads hot spots, but also creates hot spots. The online platform not only determines how we “look”, but also determines what we “see”; not only determines what we “say”, but also determines our “how to say”. Open various search engines or social platforms, there are hot search bars to guide netizens, and traffic has its own operating logic. Meng Qiqi mentioned in the interview that because the content of Weibo involved money and class, it was “forcibly pushed to a hot topic, and suddenly it became 3 million views”, until the Weibo about nanny was thrown into it. In the hot pool, the reading volume quickly went from one million to ten million, and finally became a billion-level resource. She said that she was originally a stone and was thrown into the river, “something was spinning at a very fast speed”, which stirred up a big storm.

In the movie “Little Times”, Gu Li told Gu Yuan to be careful not to get his clothes dirty, and yelled: You are wearing Prada! Gong Ming sneered: Who is wearing it here? !

Indeed, you and I may also be involved in this situation. Looking back, one day you walked into the office and listened to everyone talking about who was the princess of Versailles. You were so confused that you couldn’t answer the conversation. In order not to look outdated, you quietly picked up your mobile phone and started Baidu. Everyone’s clicks, searches, or comments are fueling this common learning carnival, and even every appraisal look that is betting for “disgusting” makes the snowball bigger and bigger. The curiosity on the Internet is essentially the same as the long queue at the entrance of the Internet celebrity milk tea shop for an hour or two. The difference is that the cost of following the trend on the Internet is lower. It can be as simple as 5 minutes of browsing and searching, or you can invest in it. Chasing change and turning fans, in short, get a little bit on the side, so as to avoid the fear of becoming an isolated island. Humans are social animals and need to live in groups, establish necessary connections with others, and have common thread clues. If you understand this, I will understand it. If you understand it, you will have a connection point in communication, even if it is only at the superficial level, it is enough. Feel at ease.

Comparative psychology: choose sides in self-confidence boasting and blind comparison
When people define their own social characteristics (such as ability, intelligence, etc.) in real life, they often obtain their meaning in a comparative social environment through comparison with others around them, rather than based on purely objective standards. definition. Psychologist Festinger calls this phenomenon social comparison, it is a universal social psychological phenomenon, which is inevitable in the process of human interaction.

The laughter of self-ridicule in Fanxue mostly lies in comparison with others. In the recent broadcast of “Hello, Life”, several CCTV hosts gathered around and talked about the past when they were studying, but they did not expect to become the “show off” scene of the schoolmaster. Zhang Lei said that she was number one in the art category at the time, and Nigmat was not to be outdone, and frankly admitted that she was also number one. Kang Hui, who has always been calm, also joined the battlefield, sitting on the side and saying indifferently: “Who is not the number one?” In the end, Sa Bening, the king of Versailles, appeared to “crush”, and the sentence “Sit with a bunch of people who still need exams” was triggered. The audience burst into laughter.

If we say that fact-based humor is a positive transformation of comparative psychology, then blind comparison is a negative development of comparative psychology. In the eyes of many people, happiness is comparative, and my happiness lies in living better than you. When we live in a world without a reference object, we may be happy and carefree. Once the reference object appears, the steelyard in our hearts is easily out of balance. As described in a book: “The colonists with swords and swords have appeared, and the aboriginal world is no longer quiet.” Therefore, no matter how frustrated in real life, at least many people have to appear in the virtual space. Not worse than others.

“Vanity” is understandable, but the problem with “Versailles Literature” is that it is too much. In order to achieve the purpose of showing off, in order to overwhelm everyone, create a sense of superiority over others, and even make up something that does not exist. I heard from a friend that there was a “Versailles” in his life circle who accidentally showed off a certain credit card “black card” on social platforms many times. He suspected that the other party might have bought a card sticker on Taobao. Because he himself has this card, the card number should be on the back, but the opponent’s card number is on the front. Sadly, these “Versailles” compilations have lost themselves. If others believe it or not, they believe it anyway.

Inferiority complex: seeking identity in external evaluation
Psychologist Adler believes that each of us has different degrees of inferiority complex, because we all want to make ourselves more worried and live a better life. When a person loses self-confidence and no longer thinks that through his down-to-earth efforts, he can get rid of inferiority complex, but he still cannot bear the torment of inferiority complex, he will continue to try to get rid of them, but the methods he uses are unrealistic. He no longer tried to overcome difficulties, but forced himself to think that he had a sense of superiority. The Versailles literature just provided a haven for many people to escape.

In an interview, Meng Qiqi said frankly: “I want to show off what I lack. This is correct.” Some media calculated the composition of Meng Qiqi’s QQ fan group and found that the post-00s and post-90s accounted for 91%, and girls accounted for 91%. The ratio exceeds 88%. Most girls in adolescence have low self-esteem, and the story that ordinary girls can have a perfect partner is very popular no matter how many years. Most of the ladies who fight for singles to show their superiority are also in the age group of “inherently unconfident and psychologically immature”. In fact, the real rich people never need the blessing of the “Versailles” halo, and the ladies can hardly say the real richness. As the children of the rich, although they are not short of money, what they lack is to accumulate wealth by themselves. Calmness and self-confidence, and mistakenly believe that such self-confidence needs to be sought from materialized external evaluations.

Whether it’s true or false, showing off or ridiculing, the themes around are nothing more than external and material things such as wealth, fame and fortune, and appearance. It reflects the dissatisfaction of mortal scholars towards their true inner self. confidence. In fact, their identities are bound to materiality and class, without other extras. By buying luxury goods and posting in their circle of friends, they put an “identity label” on themselves, hoping to gain recognition and acceptance of higher social groups, the admiration and admiration of lower social groups, and enhance their sense of self-worth and self-esteem. As everyone knows, perhaps using material symbols can be the easiest way to locate who you are, but is it really helpful to know your inner self? Converting beautiful ideals into materialized and materialized content, and defining self-worth and meaning in life with “success” in the eyes of others, is likely to end up being lost in contrived self.

Desire to be seen: image management and shaping of modern people
Carnegie pointed out in the book “The Weakness of Human Nature” that “people are eager to be taken seriously.” To be valued must first be seen, then sustained attention, and finally recognized. There are always moments in our lives when we want to show ourselves and be seen by others, such as wanting to show our super considerate partner; want to show how we are valued and appreciated by leaders; want to show the wealth that we have built up by our hard work; Wait, but we who are educated by traditional culture of humility, we will inevitably worry about being ridiculed when we show ourselves, being questioned is too proud, so we want to cover up when we expose ourselves, so Versailles literature is a good carrier, with positive effect. Some business people regard running a circle of friends as an important part of their own image management, so that others can understand their advantages in a short time, improve social efficiency, and reduce social costs.

On the one hand, society needs to strengthen positive public opinion guidance, and should not give way to the voice of the platform and the times to those who use out-of-the-box speech to gain attention. Ironically, Meng Qiqi herself is also incomprehensible about her overnight fame. She said that she hopes that the platform will “be more conscience, and don’t let some weird hot searches get on it every day.” On the other hand, basic education needs to guide people to look inward, and external evaluation should not be the only goal of self-definition. Most of the existing education is to teach people to understand external information and knowledge, without training us to study the internal. Many people lack real insight into changes in internal experience and thinking activities, so they cannot transform various internal emotional problems through themselves, and mistakenly rely on the outside to seek recognition and respect.