“Punk Health” sets off a huge wave

Ginger tea, wolfberry and red dates are made in Coca-Cola;

While staying up late, apply facial mask and drink bird’s nest, hoping to reduce some harm;

I was afraid of getting angry after eating hot pot. I ordered a cup of chrysanthemum tea and ice cream. I still thought to comfort myself: I should be able to lighten up a little…

In this way, it is the same day by day, while being drunk and dreaming, while greedy for life and fear of death. The punk regimen of young people this year is so “wild.”

Anxiety of “Punk Health Party”
The “Punk Health Party” believes that in the face of increasing work pressure and unstoppable pace of life, it is necessary to do a good job of defense while charging.

At the moment, the physical and mental condition of young people is quite worrying. The “Report on Young People’s Health Consumption Trends” shows that more than half of the “post-90s” in my country suffer from hair loss, weakened vision, and insomnia. At the same time, about 40% have obesity and decreased exercise capacity, and 30% have decreased immunity. The problem.

This decline in group physical and mental quality in turn intensified group anxiety. The “2020 National Health Insight Report” shows that among the “post-95s” and “post-00s”, the proportion of people who are often or even daily worried about sudden death is 7% and 9%, respectively. This means that among those young people under the age of 20, 1 in 10 is often troubled by the “worry about sudden death”.

Therefore, driven by such anxiety, the “post-90s” who “cherish their lives” seem to be particularly concerned about the pursuit of health, and they have joined the tide of “fancy health preservation”. At the same time, the punk health market is also thriving.

Anxiety spawns the punk health market
The “2017-2022 China Health Care Industry Market Development Status and Investment Prospect Forecast Report” shows that in 2016, the scale of my country’s health care production industry has reached nearly 4 trillion yuan, and by 2020, this number will exceed 8 trillion yuan. In this market, the younger generation’s attention to health preservation has gradually increased.

The main “0 sugar 0 card” bubble water vitality forest sold 1 billion a year;

Wang Sao, who advertises “good food but not fat”, left behind old brand oatmeal such as Quaker and Calbee on “Double 11”;

Ffit8, a meal replacement protein bar brand that has only been established for one year, sold 45,000 boxes in Luo Yonghao’s live broadcast…

Behind this amazing consumption power are several tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of health segmentation tracks. Each track is brewing its own giant whale-level enterprise, and capital with a keen sense of smell has also begun to run into the arena, betting on the consumption power of this young man’s “punk health”.

Tmall Pharmaceutical & Alibaba Health produces “Healthy Buyers Store”

It was the opportunity of smelling the huge health market that Tmall Pharmaceuticals and Ali Health produced a health variety show that delineated the “post-95” consumers-“Healthy Shop”. In the vertical track of health, the new model of “variety + live broadcast” was opened for the first time. After the program was launched, the popularity rose steadily, and it was ranked TOP2 in the new list of variety shows in Youku.

“Healthy Buyers Store” reverses the mindset of health-care programs focusing on middle-aged and elderly people, and gains insight into the anxiety problems that are common among modern young people. The program selected “weight loss”, “kidney”, “hair loss”, “stay up late” and “skin care” throughout the season “Five popular health themes are the starting point, covering almost all areas of concern for the 18 to 35-year-old age group. Invite experts in the fields of traditional Chinese medicine, psychology and sports health to give a rational analysis online, face the health anxiety of the current young people while entertaining and relaxing, and deeply explore the health needs of young people.

In view of the consumption characteristics of young people’s comfort and light weight, the program specifically recommends products tailored for them, such as the compact and lightweight Zimeitang collagen jelly, the Kangaroo doctor mask, the BY-health collagen oral liquid, and the Yangshengtang Light health products such as collagen peptides are well received by the punk health party.

According to data released by Tmall Medicine, during the “Double 11” period of Tmall last year, goji berry puree, black sesame pills, collagen gum, wild jujube ointment, etc. were “tailored” for young people with fast-paced lives but health needs. Of instant health products have been well received, and their sales growth has reached 401%, 178%, 215%, and 114% year-on-year respectively.

It is not difficult to find that the acceptance of these products that focus on light and health categories is getting higher and higher. “Healthy Buyers Store” prescribes the right medicine, which can be said to accurately meet the immediate needs of this young man.

Tongrentang launches new brand “Knowledge Health”

Although the young people in this class pursue health preservation, the simple traditional health preservation method of “soaking wolfberries in a thermos cup” has been unable to satisfy their pursuit of new ideas and fashion.

Based on this, Tongrentang launched its new brand “Zhoma Health” this year, and opened zero and one stores in Beijing one after another. Yihaodian is a “punk health cafe” jointly created by Tongrentang Zhima Health and Orion Star to seize the new changes in the population caused by intergenerational changes. Explosive products. It makes the coffee taste richer and has more health effects.

The No. 1 store is divided into upper and lower floors. The first floor is a comprehensive experience area for coffee, beverages and retail, and the second floor is equipped with a Chinese medicine hall and a diagnosis and treatment area. According to Zhima Health, the purpose of selling coffee is to attract traffic to the physical therapy area of ​​the store and the diagnosis and treatment area on the third floor. The purpose is to reach people who need in-depth health consultation and physical therapy.

It is not difficult to see that Tong Ren Tang wants to deliver a comprehensive and healthy lifestyle by creating a complex functional body that integrates healthy eating, medical clinics, physical examinations, social entertainment and entertainment. Zhima Health covers diversified shopping and leisure scenes through the four major products and services of elephant, food, nutrition, and medicine, and has created a “healthy life experience hall. In the future, “zhima health” will become more To help Tongrentang’s health and build a strategy for a big health ecosystem in the future.

Zhang Zhongjing’s pharmacy newly opened “Zhongjing Life”

Another punk regimen is Zhang Zhongjing’s Pharmacy. Recently, it quietly sold milk tea and pastries with Chinese medicine ingredients.

Zhang Zhongjing Pharmacy opened two new stores in Zhengzhou, Henan, named “Zhongjing Life”. One of them is located next to the Zhongjing Pharmacy, with white letters on the green background. The decoration and display in the store are more like a bakery. Here, it is not selling medicine, but products with Chinese medicine ingredients, including lily snow flakes, chocolate lotus seed cakes, red bean yam cookies, tuckahoe yam crisps and other baked cakes, as well as donkey-hide gelatin soy milk tea and other drinks. These products attract many young consumers to come to check in.

Although the decoration and products are full of bakery styles, “Zhongjing Life” also includes some pharmacy design styles, highlighting the concept and product features of “medicine and food homology, health preservation”.

In addition, FMCG brands have also aimed at the potential market of young people’s health preservation:

Donge Ejiao jumped out of the traditional nourishing industry and launched Taohuaji Ejiao Cake, taking “the new form of beauty diet for urban fashionable women” as a breakthrough, and quickly digested and integrated the marketing communication and terminal channels;

The three squirrels directly played the banner of “punk health” and launched nourishing snacks such as black sesame pill, red date wolfberry pill and red bean barley pill;

Wanglaoji, on the other hand, has insight into the pain points of consumers, integrated pharmacological properties, and launched two “healthy milk tea”: lotus leaf dudu milk tea and green cane crispy milk;

New consumer brands such as Xiaoxian Stew and Yan’s House, which are mainly fresh bird’s nests, have also exploded in one fell swoop, becoming the permanent magic weapon in the hands of many women…

Through the actions of the above big brands, we can get two enlightenments.

First, tap hidden needs. Ye Maozhong said that the explicit needs of people are only the tip of the iceberg, and many hidden unexplored needs are hidden under the iceberg. Hidden needs require products and brands to be stimulated together. Many people only realize that when something to meet the hidden needs is in front of them-this is what I want.

For example, the selection of “Health Care Buyer Shop” is often used by Tmall to continuously insight into consumers through big data analysis, digging deep into the common hidden needs, and then through the stimulation of products, so that these hidden needs surface.

Second, timely control the ubiquitous “field” of consumers. Merchants should build omni-channel retail and service scenarios, and strive to improve the experience and experience of consumption scenarios during the service process, to meet the shopping and service demands of different customers, and to communicate effectively with consumers. Young people like entertainment and social interaction, and they prefer intuitive and interactive marketing methods. To “sell” these well-informed young consumers, they must have enough moving highlights.

To sum it up in one sentence: the youthful customization of products with the right content and channels can be profitable.

to sum up
Punk health is only a label on this young man, but this label alone can create countless opportunities for the market. “Post-90s”, “post-95s” and even “post-00s” have become the main consumer groups in the market, with thousands of people and faces, which will inevitably make the market usher in ever-changing.