Research: eating hot peppers can lead to longevity

Experts have studied the health and diet records of more than 570,000 people from the United States, Italy, China and Iran, and found that compared with people who rarely or never eat peppers, people who consume peppers for a long time die The risk of cardiovascular disease is 26% lower, and the risk of dying from cancer is 23% lower. Overall, the risk of dying from various diseases will be reduced by 25%.

According to the American Heart Association, peppers have a variety of health properties. The capsaicin in the chili pepper gives the chili a unique spicy taste, which has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer and blood sugar regulating effects. However, experts said that due to the limited personal health data collected, the survey results have certain limitations, and more research needs to be done in the future to determine how much chili peppers will have a positive impact on the human body.

Similarly, eating chili should also be moderate. Excessive consumption of chili can stimulate the gastric mucosa, cause gastric ulcers, and increase the incidence of gastric cancer. For women, it may also cause gynecological diseases.

Already when Dona Isabel finished singing the divine Lysis was sitting on the seat of disappointment, having honored her all those in the room, ladies and gentlemen, like the president of the sarao, by standing up, making her a courteous bow until she sat down, and all his beauty, his understanding and his courage deserved it; and having all sat down again, with a grace never seen before, it began like this:

“You will be, beautiful ladies and discreet gentlemen, waiting to hear my disappointment more carefully than the others, for waiting for you better seasoned, more pleasant, with more well-arranged reasons, and there will be more than two who will say to each other:” disabuse the well understood, or the high school, that there will be everything, the one that wants to defend women, the one that tries to make amends for men, and the one that pretends that the world is not the one it has always been? ” Because vices never get old, they are always young, and in young men, there are usually vices; men are the ones who grow old in them, and a thing that is made a habit is never forgotten; and I, as I do not bring the purpose of canonizing myself for being well understood but for being a good disappointment, it is true that, neither in what I have said nor in what I will speak, I have sought rhetorical or cultured reasons; because, Besides being a language that I hate to the extreme possible, I would like everyone to understand me, the cult and the layman, because as all are already declared by enemies of women, I have published the war against all; And so I have tried to speak in the language that my native teaches me and I learned from my parents; that the rest is a sophistry in which the writers have given to differentiate themselves from the others; and they sometimes say things that they themselves do not understand, and how others will understand them if it is not saying, as has sometimes happened to me, that exhausting the sense to know what it means and not taking the fruit of my fatigue, I say : «It must be very good, because I don’t understand it». against all I have published the war; And so I have tried to speak in the language that my native teaches me and I learned from my parents; that the rest is a sophistry in which the writers have given to differentiate themselves from the others; and they sometimes say things that they themselves do not understand, and how others will understand them if it is not saying, as has sometimes happened to me, that exhausting the sense to know what it means and not taking the fruit of my fatigue, I say : «It must be very good, because I don’t understand it». against all I have published the war; And so I have tried to speak in the language that my native teaches me and I learned from my parents; that the rest is a sophistry in which the writers have given to differentiate themselves from the others; and they sometimes say things that they themselves do not understand, and how others will understand them if it is not saying, as has sometimes happened to me, that exhausting the sense to know what it means and not taking the fruit of my fatigue, I say : «It must be very good, because I don’t understand it».

Thus, noble audience, I have set out here to disabuse the ladies and persuade the gentlemen top. 403don’t fool them; And since this is because they are elders in this vice, because they are the masters of deception, and they have taken good discipline in those that militate them, do not say bad about the science they teach.

So here I have begun to speak without deceit, and I myself must be the greatest disappointment, because it would be to die from the deceit and not live from the warning if, by disappointing everyone, I allowed myself to be deceived.

Courage, beautiful ladies, we must win. Patience, discreet gentlemen, you must be defeated and you must judge in favor of the ladies defeating you. This is the challenge of one to all, and courtesy at least you have to give me victory, because such victory is to be more victorious.

It is clear that being, as you are, noble and discreet, by my desire, which is good, you must praise my work, even if it is bad, do not blunt the edges of your understanding this poor and humble birth of mine; And thus, since I do not take away from you and I give you, what reasons will there be for my poor hunt not to find a place among the great riches of your heroic speeches? And of course, although an inferior currency, it is currency and is worth something, no matter how humble you must not step on it: then if it deserves to take place among your thick wealth, you will already defeat yourself and make me the winner.

See here, beautiful ladies, how, if I am left with the victory of this challenge, you will all enjoy it, because I fight for all.

Oh, who had the understanding as the desire, to know how to defend the females and please the males! And that since he gave you the regret of defeating you, it was with such erudition and gallantry that you would have him for pleasure, and that, forced of courtesy, you yourselves would surrender more.

If it is true that all poets have a part of divinity, I would like mine to be so empyrean that it compels you without getting angry; because there are sorrows so well said that they themselves diligent forgiveness.

Of all these ladies you have borne the reprimand, albeit with fear, because I believe that they are not yet well disillusioned with your deceptions; and you will take it from me, coming out victorious, because I think that I will not need you except to say good or bad about this sarao; and in that there is little lost, if it is not worth, as I have said, your courtesy; because if he is bad, he who brings him to light will not lose, because they will buy him even to say bad things about him; and if well, he will make room for himself and give himself courage.

If they take him for baccalaureate, you will not deny that he is not well perfected, and especially not having helped me with art, which is more to be appreciated, but with this natural that heaven gave me.

I warn you that I write without fear; Because as I have never found the works of others bad, it is courtesy that mine look good, and not just courtesy, but obligation. Let us fold the page here and go disappointed, that finally the glory is sung, and I am sure that you will sing the gala for me.

While the catholic and royal majesty of Felipe III was in the year of sixteen hundred and nineteen in the city of Lisbon, in the kingdom of Portugal, it happened that a gentleman, a gentleman of his royal chamber (whom we will call Don Gaspar, whether his name or Well it is supposed, because that is how I heard him or himself or to people who knew him, who in this matter of names is rarely said the same), he went to this day to accompany him.p. 404swaddling His Majesty.

He was a gallant, noble, rich and with all the garments that one could wish for, and more of a gentleman, because as youth brings with it accidents of love, while his flower lasts, men from other ministries do not treat, and more when they go to other strange lands of theirs, who to see if their ladies get ahead in thanks to those of their land, then try to qualify them by making use of their taste in one that removes them from this doubt.

So Don Gaspar, who seems to be going only for this, just a few days after he was in Lisbon, he made the choice of a lady, if not one of the most refined in quality, at least the most beautiful that he could find to spice up the taste; and this was the youngest of four sisters, who, modestly (because the Portuguese are very much looked at), tried to entertain themselves and take advantage of themselves, since since people are not chaste, it is a great virtue to be cautious, because in what matters most Those of our nation lose, both men and women, it is in the ostentation that they make of the vices, and it is the evil that hardly a woman makes a mistake, when you already know, and many who do not make it accumulate.

These four sisters that I say lived in a fourth third of a very main house, and the rest of it were occupied with good people, and they were not in a very bad opinion: so much so that, so that Don Gaspar would not take it away, he did not visit her by day, and to enter at night he had a key to a rear door shutter; so that, waiting for the people to collect themselves and the doors to close, which were both open during the day because the neighbors sent one and the other, he opened with his key and entered to see his garment without a note or scandal of the neighborhood.

Don Gaspar had spent little more than fifteen days in this job, if not in love, at least satisfied with the beauty of this lady, when one night, which for having been playing was somewhat later than the others, a portentous and A rare case that seems to have been an announcement of those who succeeded him later in that city, and it was that, having fired a servant who always accompanied him, because he was the one he trusted among all those who attended him in the antics of his love affairs, he opened the door and stopping to close it from the inside, as he did other times, in a cave that was in the same portal, not a trap on the ground but a door raised in an arc with some small gates, and that was always unlocked because it was for the entire neighborhood who dwelt at that end of the house, he heard some woes inside,so low and pitiful that it did not cease to cause him some horror for the first time, although he had recovered, he judged it would be some poor man who, because he had nowhere to stay that night, had entered there, and who was lamenting some pain he suffered.

He finished closing the door, and going up to his lady’s room (to satisfy himself of her thought, before speaking a single word in reason of his love), he asked for a light, and with it he returned to the cave, and with great courage, Finally, like who he was, he went down the steps, which were not many, and entering it he saw that it was not very spacious, because from the end of the steps it was possible to dominate what was in it, which was not more than the walls ; and terrified to see it deserted and that the owner of the painful moans that he had heard was not in it, looking everywhere forp. 405tees, as if it had to be hidden in some hole, he warned a soft part of it the earth, as it had been a short time since they had dug it, and having seen a scribble hanging from the middle of the ceiling, which must have been used to hang in him what was put to remedy from the heat, pulling him tore him out and began to scratch the earth to see if he might discover anything; and little work he put in, because the earth was very moving, he saw that one of the irons of the scribble had taken hold, and he was reluctant to come out again; He put more force and lifting it upwards, a man’s face appeared, because the iron had been stuck under the beard, not because it was removed from the body, that if it were, it would remove it from all points.

There is no doubt but that Don Gaspar needed all his courage to calm the fright and return the blood to its proper place, which had gone to give favor to the heart, which, discouraged by the horror of such a sight, had become emaciated. He released the prey, which plunged back into the ground, and reaching with his feet the one he had set aside, he went up again, giving an account to the ladies of what was happening, who, careful of their delay, were waiting for him, of that they were not a little fearful, so much so that, although Don Gaspar wanted to leave later, he did not dare, seeing their fear, to leave them alone; But they could not finish him off when he went to bed like other times, not out of fear of the dead but out of embarrassment and respect, that when the events of others illuminate our blindness, and even more so disgraced, it is too shameless not to be afraid of them, and therefore respect for heaven, for in the sight of the dead it is no reason for the living to sin. Finally, the night was spent in good conversation, giving and taking on the case, asking the ladies for a way and a remedy to get out of there that body that was lamenting as if it had a soul.

Don Gaspar was noble, and fearing that some risk would not happen to those women, bound by the friendship he had with them, in the morning, when he wanted to go, which was after the dawn began to show its beauty, he promised to the night would give order to get him out of there and give him sacred land, which he must have asked with his pitiful groans; And as he arranged it, he went to the nearest convent, and conferring with the superior of the religious, in confession he told him everything that had happened to him, which he credited with knowing the religious who he was, because the nobility brings credit; And that same night of the next day two religious men went with Don Gaspar, and brought light, which the eldest of the four sisters brought, to see the deceased, as soon as they dug, since it would hardly be a rod and a half, they discovered the sad corpse, and taking him outside they saw that he was a young man who was not yet twenty-four years old, dressed in black velvet and iron cloth made of cloth; because he lacked nothing from the herd, because he even had his hat there, with his dagger and sword, and in his pouches, in one a canvas, a few hours and the rosary, and in the other some papers, among which was the bull ; But from the papers they could not know who it was, because it was a woman’s handwriting and did not contain anything other than amorous finesse, and the bull still had not settled the name, because it seemed taken that day, or because of carelessness, which is the most true . He did not have any injury, nor pa in one a canvas, a few hours and the rosary, and in the other some papers, among which was the bull; But from the papers they could not know who it was, because it was a woman’s handwriting and did not contain anything other than amorous finesse, and the bull still did not have the name settled, because it seemed taken that day, or because of carelessness, which is the most true . He did not have any injury, nor pa in one a canvas, a few hours and the rosary, and in the other some papers, among which was the bull; But from the papers they could not know who it was, because it was a woman’s handwriting and did not contain anything other than amorous finesse, and the bull still had not settled the name, because it seemed taken that day, or because of carelessness, which is the most true . He did not have any injury, nor pap. 406He had just been dead for more than twelve or fifteen days.

Admired by all this, and more than hearing Don Gaspar who had heard him complain, they placed him in a box that Don Gaspar’s servant carried for this, and the lady having gone back up to her room, one of the religious, who was lay, and they walked with him to the convent, Don Gaspar and his confidant guarding them, where they buried him, taking off his dress and the rest, in a grave that was already open for that matter, don Gaspar supplying this work of the religious with some quantity of doubloons so that masses were said for the deceased, to whom God had given place to complain so that the mercy of this gentleman would do him this good.

This event was enough to separate Don Gaspar from that occasion in which he had occupied himself; not because he imagined that the sisters were to blame, but because he judged that it was God’s warning for him to leave home where such risks existed, and thus he did not see the sisters again, although they tried to say they would move out of the house: and Likewise, frightened of this event, for some days he resisted the impulses of youth, without wanting to be employed in love affairs, where such dangers exist, and more so with women who have vice as income and delight as wealth, since these are not It is possible to find out but the motive that men have taken for not saying good about any and feeling bad about all; But in the end, since youth is a wild horse, it broke the bonds of virtue without it being in the hands of Don Gaspar to stop getting lost, if so it can be said; Well, in my opinion, what greater downfall than falling in love?

It was the case that, in one of the sumptuous temples in that city, one day when with more devotion and carelessness of loving and being loved, he saw the divine beauty of two ladies, one of the noblest and richest in the city, that they entered to hear mass in the same temple where Don Gaspar was, so beautiful and young that in his opinion they did not take each other a year; And although there was enough beauty in both of them to love them both, as love does not want company, the eyes of our discreet gentleman chose the one that seemed to him the most perfection, and he did not choose badly, because the other was married.

He was absorbed, falling more and more in their love while they heard mass, which when they were finished, seeing they wanted to go, he waited for them at the door; But he did not dare to say anything, because he saw them surrounded by servants and because in a car that came to receive them was a Portuguese gentleman, handsome and young man, although robust, and who seemed, according to his presence, not to be a man of mockery.

One of the ladies sat next to the gentleman, and the one that Don Gaspar had chosen as owner, the other, who was not a little happy to see her alone; and eager to know who it was, he stopped a page who asked what he wanted, and he replied that the gentleman was Don Dionís de Portugal and the lady who was at his side his wife, and that her name was Doña Magdalena, that there was little that he had married; that the one who sat across from her was called Dona Florentina, and she was Dona Magdalena’s sister.

With this the page and Don Gaspar bid farewell, very happy that they were people of such value, already determined to love, serve and please doña Florentina, and to serve her as a wife (withp. 407 such rigor makes love his shots when he really wants to hurt), he sent his faithful servant and secretary to follow the car to see the house of the two beautiful sisters.

While the servant went to comply, either with his pleasure, or with the force that in his chest made the golden arrow with which love had sweetly wounded him (that this tyrant enemy of our peace has sudden accidents, that if they do not kill , deprive the wounded of their golden harpoon), Don Gaspar was among them making many speeches: it seemed to him that he did not find in himself the merits to be admitted to Dona Florentina, and with this his love fainted, so much so that determined to let him die in his silence; and already more animated, making hope in him the forces that his deceitful tastes promises, it seemed to him that he would hardly ask her for his wife, when it was granted, knowing who he was, and how esteemed he lived near his king: and like this thought he liked more than the others, he determined to follow him,

He was in these chimeras when his confidant arrived and informed him of the sky where the deity dwelt that had him beside himself, and from that very point he began to waste time and spend so fruitless steps, because, although he continued the street for many days, it was such the modesty of the house that in none of them he managed to see, not only the ladies, but not any maid, with there being many, although he looked for the most difficult hours as the easiest.

The house seemed haunted, on the bars there were small and thick lattices, and on the doors strong and secure locks; and it was barely an hour at night, when they were already closed and everyone was collected; so that, if it was not when they went to mass, it was not possible to see them, and even then they rarely went without being accompanied by Don Dionís: all of Don Gaspar’s attempts vanished; Only with his eyes on the church did he give the lady his care to understand; but she did not pay attention, or did not attend to them.

At this time he did not fail to see if by means of a servant he could obtain something of his claim, trying with gold to shoot his fidelity; but as he was Castilian, he did not find in them what he wanted, because of the antipathy that this nation has with ours, that by living among us they are our enemies.

With these hindrances, Don Gaspar fell in love more, and more the day he saw Florentina, who only seemed that the rays of her eyes were making greater luck in his heart, and it seemed to him that whoever deserved her beauty would have reached the non plus ultra of happiness, and that he could live safe from jealous offenses, being very sad, not knowing what to do, or what means to put in his brother-in-law so that he would give her to him as a wife, fearing the opposition between the Portuguese and the Castilians.

Florentina looked little at Don Gaspar, although it was good to look at him, because although, as I have said, she might have noticed his attendance at church, it must have seemed to her that it was a debt due to his beauty; that paying what you owe does not deserve thanks. This claim lasted more than two months for Don Gaspar, with no further hope of going out withp. 408she who said them. And if the lady did not know the gallant’s illness, how could she apply the remedy? And I think that even if he knew it, it was not given to him, because he was late.

Let’s go to the case, which is as follows: one night, shortly before dawn, Don Gaspar and his servant came from a house of conversation, because although he could bring a car and servants with the ostentation of a gentleman, as a groom and lover, he was trying hard And he liked more to walk like this, trying with some entertainment to have fun of his loving care, when passing by the street where Florentina lived, since she could not see the pearl, she was content to see the box, when entering the street, because it was the house At the exit, with the glare of the moon, which although it was high gave clarity, he saw a woman lying on the ground, whom the gold of her attire, whose glimpses with those of divine competence qualified her as bearing, who with fainted breaths he complained, as if he wanted to say goodbye to life.

I think they gave Don Gaspar more scares than those he heard in the cave, not out of fear but out of compassion; And when he came to her to inquire about her need, he saw her all bathed in blood, that the whole ground was made of a lake, and her gaunt and beautiful face, although disfigured, showed signs of her divine beauty and also of her near death.

Tomola Don Gaspar for his beautiful hands, which looked like marble in the white and raised, and shaking her said:

“What have you got, my lady, or who was the cruel one who put you that way?”

To whose question the fainted lady answered, opening her eyes, and knowing him in Spanish, and being more encouraged by this than she could, in Portuguese she said:

—Oh, gentleman! For the passion of Christ and for what you must be who you are, and to be Castilian, that you take me where you seek, before I die, to give me confession, that since I lose my life in the flower of my years, I would not want to lose my soul, I have it in great danger.

Said this, he fainted, what Don Gaspar saw, and that the sad lady gave mortal signs, between him and the servant they lifted her from the ground, and accommodating her in his arms so that he could carry her with more relief, to If they found people or justice, they walked as fast as they could to their inn, which was not very far, where, arriving unhindered, they were received by the other servants and a woman who took care of their gift, and putting the bled body on his bed, sent one for a confessor and another for a surgeon.

And done this, he entered where the pretty lady was, whom the others had surrounded, and the maid with a lit spark plug in her hand, who at this point had come to herself and was asking for confession, because she was dying: to whom the maid He consoled, encouraging her to have courage, because it was partly where they would take care to give her a remedy to the soul and body.

Don Gaspar then arrived, and putting his eyes on the already almost dead face, he was left like those who see visions or ghosts, without blinking or being able to articulate any words with his tongue, because he saw nothing less than his beloved and beautiful Florentina; and not quite believing his own eyes, he closed and opened them, and closing them again opened them again, to see if he was mistaken; and seeing that nop. 409It was a deception, it began to give rise to admiration, not knowing what to say about such an event or what cause it could have given for such a main, demure and honest lady to be the way he saw her and in the part that had found her; But, as he saw that at that time he was not there to know how much she admired him, because the wounded lady was already fainting and was coming to her senses, he put a truce to her wishes, keeping silent about who she was for not warning the servants of it .

At this the servant came with two religious, and from there a little later the one who brought the surgeon, and to first remedy the soul, they all moved aside; but Florentyna was so faint and faint from the blood that she had lost and was losing, that it was not possible to confess; and thus, by major, because of the danger in which she was, the confessor making some precautions and promising, if in the morning she was more relieved, to confess, he absolved her; and giving place to the body doctor, all of them and the religious, who did not want to leave until she was cured, undressed her and put her on the bed, and found that she had a thrust between the breasts on top, which although it was not penetrating, it showed to be dangerous, and it would be even more so if the whales of a jerkin that it brought had not defended it somewhat: and under the throat, almost on the right shoulder another,

The surgeon did his trade, and in stirring it to do so, he was completely senseless. In short, having taken the blood, and Don Gaspar pleased the surgeon, advising him not to realize the case until he saw if the lady did not die, telling him how he had found her; Being the Castilian surgeon, one of those who had gone in the troop with His Majesty, he was able to get what he asked for, and with the order to return in daylight, he went to his inn and the religious to his convent.

They all gathered except Don Gaspar, who did not want to have dinner, staying in a bed on the same block as Florentina. The servants went to bed, leaving her some preserves, biscuits, water and wine, in case the lady got the sense, give her some help.

Gone, as I say, everyone, Don Gaspar sat on the bed in which Florentina was, and having the light close to him, he began to contemplate the almost defunct beauty, and seeing the same life with which he lived half dead, making in his in love chest the effects that love and pity usually cause, with eyes moistened with loving feeling, holding her hands that were stretched out on the bed she had, already registering her pulses, to see if perhaps she lived, others touching her heart and many putting the carnations of his lips in the snowy flakes that he held with his hands, he said:

“Oh, most beautiful and ill-fated Florentyna, my unfortunate luck would have it that when I own these leafless lilies, that’s when I’m so close to losing them!” Unhappy was the day that I saw your beauty and loved it; Well, after having lived dying for such a long time, without my sorrows being worth anything to you, that what is ignored passes for something that is not, my desperate and unhappy wantedp. 410Fortunately, when I found you, it was when I lost you the most and have the least hope of winning you; Well, when I could prevent myself, with the good of having found you, some rest, I see you being the spoil of angry death.

What can I do, unhappy lover of yours, in such pain, but also be so at the point that your soul abandons your beautiful body, to accompany you on this eternal and last day! What cruel hands were those who had the courage to draw from your crystalline chest, where only love deserved to be lodged, as purple as the streams that I have seen you pour! Tell me, my lady, that as a gentleman I promise to do the most rabid revenge on him that the world has seen as long as it grew up.

But woe is me, it seems that the angry grim reaper has cut the delicate yarn of your life, because I already admire you frozen marble, hoping to see you fire and soft wax melted in the heat of my love! Well, rest assured, weathered carnation and dead beauty, that I have to follow you, when, not finished with the pain, killed with my own hands, with the dagger of my wrath.

Saying this, he returned to experience the pulses and the heart, and again and with more pitiable complaints to cry the ill-fated beauty.

This happened until six o’clock in the morning, which at this time the fainted lady came to herself with a little more breath, because since her blood had been restricted, her spirits and discouraged spirits had more strength; and opening her eyes she looked, as if terrified, those who had her surrounded, missing the place where she was seen, all of them being already there, and the surgeon and the two pious friars; But coming to her senses, and remembering how a gentleman had brought her and the rest that had passed through her, with a weakened voice she asked for something to be given to her to gain strength, and they served her with cakes soaked in fragrant wine, for being more food. soft and meaty; and having eaten them, he said to be pointed out by the knight to whom he owed not having died as a gentle barbarian; and done, thanked him as best he knew how and could.

And having ordered a substance to be removed, they wanted to leave her alone for a while so that, having no one to talk to, she would rest and prevent herself to confess; but she, feeling with a little more encouragement, said no, but wanted to confess later for what might happen; and before that, turning to Don Gaspar, he said:

“Gentleman, that although I wanted to call you by your name, I don’t know, although it seems to me that I have seen you before now, will you be able to go to the part where you found me?” If it is possible to remember, in the same street ask about the houses of Don Dionís de Portugal, which are well known in it; and opening the door, which is only with a bolt, collect what is in it, both people and property; And because they do not blame you for the misadventures that you will find in it, and for doing good, it hurts you, take with you a minister of justice, which is impossible, according to the evil that is in that unfortunate house (because of me) , cover up, let alone me, but let them know where I am; And if I deserve more punishment than I have, give it to me.

“Madam,” Don Gaspar replied, first telling her what his name was like, “I know your house well and I know you well,”p. 411for although you do not say but that many times you have seen me, although you have not looked at me, I have seen you, I have looked at you and seen you; But you are not in a state of knowing for now where, and even less for what, if you are the cause of those misfortunes in your house, you walk in the act of justice.

“It cannot be less,” replied Florentyna. do, Mr. Don Gaspar, what I beg of you, that I fear no more harm than I have; Besides, your authority is enough for them to keep me some courtesy.

Don Gaspar, then, seeing that this was his will, did not reply further; Before ordering the car to be put in, he got into it and went to the palace, and giving an account of what happened with that lady, without saying that he knew or loved her, a relative of hers, also from the chamber of His Majesty, he begged him to accompany him to report to the governor, because they did not imagine him an accomplice in Florentina’s injuries or in the risks that occurred in her home; and together Don Gaspar and Don Miguel went to the governor’s house, to whom they gave an account of the state in which the lady had found and what she said about her house.

And since the governor knew Don Dionís very well and saw what those gentlemen were saying to him, immediately, getting into the car with them, making admiration of such an event, they went surrounded by ministers of justice to Don Dionís’s house, and When they reached it, they opened the lock that Florentyna had said, and all of them entering inside the first thing they found was, at the door of a room at the foot of the stairs, two pages in their shirts, stabbed to death; and climbing the ladder, a white slave woman, shod on the face, at the very entrance of a corridor, in the same fate as the pages, and a maiden sitting in the corridor, stabbed to the back, who although she was dead, she had no place to fall, as she was leaning against the wall; next to it was a fallen ax,

In a room that was in the same corridor, corresponding to a kitchen, there were three slaves, one white and two black, the white one on the floor in a shirt in the middle of the room; and the black women in bed, also stabbed to death; entering further inside, at the door of a block, half a length outside and half inside, was a young man of up to twenty years or so, with a very good appearance and face, pierced with a thrust; he was in a shirt, covered with a cape and slippers on his bare feet: in the same block where the bed was, lying on it, Dona Magdalena, also dead of cruel wounds, but so beautifully that she looked like a splashed ivory statue from rosicler: in another room, behind this block, other maids in bed, also dead like the others.

Finally, in the house there was no living thing: those who saw this looked at each other, so astonished that I don’t know which one could in them more, if pity or admiration; and well they judged to be Don Dionís the aup. 412tor of such havoc, and that after having done so, he had turned his furious rage against himself: but seeing that only Florentina, who was the one who had life, could tell how such a pitiful tragedy had happened, knowing from Don Gaspar the danger in which There was her life and that it was not time to find out until I saw if it improved, they suspended the investigation and gave the order to bury the dead, with general pity, and more than Dona Magdalena, who as they knew her for a lady of such virtue and so honest, and they saw her with such youthfulness and beauty, they hurt more of her disastrous end than of the others.

Given, then, land to the pitiful corpses and put the estate in inventory, depositing it in paid persons, they all came together to Don Gaspar’s house, where they found Florentina resting, who, after having confessed and given her a substance, had asleep; and that a doctor, who was accompanied by the surgeon who was assisting her on the orders of Don Gaspar, said that it was not time to faint her, since the confession had been long and had given her a fever; that that day it was not convenient for him to speak any more, because they feared with the lack of as much blood as he had lost, he would not go crazy, and thus they left it deposited in the power of Don Gaspar and his cousin, who whenever they asked for it would give an account of it.

The governor returned to his house, knowing what he and all of them had to tell about the destruction of Don Dionís’s house, and very eager to know the reason for such a pitiful case.

More than fifteen days went by that Florentyna was not there to make a declaration of such a sorry story, many times reaching the end of her life, so much so that it was necessary to give her all the sacraments. In which time, on the advice of Don Gaspar and Don Miguel, he had made a statement, before the Governor, how Don Dionís had wrought that pitiful havoc, jealous of Dona Magdalena and that servant whom he unjustly suspected badly, who was the one who was in the stable door, and that he had also given her those wounds; but he did not finish killing her because that slave who was at the door of the corridor, where she could escape while he killed her, and who had gone out into the street and closed the door behind her, and with losing so much blood , fell where Don Gaspar found her: that as for Don Dionís, that he did not know if he had died or not; more than, since they had found him as they said, that he would have died of rage.

With this confession or statement that he made, not blaming himself for not causing the punishment, the proceedings of justice ceased; Before, disembarking the estate and setting her free, they gave her possession: her sister’s share, by inheritance, and Don Dionís’s, in payment for the wounds received from her hand, so that if she lived, she would enjoy it, and if died, could test his will.

With that, after more than a month and looking quiet and rich, she consoled herself and got better (or by the disposition of God, who orders things according to his will, and for our benefit) in such a way that in a short time she was already so out of danger and so grateful for Don Gaspar’s entertainment, and acknowledged of the good that she had received from him, that it was not very difficult to love him,p. 413This he deserved for his gallant and affable condition, in addition to his nobility and many good fortune that heaven had magnified him anyway; And I’m still about to say that I must have loved him.

But since she was not inferior in good blood, in wealth and beauty, which alone was enough, but in the cause that originated her being in her house, she did not dare to imply it; Nor Don Gaspar, more attentive to her honor than to her liking, although he loved her, as has been said, and more as is known about the deal, which usually engenders love where there is none, he had not wanted to declare with her until he knew in what way had been the cause of so pitiful event; because she wanted more to die loving with honor than to win and enjoy without him, assuming that Florentyna, for a woman, if there was excess in her purity, was little, and for a lady, a lot: and eager to get out of this care and determine what had happened. to do, because His Majesty’s journey to Castile was approaching and he had to attend it, seeing her in health and greatly charged in her beauty, And as he was beginning to get up, he begged her to tell him how so many misfortunes had happened as he had seen through her eyes; and Florentina, obliged and requested by a person to whom she owed so much, Don Miguel being present, who wanted the same thing, and was still no less in love than his cousin, although, fearing the same thing, did not want to show his love, he began to tell his prodigious story this way.

—I was born in this city (I was never born, so that it would not have been the occasion of so many evils) of noble and rich parents, being from the first step that I took in this world a cause of misfortune, since I caused them to my mother, taking her away, in just being born, life, with the tender feeling of my father, for not having enjoyed his beauty for more than the nine months he had me in his womb; Although he was tempered, as everyone does, since I was barely two years old, he married a widowed and beautiful lady, with a good estate, who also had a daughter that had been left to her by her husband, aged four years, and this was the unfortunate doña Magdalena.

Thus, the marriage of my father and his mother, we grew up together from childhood, so loving each other and so loved by our parents that they all understood that we were sisters; because my father, for forcing his wife, loved and gave Dona Magdalena as if she were his daughter; and his wife, for having him pleasant and happy, loved me more than her daughter; that this is what good married people should do and who want to live quietly; because of the little liking that husbands have with the children of their wives, and the women with those of their husbands, a thousand quarrels and regrets are born.

Anyway, I say that if they weren’t the ones who treated us very familiarly, who knew otherwise, all the others thought of us as sisters, and even we ourselves believed that way until death discovered this secret, because my father reached the point of make a will to leave this life, because I was the first to leave it, I knew that I was not the daughter of the one I revered as a mother or the sister of the one I loved as a sister; and because of my misfortune, it must have been for me that this friendship was lacking.

My father died, leaving me highly entrusted to his wife; but we couldn’tp. 414bring in me the love that my father had for a long time, because the feeling he had of his death was so great that within four months it followed him, leaving Dona Magdalena and me very helpless, although well settled with wealth, that Accompanied by those of nature, we promised each other good marriages, because it is quite true that there are no ugly eighteen years.

We left our mother (who in such a place I had her) under the tutelage of a brother of hers, older than her, who took us to her house and had us as daughters, not differentiating us by reason of our gift and dressing to each other, because it was with such great extreme what we both loved that Dona Magdalena’s uncle, seeming to him that he was flattering his niece, loved me and caressed me in the same way as he did her; and not long ago, since he was not very spare, with our farm he did not lack anything.

Already when our parents died, Don Dionís of Portugal, a rich and powerful gentleman, and one of the best of this city, was very much in love with Doña Magdalena, wishing her for his wife, and he had delayed asking for her because of her fault, walking her and pleasing her as tender and careful, as our nation is famous for. And she, as well understood, knowing his achievement, reciprocated with the same will in terms of allowing herself to be served and wooed by him, with the decorum due to his honesty and fame, assuming that she admitted his will and finesse with the intention of marrying him. he.

So these honest and modest loves came to determine Doña Magdalena to marry without the will of her uncle, knowing in him the time that she showed to give it status, fearful of losing the comfort with which she passed with our good and lucid estate; And so he would like more that we were religious, and he even proposed it to us many times: but seeing how little inclination we had to this state, or because we were faded with beauty, or because we had to be unhappy, he did not press on it, but delayed the get married; That all this can be the interests of those who want to live with rest: what Doña Magdalena has seen, determined, as I say, to choose Don Dionís as her owner, began to become more engrossed in her will, writing to each other and talking a lot nights through a fence.

I would assist her some nights (so she would die first, since this assistance costs me so much!), At first happy to see Dona Magdalena employed by a knight of as much value as Don Dionís, half envious that he was hers and not mine, and finally in love and lost for him. Hear him tender, listen to him discreetly, look at him handsome, and consider him alien, and let me lose hopelessly with such a precipice that I came to lose my health; where I know that whoever says that love is disease is right, because the taste is lost and sleep runs away and the desire to eat is removed.

Well, if all these accidents fall on the fire that love lights in the chest, it does not seem to me that it is the least dangerous little board; and more when he finds the drowsiness of not being able to reach, and with the jealous frenzy of seeing what he loves employed in another care; and this evil was more furious in me, because it could not get out of me, nor did it consent to be communicated, because everyone would infamous me for loving what my friend or sister loved; I wantedp. 415who did not love me, and he loved whom I had an obligation not to offend. Good heavens, and what an intricate maze! Well, only my evil was for me, and my sorrows not to communicate them.

Dona Magdalena was well aware of my melancholy and loss of color, and other accidents, but I did not imagine the cause, which I believe, of what she loved me, that I left the company because I did not suffer; And when I consider this, I do not know how my own pain does not take my life: before I judged that my sadness must be because I had not had the opportunity to take a state like her, as is this the desire of all women of his years and mine; and although she sometimes persuaded me to communicate my sorrow, I amused her by giving it other precise causes, until I was even promising that, by marrying, I would marry whomever I liked. Oh, ill-fated beauty, and how falsely and unfortunately I paid you for the love you had for me!

It is true, Mr. Don Gaspar, not to consider that if I left my sorry story here, I would not comply with what I am obliged to do, I beg you to give me permission to leave it, because it does not serve me any more than to add new torments to those I suffer in refer it: but let’s move on with her, how fair it is that the one who caused so much evil suffers, and so I will refer to them.

The music, the finesse and the extremes with which Don Dionís served Doña Magdalena, you can already judge from the opinion of lovers that our nation has, nor the rabid bascas, the painful sighs and tender tears of my heart and eyes, the How long this courtship lasted, because you can see it from what happened later.

In short, with the necessary means so that Doña Magdalena’s uncle did not oppose, seeing both wills agree, although reluctantly to lose the interest that was followed in the government and administration of the hacienda, Doña Magdalena and Don Dionís They came to enjoy what they wanted so much, as happy with the most happy and blissful achievement of their love as I was sad and desperate, seeing myself completely deprived of the good that my soul adored.

I do not know how to tell you my despair and rabid jealousy, but it is better to shut it up because that way they will come out better painted, because I cannot find colors like those of the imagination. I do not say more, but to this end I made a romance, that if you like, I will tell him, and if not, I will pass him in silence.

“First you will aggravate me,” said Don Gaspar, “by not telling him that your sentiments will be highly esteemed.”

—Well, this is the romance, that I sang to a guitar on the day of the betrothal, rather than singing, crying.

I’m coming, Cupid, to the altar,

Put the canvas in my eyes,

Well just for my misfortunes

I offer my neck to the knife.

I have nothing more to give you;

That then life I offer you,

Cruel child, you know

The little flow I have.

A body without a soul I give,

Which is deception, I see it already;

p. 416But Fabio have my soul,

And I can’t take it off.

That if he saved his life,

It was to enjoy him as a prize

Of my love; I’ll give it more

With pleasure, because today I lose you.

Do not force the currents

That through these eyes I pour,

That they are not to force you,

But because of my feeling.

Before, if you have to do me good,

Finish, finish me off quickly;

So that losing Fabio

And dying come to a time.

But your cruelty is so much,

Why do I want to die?

The blow you will suspend,

More than pious, severe.

Execute the coup, finish,

Or don’t take away my owner;

Let me live with him

Although I live suffering.

Well you know that only one hour

I can’t live without Fabio,

Well if I have to die slowly,

More relief is to die quickly.

A year, and something else, has

That without saying it I suffer,

Loving without hope

What is the penalty of hell.

His sun is going to another east,

And to me, like a black sunset,

Running out of his light,

What do I want life for?

But if I have to die,

Love, why am I complaining?

That you will think that I rest,

And I do not rest, that I die.

I already love my eyes blindfold;

The steel is already unsheathed;

I’m dying, Fabio, for you;

I leave life for you.

I already say the last goodbye;

Oh let, Fabio, heaven,

That it gives you so many joys

As I have torments!

In this I want to say,

I’m dying, Fabio, because I’m already losing you,

And for you, with pleasure, Fabio, I die.

Finally, Don Dionís and Dona Magdalena got married; and, as he had promised, he brought me, when he came to his house, in his company, with angels.p. 417How to give me state, thinking that I brought a sister and a true friend, and brought her destruction: because neither seeing them already married, nor how tenderly they loved each other, nor what she owed to Dona Magdalena of love, nor her own loss, nothing It was enough for me to forget Don Dionís, before the desperate envy grew in me to see them enjoy and love each other with such sweetness and taste, with which I lived so without him that, believing Doña Magdalena that it was born from that giving me state was delayed, he tried to employ me in a person who esteemed and deserved me; But never she or Don Dionís could finish it off with me, of which Dona Magdalena admired a lot and told me that she had made me of such a strange condition that she was beside herself, nor did she understand it.

And on the account she had to communicate the same with her husband; because one day when she was on a visit and I had stayed at home, as I always did, because being so unpleasant to all amusement, I refused, Don Dionís came and finding me alone and my eyes bathed in tears, for few times I stopped mourning the misuse of my love, sitting next to me, he said:

“It is true, beautiful Florentina, that your melancholy brings great care to your sister and me, making various speeches about what can come of you, and none I find more on purpose, nor that it has the color of true, but you want well in part impossible, that Otherwise, I do not believe that there is a gentleman in this city, even if he is of a higher hierarchy, who does not consider being loved by your beauty and considers himself very happy to deserve it, even if you are not who you are or have the property that you have, but that you were a poor villager, because, with being the owner of your unequaled beauty, you could be considered the greatest king in the world.

“And if it should happen,” I replied (not letting him go forward; my loving passion was so hasty for me, or, most certainly, left of the divine hand) – let it be so, that I love somewhere difficult to reach correspondence, ¿ What will you do for me, Mr. Don Dionís, to remedy my pain?

“Tell him, and ask him to love you,” replied Don Dionís.

“Well, if it is so,” I replied, “give it to yourself and ask yourself, and you will fulfill what you promise;” And look at how hasty my suffering is that, without looking at what I owe to myself, nor that I profane the honesty and jewel of more value that a woman has, nor the injury that I do to your wife, that although she is not my sister I have her in such a place, not even knowing that I am going to lose and not win with you, because it is true that you have to dismiss me and belittle me for my daring, and despise me for looking at me light, and more to more, for the love you owe to your wife, as deserving of your loyalty as I am of your contempt. None of this obliges me, because I have arrived on time which is more my sorrow than my shame; And so, keep me free, admire me daring, outrage me dishonest, hate me lightly, or do whatever you like, that I can no longer be silent.

And when my confession does not help me any more, but you know that you are the cause of my sadness and disappointment, I consider myself happy and paid for having declared myself; And of course this, understand that, from the day you started to love Doña Magdalena, I love youp. 418 more than me, going through the pains that you see and do not see, and that I have reported to no person in the world, resolved never to marry, because if it were not for you, I would not have another owner.

I ended this last reason with so many tears, stifled sighs and sobs, that I could hardly pronounce it.

What resulted from this was that, when Don Dionís got up, believing that he was running away because he did not respond to my determined ease, he closed the door of the room and returned to where I was, saying:

“Do not want love, beautiful Florentina, that I am ungrateful to such divine beauty, and to feelings so well suffered and so tenderly said.”

And tying my arms around my neck, he caressed me so that neither I had more to give him, nor he more to reach or possess. In short, all afternoon we were together in loving delights, and in her speech she let me know, and I do not know that it was true because lovers by weight of lies buy us, that from another day of marriage she loved me and that, for not daring, he had not told me, and other things with which I, believing him, considered myself happy and judged myself not to be misused, and that if she were free, she would be my husband. Don Dionís begged me with great urging that he not reveal our love to anyone, since we had so much room to enjoy him, and I asked him the same, afraid that Dona Magdalena would meet him.

In short, this is how we have spent four years, since that day I have been the happiest woman in the world: take care of me in my lost beauty, restore me in my grace, so that it was already the rejoicing and happiness of the whole house, because I commanded in it; what I was doing was the right thing to do; what commanded, what was obeyed; She was the owner of the hacienda, and whose she was; the servants and maids said goodbye and received for me; so that Dona Magdalena served no more than to hinder my jobs.

Don Dionís loved me so much, winning his will with my caresses, that he came to neglect the ones he used to and had to do to his wife, with which the lot was exchanged: first Magdalena was happy and Florentina sad; and Florentyna was already the happy one and Magdalena the melancholic, tearful, bland, and heartbroken; And although she understood that because her husband was working in other jobs he forgot her, he never suspected me: the one, because of the modesty with which we walked, and the other, because of the great confidence he had in me, not being able to persuade such evil; although he told me that in me sadness and joys were extremes that played in madness.

Heaven forbid, and what blindness is that of lovers, for I never enlightened on it until my eyes were opened at the cost of so many misfortunes!

It reached such an extreme and the ending of my wickedness that we gave each other word of spouses, Don Dionís and I, for when Dona Magdalena died; as if it were in our will to take her life, or we had ours more secure than hers.

At this time Holy Week arrived, in which we are forced to go to the commandment of the Church; and although sometimes in the speech of my bad state I had confessed to me, it had been of fulfillment; and I, who knew how to gild my error, should not have found a confessor as scrupulous as thisp. 419 What do I say, or I should have declared myself better.

Oh infinite goodness, and what you suffer! Anyway, dealing with the state of my conscience with him, he rushed it so much, and he put so many fears of the loss of my soul, not wanting to absolve me and telling me that I was, like here, burning in hell, that I returned home well Disconsolate, and entering into my withdrawal, I began to cry so that a maid of mine who had been raised with me since I was a child felt it; which is the one that, if you remember, Mr. Don Gaspar, you found in that unfortunate house, sitting in the corridor, leaning against the wall, passed from part to part by the breasts: this then, with great urges, prayers and feelings, I persuaded the cause of my pitiful cry to tell her, and I (either by resting with her, or because already the fatal ruin of all was approaching, warning, first of all, the secret and dissimulation in front of Don Dionís,

The maid, making great admiration, and more than how she could have kept it undercover for so long without anyone understanding it, said to me, seeing that I was asking her for advice, these reasons:

“It is true, my lady, that there are events that you have told me of such seriousness that it was necessary, in order to release them, greater understanding than mine; Because thinking that you have to be in this present state until Dona Magdalena dies is something that just waiting for her causes despair; because how do we know that she has to die first than you? Or don Dionís tell you to turn away from him, loving him? It’s madness, because neither you have to do it, nor he, if he’s as in love as you say, less so; You, without honor and loving, await miracles, which most of the time in these cases happen the other way around, because heaven punishes these intentions and it happens to die first those who hurt than the aggrieved, finish the offender and live the offended. The remedy that I find is cruel, but it is already a remedy; because sores as ulcerated as these want violent cures.

Beg her to tell me, and she replied:

“May Dona Magdalena die, it is better for an innocent woman to suffer it, who will go to enjoy God with the crown of martyrdom, than for you to be lost.”

“Oh, my friend, and it won’t be a greater horror than the others,” I said, “to kill those who shouldn’t; and that God will punish me, because if I do the wrong, he who receives it will pay him!

“David,” my maid replied, “took advantage of him by killing Uriah, because Bersabé would not suffer or be in danger of life or fame; And it seems to me that you are close to the same, because the day that Dona Magdalena is disappointed, she has to do with you what I tell you to do with her.

“Well, if just by desire,” I answered, “the confessor has made me so afraid, what will happen to the execution?”

“Do what David did,” said the maiden; let us kill Uriah, then we will do penance: by marrying your lover, restoring the crime with sacrifices, that through penance sin is forgiven, and so did the holy king.

So many things she told me and so many examples she gave me, and she alleged so many laws, that since I wanted the same thing that she persuaded me, reduced top. 420 In his opinion, we both gave the sentence against the innocent and aggrieved Doña Magdalena, who always follows one error, and one crime, many: and giving and taking opinions on how it would be executed, the daring woman answered me, in whom I think that the devil spoke and acted:

—What seems to me more convenient so that none of us are in danger is that her husband kills her, and in this way they will not blame anyone.

“How will that be,” I said, “since Dona Magdalena lives so honestly and virtuously that her husband will never find cause to do so?”

“That is not the case,” said the maid, “that’s where my industry has to work;” shut up and let me do it, without taking for granted anything; and if before a month you do not see yourself rid of her, take me for the rudest and stupid in the world.

She told me part of the way, separating the two of us, she to act as a devil and I to wait for the event, with which our talk ceased: and the ill-advised wench, and I more than her, since we both followed what the devil gave us. Inspired, finding an opportunity, as she was looking for it, she told Don Dionís that his wife was taking away his honor, because while he was not at home, he had illicit dealings with Fernandico.

This was a young man up to the age of eighteen to twenty years, who had been born and raised in the house at home, because he was the son of a maid of the parents of Don Dionís, who had been married to a butler of his: and dead and to his parents, the unfortunate young man had grown up at home inheriting the service but not the prize, since it was very different from the one they had had; That this was the one you found dead at the door of the block where Dona Magdalena was: he was a handsome man and of good clothes, and very virtuous, for which it was not very easy for Don Dionís to believe it, although he asked her how I had seen. To which she replied that there is nothing hidden from the house robber, that the mistresses think that the maids are ignorant.

Anyway, Don Dionís told him how he would do to be satisfied with the truth.

“Make you go outside and come back at dawn, or already after midnight, and make a sign to me so that I know that you are in the street,” said the maid, “that I will open the door and you will catch them together.”

It was arranged for two days from there, and my maid told me part of what had been done, that I was somewhat afraid I was glad, although on the other hand it weighed me; but seeing that there was no longer a remedy, I had to pass, awaiting the event. Let’s go to the devilish mess that I am saying, because of the pain it gives me to refer to such an unfortunate event.

The next day Don Dionís said that he was going with some friends to see some bulls that were being run in a place three leagues from Lisbon; And knowing his trip, although Fernandico always accompanied him, he did not want any servant to go with him this time, nor did any other servant, for two days the servants of the others would assist him; and with this the day was broken, followed by the sad night that you found me.

Anyway, he came alone, after midnight, and having made the sign, my maid, who was alert, told him to wait a bit, and taking a light, she went to the room of the ill-fated boy, and entering in an uproar, she said:

—Fernando, my lady calls you to go there very quickly.

“What does my lady want me now?” Fernando replied.

“I don’t know,” she said, “other than that she sends me in a hurry to call you.”

Got up, and wantingp. 421 get dressed, he said:

—Don’t get dressed, but put on that cape and put on those shoes, and see what he wants, that if later it is necessary to get dressed, you will.

Fernandico did so, and while he went to where his mistress was, the cautious woman opened her master.

Fernando came to the bed where Dona Magdalena was sleeping, and waking her up, said:

“Lady, what do you want me to do?”

To which Dona Magdalena, frightened, as she woke up and saw him in her block, said:

“Go, go, boy, with God.” What are you looking for here? That I do not call you.

That as Fernando heard her, he went to leave the block when his master arrived at the time he was leaving, and as he saw that he was naked and that he was leaving his wife’s room, he believed that he was going to sleep with her, and giving him the sword, which he brought naked, two stabs, one after another, he stretched out on the ground, without being able to say more about Jesus, with such a painful accent that I, who was in my room, very fearful and startled (as it was fair, it was who was the cause of such a great evil, and the author of such cruel testimony, and the reason for spilling that innocent blood, who was already beginning to cry out before the supreme court of divine justice), I covered myself with a cold sweat; And wanting to get up to go out to hinder him, or because my strength was weak, or that the demon who was already ruling in that house hindered him, I found myself lucky that I could not verify it.

Meanwhile, Don Dionís, already completely blind, entered where his innocent wife was, who had fallen asleep again with her arms over her head, and reaching her pure and chaste bed, her angry eyes and dirty deluded imagination, dishonest and violated with the stain of his dishonor, he said:

“Ah traitor, and how you rest in my offense!”

And drawing the dagger, he stabbed it as many stabs as his indignant anger demanded, without even being able to form a woe, with which that holy soul forsaken the most beautiful and honest body that the kingdom of Portugal had ever known.

By this time I had left my room and it was partly that I could see what was happening, very lost of spirit and flooded with tears, but I did not dare to go out; and I saw that Don Dionís went forward to a toilet that was consecutive to his wife’s stable, and finding two unfortunate maidens who slept in it, he killed them, saying:

“This is how you will pay, sleeping sentinels of my honor, for your carelessness, giving room for your treacherous mistress to watch and take away my honor.”

And going down an excused staircase that led to a courtyard, he went out to the portal, and calling the two pages who slept in a room nearby, who at his voice came out terrified, he paid for their punctuality with taking their lives: and like a lion Fierce and thirsty for human blood, he went back up the main staircase, and entering the kitchen, he killed the three slaves who slept in it, the other one had come to call me, hearing the revolt and crying that my maid made, who was sitting on the floor. The corridor was there, the one who, either because she repented of the wrong she had done when she had no remedy, or because God wanted her to pay her back, or because the honor of Doña Magdalena was not stained but rather that the world knew that she and all those there had dead they were without guilt, and that only she and Ip. 422 We had, which is the most true, leaning an ax that she herself had lit to the wall, because she followed her wickedness so shamelessly that to go to open the door to her master it seemed little light that of a candle, that in God leaving us His divine hand, we sinned as if we did some virtues, without shame of anything he sat down and began to cry, saying:

“Woe to me, what have I done!” There is no longer forgiveness for me in heaven or on earth; because by supporting an evil with such great and false testimony, I have been the cause of so many misfortunes!

At this same point his master would come out of the kitchen, and I on the other side, and the slave who had come to call me, with a candle in her hand; And as I heard her, I stopped and saw that Don Dionís arriving at her, said:

“What do you say, wench, of testimony and misfortunes?”

“Oh, my lord!” She answered, “what have I to say, but that I am the meanest female ever born, that my lady, Dona Magdalena and Fernando have died without guilt, with all the others whose lives you have taken?” I alone am the one to blame and the one who does not deserve to live; that I made this mess, calling the sad Fernando, who was in his room asleep, telling him that my wife was calling him, so that, seeing him leave the way you saw him, you would believe what I had told you; so that, by killing my wife, Dona Magdalena, you would marry Dona Florentina, my lady, restoring her and satisfying the honor that you owe her by being her husband.

“Oh, false traitor!” If what you say is true, “said Don Dionís,” little revenge is taking away a life that you have, that a thousand are few, and that each one of you was given a kind of death.

‘It is true, sir; It is true, sir, and the rest is a lie; I am the bad one, and my lady the good one; I deserve death, and hell too.

“Well, I’ll give you one and the other,” replied Don Dionís, “and I will restore the death of so many innocents with that of a traitor.”

And having said this, he pierced her with the sword through the breasts against the wall, giving the unfortunate a great voice, saying:

“Receive, hell, the soul of the most evil woman who created heaven, and even there I think it will find no place.”

And saying this, he surrendered it to the one who offered it.

At this point I went out with the black woman, and trusting in the love she had for me, understanding to tame her and report to her, I told her:

“What is this, Don Dionís, what events are these?” How long will rigor last?

He, who at this point was in rage and pain without judgment, charging with me, told me:

—To kill you and kill me, false, treacherous, light, dishonest, so that you pay for having been the cause of so many evils; Well, not content with the grievances that with your dishonest appetite you did to the one you had for a sister, you have not stopped until you take her life.

And saying this, she gave me the wounds that you have seen and would finish killing me if the black woman did not come to get in the way, because as Don Dionís saw her, he seized her and while he killed her I had instead of entering a room and closing door, all bathed in my blood.

Don Dionís thus ending the life of the slave, and that there was nothing left alive at home if it was not him, because he believed that I was going in such a way that I would not escape; and at the instigation of the devil, he put the pommel of the sword on the ground and the point in his cruel heart, saying:

“I don’t have top. 423 wait for human justice to punish my crimes, it is more correct that I be the executioner of divine justice.

He fell on the sword, passing the point behind his back, calling the demon to receive his soul.

I saw him already dead and that I was bleeding to death, although with the fear that you can imagine of seeing me in so much horror and bodies without a soul, that there is nothing to say about my feeling, because it was so much that I do not know how I did not do the same as Don Dionís But God should not have allowed it because a case as unfortunate as this was known; With more spirits than on the occasion I was imagining I had, I opened the door of the room, and taking the candle that was on the floor, I went down the stairs and went out to the street with the intention of going to look, seeing myself in the state that I was there, who confessed to me, so that, since I lost my life, I wouldn’t lose my soul.

However, I was warned to close the door to the street with that bolt that was, and walking with faint steps down the street, not knowing where I was going, my blood failed my strength and I fell where you, Mr. Don Gaspar, found me , where I was until that time and your mercy came to help me, so that, owing you my life, I may spend the time that it will last me in crying, groaning and doing penance for so many evils as I have caused, and also in asking God to keep yours Many centuries.

With this the pretty and beautiful Florentine was silent: but her eyes, with the copious streams of tears, did not shut up, which were wasted by threads on her more than beautiful cheeks, in which they showed well the passion that she felt in her soul, that forced of she dropped down with a deep and beautiful swoon, leaving Don Gaspar suspended and scared by what he had heard; And I do not know if more fainted than she, seeing that, among as many deaths as Florentyna’s dead honor had caused, her love had also died, because neither Florentyna was for his wife nor for a lady was a reason for him to seek her, since the He saw with great determination to take a safer state that would free her from other similar misfortunes such as those that had passed through her, and he praised himself very sanely in not having declared his love to her until he knew what he knew then.

And so, going to remedy the fainting that she was with, and on his return he consoled her, straining her with some sweets and preserves, and giving her affectionate reasons, he advised her that in being in more complete health, the best way to acquire her rest was to enter in religion, where she would live safe from new calamities; that when it came to alleviating the risk of justice, if there were any, he was bound to the remedy, even if he reported the case to His Majesty, if necessary: ​​to what the lady, thanking the benefits she had received and received With new caresses, he replied that this was his intention, and that the sooner it was negotiated and executed, he would be more gracious to him: that neither his misfortunes nor the love he had for the unfortunate Don Dionís gave him room for something else.

Don Gaspar ended up with this last reason for uprooting and forgetting the love he had for her; and in less than two months it took Florentyna to gather strength, recover from every point and negotiate everything, becausep. 424It was necessary for Her Majesty to be made aware of the case, who gave pious forgiveness of the guilt that Florentina had in being blamed for the aforementioned, her wish was obtained, entering a religious in one of the sumptuous convents of Lisbon, serving as punishment her The same pain and wounds that Don Dionís gave her, supplying the dowry and other expenses for the large estate that was on one side and the other, where today she lives a holy and most religious life, corresponding with Don Gaspar, to whom, always grateful, he does not forget, before with many gifts he sends him, he is grateful for the debt in which he is owed; who, returned with His Majesty to Madrid, married in Toledo, where he lives today, and from himself I learned this disappointment that you have heard.

As soon as the beautiful Lysis ended her disappointment, when the pretty Dona Isabel, as one who knew her intention so well, while she rested to say what was missing to end this entertaining sarao, because Lysis had already communicated her intention with her, leaving the harp and taking a guitar, she sang by herself as follows:

To the meadow, in which rustic thorns

They breed a thousand salic humors,

That of melancholic absences

It is fruit that my spirit gives:

I go out to cry of a cruel

Forgetting a tragic love;

What if it were blissful,

He will sing in Jacaro style.

That as a fantastic vision,

Not even from my eyes the eyelids

So they saw a harmonic voice

He won in the habitation soul.

With only scientific accents

The thalamus enjoys my love,

While with funereal oblivion

I take the scope out of my life.

Heartbroken accents

They listen to these poplars;

What a shame without staunch guilt

They give the soul these spurgeons.

I do not sing like an oriole,

Nor what organic goldfinch;

But I regret like a turtledove,

When she is alone in the moor.

How was my platonic love

And in him was not the unspoken fire,

He did not want with fine anhélito

To be thunder, but lightning.

He loved only for theory,

Paying me with preamble

And forgetting cruel

A pure and magnanimous love.

Oh meadows and dry lawns,

Mountains and cold icicles!

Hear in harmonic basques

Those languid sighs.

With a thousand very tender tears,

Your Christian streams

They will be huge rivers

With Hispanic love growing.

And if my staunch death

You see the pale tremors

And my very tired life

I will stop your vital bustle.

Tell the harmonic bird,

That with bad singing senses,

The very careless birds

Captivates the mechanical mode;

How, being an illustrious hero

And of such diaphanous value,

He cheats by being very illustrious,

Feigning seraphic fires!

What is there to expect from the commons

But misfortunes and scandals?

Let him look at Theseus unhappy

Tied up on Mount Caucasus.

That without historical reasons,

With sweet and practical style,

He puts turtle doves as a cult,

Who lives in a free spirit.

What miracle that, hearing him,

Hang down from the branches?

p. 425Nor what miracle that, burning,

Is stunned what horsefly?

What if he looks at her benevolently,

It is fierce and rough style,

That flying very light,

I left her in bitter spurge.

That although his beautiful oriole

Knead, it’s barbarian style,

Being this love so chaste,

Giving you such a tyrannical payment.

That in a long time

It has not been seen in my cabin

Of his deadly memory,

Not an atom in his will.

What if I loved the intellect,

He will not regret being Tantalus,

Nor will forget very easy

Tender and sweet dialogues.

This sang a turtledove

With a hoarse and funereal song,

Sitting on a funeral cypress,

That he was in a dry wasteland.

“It seems to me that it remains well ventilated, noble and discreet gentlemen and most beautiful ladies,” said the well understood Lysis, seeing that Dona Isabel had ended their romance, “the defense of women, so I prepared to do this second part of my entertaining and honest sarao; Well, although I confess that there are many women who with their vices and mistakes have given men cause for the much dismissal that they make of them today, it is not a reason that speaking in common they measure them all with the same measure; that the truth is that, in a machine as extensive and widespread as that of the world, there must be good and bad, as there are also men in the same way, that this would already be denying the glory to so many saints as there are already past in this life, and who today rejoice with God in it, and the virtue of thousands of these who pride themselves on it;

I know well that some will tell me which are the good ones: of course, even in the high hierarchy there are mischiefs and lies today. To that I answer that these are more fierce beasts than the common ones, because, forgetting the obligations, they thus give reason for dismissal: since their bad star inclines them to such antics, they would be more apologetic if they used modesty.

That is, if vice is understood by the deities, which I cannot believe, before I persuade myself that some of the common ones, seeming to gain esteem with men, are due (trusting a mantle) to sell for queens, and then they return to their first being, like the ladies of farces; and as men are damaged against them, then they believe any weakness of theirs, and to support their opinion they say badly even of the greatest obligations; and here you can see the malice of some men, which I do not mean by all, although in common they have all been such novelists that, because it is the newest thing to say evil of women, they say that what is used is not excused.

What amazes me is that the nobles, the honorable and the virtuous, let themselves be carried away by the common voice, without the nobility that heaven endowed them, nor the many virgins acting on them.p. 426teachings with which they can equip themselves, nor with the sciences that they are always studying, because through them they could draw, as so studious, that there are and have been in past and present ages many good, holy, virtuous, studious, honest women, brave, firm and constant.

I confess that they are partly right in believing that there are more vicious and lost women today than there have ever been, but not that there are so many good women missing that they do not exceed the number of bad ones. And taking the support of this truth from further behind, men will not be able to deny me that in antiquities there have not been very celebrated women, because this would be to deny the innumerable saints, of whom the Church sings so many martyrs, so many virgins, so many widows and continents, so many that have died and suffered in the cruelty of men; that if this were not so, these disappointing ladies would have had little cloth to cut through their disappointments, all as true as the same truth, so much so that the fable owes them very little, since even to beautify they have had no need of it.

For what human or divine law do you find, noble knights, to rush so much against women that there is hardly one to defend them, when you see so many who persecute them? I would like to ask you if you fulfill your obligation to be one in this, and what you promise when you put the insignia of being one on your breasts. And if it is a reason that what you swear when they give them to you, you do not fulfill it. But I think you no longer want them except for gala, like hair stockings and locks.

What do you think comes from the little courage that you all have today, that you suffer that the enemies are inside Spain and our king on the campaign, and you in the Prado and in the river, full of finery and feminine costumes, and the few who accompany him, sighing for the pots of Egypt? Of the little estimation that you make of women, that in faith that if you esteemed and loved them as in other times, because you did not see them in the power of your enemies, you would offer yourselves, I do not say go to war to fight, but to death, putting the throat to the knife, as in other times, and in particular in that of King Fernando el Catolico, it was done, where it was not necessary to carry men by force, or handcuffed, as now (unhappiness and misery of our Catholic king), but they themselves offered their estates and people, the father for defending the daughter, the brother for the sister, the husband for the wife, and the gallant for the lady; and this was for not seeing them prey and captive; and the worst thing is, disgraced, as it seems to me that it will become if you do not dare to defend them; but since you already have them for the most vile and least valuable jewelery that is in your house, you are not given anything that they will be slaves of others, and in other kingdoms; and if the commoners saw you with the courage to defend us, they would all do it in your imitation; And if it seems to you that by going to fight they will offend and offend you, all gone, follow your king to defend us, that left alone we will be Moshenes, who praying will win Josué. as I think it will become if you do not dare to defend them; but since you already have them for the most vile and least valuable jewelery that is in your house, you are not given anything that they will be slaves of others, and in other kingdoms; and if the commoners saw you with the courage to defend us, they would all do it in your imitation; And if it seems to you that by going to fight they will offend and offend you, all gone, follow your king to defend us, that left alone we will be Moshenes, who praying will win Josué. as I think it will become if you do not dare to defend them; but since you already have them for the most vile and least valuable jewelery that is in your house, you are not given anything that they will be slaves of others, and in other kingdoms; and if the commoners saw you with the courage to defend us, they would all do it in your imitation; And if it seems to you that by going to fight they will offend and offend you, all gone, follow your king to defend us, that left alone we will be Moshenes, who praying will win Josué.

It is possible that you already see us in the power of opponents, because from where they are to where we are there is no defense other than your heroic hearts!p. 427arms and brave arms, and do not run away from being at court wearing finery and raising hair, trampling cars and walking meadows, and that, instead of defending ourselves, you take away our opinion and honor by telling stories that happen to you with ladies, who I believe that they are more inventions of malice than truths, praising you for things that it is impossible to be true that not even public whores can do, just for carrying out your damaged intention, all the effects of idleness in which you spend your time in the offense of God and your nobility! Let this do Spanish breasts! Let this suffer Castilian spirits!

A well-understood hero says well that the French have stolen your courage, and you, your costumes: esteem and honor women, and you will see how lost effort and courage resuscitate in you; And if it seems to you that women do not deserve this fineness, it is a deception, that if two disobey you with their mistreatments, there are infinite ones who have good ones: and if for a good one many bad ones deserve forgiveness, deserve the few that there are, for the many good things that this century enjoys, as you will see if you visit the sanctuaries of Madrid and other parts, which are more in number those that you will see frequent the sacraments every day than not those that look for you in the meadows and rivers .

There have been and are many good ones, gentlemen; For God’s sake cease your civil opinion and do not let yourself be carried away by the vulgar novelist, because when there had been no other than our serene and virtuous Queen Isabel de Borbón (who God took because the world did not deserve her, the greatest loss that Spain has had), women alone deserved a good name, praising the bad in him and the good acquiring glorious praise.

Give them justice yourselves; because I assure you that if when the commoners speak ill of them they knew that the nobles had to defend them, it is true that out of fear they would at least treat them well; But they see that you listen with pleasure to their reproaches, and they are like the truanes, who add freedom to freedom, shamelessness to shamelessness and malice to malice: and I say that he is neither a gentleman, nor noble, nor honest, he who says evil of women , even if they are bad, because such can be fought by virtue of the good.

And in the form of defiance, I say that whoever says ill of them does not fulfill his obligation; And as I have taken the pen, having had it for so many years, in its defense, I will take the sword for the same, that grievances draw strength where there is none; not because of me, because it’s not my turn, because you know me by writing and not by sight, but by everyone, because of the pity and pity that their bad opinion causes me.

And you, beautiful ladies of all sorts of quality and condition, what more disappointment do you await than the disdain of your fame in the mouth of men? When will you be disappointed that they no longer try to knock you down and destroy you, and then say even more about what happens to you? Is it possible that, with so many things as you have seen and heard, you will not recognize that in men the will does not last longer than while the appetite lasts, and when it is over, it is over? And if not, know him in the one that says the most that a woman loves; find her in a childish, to see if she will forgive her like God, whop. 428 as he loves us so much, he forgives us every moment and every moment the infinite offenses we do to him.

Do you think you are happier than those referred to in these disappointments? That is your biggest deception; because every day, as the world is getting closer to the end, everything goes from bad to worse, because you want, as a weather vane as changeable as the will of a man, to venture your opinion and life into their cruel hands; and it is the greatest misfortune of all this that perhaps the innocent and the blameless die, and the malicious and guilty live.

Well, I must not be like that, for in me there should be no lack of knowledge in any way than in all others; And so, you, Mr. Don Diego (continued the wise and understanding Lysis, turning to the one who was waiting to see her, his wife), warn that it will not be a reason that wanting to disappoint you deceive me, not because in being your wife there may be no deceit, but because It is not fair that I trust my happiness, because I do not feel firmer than the beautiful and understanding Doña Isabel, who did not take advantage of so many works as in the speech of her disappointment she told us, of what my fears have had the beginning .

I consider Camila, who was not enough to get rid of a misfortune to be virtuous, but for not telling her husband about dying, she was blamed.

Roseleta, who warned him, was not spared the punishment either; Elena suffered innocently, and died tormented.

Dona Ines was not worth it to be deprived by the magician with his entanglements and charms the trial; Nor did the traitor deceive Laurela; Nor did her virtue or naivety serve Dona Blanca at all; nor to Dona Mencia to be his love without guilt; nor to Dona Ana not having it, nor having sinned, because just because she was poor she lost her life.

Beatriz had needed all the favor of the Mother of God to save her life, harassed with so many jobs, and not all of us deserve this.

It did not help Dona Magdalena to be honest and virtuous to get rid of the betrayal of an infamous servant, from which no one in the world can get rid of; because if we are good, they raise a testimony to us, and if you mean, they discover our crimes, because the servants and maids are domestic animals and unexcused enemies, to whom we are giving gifts and, after spending our patience and finances with them, they are in the end Like the lion, who fed up with raising him and supporting him, turns against him and kills him: so they ultimately kill their masters saying what they know about them, and also what they don’t know, without getting tired of murmuring about their lives. and customs; and it is the worst thing that we cannot do without them, because of vanity and honor.

Well, if a sad widow has so many adversaries, and the eldest is a husband, who is to force me to enter into the fight that so many have been defeated, and they will come out as long as the world lasts, not being braver or happier?

Your merits are so many that you will find a more spirited and less disappointed wife, because although I am not by experience, I am by science; And since in the game it is the one who better judges who watches than the one who plays, I seeing, not only in these disappointments, but in those that all married women give me, some lamenting that their husbands have players, others lousy, andp. 429Many of those who do not pay attention to their honor, and for excusing themselves from giving their wife a gala, suffer from being given it by someone else; and more that, on this side, instead of disengaging they mean to take their lives, that it would be more useful to take it away from them, since they were the ones who gave the opportunity, as I have seen in Madrid, that from the day they were This sarao began, which was Tuesday of Carnival of this present year of one thousand six hundred and forty-six, many scandalous cases have happened; I am so cowardly that, like someone who has committed a crime, I take refuge in the sacred and take refuge in a convent, from where I think (as in talanquera) to see what happens to others; and thus, with my dear Dona Isabel, whom I intend to accompany while I live, I am going to save myself from the deceptions of men.

And you, beautiful ladies, if what is written does not disappoint you, deceive us what you see me do. And to the gentlemen, by farewell I beg you to change your intention and language with the women, because if my written defense is not enough, it will be force that we all take up arms to defend ourselves from their evil intentions and also defend ourselves from enemies; although I don’t know what greater enemies than them, since they already cause us greater ruins than these.

Having said this, the discreet Lisis got up, and taking by one hand the beautiful Dona Isabel and her cousin Dona Estefanía by the other, making a courteous bow, without waiting for an answer, the three of them entered another block, leaving their mother as Ignorant of his intention, confused, to Don Diego, desperate, and to all, amazed at his determination.

Don Diego, discontented, with bascas of death, without saying goodbye to anyone left the room; They say that he went to serve the king in the war in Catalonia, where he died, because he himself put himself in the greatest danger.

All the people, saying goodbye to Laurela and giving her repeated praise for the great and sublimated understanding of her daughter, went home carrying some to admire, all to tell, and many to murmur about the sarao; because there are in the court a great number of lay vermin whose greatest pleasure consists in saying bad things about the works of others; and it’s the best that they don’t know how to understand them.

Another day, Lisis and Dona Isabel, with Dona Estefanía, went to her convent: Dona Isabel gladly took the habit and Lisis remained secular; And when Laura put the farm in such order that she rented what they needed, she went with them in order not to depart from her beloved Lysis, notifying the mother of Doña Isabel, who as she knew where her daughter was, also came with her , taking the habit of religious, where they had news that Don Felipe had died in the war.

A few months later, Lisarda married a very wealthy foreign gentleman, leaving don Juan unhappy, who confessed that because he was disloyal to Lisis, Lisarda had given him the payment he deserved, that he had a dangerous illness, and a frenzy, with which life ended.

I have reached the end of my entertaining sarao and, finally, I ask the ladies to report in the daring if they want to be esteemed by men; and to the gentlemen, who show themselves to be so by honoring thep. 430women, it is so good for them; or that they consider themselves challenged because they do not comply with the law of chivalry by not defending women. Voucher.

Now, most illustrious Fabio, for fulfilling what you asked that this story not end tragically, the beautiful Lysis is closed, fearful that some deception will disappoint her, not chastened by her own misfortunes. It is not a tragic end but the happiest that could be given, because greedy and desired by many, she did not submit to anyone.

If the desire to see her lasts, look for her with a chaste intent, so that you will find her as yours and with a will as firm and dignified as she has promised, and as your servant as always and as you deserve, because even in knowing her no one makes her advantage .