Popular “shopping cart therapy” in the United States

During the COVID-19 pandemic, young Americans have a new way to kill time: fill the shopping cart of an online store without checking out! US CNBC website reported on February 28 that experts believe that young people do this not only to kill time, but to make themselves happy through “imaginary shopping”.

According to reports, in June last year, 94% of US Internet users filled their shopping carts but did not check out. Just as it is not harmful to the physical store to just not buy it, so online shopping without checking out is harmless to the online store. Some netizens questioned that many online shops spend a lot of advertising expenses to attract customers. These people just can’t buy, isn’t the online shop losing money? In fact, this is not the case. Even if these young people just go to the online store to pick some products and put them in the shopping cart, it will help to increase the attention of the online store.

With applause from new listeners, the ninth night of the honest and entertaining sarao began to be celebrated, because Don Diego invited many gentlemen and ladies of the court to witness his desired sayings (as he hoped to have with the possession of his beloved Lysis). Without these, many ladies and gentlemen came from Lysis, not lacking for the others who in the past nights had been attended by new guests.

There was the house of the divine Lysis from three o’clock in the afternoon, very crowded with gentlemen and ladies, all noble, all illustrious, and all well understood; that as fame, with its sonorous horn, had spread the news that the disillusioners proved their opinion well, and the sane ones need little to get them out of an error, that in this more than in anything else they differ from the fools; seeing that the others did not brand them as another vice but rather that they deceive women and then say bad things about them, not subjecting themselves to believing that there are good, honest and virtuous women; and that likewise there are and have been many who have suffered and suffer without guilt in their deceptions and cruelty; and this they themselves know and confess; Well, saying wrong is not (what I understand) because they feel that way, but because of following the variety of the many, as when there is a quarrel or a party, that going to the tumult of all sorts of people, illustrious and commoners, if asked where they are going, they would answer that where they are all going, and the same thing happens to them in saying bad things about women; and, as I have said, the nobles who were already reduced to not following vulgarity in this, had been delighted with disappointments, which, although tragic, were coveted because they were true.

They came this penultimate night earlier and earlier, with the purpose of not following the opinion of fools from now on, how foolish he is who does not say well or esteem women; to the good, because it is, and to the bad, for not appearing impolite and foolish, because by dep. 360To say well, even if what is said is bad, no fines or punishments are incurred, before they are credited with noble and generous spirits, and the rest is vulgarity and rudeness.

Once they were all settled in their seats, they could not wait to hear new disappointments so that their performance could be excused, and the rude and common side of the vulgars more outraged.

Four o’clock in the afternoon would be when the disappointing ladies began to leave, so showy and dressed, and with so much bizarreness, that just in seeing them they were satisfied with what they had expected.

Laura and Dona Luisa came forward, as widows they could not change their clothes, with their black dresses and very white headdresses, and on their heads two laurel wreaths, and behind them the other ladies, all dressed in red, with many jewels; their heads very neat, and on top of the headdresses the same crowns, like triumphant victors, and behind them all came the discreet Lysis.

She carried Dona Isabel on one hand, and on the other Dona Estefanía, this one with her white robes and blue scapular, as a religious of the Conception, and on the veil her crown like the others, because although she had not been disappointed until then, sure came from being as brave as all.

Lysis and Dona Isabel were of the same fate, their sight giving Don Diego no little embarrassment; for having sent that same day to his wife the dress and jewels with which she was adorned, she saw that Lysis did not bring a single flower that he had sent, judging in disfavor or contempt that she had not worn any of them.

The beautiful ladies came in full skirts of white satin; with many diamond buttons, which made beautiful appearances, verduced and fans, the hair, instead of ribbons, braided with very fine pearls, and on top of the headdresses, at the top of them, two crowns of lilies of diamonds whose green leaves They were made of emeralds, these, as well as the dresses, arranged with singular care from before the party began, a ribbon and necklace made of the same diamonds, and on the pointed sleeves of the entire skirts many lilies in the same way as those that They had on their heads, and on top of their crowns, in the shape of airons, many mallets of herons and pile drivers, more white than the untrodden snow.

Finally, they came out so bizarre and well attached, and so extremely beautiful, that in beauty they imitated Venus and in white the chastity of Diana.

They gave such proof of themselves that, when the knights did not look at her beauty any more, this was the repentance of their deceptions, because in her they saw the greatest disappointment of their cautions and reason for them to forgive them for how much they had been rebuked, and what they expected on this penultimate night; and the least attentive to the decorum of their honesty, where to learn to know how to keep it from the deceptions of men, so as not to be dejected and outraged by their languages ​​and conversations.

Arriving, then, on the stage and offering their courtesy to all, they stood awaiting them, and the disappointed women went with their president, Lisis, to the platform, Mrs. Estefanía to the seat of disappointment and the beautiful Mrs. Isabel with the musicians, and seated in the middle of them, took a harp and with his extreme voice sang like this:

p. 361To the disdainful Anarda,

From the new sun court,

Of the basilisk lives

And of the prison souls.

From jealous suspicions

Jacinto asks for forgiveness;

New humility of offended

And new extreme of love.

Where the offended pleads,

And the aggressor punishes,

Humiliated the aggrieved

And severe the offender.

But it is not a very new miracle,

Nor do I judge him by such;

Because cupid’s law

Already laws without laws are.

He knows well that he is wronged,

His care advised him;

But being fooled

Of love is a new reason.

He dies for his ungrateful beloved,

And although I feigned the favor,

Admits him for not dying

At the hands of unreason.

And thus prostrate at her feet,

The pastor is looking

In his eyes his deceptions,

And in his mouth his betrayal.

He says to his naughty girls,

You will not deny that you are,

How beautiful, deceptive,

How much loved, without love.

You are for all soft,

That you do not have the rigor

But with my sad ones,

That they are already your slaves.

If heaven wanted

Give you its splendor from the sun,

Because you kill, lightning bolt,

Soul, life and heart.

I was scarcer,

Denying you perfection,

Well prized of beauty,

Don’t flaunt your rigor.

Oh that they didn’t see mine

In your black color

The mourning that for my death

Nature clothed you!

Thieves you are to my taste;

Oh, you raptors, who gave you

Jurisdiction to seize,

To kill jurisdiction!

In the affections that I look at

I contemplate you and me,

I burned in your ice,

And frost in my heat.

Etna burning are my flames;

I am a scorched volcano;

But only I burn,

That the fire never touched you.

I am Icarus on the rise

To look at your blush;

More in reaching the summit,

I am shot down Phaethon.

Oh my beautiful Anarda,

Deity in whom he worshiped

The sad will of mine

Sweet miracles of love!

I don’t ask you to love me

Which was asking for no reason;

But don’t mistreat me

With such cruelty and rigor.

He said; more Anarda, ungrateful,

He laughed at his sorrows,

Who has sworn not to love

In times when there is no love.

Because it is no longer used, if it was used,

That love, as it was old, it died.

He loves none, no

Than dressing in the old fashioned way is over.

“True, beautiful Dona Isabel,” said Dona Estefanía, the music over, “that we try very well to deceive men when you are notifying in your verses the performance of a gallant and the disdain of a lady.”

“Not all verses have heroes,” replied Dona Isabel, “and note, Senora Dona Estefanía, that I have sung what must be, and not what is;” and I have no doubt that not all poets feel what they write; before I imagine that they write what they do not feel; Furthermore, in industry, I have wanted to console these gentlemen with showing a firm man, so that they have courage and wait, in the sentence of this penultimate night,p. 362 good success on your part, because we could, if by a miracle one could be found who loved firmly and persevered disdainfully, forgive others for him, because it seems to me that they have feared you after you sat down to disappoint, admiring deity, and not you only punish them with your words, but you do it with your works.

“Well, that’s the way it is,” replied Dona Estefanía, “what a disappointment you are, warning that you don’t have to walk by the popular but by the majestic, that there are also unhappy queens, and cruel kings and princes, because the law of rigor understands everyone.”

The greatest novelty that you have to admire the most, beautiful ladies and gallant gentlemen, is that a person of my habit and state disappoints, being the property that we first learn to deceive, as is seen in so many ignorant people who, clinging to the bars of convents, Without being able to get away from them, drinking, like Ulysses, Circe’s deceptions, they live and die in this enchantment, without considering that we deceive them with sweet words and that they will not get the works; that if those of the century were cords, we would have to be esteemed, and even penalized, as avengers of the deceptions they receive from men; but to this I say that the devil perhaps, being the father of deception, disappoints, and so I will do now, that being of the profession of those who deceive, I will disappoint; although I am sure that it will not work; because our deceptions are so coveted as impossible that, the more they chew on it and eat it, the more they become entangled in them; And it would be the same with the ladies of the century if they did not sell favors so cheaply, which they give at the price of deceit; And if, as a teacher of cheating, as I have said, I do not know how to be a good deceiver, I will console myself with knowing that I have not been deceived and that I will not speak from experience, but because I sacrificed myself from a very young age to a husband who has never cheated on me or will deceive.

In the force of my disappointment I will put the moral of the attempt, and I will console the ladies, assuring them that if I do not know how to disappoint them, I will know well how to avenge them; and I will tell the gentlemen that if my disappointment is not well punished, it will remain if they look for me while in my house; because I will give them to a dozen companions, which will be like throwing them to the lions.

In Hungary, due to the death of King Ladislaus, a son of his entered to enjoy the crown, also called Ladislao like the father (who then came the kingdom from father to son, not as now, by votes of the potentates). Ladislao was a generous prince, gallant, of affable condition and well understood, and in any case kind, and thus, since he entered to reign, he was much loved by his vassals; to whom, loving him prince, they did not forget king: only in the case that I am telling was he easily noticed; but there are acts, although liars, with so many appearances of truth, and more if they are supported by jealousy, which more deserve an apology than punishment.

Being forced to take a state to give heirs to his kingdom, he asked the king of England for his wife the beautiful Infanta Beatrice, his daughter, who was one of the most perfect ladies in beauty, understanding, virtue and holiness that in all those kingdoms was found. that seasoning. For being granted to him as a wife, and the concerts made and the necessary order put in order, the king commanded that the infant Federico, his son, go for the queen.p. 363 brother, handsome and discreet waiter.

Let us not tire our listeners with this, for everything is said to say that, with Ladislao being so perfect, there were opinions that with Federico nature had been more lavish, although it detested him with being so inclined to the deceptions and mischief with which they Young men obscure virtue, passing through ailments of youth.

Frederick was a year younger than the king, and so loved by him that many times he was determined (if not for the importunations of his vassals) not to marry, because he would remain king after his days.

The trip being carried out and carried out with successful success, Frederick was received in England with the joy and applause that was due to a brother of Ladislao. Very solemn parties were arranged for when, by virtue of the powers of the king, his brother, he would shake hands with the beautiful infanta, who until this day, which was the second that Frederick arrived, had not been seen due to her great honesty.

The already appointed day arrived when the betrothal was to take place, and when Federico’s eyes showed the beautiful Infanta Beatriz, as adorned with beauty as well as rich finery, to the point that his eyes were rendered lifeless: little I mean, without powers; it is nothing, without senses; Let’s lift it up higher, it was left without a soul, because everything rendered and humiliated at the sight of such loveliness and beauty.

It was fortunate that, unless it was difficult for the Infanta to believe that such madness could take place in a brother of her husband, in her confusion she knew the ailment that she had become ill with her eyesight. Finally, Federico gave him his hand in the name of his brother, the marriage being celebrated, and in his heart a mortal man could see his love already impossible.

It was not part of him to give up on him to see that he no longer had a remedy, nor to consider her Ladislao’s wife, nor to know her honesty, as well as the no hope that her crazy love could have; And with this unfortunate torment he attended, in the company of the kings of England and Queen Beatrix, his sister-in-law, to the parties, with such sadness that it gave suspicion to those who saw him as melancholic, and more to the queen, than how many times he looked at him, found him amused in contemplating his beauty; and as it was well understood, she did not stop imagining Federico’s illness and learned what his melancholic accidents came from, and for this reason she determined not to ask him the cause, because she did not hear some daring answer.

Federico was not so lacking in speech that he did not consider how badly he fulfilled the obligation of who he was, and those he owed to Ladislao: and he rebuked each other and said: «What follies are these, ill-advised prince? It is possible that you get carried away with such ill-born and infamous desires; I do not say, not being a brother and so loved by Ladislao, but a vassal! It is only fair that you imagine on his offense, loving and desiring his wife! A crime so abominable and ugly that, even among barbarians, it was to cause scandals and seditions, especially among Christian princes. How will the world have me? What will Beatriz say, if the one and the other got to know my madness? No, it must not be like that: ill-born desires, I have to defeat you, I must not be defeated by you. ”

With this he seemed to gain strength and courage to resist the violence of his appetite;p. 364but scarcely did he look again at the perfected beauty of the queen, when his will became entangled between the golden strands of her hair, and he again wounded himself, saying: «Unhappy was the day that I left Hungary, and I entered England, and more unhappy in the one I saw, Beatrice, your finished beauty! Oh Ladislaus, no longer brother, but enemy! Is it possible that I have come, for your occasion, to give myself death and take my life to you? How can I allow you to enjoy and possess the good that can only make me happy? Woe is me, I do not know what advice to take, or which side to follow, if that of my burning desires or that of reason! Because if I have to follow them, they advise me to take your life to have it, and if to her, they tell me that I die, and that you live. ”

With this he was so truly grieving, that he seemed like those who have seen visions of the afterlife. He was already determined to reveal his passion to the queen, and he was already reduced to dying in silence, although he did not regret that she, understanding him by the contingents of his face, went out on the road asking him the cause of his sadness; but, as I have said, the wise and honest lady, not ignoring the intent with which Federico looked at her, excused him to give him reason for any daring.

In this way they passed, Federico dying and the queen hiding, without being understood, judging that the day that Federico dared to lose the decorum of her and her husband, he did nothing less than kill him, an action due to his honesty and greatness. .

During the days that they were in England, and later those that the journey lasted to Hungary, the queen did not consent to her never being left alone by her ladies, and she had ordered them all to do so.

Upon arrival in Hungary, the weddings of Ladislao and Beatrice were celebrated with great joy and satisfaction for both of them, because the queen found fame short in recounting the merits of her husband, and the king who was not Beatrice a woman, but a deity or angelic spirit; such was the virtue, holiness and beauty of the beautiful queen, loving her with such tenderness that there was nothing more to ask or wish for.

Not because Federico saw his brother already in possession of the one who had stolen his soul did his lustful appetites and his vile and inordinate desires cease; before, seeing himself deprived of all good, the desire to reach him grew stronger and burned. in rabid jealousy to see the tenderness with which they loved and reciprocated, then, like a brother, and so dear, he was not denied seeing the most modest loves that passed between one and the other.

He saw them with Basque mortals and he did not need more to declare himself with words, because with the signs of his face very clear he manifested it; But, as such malice could not enter the king’s mind, he understood only that those restless accidents came from some illness he suffered, and he confirmed this by having told Federico a few times, to whom he had asked what he had, that many days before of going to England suffering from a mortal melancholy, which when it pressed him, forced him, forgetting his prudence, to do such extremes; And although he had tried, compassionate for his brother’s illness, that famous doctors heal him, it had been fruitless, because illnesses of the soul are seldom or not healed with remedies to the body.

The beautiful queen did not feel so,p. 365that as the most successful doctor he had understood from what accidents Federico’s illness was born, and finding a cure without remedy, he asked God to open his eyes of understanding so that, knowing his error, he would come out of it.

Many times Federico, surrendered to his beautiful passion, lay down on the bed and subjected himself to the medicine working on him, finding himself so thin and exhausted that he wanted the wrong cures to end his life; and others, furious and desperate, got up and, like crazy, said that they were killing him. Finally, with a life so not very calm and a restless spirit, he became so skinny and discolored, refusing all the pleasures and entertainment his brother and the greats of the kingdom offered him, and also the company of the young knights who followed him and they helped in his past antics; because to treat him with tastes and entertainments was to give him a thousand long deaths.

One year could have been that these two lovers and husbands enjoyed the glories of their loving company and well-paid love, and Frederick the infernal pains of seeing them have, when another country prince wished to enlarge and increase his kingdom, and expand his dominion with that of Ladislao , and to achieve this he began to wage war on the confines of his kingdom, so that it was force to go to his defense, because it destroyed everything he could reach.

Well, seeing Ladislao that Federico, due to his long, prolix and misunderstood illness, was not there to attend the war, he decided to go in person to defend his land, that Federico did not weigh, strengthening himself with some hopes of a remedy, lacking the king, his brother, on the side of his wife, for this unfortunate lover was already such that, if he found an opportunity to take advantage of force, he would not leave her, neither because of the offense of God nor of his brother. Ah, rigorous mistake of an ill-advised man with the same appetite, who neither looks at divine justice, nor divine and human offense!

Ladislao arranged his departure well against the queen’s will; and even more so when she learned that she and Federico had the rule of the kingdom left to them, with an order that one without the other would have anything to do with it, fearing that in the absence of the king her audacity would not put her in some care; but she had to obey in everything, so as not to disturb her husband’s heart with new cares, nor to make him aware of Federico’s.

The army gathered and the king departed, with great feeling for the beautiful queen; So much so that in more than a month no one was seen or any business was dispatched, for not going out in public in the middle of the sea of ​​his tears, until, seeing it was already force to go to the position that was ordered, he left to communicate with his traitorous brother-in-law the dispatch of matters relating to the kingdom; but with such honesty, that scarcely could be found in her cause to have her for less than deity.

Other times, Federico would enter his chamber to consult the papers, with which, if he was lost before, now he was finished with such an extreme that he almost declared himself with equivocal words and said his passion with very clear signs, so that the ladies who attended Always to the queen, by her order, they already knew from what cause Federico’s evil came, and they talked about it with each other, excusing the queen.

Frederick was determined to discover his love for the queen, and he wasp. 366 looking for a way to do it, although sometimes he was afraid and other times he was encouraged, and many, walking through the rooms, he said:

“Is it possible that my daring is so cowardly that I fear to express my sorrow to her cause?” What is this that cowards me? What does it matter if Beatriz is honest? What stops me from being virtuous? Why does the fact that she is my brother’s wife frighten me, if after all this she is a woman and it may be that, because I do not know that she is the cause of my illness, I have not given him the remedy; because we know that women, in seeing themselves loved, love, and in loving, all that there is venture? Do I deserve so little that I won’t get Beatriz to love me? But, alas! How can she love me, if she is adoring her husband and I never see her eyes dry in his absence? Well, to a woman who loves another owner, isn’t it madness to intimate her with new love? Of course, if I dare to do so, she will kill me in anger; but what more death than the one I suffer? Very rigorous for being dilated, that, since he dies, comfort is to die quickly; But, it may already be that I deceive myself, and I myself take away the glory that is owed to me by the purgatory that I suffer, because it could be that the queen did not feel so bad about my daring, that she is a woman, and in being so, everything is saying. Courage, cowardly heart, and determine to declare your sorrow, the truth is that, if Beatriz does not know that I love her, how can she love me? If he does not know that I am suffering from him, how can he remedy me? Well, if this is so, as it is, and the moral proverb says that fortune helps the spirited, I trust her, and with this confidence I will declare my love passion to Beatriz, and if she died for being daring, it would be more honor than dying of cowardice. ; and if he died for his pleasure, I would die by good hands. and I myself take away the glory that is owed to me by the purgatory that I suffer, because it could be that the queen did not feel so bad about my daring, that she is a woman, and in being so, everything is said. Courage, cowardly heart, and determine to declare your sorrow, the truth is that, if Beatriz does not know that I love her, how can she love me? If he does not know that I am suffering from him, how can he remedy me? Well, if this is so, as it is, and the moral proverb says that fortune helps the spirited, I trust her, and with this confidence I will declare my love passion to Beatriz, and if she died for being daring, it would be more honor than dying of cowardice. ; and if he died for his pleasure, I would die by good hands. and I myself take away the glory that is owed to me by the purgatory that I suffer, because it could be that the queen did not feel so bad about my daring, that she is a woman, and in being so, everything is said. Courage, cowardly heart, and determine to declare your sorrow, the truth is that, if Beatriz does not know that I love her, how can she love me? If he does not know that I am suffering from him, how can he remedy me? Well, if this is so, as it is, and the moral proverb says that fortune helps the spirited, I trust her, and with this confidence I will declare my love passion to Beatriz, and if she died for being daring, it would be more honor than dying of cowardice. ; and if he died for his pleasure, I would die by good hands. and be determined to declare your sorrow, the truth is that, if Beatriz does not know that I love her, how is she going to love me? If he does not know that I am suffering from him, how can he remedy me? Well, if this is so, as it is, and the moral proverb says that fortune helps the spirited, I trust her, and with this confidence I will declare my love passion to Beatriz, and if she died for being daring, it would be more honor than dying of cowardice. ; and if he died for his pleasure, I would die by good hands. and determine to declare your sorrow, that the truth is that, if Beatriz does not know that I love her, how is she going to love me? If he does not know that I am suffering from him, how can he remedy me? Well, if this is so, as it is, and the moral proverb says that fortune helps the spirited, I trust her, and with this confidence I will declare my love passion to Beatriz, and if she died for being daring, it would be more honor than dying of cowardice. ; and if he died for his pleasure, I would die by good hands.

With this he entered his room, and writing a paper with several agreements that he first had, he put it among some memorials that that day he was to consult the queen, and with them he went where he was with his ladies, so disturbed, that to see him the queen trembled her voice and the steps were frightened, fearing that Federico wanted to declare with her; but, because she did not consider herself understood or fearful, she received him with a kind and honest countenance: she ordered him to sit down, whatever he wanted to excuse, because in his presence, the queen looking at the memorials, she would not read his; But in the end he did, and after having talked about the absence of the king and the state of the war, and other things that they might like more, Federico told him (not because it had happened, but to see what he found in it):

“It is true, ma’am, that today I have been told about a case that happens among the ordinary justice of this court, which is well to admire, and it is that two brothers who are in it loved a woman, and the eldest, or for richer or more fortunate, he deserved her as his wife, with which the youngest was so desperate that, seeing himself die, finding an opportunity, by force he enjoyed his sister-in-law. It has become known, and is imprisoned for it, and they do not dare to publish a sentence against him because the husband, who is innocent of the fact, does not understand it, and they do not know what means to take in the case.

“Well, what means can there be,” answered the queen, “but to punish the guilty?” Well, when the husband knows it, he will know that his wrong is avenged.

“Well, to love must they take the life of a sad man?”

“Yes,” said the queen; than to love what is foreign, and morep. 367 the owner being his brother, it is not a crime capable of forgiveness, and that man did not love, but desired delight, nor did he offend what he loved in honor, and more by force.

“There is no shortage of people who say,” replied Federico, “that although she felt the strength, she already regrets that she had not kept quiet, feeling that the one who loves her is going to die; and well looked at, it is true that to love should not die.

“When love is dishonest,” replied the queen, “what privilege can defend it from punishment?” And if this case happened to me, I would not wait for neither husband nor justice to avenge my wrong, that I myself would avenge him; and so from here I condemn him and her to death; to him for the crime, and to her because she did not avenge him.

Saying this, he made his face severe, and with some anger said:

—Let’s look at the memorials that you bring, Federico, and let’s not talk about this anymore, what offenses to honor and husband I hate so much that I am still offended at having heard that there is a woman who consents, nor a brother so traitorous that he thinks it how much and more to run it.

“The memorials, ma’am,” said Federico, “are not for now; with more space you will be able to see them.

And with this, not very happy, he said goodbye and went to his room, cursing the time and day on which he had seen Beatriz; which, taking the memorials, was passing them, and the third who opened, saw that it said thus:

«Federico, infant, to Beatrice, queen of Hungary, asks for life that by sentence of her misfortune in the tribunal of cruelty is ordered to lose it, and only the same cause can give it for who dies, which is the same to who asks for life. Already, most beautiful Beatrice (I do not want to call you queen, for forgetting the offense that I do to the king your husband), my suffering cannot have my evil hidden, because a year of silence is enough, nor is life so little loved that, without look for a remedy, let her finish; since I have to die, die, knowing that I die for your cause, and by this daring you will know the quality of my pain, because it does not let me look at who you are and who I am; because putting my pain before your decorum, my daring to your honesty and my love to all the inconveniences, He forces me to publish that your beauty is the cause of my death. I adore you, I already said it; If I do not deserve forgiveness, give me punishment, I will gladly suffer it knowing that I die for you. ”

Who can ponder the queen’s anger and embarrassment, having read the daring paper? There is nothing more to say but that confusion stripped the pearls from her eyes, and with anger, she made small pieces of paper, which was no small mistake for what happened later.

He thought among themselves what he would do, without knowing how to determine himself to anything; for if she ordered him to be killed, she did not assure herself of the wrath of her husband or of his vassals, for Hungary still had no other heir; and if he gave the king an account of the case, and more so having torn the paper, he did not ensure his innocence; for not thinking of her more lightly than having found in the same reason for Federico’s audacity, it was enough to leave his honor in opinion, since it was difficult to believe that against his own brotherp. 368he could have attempted such a betrayal; Besides, Federico could easily blame her for apologizing, and he already regretted not having kept the daring memorial, although he was satisfied that he had avenged his anger on him; and among all these thoughts she resolved to the same thing as before, which was to hide, and that while Federico did not dare to do more, leave it like that, asking God to protect her and defend her from him; And since she could not withdraw from his sight, being force, as the king had ordered for offices and business, to see him every day, she ordered the nurse who had raised her, and had come from England assisting her, who neither day nor night night he departed from her.

He ordered her to sleep in his own chamber, having strong locks put on her doors and on the other blocks on the inside, in case Federico wanted to take advantage of force, as he had proposed in the case he had told him about; and with this, judging to be sure, it happened as before, although with less pleasure, so much so that it showed in the severity of her face how unhappy she was with him.

Tricks were these that the traitorous brother-in-law knew them at once, but it was nothing to make him desist from his loving stubbornness; Before, very happy that since he had not gained more than the queen knew that he loved her, it seemed to him that he had won rather than lost, and he already dared when he saw her to tell her feelings of love, and to wear her colors, and and to give her music on the ground, with which the virtuous queen walked so bleak and sad that she found no relief in anything, and she only had him at the coming of the king; but this was delayed, because war cases are good to start and bad to end.

Well it happened that while one afternoon with his ladies in the palace garden, as melancholic as has been said, those to cheer her up or amuse her sent the musicians, whom Federico had warned of some dirges for the purpose of their love, so that if they were called on some occasion to sing them, giving them to understand that they were addressed to a lady of the palace whom he loved, who as they entered and found the opportunity, they sang thus:

That you like my eyes

Idol of my chest,

Be for your cruelties

Copious sources facts!

Don’t be careful

See that crying pain,

Without knowing the dream

When you are sleeping!

With what cruelty you take from me

The life that I own;

Well when you glory

I have torments!

I do not understand this enigma,

Well, the ice in your chest

Without being undone in it,

It is distilled by them.

But oh, I already know

Of this bad the risk;

Because yours is made of marble,

When mine is fire.

May the burning flames

Of my burning fire

To undo do not pass

The snow from your chest!

You got the heart

Of some diamond made

That is still not enough to soften him

The blood of a lamb.

Heat up the flames

What love is turning on

And you will see how soft

They are for your recess.

p. 369You are the owner of my life,

And even if I die, you have to be;

Well after death

I have to acclaim you for owner.

Not because i miss

Who would surrender me fiefdom,

What beauties love me,

When I love yours.

Formerly hated

That I refuse all of them,

They are glad that you treat me

With such severe rigor.

You are Anagaste,

If in beauty Venus,

Daphne, who outrages Phoebus,

Because Phoebus follows her.

Without luck cultivation,

In barren land I sow,

Caltrops gives for grains,

I will lose my jobs.

Triumph already of my life,

Triumph, proud Nero;

And if you like me to die,

I wish it too.

How greedy you are with me!

Little favor I owe you;

They cost little to liking,

And you are always without them.

If I look at you, it’s tasteless

I always see you cruel

You are always dismissive

And I always dying.

Pay me the finesse

With what I adore and love you,

Even with looking at me

With a flattering demeanor.

I don’t want any more favors

Well, I don’t deserve them

That your mouth says:

I feel sorry for you.

Come out, my tears,

Come out, I’m not stopping you;

Sighs, I already send you

To your beloved center.

I am not afraid to love you

Punishment from heaven;

Although I know that I irritate him

With this thought.

My sorrows are over,

I see my sad life

Already close to death,

And I can’t find a remedy.

Already with so many misfortunes

The suffering ends,

The soul is without taste

And without health the body.

I already refuse the eyes

Of those who had me

For asylum in the graces,

By deity in the sane.

So he spends crying

Its well wasted time,

Than love so much beauty

Glory is, no torment.

A lover, without bliss,

Who loves a beautiful marble;

That although he hears, he does not listen,

For not giving him a remedy.

And it never softens

Because he is cruel, and his pain does not feel.

With an angry face the queen listened to the aforementioned dirges, although, in order not to give suspicion to those who sang them and those who heard them, having known themselves from the part they came, she hid her anger, but she did not want them to sing any more. And, burning with anger, he was on the point of ordering him to be killed to rid himself of his daring and tired chimeras, and he asked God to quickly bring the king, imagining that his presence would restrain his unbridled madness.

But seeing that the coming was delayed, and that in Federico the ease was lengthened, letting go with freedoms that some bad event could result, he determined what I will now say, and it was that, calling with great secrecy artists who were purposely sworn that they did not tell anyone the work they had to do in a large block that was in the garden, with many bars that everywhere fell to the beautiful orchard, where many nights of the summer the king and she dined and slept in the middle of it , because it was veryp. 370large and beautiful and had the capacity for everything, he ordered the said artists to make a cage of iron rods, golden, thick, strong and small, of such quality that they could not be broken or torn from their place, and that from the ground they were well fixed to the ceiling, with so much space that a small bed, a desk and a chair could fit inside, and that there was some space to walk through it: that on your door there would be a strong lock with a large and secure key, and also another Lock that, closing it with a bang, remains safe and built very to your liking. He ordered the outside room to be hung with rich hangings, and inside the cage to put a bed and the rest; And as it was seasoned, he sent for his traitorous brother-in-law, and with a more pleasant demeanor than other times, he said:

—My brother, let’s go to the garden, I want your highness to see a work that I have made in it very much to my liking for when the king comes.

Federico, sure and happy to see that the queen was doing him that favor (not one of the minor ones that he could wish for), took her by the hand saying:

“Who will be able, queen and lady, to contradict what you command, or imagine that being to your liking it will not be very beautiful?”

And with this they walked to the garden; the queen so false against Federico as he was fresh and happy to go with her so close that he could express his feelings to her, as he did; because to excuses of the ladies he was saying loving and heartfelt reasons. The queen suffered for having her revenge so close and for getting it, her daring being so great that the beautiful hand she was holding with hers came to kiss her, not a little happy to see that the queen had so much suffering, it seemed to her that she was working love in she.

They reached the said room and, entering it, approached the cage that was made there, the ladies were amazed to see it; because while it was being built the queen had not allowed any of them to go down to the garden; and being at the door, the queen told Federico to enter and take a good look at her, who would later declare her plan; and he, not malicious the case, entered; But as soon as he put his feet inside, the queen, giving the door her hands, closed it with a great bang, and, turning the bolt and turning the key, said to Federico, who at the noise of the door had returned:

“You will be there, prince, until the king your brother comes;” because, otherwise, neither you will cease to be a traitor, nor will I be persecuted, nor can my husband’s honor be safe.

And ordering that on the part that was back to the cage, beds were put up for four pages to assist him night and day, and for all his knights to enter the room and entertain him, and to carry books and tables. chess, cards, dice and money so that he could entertain himself with his servants, and his ladies, that when he pleased they would come down to entertain him, the happiest woman in the world retired to his palace, thanking God to have him where he could live safely of their betrayals and chimeras.

Federico was so angry to see what the queen had done to him, that the rays seemed to come out of his eyes, and this contempt (which was why he had him) was enough for all love to turn into hatred and mortal rage; And out of anger that he had, in three days he did not want to eat a bite, although his food was taken with greatness and punctualityp. 371that always, neither to lie down, nor to speak a word to any of those who attended him, nor to the ladies who came down to entertain him; but, seeing that the queen did not change her purpose to get him out of there, she had to eat in order not to die, but so limited, that it was only enough to support him; But undressing, or growing a beard, or changing his shirt or dress, or going to bed, he could not be finished with, although the queen herself went to ask him, telling him, with very well understood reasons, that he himself had to thank her for that action. , because with her he kept him from committing a crime as ugly as the one he was trying against his brother, and thus she was sure of her honor: but Federico did not want to respond to anything, or do what he asked; with which the queen, already determined that she would have him there until the king came, left him without wanting to see him, although he often went down to the garden; And for greater security, because none of his servants gave him a way to get out of there, he ordered his servants (those he had brought from England) to watch over and keep Frederick in custody, who, a few months after he was in this life, he became so skinny and dismal that he didn’t look like him, nor his figure.

Some scandal caused in the city, among the great ones, the prison of Federico, those who went to the queen to know the cause: to which she satisfied by telling them that it mattered to the honor and quiet of the king and his that he was thus until his brother come; ordering that, grief of life, no one should notify the king of this case, with what they, more eager, of Federico’s confidant servants, knew how he loved the queen (that these things, and more in the gentlemen who trust servants , they are never secret): and thus, all the great ones judged that the queen by the security of her honor had him there, and they all gave her much praise, loving her more for her virtue than before.

Federico was so poisoned and angry, as he was superb by his nature, that he had already traced his revenge in his imagination, because although the king wrote to him, he never wanted to answer him; And although the king had sent the queen to know the cause, she had replied that she already knew the disease that Frederick suffered and that now, closer to her, she was forcing him not to write to her.

More than a year passed in this life, with great prudence the queen dispatched the things of the kingdom, without Frederick being necessary, keeping the vassals so happy that they did not miss neither the king nor him.

After the war ended, and things settled very much to Ladislao’s liking, as he was freed from this pregnancy, he returned to Hungary, and knowing his coming by the queen, having made a rich dress for Frederick, since he knew that he did not The king was in the city for more than a day and the lords wanted to leave to receive him, he went to the prison where he was and, opening the door, said:

“Yes, prince, your prison is expired; Your brother comes and tonight he will be here: the cause of having you as I have had you better than I know you, because it was not to punish you but to live safely and that your brother’s honor would be: it is no longer time than in day of so much joy there are enmities: I beg you to forgive me and that, losing the anger you have against me, you dress and dress with these finery that have been made to my liking, and go out with the cabalp. 372Lleros who are waiting for you to receive the king.

Enough were these words to tame any other less obstinate spirit than that of Federico; but he, seized of every point of his anger, without answering a word to his queen, nor wanting to change his shirt or dress, or cut himself or even comb his hair, or grow a beard, but the way he was, asking for a horse and Climbing on it, he parted with the knights who awaited him by order of the queen, leaving her ill safe and well wary of any betrayal, regretting having given her freedom until she had informed the king of everything, and much more of having broken the paper, which could be the best witness to your compost; but seeing that these things had no remedy, he entrusted himself to God, placing himself in his hands and resigning his will to his.

Federico arrived where his brother was, not in the form of a lord or a prince, but of a savage, a living skeleton, a fantastic vision; who, as, getting off the horse, asked for his hands, placed before him on his knees, and the king saw him in such a way, admired he said:

—How, my brother, in a day of so much joy as I bring, because God has returned victorious to my land, you, who had to solemnize it more than all, put yourself before me of the luck that I see you? What has happened to you, or how are you in this luck? Tell me for God, do not make me more confused; that even if Beatriz were dead, which is the garment that in this life I value the most, she still could not force you to so much feeling.

“King and lord,” said Federico, “please heaven that seeing me as you see me was the cause of the dead queen, which is not a loss that you can be very passionate; Well, at least if she died, your honor would live: I come in the way that the lightness of your wife has me as long as you left Hungary: and because they are not cases that can be secret, nor have they been, know that since that you left has kept me in an iron cage, like a lion or tiger, or another fierce beast, feeding me for a fee, not letting me cut my beard or hair, or change my dress or shirt; because in love with me she discovered his lascivious love, asking me for a remedy from him, promising me with your death to make me master of his beauty and of your kingdom; And because I have fulfilled the debt that I am obliged to my king and brother, the life you hear has made me go through, and in my person you see, going down every day to persuade me to fulfill his light and lascivious love, or that there he had to let me die until today; who, knowing that you were already so close, brought me dresses and gave me freedom, asking me with tears and prayers not to say what had happened; but I, who esteem your honor and life more than mine, did not want to hear her or do what she asked, but rather come to realize what is happening; and of the danger in which your life is if the light and treacherous queen does not die: because, although on my part, and in keeping with the decorum that I owe you, the offense has had no effect, for a king and husband it is enough to have tried it, And whoever has done one will not stop doing many others, because it may be possible to go to another with less obligations than me, who following his opinion will put you in the hands of death: this is the saint,p. 373nesta Beatriz, you love and esteem so much

Already in front of your vassals and knights I have told you what you ask me, and you want to know so much: because if I apologize to you, telling these things in another way, blaming myself on them to apologize to myself, how can I do it, that the cunning of women, when they want to support their innocence and cover up their betrayals and lies, are great; believe, sir, that this is the truth and not what the queen says, that not even I would bear this testimony, if what I say were a lie, or could, without becoming a public accuser, warn you of her vicious life in another way, or try to say it with fewer witnesses than those who are present: and if it seems to you, sir, or to any of these gentlemen, that what I say is not the truth itself, I am here to support it to anyone in the field who wants to defend the part of the Queen, because it must be believed that when I got ready to show my face in such heavy things, and where the honor of a king and my brother is involved, I was already willing to put myself at all risk: but if you, sir, forced by love that you have it, concealing your affront, you would like to forgive it, your will is law; but I do not have to be where I see with my eyes a woman who, without considering that I am the son of King Ladislao (that God has), wanted to make me an instrument of the affront and offense of her husband, being my king and my brother; And so from here I ask you permission to leave, without going back to the city, to the towns that the king my father and yours left me, to repair the bad condition in which their dishonest cruelties have put me. This is what happens in your absence, and how I have fulfilled the obligation that I owe to my greatness and loyalty.

Federico was silent with this, putting his hand on his eyes; that there are traitors who even with tears know how to support their betrayals; And as the king, astonished at what he heard, also saw that his lean, disgusting and ill-tempered presence proved his grievance, and that with his tears he sealed the truth of what he said, he believed it was easy: a great fault in a king, that if he is to keep justice, giving one ear to the accusation, he must give another to its defense; But the accuser was his brother and the accused was his wife, the traitor was a man and the one included in her was a woman, who although she may be more innocent, no one believes her innocence, and even more a husband, who with this name qualifies as enemy: and thus, without answering a word, although with her eyes sometimes casting rays of fury and other times pouring out loving humor, she abandoned herself to him without being able to resist him; because he really loved the queen tenderly. Ordering his brother to follow him, he ordered his journey to the city to continue.

A great rumor arose among the knights, talking with each other about the case: and although there were some who defended the queen’s part, claiming to be testimony, because their virtue and honesty credited it, most were of the opposite opinion, and all They were summarized in that Frederick would not dare to publicly state a case of such weight if it were not true: without this they saw that until then they had no other prince, and that in the absence of his brother he was entitled to the investiture of the kingdom, and not wanted, to return for the queen (even if she was innocent), Janp. 374be mistaken with him.

With this they all walked, and the king was so sad that in all that the journey lasted they heard nothing but painful sighs, drawn from his passionate heart, battling in him the honor and love, the injury and the tenderness of his brother and his wife, who at the end of the fight, she, as skinnier or more unhappy, was defeated.

Before entering the city, where he arrived almost at night, he ordered a squad of soldiers to go ahead and surround the palace, without letting any person enter or leave because they did not notify the queen and escape; and that on the way they would bring order so that the festivals anticipated at their entrance would cease, and if there were lights on, they would all be removed.

All done as he ordered, the night already closed, he entered the palace, dismissing all the accompaniment and other people at his door, and going up with only his brother, the guard, and some huntsmen from his chamber to the corridors, where at the door. In the room was the holy and most beautiful Queen Beatrice with her ladies, bizarrely dressed: for although surrounded by fears and regrets, she had composed herself with great care to wait for the king, whom as soon as she saw, with open arms she went to receive him.

Who will be able to ponder the king’s anger in this step? Say it the understanding of those who hear it; for blind with anger, retreating backwards because he did not reach his arms, he raised his hand and slapped it with such great cruelty and force that, bathed in his innocent blood, he found it at his feet; And then, without further waiting or hearing her, calling four huntsmen, who in the whole kingdom were not found more cruel and heartless men, because for their pride and bad life they were hated by all, he ordered them to take the queen and take her to the thickest and most rugged mountains that were in the kingdom, and that in part where they found the roughest and most uninhabitable place, they would put out her eyes, with which by looking dishonest she had caused her dishonor, and that having done this, they left her there alive , so that his death being prolonged, feel more sorry for the crime he had committed against him and his beloved brother; To whom, commanding to follow him, he entered his room, also ordering to withdraw from his room all the ladies who, crying bitterly, had the queen surrounded, who with tears said goodbye to all, saying that God wanted her to suffer like this, not to cry, that she was very satisfied with his will.

When Frederick entered with the king, he said to her:

—Come on, Beatriz, die, well, you kill me; You had to pay me to have me caged like a lion.

To which the holy lady replied:

“Ah traitor, and since the devil has you blind, you do not judge that it is better to die innocent than not to live guilty!” And more I want to die in the clutches of brute animals than not to live in your dishonest arms, offending God and my husband: what I feel is that his deception has been so great that he has given credit to your betrayals, without finding out the truth.

With this they all entered, as the king had commanded, and the huntsmen took the queen and set out with her to carry out the order they were carrying.

What is there to moralize here in the cruelty of this man, because whom he had loved so much, as his sadness and fury said, as he published, because he did not consent to his lascivious appetites, offending God and her husband, he put in the state thatp. 375do you hear It is true, gentlemen, that here there is no excuse in support of men, nor reason that accredits you, not even yourselves, who find so many against women, will find it in your favor: and you, beautiful ladies, what greater disappointment Do you want, nor do you seek, nor will you be able to find him, if you wish to have something that hinders you from being easy? But I fear that you are sad to know, because sinning innocence seems to have an excuse; but of malice, it is bankruptcy that cannot be welded, and you would like not to hear so many disappointments because you want to be deceived, because in past and present times you will find that men are always one.

Those who were carrying Beatriz walked with her all night and the next day, and in the middle of the third they reached a mountain of thick bushes and groves, more than ten leagues distant from the court, and in a bank of the rocks, which seemed in its depth that went down to the abysses, without having mercy on her beauty and youth, nor on her tears, nor being moved by the pitiful words that she said, with which she assured them of her innocence, and asked them that since they had to leave her there They did not completely execute the strict order of the king, depriving it of the light, even because it saw its death when the beasts executed it, the most beautiful eyes that had been seen in that kingdom took it out.

It was in the power of men; wonderful! Blinding and deceiving seems like this, in the way, that it is all one, because the one who is deceived is said to be blind of his deceit: then, even in putting out his eyes, they fulfilled the office of men against this woman, as they do now all with all.

Once this cruelty was done, it seemed to them that she was not going to live, assuming that when the beasts did not kill her, she would die of the pain of the wounds, or of hunger, since she had no sight to seek the necessary sustenance, they took the rich jewels that she was wearing, and I do not know how they did not do the same with the dress, because it competed in wealth with the jewels: it must have been because she did not get pregnant with it, or because God ordered it that way, and after that, leaving it there, they split.

How the beautiful queen would look, placed on the edges of the scythe of angry death, is well allowed to consider, because as he felt her so close, he kept calling God and his divine and pious Mother, have mercy on his soul, that he was no longer paying attention to the body, offering them that martyrdom; When a little more than half an hour after she was like that, she felt steps, and believing it would be some bear or lion that came to tear her apart, calling with more truth to God, she prepared to die; but as he felt the steps closer, he heard a woman’s voice that said:

“What do you have, Beatriz, what do you grieve and regret?”

“Oh, ma’am!” Replied the afflicted lady, “whoever you are, since I have no eyes, I do not see you; for you have them, and you see and know me, because you call me by my own name; Why do you ask me what I’m sorry about?

“You don’t see me,” the woman replied. for now you will see me, that although God has allowed to give you this martyrdom, your end has not yet arrived, you lack others to suffer; that to those that his divine Majesty loves, he gives away like this.

And saying this, and touching her hurt eyes with her hand, then they were as healthy as before.p. 376carcass had them, and even more beautiful.

As Beatriz saw herself with them, she looked for whom so much good had been done to her, and she saw next to her a very beautiful woman, and with her being, in her opinion, very young, so grave and venerable that she forced to have respect for her: and It also seemed to him that he had seen her before, but he could not remember where.

The beautiful queen fell on her knees, not because she considered her a deity, although her grave face gave indications of it, but because she was grateful for the benefit received; and taking her hands, he began to kiss them, bathing them in tender tears, saying:

“Who are you, my lady, that you have done me so much good, that although it seems to me that I have seen you, I do not remember where?”

“I’m a friend of yours,” replied the lady, “and the truth is that you’ve seen me many times; but for now it is not convenient for you to know more about me than what you see.

And taking her by the hand, he lifted her up and embraced her, and then took out a small basket with bread and some fruits, and a small squash with water, because in the part where they were there was none, that even her rigorous executioners deprived her of this good, Looking for the place where, just as he was to die of hunger, he also died of thirst, he ordered her to eat, and Beatriz did, as she needed it, begging the lady to eat as well; To which she replied that she had no need to eat, let her do it, because they were to leave from there later; and while Beatriz ate, she sat next to her, and the beautiful queen did nothing but look at her, striving with her memory to bring to her where she had seen her, that the lady was smiling.

After the meal, which Beatriz thought she was happier with it than with the various ostentatious delicacies of the royal palace, being two hours before nightfall, the beautiful lady took her by the hand, and wandering around the rocks, a few Sometimes going down, and sometimes going up, he led her out of them to a pleasant and delightful meadow, surrounded by thick poplars, poplars and willows, from which a beautiful avenue formed, and in the middle of which there was a clear and crystalline fountain where, stopping next to her, he said:

—Here, Beatriz, you have to stay, it will not take long for someone who will take you where you rest for a few days to come: follow your virtue with courage and patience, which is the one that God is most pleased with, that doing so, will protect you in many laborious events in which you have to see yourself, where you need to show the high blood from where you descend: stay with God, whom I pray and will beg to help you and aid in them, and trust him, that with this you will find him in the greater difficulties.

And embracing her again, he did not wait for an answer, nor could Beatriz give it to him; She had the feeling of seeing her leave so drowned: she only answered her with a flood of tears that began to flow from her pretty eyes, and looking again where she was going, she saw her walk with a long stride, until she was covered with the thicket of the trees, leaving Beatriz so enraptured by her absence that she seemed to be left without soul or life, because life and soul were following in the footsteps of that lady, repairing her misfortunes, not being able to wipe her tearful eyes made of pearls.

He sat down, since he had lost sight of her, next to the fountain, and washing his face and hands, which were stained with the fine rosiclerp. 377who had shed her eyes when her cruel and executioner butchers took them out, she stayed that way until shortly before dark, recalling the events that had passed through her, and thinking back to them who would be such a wise woman, who not only the lost lights had restored her, but prophesied what would happen to her; When she felt a crowd of horses and people coming, very fearful she looked at the part where she had felt the noise and saw up to ten or twelve men come out of the trees in the form of hunters, with hawks and dogs, and among them one who seemed to be lord of the others, in the expensive dress and majesty of his face.

He was middle-aged, handsome, and with an affable face and friendly presence, and as they reached the fountain, they all got off their horses, getting to have the knight’s to do the same, and as he arrived where Beatriz was, he judged to see her what she to see him, who was a person of bearing, as he showed in his dressing and beauty; I do not know what the nobility has, which immediately makes itself known, and thus he made a courteous bow, to which Beatriz responded with the same.

The knight arrived, and in the crystalline water he killed his thirst, and he washed his hands and face from the dust and sweat caused by the joyful exercise of hunting, and sitting next to Beatriz, in a German language, which she well understood, said it :

—Beautiful lady, I am amazed to see in a part so far from town and alone a woman of such beauty and rich adornment, this loneliness and harshness could cause some damage against your honor and life if many robbers and bandits came through this part. there are for these mountains. I beg you, so that I, by ignoring who you are, do not fall into some discourtesy, you take me out of this care by telling me who you are and what fortune has brought you here.

Beatriz did not want that gentleman, since he saw her so without company and in such a place, to cover up her greatness, that he lost her decorum, considering her less; and thus in the same German language he said:

—Mr. Gentleman, I am a quality woman who, due to several unfortunate accidents, left my land, and they themselves (who when fortune begins to pursue are not content with little) have caused me to withdraw from my company. that you owe courtesy, that you do not want to know more about me, because it will not silence me less than life; I only ask you to tell me who you are, and in what land I am, and if it is very far from Hungary.

—Beautiful lady, more than how many I have seen, I kiss your hand for the mercy that you have done me in what you have told me; and to satisfy what you wish to know, I tell you that you are in the empire of Germany: Hungary, although it is not very far away, is another kingdom other than this; And my name is Duke Octavio, I am lord of all this land, and my state, by the mercy of God, of the greatest of the empire, for being its potentate: two leagues from here is a village of mine, from where I left today to hunt: if you are served (because I will be very sorry that you stay in such a dangerous part tonight, and also because it is not decent or handsome that so much beauty is alone in the field) to come with me, I know that you will be very well received and gift from the Duchess my wife, for pleasing me andp. 378 because you deserve it.

Once again grateful, Beatriz replied to the duke, accepting the favor he offered her; and finally the duke took her with him, as happy as if he had found a treasure, not because he lusted after her with lascivious love, but because he was forced from a secret star, he earned her as much love as if she were his sister.

Arriving at his palace, he handed her over to his wife, who was a beautiful lady, although almost of the age of the duke, telling her how he had found her; that although at first the Duchess did not make sure that such a beautiful lady would come with the Duke, within a short time she was sure of the innocence with which the Duke had brought her, seeing the honesty and virtue of Rosimunda, who thus said that she She called, because another day, taking off the rich dresses she was wearing, she kept them, dressing in others that the Duchess gave her, more honest, with which the Duchess and Duke loved her tenderly, praising and blessing the day they had found her.

Let us leave Beatriz here, being the government of the house of the Duke and the idol of him and the Duchess; That it is important to return to Hungary, where we left the traitor Frederick and the deceived King Ladislaus, who, with the precipitation of anger caused by the relationship that his brother against the queen had made him, ordered her to be taken, without making any further investigation of the the truth or hear it.

Entering his chamber, he lay down, and spending some time, already somewhat more calm, came to his imagination if it was true what his brother had told him, remembering the honesty and love with which the queen had left him. receive, not being able to forget his beauty and seeming to him that if the queen had offended him, that he did not dare to stand in front of him, of course he could suspect Federico, since he had not wanted to do what he had asked him because of changing his suit.

And with this thought he sent for the queen’s most beloved ladies, of whom it was reported what they had understood in that case, who told him that they had never seen such a thought in the queen, before they had his order not to leave her alone when the infant was there: and that they knew nothing more about the prison that after having done it with great secrecy, he had led her by deception, where if the infant were not so angry to see himself like that, he would not have lacked his gift as if she were in full freedom: that they knew nothing else, nor had the queen ever communicated her intention with them; and they said this with so many tears that they forced the king to help them, and it increased even more when those who had brought her came and told him everything that had happened,

In the end, although the king denied him the license, he took it himself, taking with him one of those who had taken it; to show him the part where it had been; but when they arrived, the queen was already many leagues from there, as has been said.

Tired of looking for her and not finding a trace of her, nor a thread of her clothes, because if the beasts had killed her, she would bep. 379They were scattered across the field; Desperate to see how badly his wishes were achieved, he sat on one of those rocks while the huntsman was still looking for her, and burning with anger at not finding her to fulfill his dishonest appetites, taking in this and killing her revenge for the contempt he had done Of him, thinking how disagreeable he had been not to go with those who had taken her, he saw going down a path that between the rocks showed, although badly used and rough, a man dressed like a scholastic, with a horrible face, and who he looked up to forty years old.

He had a book in his hand, showing with it that he professed some science, and when he came to him, he said:

“In good time there is the noble Frederick, Prince of Hungary.”

“Come to the same one, master,” said Federico, amazed that the man knew him, not knowing him.

And continuing the doctor, so we will call him, said:

“What are you thinking, prince, who am I, or how do I know you?” Well, I know more about you than you do about me; Well, just to know how careful you are, to remedy you I come from very strange and remote lands, not having a quarter of an hour that I was in that part of the Rifeos mountains, where I have my dwelling and room, for being the most convenient for exercise my arts. I am, so that you are not suspended, a man who has studied all the sciences, and I know what is past and what is to come; I have walked as many provinces and lands there are from one pole to the other, because I am magical, which is the faculty that gives me the most value, because with it I reach and I know how much is happening in the world; And I am so fond that without you having seen me I have seen you many times, with no other interest than having you as a friend and that you have me as such, as you will see in the way I help you in the fulfillment of your wishes; But it has to be with one condition, that this secret that happens between the two of you has to give me a word, as who you are, never to tell anyone, not even the confessor, even if you see yourself in danger of death, because only in this lies the strength of my science; And how you do this, I will not only tell you things that you admire, but I will put in your power what you want so that you fulfill your will: see if you are determined to this, and let’s do the tribute lawsuit so that I am sure, and if not I’ll go where I came from because only in this lies the strength of my science; And how you do this, I will not only tell you things that you admire, but I will put in your power what you want so that you fulfill your will: see if you are determined to this, and let’s do the tribute lawsuit so that I am sure, and if not I’ll go where I came from because only in this lies the strength of my science; And how you do this, I will not only tell you things that you admire, but I will put in your power what you want so that you fulfill your will: see if you are determined to this, and let’s do the tribute lawsuit so that I am sure, and if not I’ll go where I came from

What would they ask Federico on this occasion that he did not comply, and more with the doctor promising him what he promised! Well, what he responded with was with his arms, and then with promising to keep the secret so inviolably that even at the hour of death he would not discover him, not even to the confessor.

So the concert was done, they sat together and the doctor said to him:

—First of all, I tell you that for now you will not find what you are looking for, nor is it good for you to find it, because the day your brother gets to see Beatriz, that she is alive, and with eyes, although they has not been able to reach, because it has been by a secret science, reserved to heaven), and it is partly where it is highly esteemed and loved, on that day, well, be sure of your death, because it will hardly tell the truth of the case when the king will believe it, and you see your danger in this; And so, what we have to try is that she leaves where she is, and after having violated her honor and conjugal chastity, of which she is so precious, you remove herp. 380Life, because from this you will get two very useful things: one, that your betrayal is not discovered, because if she dies, it will not be known and you will thus get rid of one of the greatest enemies you have; because I warn you that it is, and very big; and the other, that if she dies, your brother will never marry, because he loves her (even with what you have told him) so tenderly that he will not like any woman other than his Beatrice, and in this way you have to be king of Hungary. Assuming this, and that I come to assist you and help you, cast off sadness; and the love you have for her, turn her into revenge, which is what matters to you, that when it is time I will let you know, but look, I will ask you for the secret again, because if another person in the world knows these things, not even I will be able to help, not even you will get what you want.

Federico was spellbound listening to the doctor, seeing how he told him his most intimate thoughts, and much more that the queen was alive and had sight; But he did not want to rush the difficulty in this, before hugging him around and again promising him the secret and many favors, swearing that the day he took the queen in his power he would not be content with giving her one death, but two thousand if it could be.

When the huntsman came, they went around the city, and when they arrived, they found the king very bad, and so bad that they feared the danger to his life; to whom, as the queen’s ladies informed him so differently from what Frederick had told him of his virtue, undecided of the truth or a lie, as love on his part did what it had to do, was more inclined to believe that the queen he had suffered innocent rather than guilty, and the anger with which he had sent her to die was ugly without first making an investigation of the wrong for which he had condemned her.

For as Frederick saw the king in this state, fearing that if he found out the opposite of what he had said his life and opinion would be in great danger, he purposely went to warn his doctor; but he had no need of it, that he was well warned; And to further prove his wisdom, before Federico spoke to him about it, he said:

“When my coming to serve you, oh brave prince, is of no more importance than saving your life, as I will on this occasion, I consider it well employed.” Your brother is very suspicious that the queen is guilty, and if he is disappointed, he has to risk your life: take this ring and put it on the finger of the heart, and enter to speak to him and turn him to outrage against the queen, who he will believe everything you tell him about him, because I find by my wisdom that the king will not die of this evil; and also that he, of his will, has to inherit you in the kingdom, and it is better than not reaching him violently, because with this you would not win the will of the vassals, but by giving him the king.

Frederick took the ring, on which he had stamped some characters and figures, amazed at how the doctor guessed his imagination, considering himself the happiest man in the world to have him as a friend, and putting on his finger, entered where the king was, who as she saw him, the force of enchantment working in him, she told him to come welcome, rejoicing with him; And asking him if he had found what he was looking for, Federico said no, because he had not found more of the dresses, he indicatedp. 381evidence that some beast had eaten another beast; and seeing that the king had sighed, he said to him:

—And how, sir, in that you estimate your honor and mine, that you feel for having died who took our lives and you? To you offending you in honor, and to me for not wanting to be his executioner, having me as he had me for so long. Console yourself, by God, and be sure that, if she were not guilty, Heaven would have defended her, which is a shelter for the innocent; but since he has allowed him to pay his guilt, it has not been by chance. The love that you had for that deceitful woman cannot be more than your honor; Let’s deal with your health, which is what matters, trying to forget what happened.

These and other things that Federico said to his brother, giving him credit by virtue of the enchanted ring, were part of so that he would calm down, but not to cheer him up, which in this he had no remedy, because in a long time they did not see him laugh.

Healthy and Ladislaus from his illness, in whose cure the great knowledge of Federico’s doctor, who was called him, was shown, the vassals asked him to marry, to which, giving them enough reasons not to do so, he told them, by last resolution That if asking for something so out of his liking like subjecting him a second time to such a dangerous yoke and with as many hazards as that of marriage, they did it to have heirs, that there was Federico his brother, whom from that point he swore and named after heir Prince; and he begged them to do the same: and with this that the king did, Frederick was sworn by the prince of Hungary, who although he was not very fond of the kingdom, because he knew him arrogant and mischievous, and more since the unhappy event of the queen, seeing that it was the king’s will and that by his death the kingdom was coming straight to her,

All these things reached the kingdom of England in tongues of fame talk, with which the kings, Beatrice’s parents, received as much pain as was fair: sometimes, not believing that, in the virtue they had known in their daughter, it was true; and others, judging her to be a woman, of whom, due to our misfortune, the bad is more readily believed than the good: and to ensure more of the case they sent ambassadors to King Ladislao, who arrived in Hungary and informed of the case, became sad and badly satisfied, assuring to their kings how justly Ladislaus had punished their guilt: with which the wars that might be caused were excused.

Little less than a year had passed that Beatriz was in the house of the duke named Rosimunda, so loved by all that if the children that the duke had had no state, he would marry her with one of them: he and the duchess were so fond of his virtue and honesty; and the bad doctor at the Hungarian court, so loved by his king and prince that they did not do more than he ordered: he had them so subject to his will.

One day he told Federico that it was time for the war against Beatriz to start, that there was much that enjoyed the beloved peace; and that for this it was strength to leave the court together; to ask the king for permission, giving him to understand that they were going to see some tournaments that were held in the court of Poland.

The prince was supposed to negotiate so well that, although against his will, he obtained leave for a month; and saying that he wanted to go inp. 382covered, he left the court with the doctor and two servants, which was the way he could go to less cost and more secure, because with the doctor’s arts the way was very short, during which he warned Federico that when he wanted not to To be known was only in his will, because the ring he had given him had that virtue, such as changing his face whenever he wanted, and disfiguring him so that he looked like another.

With this warning they arrived one night at the villa where the duke lived, in whose house Beatriz was; and entering the palace Federico, sure with his ring of not being known, and the doctor of his arts of not being seen; what the doctor did was to arrive unseen, and put on her sleeve a closed and sealed letter to the innocent Beatrice, with the superscript to another great potentate of Germany, for whom the duke had withdrawn from the court to his states , and with the one who had spoken before the emperor on matters pertaining to the crown, thus causing the two of them to go out on campaign and remain very much at odds with this faction: so much so that they sought death for each other: and another open, showing to have been read, with the dust jacket to Rosimunda; and made this diabolical prevention, accompanied by Federico,

—Mighty sir, the rudeness of entering me without a license, I know well that you will forgive me when you know what I am coming for: I do not want to tell you who I am, because my works in your service will give testimony of my person and the faculty that I profess. Being recently in the Rifeos mountains, where near them I have my room, I began to look at the things that are going to happen in the world from today to tomorrow, and among many others I found that in this appointed time that I say you must die to betrayal at the hands of an enemy of yours, to whom a person from your palace of the ones you love the most has to enter your chamber: whoever it is, it is not granted from heaven that I know it: and seeing how great damage would follow if you the world’s faults, for being such a magnanimous prince and of such courage and prudence, and that for your many virtues I am very fond of you,

Having said this, without waiting for any further response, he left with his company and they went to ambush in those groves near the fountain where the duke found Beatrice, who were waiting for them there by Federico’s two servants.

The duke and duchess were in an uproar with such news, and ordering the doors of the palace to be closed, by himself the duke did not fail to visit any room, chest, chest or desk, not even the most secret corners of the servants’ inns, both of the major trades andp. 383of the inferiors, without excepting the same people, and seeing that in that part he could not find what that wise man had told him, he went up to where the duchess was bathed in tears, and did the same with the maids, without there being anything left to look at. ; so that there was only Beatrice and the duchess’s desks missing, and almost out of derision he said:

“And you, Rosimunda, will you be the one who keeps the secret of my death?”

“Sir,” replied the innocent lady, “with my life I would like to extend yours, as one who has received so many benefits and I receive from her: but because it is not fair that you reserve me among all of us, I beg you to do with me what you do with the others, that I believe so little in these fables and charms, that I have no doubt that it is some lying deception to give you this scare.

“So it seems to me,” said the duke; but, as you say, for not doing harm to others, I also want to look at you.

And laughing he put his hand into his sleeve, where, finding the letters, and looking at the overwrites, he saw that the one that was open was the very letter of his enemy Count Fabio, and reading to him, he said: the most beautiful Rosimunda ». The closed one was in Beatriz’s handwriting, and it said: “To the most excellent and powerful Count Fabio.” He opened the one that did not have a seal, and reading it aloud, which was heard by all, said thus:

«The grievances and dishonors received from Duke Filiberto, beautiful Rosimunda, are asking for revenge; Well, as you will know from the time you attended in their home, they came to leave me marked in the face and in the world as a man without honor: and although I have tried with all truth to satisfy myself, it has not been possible, that cowards look very much for their life, and so it is strength to use the industry, if to take it away, in reparation for my affront, you give it to me, and a place to do it, as someone who can do everything at home. With what I will pay you this benefit will be to make you my owner, that for the news that I have of your beauty I wish it, and lady of my state. You will give the answer and resolution of this case to whoever gives you this, who is my loyal confidant.

Count Fabio. »

The handwriting was so similar, and the signature so well counterfeited, that there was no doubt that the letter was from the count.

The duke opened the closed one, which read like this:

«The grievances that you have received from the Duke since the day I found out, I am so hurt, my Excellency Count, that any increase I say will be short; and although the benefits received from the Duke might have me obligated, I owe more to the feeling of your injury, as you will see in the occasion that you have given me; I do not have it for treason, and of course it is, and that I know from your confidant how close you are to this town, enter it, and come tomorrow, after midnight, Through the doorp. 384back of this palace, which is where the windows of my inn fall, bringing a white band by sign on the hat, so that you do not suffer deception, where I will throw you the key with which you and those who accompany you can enter: and give yourself Heaven is worth for the rest, that because of the mercy you promise me, I do not accept it until you see me; That it may be that then the fame that you have of my beauty seems more liar than true. Heaven keep you.

Rosimunda. »

So astonished was the Duke to see the letters, and to know the handwriting and signatures, as Beatriz was at that they had been found in his power: it was in such a way that neither the Duke spoke to blame her nor she to defend himself otherwise than with the beautiful tears that thread by thread fell from her beautiful eyes: and there is no doubt that if she did not remember the reasons that the beautiful lady told her, when she left her at the source, of what she still had to suffer, she would remove the life to get out of so many sorrows all at once: and even the Duke is believed to have weighed more to find the letters in his possession than for the betrayal that he saw armed against his life, and that he gave half of his state because she was not found in her; but the Duchess, as a woman who saw her husband’s life in scales, and the wickedness of a woman they loved so much and to whom they had made so many benefits, as out of judgment she called out to be killed, calling her a thousand insults: to which the innocent lady responded only with her bitter weeping, not being able to imagine where those letters that she had not seen or thought had come to her power; Although it was persuaded they were put by some envious of his privacy, who, contravening his letter and signature, ordered such a betrayal: and seeing that for this there was no excuse other than that of God, who as someone who knew the truth could order, he kept silent and cried: that the compassionate duke ordered her to be withdrawn to his chamber, with an order that she should not leave it, either against the will of the duchess, who only wanted her to die. not being able to imagine where those letters that he had not seen or thought had come to his power; Although it was persuaded they were put by some envious of his privacy, who, contravening his letter and signature, ordered such a betrayal: and seeing that for this there was no excuse other than that of God, who as someone who knew the truth could order, he kept silent and cried: that the compassionate duke ordered her to be withdrawn to his chamber, with an order that she should not leave it, either against the will of the duchess, who only wanted her to die. not being able to imagine where those letters that he had not seen or thought had come to his power; Although it was persuaded they were put by some envious of his privacy, who, contravening his letter and signature, ordered such a betrayal: and seeing that for this there was no excuse other than that of God, who as someone who knew the truth could order, he kept silent and cried: that the compassionate duke ordered her to be withdrawn to his chamber, with an order that she should not leave it, either against the will of the duchess, who only wanted her to die.

Ida Beatriz, the first thing that the duke did was to put a good guard in his palace, and then, without leaving a house or inn in the whole town that was not looked at, he sent for the such confidant of Count Fabio, but he was not found, although to more satisfaction brought her four strangers than there were in her: and also informed of all those in her palace if they had seen Rosimunda speak with some stranger, and all saying that no, believing that it was more the betrayal against the beautiful Rosimunda than against him , for decomposing her, hurt by it and moved at the mercy of her beauty, honesty and virtue, and the patience with which she carried that work, and what else is, guided by God, that he did not want Beatriz to die, having told her that the Duchess Seeing him reluctant to kill her, she was determined to give her poison,Without the duchess knowing about it and without him wanting to see her, because he didn’t feel more sorry for her than she felt, he ordered her to be taken out one night, after two days she was in prison, and for two of his servants to take her away and put her next to the source where they had found it, without doing any more harm than leaving it there, and so it wasp. 385done; and as the source was not more than two leagues from the city, and they left with it in the first quarter of the night, when they reached it it was not yet dawn; and leaving it there, as they carried the order of its owner, they returned.

Who can say the tender feeling of the afflicted queen when she saw herself there at night alone and without shelter, having lost the peace with which she was in the duke’s house, and even more for such a shameful cause? As she was not found with a garment of value to remedy herself, because as has been said in the duke’s house she was dressed very honestly, she did nothing but cry, and every rumor she heard, they seemed to her, or wild beasts that came to bury her in her belly, or robbers who violate her honor; and this he feared more than dying, because he was such that he almost hated life.

I was in this anguish when the dawn began to pull the curtains of the night, banishing the cloudy ones from it so that Phoebus would come out, when, looking at herself with the light twilights of dawn, she saw herself with the rich dresses that she had taken from Hungary when she At the king’s command, her husband took her out of her eyes: and all her things seemed prodigies, being certain that those dresses had remained in the duke’s house, and she, with the pain that she left there, had not remembered them; Considering these things, therefore, he judged that whoever put it on such occasions would not abandon it.

She waited for something more consoled in what would stop her fortunes, calling God to help her and offering her those jobs; When, being more daylight, she saw coming out of the trees, not a lion, not a bear, not a robber, because they did not give her as much astonishment as seeing Federico leave, if you remember, with his false doctor and servants they went to the forest when they left the betrayal hatched.

There is no doubt but that Beatriz would rather see herself torn apart by any of the sayings, rather than see him, and wanting to flee, she got up; but Federico, hugging her, said:

—Now, ungrateful and unknown Beatriz, your charms or spells will not free you from my hands, nor the iron cage in which you had me for so long, that I will enjoy you in revenge for your deviations, and then I will give you death, to excuse the one you try to give me.

“Before, traitor to God, to your brother and to me, you will see mine,” Beatriz replied, “that I may consent to.” Kill me, enemy traitor, kill me now, if you have to do it later.

Saying this, he worked to defend himself, and Federico to surrender it, appearing to the traitor who was fighting a giant, and to Beatriz that his strength at that point was not that of a skinny woman, but of a robust and strong male; And walking, as I say, in this fight, Federico said, seeing her resistance:

—What do you tire yourself, unknown of my worth and value, in wanting to free yourself from my power, that even heaven is not powerful to free you?

The blasphemous Federico had barely finished saying this, when the beautiful lady who had helped her in past anguish came out from among the trees, who had come walking towards them at a brisk pace, who as she arrived, without speaking, took Beatriz’s hand , and pulling her he took her out of the arms of the lascivious prince and carried her away, leaving Frederick embraced, instead of the beautiful prey that was leaving, with a fierce and frightening lion, who withp. 386his nails and teeth hurt and mistreated him; and seeing himself thus, he began to give sad and pitiful voices, to which the doctor and servants came, who, seeing him in such a state, drew their swords, from which the fearful lion released him, entering the thickest part of the avenue; because it was not time for Federico’s life or Beatriz’s work to end.

Federico was left lying on the ground and badly injured, so much so that the servants and the doctor were forced to take him to the first place, where he was healing for many days from his wounds, not being able to reach, neither Federico with his understanding, nor the doctor with her arts, what that transformation had been like, or where Beatriz had gone, that was then reserved for whoever was taking her; who, with the beautiful lady who carried her, found herself free from the force she expected to receive.

She gave many thanks to her true friend and defender of her life and honor, and she encouraged and gave her with loving caresses, walking all that day until shortly before nightfall (to what seemed to Beatriz) out of the way; because sometimes she believed that they were going forward and other times that they turned around and started again as they had already been, when they came to some shepherds’ huts where their guide left them saying:

“Stay here, Beatriz, where you will find what you need for now.”

And without waiting, or giving room for him to answer her, or give her thanks for the good that he did, he saw her go through the field with the slightest speed, leaving her as heartbroken in his absence as the first time; because how much joy his heart received while he had her close to him, he felt sad when he left.

Finally, seeing that he had already covered himself up, he reached the huts where he found a number of shepherds who had, on some carcass skins, laying out white but rough tablecloths, and all sitting around, wanted to have a pot for dinner, which He was taking out one of the shepherds, with beef jerky, those who just as they saw that woman, who in the German language said good night to them, and so beautiful and richly dressed, like simple rustic ones, they stared at her spellbound, until she saw the suspension , he went on to say:

—Friends, because of the passion of Christ, I ask you, if you are Christians, as it seems to me, to admit me and protect yourself in your company, even because I am a woman, because I have escaped from great danger and have been fleeing from a cruel enemy that is walking trying to take my life.

They, having understood the language well, because it was the same language they spoke, since from there to the court of Germany there was barely half a league, they answered her to enter, that they would do what she asked of them willingly.

With this approval of the poor people, the persecuted queen entered, and making her sit at the poor table, she dined, ate, and lunched with them; because since she left the duke’s house she had not eaten anything, everyone making her so much entertainment and good reception that that night, not being able to sleep, thinking of her fortunes, she resolved to send those rich dresses to the city to sell; and changing them into the pastoralists, staying there with those good people.

But it did not happen as she thought, and it was the case that near those shepherd sheepfolds there was a grove where a large amount of game was raised, and where the emperor often went to hunt and have fun.p. 387the pension that brings with it the burden of the government, and there were six or eight days that I was in it with the empress and all her people, and an only child who was six years old, crown prince of all that empire; and on another day, when everyone returned to the city, it was force to pass in front of the cabins; And as the shepherds sensed that he was coming, they all came out to see him go by, and Beatriz with them.

As the carriage in which the emperor, the empress and her son came came close, and among the rustic people they saw that lady so beautiful and well dressed, and with a dress of such richness, missing the novelty and the costume, which they knew well to be Hungarian , ordering the carriage to stop, they sent with a servant to call her; Knowing that Beatrice arrived and with a courteous reverence (as she well knew they had to deal with such real people) she greeted them, to which the emperor reciprocated with another no less courteous reverence, contemplating in her face the majesty that in itself enclosed; and with a cheerful and affable countenance he asked her where she was from, and what she was doing among those people.

“Mighty sir,” Beatriz replied, “I am from a very strange country, although I have attended Hungary for some time; They took me out of my country and home by a deception, and after having led me to some mountains, which are left behind, wanting to kill me in them, heaven, which knows what it keeps me for, freed me from the cruel hands of my enemies and, stealing from them, I arrived last night at these cabins where these pious people protected me: this is what I can say to your majesty; the rest is more for sense than for counted.

Looking at her were the emperor and the empress while she spoke, marveling at her grace and beauty, when a very great wonder happened, and it was that the boy who was next to his father, approaching the stirrup of the carriage, as Beatriz was so close, that he had his hands on him, he threw his arms around her neck, and joining his face with hers, he began to kiss her with such great love as if all his life he had been raised in his company; what Beatriz saw, she took him out of the carriage, and holding him in her arms, paid him lovingly for what the prince had done with her.

Everyone was amazed at what the boy did with that lady, judging it to be the prerogative of beauty to please everyone who owns it, leaving more than four of the boy envious of the favors he enjoyed, wanting to return to his parents, it was not possible, because she screamed, crying to return to her, not enough the flattery of her mother, nor the reprimand of the emperor, because the feeling that the prince made was so great and the tears that she shed so tender and pitiful that the parents, as they had no other Pitying him, they begged Beatriz to get into the car, telling her that supposedly she had no safe place to shelter from those who were pursuing her, that where better could she do it than in her palace, where the prince her son would serve as her guard, because those who guarded him would watch over her.

It did not seem to Beatriz to be this event, but rather directed by God and his keeper; and thus, kissing the hand of the emperor and empress and saying goodbye to the shepherds, promising to satisfy them the good that he had received from them in hosting her that night, he went with thep. 388He and the empress were so happy to carry her that, if they had won a kingdom, they would not be more joyful: Beatriz’s serene, honest, and beautiful face obliged her so much that all who looked at her took a liking to her.

The joys that the boy showed admired everyone, because he did nothing but turn his face away from Beatriz’s and look at her, and then, laughing, join her again, from this day being left in charge of the upbringing of the prince, because there was no He had to try to separate him from her: with her he ate and slept, and in trying to divide him from her company, he cried and craved such that they feared his death. The emperors loved her so much for this that it is not possible to ponder it; and she loved the prince more than if he were her son.

In short, we will leave her in this peace and quiet so loved, respected and served as if she were in the kingdom of Hungary; and we are going to Federico and his doctor, who is healed from his wounds and so angry against the queen, for it seems to him that by magical arts he had put him in such danger that if he had her in his power (as when he had her at the source), he would not wait to enjoy her, as he tried then, but to give her death, very sorry that he had not done so then.

He asked his doctor one day what he thought of such events.

“What do you want, prince, that I think,” replied the doctor, “but that you and I have enemy luck?” Because I cannot, no matter how hard I try, to reach what deity defends this woman, against whom my arts and cunning are worth nothing. I only reach that if within a year he does not die, you and I have to see each other in the greatest affront that men in the world have seen; and I cannot understand but that she is a great sorceress and magician; Because although I have tried to know later that we are here where or who has hidden it, I have not been able to reach it until today, that a relative of mine who is in the palace of the Emperor of Germany has told me, very dear and esteemed by all, because a A six-year-old boy, son of the emperor, loves her more than his mother, for whose cause her parents love her most tenderly; and what has to be feared is that he does not discover to the emperor who he is and what has happened to you; and discovered, there is no doubt that your brother will report to the king, who, disappointed and knowing the truth, you will die, and I will not be free for having helped you.

You will say how, knowing so much, I do not finish with her. To that I answer that against this woman not even your steel can cut, nor my arts have strength, because of a shadow that protects her, that I cannot reach who does it, nor my family members either; because there are things that even God hides from demons through his secret judgments; And the protection she has is so great that although now I wanted to reach her (as I arrived when at the duke’s house I put the letters with which I took her out of there and placed her in your power), it was not possible: and This is from the day that they took it out of your hands at the fountain, and in its place they left the lion that has kept you in the state in which you have seen yourself.

Well, letting her live is dangerous for us, who sooner or later has to come to discover, and we run the same risk; the most successful thing is to ensure that he dies by other people’s hands; and the how it must be in this way: I will put you inside the emperor’s palace and inp. 389the same chamber where she sleeps with the child prince: when sleep has them all exhausted (that entering is impossible, because of this shadow that I say defends her), you will put under the pillow a herb that I will give you, which causes into a sleep so deep that, as long as she is not awakened, she will sleep six days: and if she is like this, kill the child and then put the dagger in her hand so that, seeing her in this way, they will judge that she has died, that with this we will end it; it is clear that they have to have her slaughtered in revenge for the death of the prince, with which we will be free; And if this is not done, do not wait for something else: see if it seems to you on purpose and if you decide to do so, and if not, follow your opinion and taste, that I want to return to my home, because I am doubtful if you will keep the promised secret for me, that much loss will follow me, when it is not in my life, in my knowledge, that in it is the strength of my arts; and I want, if you do, to be away from danger; because the day that (even if it is by confessing yourself) you discover it, that day you and I will die, and life is not so unkind that you want to lose; and it would be, on having served you well, take bad reward.

“How to go to your abode?” Federico replied, embracing the doctor: “As long as I live, I will not consent to such; and so that you are more secure, give me your hand and word that day or night you have to leave my side, that I give it to you the same; And as for the secret, I promise you again, as the son of a king and prince that I am (and a king that I hope to be), to keep it for you so that, even if I confess, I will not confess what happens between the two, has happened and will happen. ; and before I stop confessing because you lose your fear.

“Not confessing yourself,” said the doctor, “would cause a lot of scandal, that at last you are a Christian and you have to do it, even if it is only to comply with the world: shut up what matters, and say the rest, that more than two have to be done.” They do it this way.

“So it will be,” said Federico, “and then we are going to kill that child so that this enemy may die, since my steel cannot execute the rage in my chest in her.”

With this ordering the servants to wait for them there, without any accident leaving that place until they returned, they went out walking through the countryside, and that same night the doctor put Frederick inside the emperor’s palace, and waiting for everyone to calm down, and when it was time he took him to the door of the chamber where Beatriz with the child slept, neglected of this evil; and giving him the herb that is said, he said:

“Come in, prince, I’m waiting for you here, and warn that what you’re going to do is nothing less than life: don’t be blinded or deceived by beauty, nor by the love of this tyrant, that if she caught you like you do.” you have her, I assure you that she will not reserve you.

“Leave that charge to me,” replied Federico, marveling at the doctor’s great knowledge, “that when it wasn’t for what I am doing in it, just for your pleasure, even my brother would not be spared; and if not tell me to take it away, and you will see with obeying what I estimate.

“I think so,” said the doctor, “that will be for later, because I want to see you king so much that I think we must not wait for the course of the years to take it away from him: and don’t be afraid that I fear a man in love in presence of a beautiful woman, whop. 390the beauty that moves everyone with pity is a spell; and because I know so much, I find that many grievances are forgiven out of love.

With this, Federico entered, and the doctor remained waiting outside. As he arrived by the bed, he saw two angels; Let’s humanize it more: he saw Venus and Cupid asleep, because there was great light in the stable.

The cruelty of this man was great, because it did not soften such a beautiful sight; but there is no need to scare, that the rigor was already taking hold of him: he put the herb under his pillow, and he wanted to experience the knowledge of the doctor, his friend, and drawing the dagger he went to wound Beatriz in the middle of the white chest, saying:

“Now, treacherous queen, with a death you will pay me as much as I have given for you.”

But it was not possible to send the arm: so satisfied with the truth that his doctor was treating him, he turned her against the innocent prince, and giving him three or four stabs left him asleep in eternal sleep; and then, putting the dagger bathed in innocent blood in Beatrice’s hand, she went out again where the doctor was waiting, and together they went to the immediate field to the shepherds’ huts where Beatrice was when the emperor found her, because there she The doctor said that Beatriz’s justice had to be executed, in order to see her through her eyes and be sure of her.

The morning came very sad and unhappy for the emperor and the entire empire of Germany; As the maids who attended Beatrice and the prince saw that it was time, they entered the chamber and found the cruel and pitiful spectacle, and shouting, they went to where the emperor and empress were, saying:

“Come, gentlemen, and you will see the tragedy of your palace and empire, for the traitor Florinda – who had said her name – has killed your beloved son.”

The anxious parents, with such new pierced, went to see what those women were saying to them; And just as such pity and pain were offered to their eyes, like people without judgment they began to shout, the empress touching her hair and the emperor his beard, to whose voices Beatriz awoke terrified, who until then had lasted her diabolical dream; and there is no doubt that, if he had awakened before, with the same dagger that he had in his hand he would have killed himself; who, as she was bathed in blood and the dead child, and that she, with the dagger in her hand, showed signs of being the aggressor of such a crime, did nothing more than raise her eyes to heaven, bathed in tender and pitiful tears, and say:

“Yes, Lord, I see that this time the end of my unhappy and persecuted life has come!” And since I know that this is your will, it is also mine: I will die happy that I do not owe it and that my persecutions will end here, and with one death I excuse as many as I suffer every day; and thus, my disappointment is my silence, because I wish to die without contradicting what you have.

At this time the emperor, blind with anger, had sent for the governor, who came and ordered that they take that woman, naked as she was, and take her to the same part where they had found her, and cut her head there , and that she and the hand were on the same path, with letters that said their crime; and giving order that the prince be buried, he and the empress retired to mourn the death of the beloved son.

p. 391They took the beautiful queen, naked as she was, from the palace, and to arrive more quickly (as there was half a league up to that part), they put her in a car, and also because the citizens did not look at her, who were shouting as they walked as madmen lamenting the death of their prince, before executing justice; And since the vain ostentation of the world is kept even in bodies without a soul, the burial of the child could not have been so prompt that they did not first arrive with the beautiful lady at the place of the torture: after they were in it, taking her out of the car, tied the hands, they placed her in the middle of that field, in the middle of an armed squadron, so that all those who followed her could see her while a high scaffold was erected, where justice was to be executed, which many officers armed in great haste.

There was the innocent and meek lamb surrounded by wolf butchers, with teary eyes watching with the haste that her death was being prepared: she was calling very truly to God, offering him that and the other martyrdoms she had suffered; and the traitor Federico and his companion, among the people, looking at what they wanted so much, when Beatriz lowered her eyes from the sky, where she had them, and extending her eyes over the field, she saw it coming, breaking due to the tumult of the people long ago. She passed her defender and friend, that beautiful lady who had given her favor in so many dangers as she had seen, who as she arrived said:

“On these occasions, Beatriz, true friends meet.”

And untying her hands, taking her by one of them, among all the people, step by step, he took her out of all of them, Beatriz finding herself at this time wearing the same dresses that she left her house and had stayed in the palace of the Emperor, and I took it very far from there, placing it between some very hidden rocks, at the mouth of a cave, where there was a crystalline and small fountain, and on the other side a green and fruitful palm loaded with clusters of its tasty fruit; and how she got there the beautiful lady told her:

“Come in, Beatriz, into that cave, this is to be your home until the time is right;” In it you will find what you need, that God wants that for now you do not communicate with more people than with the flying birds, simple bunnies and loose deer, where you will find yourself better than with men: live in peace, love virtue and entrust yourself to God, and remember me, I am the one who has gotten you out of the predicament in which you have seen yourself.

“Oh, ma’am!” Said Beatriz, kneeling at his feet: “do not leave without telling me who you are, so that I may know who I have to thank for so many mercies, that forgetting about you is impossible.”

“It is not yet time for you to know.

And saying this, he left with remarkable lightness, leaving Beatriz absorbed, following her steps with her eyes, and with the feeling that every time he left her he remained; And when he lost sight of her, he got up and entered the cave, which had no more than twenty steps in space, and all carved out of the same rock.

On one side of it was a large cross, made up of two pieces of wood with great care and curiosity, and from the nail of the feet and the ones in the arms hung a rosary and some disciplines, and at the bottom a small mess in which there was a habit of slang, with its rope, and a raw linen headdress, and on the mess some Hours of Our Lady and others prayp. 392tions in romance, a large book of the lives of saints, and, in front, some straws where his body could fit, which to what the holy queen judged, seemed to have been the home of some penitent, who had bartered this life, full of hardships , with the eternal; which seeing this, undressing her dress, making a mess, put him to one side of the cave, and putting on her rude jacket, tying the rope and covering her golden hair with the crude headdress, she felt as joyful as if she were in the palace of his father or husband, not missing, with the food that in the green palm and clear little fountain he found, the gifted delicacies of the house of the duke or palace of the emperor.

Let us leave her here, communicating at all hours with God, to whom she was very grateful, together with her holy Mother, for having brought her out of the travails and deceptions of the world, asking them that before she died she would know who that beautiful and pious lady who was her was. He had delivered so many times from death and brought it to such a peaceful life, spending some time praying and others reading. Let us return to the place of the torture and to the court of the emperor, for there is little to say about them.

The scaffold had just been erected, and because his death was seen more favorably, it was ordered to be raised very high; and wanting, in order to execute justice, to bring Florinda to him, as everyone called her, as at the same time it was going for her and taking her away her defender, and they saw that she was missing before their very eyes, the deceived ministers were so astonished as when the traveler, who in a very dark night following his journey, is suddenly offered a sudden flash of lightning that, leaving him dazzled, does not know what has happened to him: that is how those who, at the time of grabbing Florinda, were left behind. they found themselves without her, looking from one side to the other to see where she had gone; not being less admired than the rest of Federico and the doctor, not being able to imagine where he had gone: some said: «Here I was now»; others: “Looking at her without taking my eyes off her, she has disappeared from them.” These were called “miracle” and those “enchantment”: only the doctor, who was the one who was most frightened that to his knowledge he was covered up, said to Federico:

“How tired we are!” As long as this shadow casts it on this woman, we are not to have power against her.

Well, being of this luck, without knowing what to do or what apology they would give the emperor, they saw a knight from the palace come at all the gallop of a horse, shouting that if justice was not executed, it would be suspended and they would return with Florinda to the palace That is how the emperor ordered it: that as he arrived he told the governor the same thing, and how, at the time of taking the prince to bury with the general feeling of all, he had risen, rising up healthy and good, saying loudly:

“Don’t kill Florinda, Florinda didn’t kill me; before for Florinda I have life; Bring me Florinda, go quickly, don’t kill her, she’s innocent, she didn’t kill me, but a traitor for hurting her.

New admirations caused these news, and seeing that it did not seem, not even for more turns around the field they found it, they returned to account to the emperor of everything, and his feeling ofp. 393that it did not look as if it had been killed; and more seeing that the child cried so much for her and said that without Florinda he did not want to live.

The people left, Federico and the doctor were left alone, to whom the prince said:

“What about such events as these, doctor friend?”

—What do you want me to tell you, but that my understanding is exhausted, my wisdom undone and tarnished seeing what happens; and that to me, what happens in the world is not concealed from me, and even what is in the deep caverns of hell I look at and judge as if it were in each part; I cannot reach this secret, nor by what virtue does this woman escape as many dangers as you and I cause her, and I do not know, although I try harder, if this is done by virtue of God or of some devil.

I was looking at her when she disappeared, and I only saw that they covered her up, without knowing who, nor for now do I reach where she is; I only know that we have to see her again, but then it will be at great risk to both of us, and so it is necessary that you and I return to promise not to part with each other at any time or occasion; because when our forces are united, theirs against us will not suffice, and now let’s go back to Hungary to alleviate the pain that your brother and the whole kingdom have for you, and there I will act with more strength and calm of my charms, to see if we can act against her before she executes him against us; And in case it cannot be done, it will be the most successful thing to take away your brother’s life with some clothing that we give him, that being your king, he will do little against you.

The doctor’s advice seemed good to Frederick, and giving him a word again not to take him away at any time, neither by night nor by day, they went where the servants had left, and from there to Hungary, where they found the king well punished. for not knowing news of his beloved brother, and the whole kingdom very sad, not knowing of his prince; and by his coming they made great parties; since the king did not want to marry, they all had their eyes on him; and although they knew him to be ill-inclined, he was, in short, the son of their king and the brother they had.

Beatriz was in the cave for eight years, without the bad doctor being able to discover in all of them where she was, and she was so happy in that abode, enjoying such a quiet and peaceful life that she no longer remembered a kingdom or a husband, without a human person I saw his eyes in all this time. All her company were simple bunnies and fearful fallow deer with tender fawns, who were so found with her that they came to her hands as if they were tame puppies, enjoying the joyful music of the birds, with whom she delighted and entertained.

He only felt very sorry for not having seen his beloved friend and defender, that beautiful lady to whom he owed so much, and almost loved being in danger to enjoy her sight again; when one morning, when the dawn began to laugh, while he was sleeping, he heard himself calling in the same fate as when he was without eyes among the rocks, saying to him:

—God save you, Beatriz friend.

At whose voice, opening her sleepy eyes, she saw her dear and beloved defender beside her, and rising in fear and joy, she knelt before her, saying with tears of joy:

“Oh, my lady, and what a long time I have not seen you!” How have you forgotten mep. 394As who knows so much the desire that I have had to see you? Tell me: how did you not come to see me? Who knows where I could find you, I would not have stopped in search of you.

“I,” answered the lady, “never forget who truly loves me, that although you have not seen me, I have seen you;” but as up to now you have not needed my favor, I have not come to see me; And because it is time that the wishes you have to know who I am are fulfilled, before I tell you what I am coming for, I want you to know me and know that I am the Mother of God.

In saying this, as it was already the will of God and his that he knew her, to the point, in the diaphanous blue cloak, which although of this color, was more sun than cloak, in the contours of the silver moon, in the crown of stars, in the very clear radiance of her divine and sacred face, in the angelic spirits that surrounded her, Beatrice met that sovereign queen of angels, Mother of God and Our Lady, and set her eyes on her, just as she was of fennels, she remained motionless and elevated for a long time, absorbed in such a glorious sight.

May Beatriz enjoy this much desired favor while I ponder this mysterious event, and I say that it is a great proof of our reason that happened to this beautiful and persecuted queen, that to defend herself from the lascivious cruelty of a man, her holiness and sanctity were not enough for her. her honesty, with all the other virtues that she has, was endowed, nor with her divine and clear understanding to hide and guard the love that so many times and on so many occasions she had taken for granted, nor to excuse herself from finding in her more affection or liking when he wrote the role for him, nor have him the time he was in the iron cage; Nothing was enough against the pride and anger of this man, but it was necessary all the favor and protection of the mother of God.

Ah, fair ladies, if you consider this, and what a disappointment to your deceptions! The power of the mother of God is necessary to free Beatriz from a man, resisting, withdrawing, hiding, igniting, and after all this she cannot get rid of him if the Mother of God does not free her. What do you expect, that you love them, that you seek them, that you believe them, and that you want to deceive yourselves?

Because the truth is that if we were to go down a path and see that all those who have walked along it have fallen into a hole in the middle, and seeing the others fall, we were to hit it with the eyes, without harming ourselves of seeing the fall. others, what excuse could we give, if not for our pleasure we are going to fall into it?

You see the mocked relative, the lost friend, the dishonored lady, the dejected commoner, the woman killed by her husband, the daughter by the father, the sister by the brother, the lady by the gallant; And finally you see that today the greatest honor and the greatest feat that men pride themselves on is to make fun of yourselves, and then publish it and say bad things about you, without reserving any, but that together they make a salad of all of them, and will you not take an example from one another?

Why do you complain about men, then, knowing them, do you allow yourself to be deceived by them, trusting in four loving words? Can’t you see they are golden pills? Do you not consider that the others who mocked said the same thing, that it is a studied language with which they are selling you, a tariff thatp. 395everyone watches; and they hardly lose sight of you, when, even if it is a scrubber, they say the same?

And what you had to feel the most is when, together in a group, they say that they find you so close at hand that you yourselves beg for them, and that they find women a quarter of chestnuts, or this role of a quarter. Are you not upset about this? Don’t you fall dead of feeling?

Well, of myself I say that, with not being understood in these laws, because I neither cheat nor take the opportunity to be deceived, nor do I need disappointments, I am outraged, so that I would like to be powerful in any case to separate you from such vice to defend yourselves from such misfortunes.

And that nothing forces you to get rid of them! Well, look at how this queen who, because she deserved to have the favor of the Mother of God, was good; Well, if being good she needed the Mother of God to defend her from a man, you, in the war of so many and without her favor, how do you think to defend yourselves?

Come back, come back for yourselves, and since you do not value life, because at every step you put it at risk, esteem the honor, I do not know what woman sleeps peacefully in her bed, knowing that in the cliques the people are saying bad things about her. The same ones who had to cover up his fault, having been an instrument of his falling into it; that in the past ages more esteem was made of women, because they had it of themselves, and then, as they cost them more, they applauded them more, and the poets praised them in their verses and did not outrage them as now, that they do not a good bullfighter is considered to be one who does not drive a rejón.

Now let us return to Beatriz, who we left her elevated and absorbed in that divine sight, that in the rest I think that I tire in vain, because neither the women will stop giving an opportunity to be dishonored nor the men will excuse themselves from taking her; because honor smells bad to women and to men saying them well, and so everything goes on broken feet: it is the grace that everyone has, and all the glass roofs, and without fearing the stones that they will give on theirs , they are throwing stones at others, and what I most admire is the spirit of women of this age, who without having the favor and protection of the Mother of God, dare to trust the hearts of men, forests of thicket, which was called by King Don Alonso, the wise man in the true, and the god Momo in the fabulous, where there are only lions of cruelty, wolves of deceit,

Well, as I say, Beatriz was kneeling and so beside herself, looking at that divine lady, of whom she was so gifted that she would remain like this until the end of the world, if the Blessed Virgin did not tell her:

—Return to yourself, friend Beatriz, it is time for you to leave here and go back for your honor, that although you suffer without guilt, that and your patience is enough to give you the prize of your work: my Son wants his wives have a good reputation; And that is why many from whom the world has taken it away, even after his last day, allows that with enough inquiries, such as those made in his canonization, it isp. 396the same one who has taken it back; but he wants you to restore it and remove from your own enemy the danger that he has of condemning himself; and to your husband and parents, together with the two kings of England and Hungary, their bad opinion of you. Take this male dress and put it on, leaving there the two that have served you in your troubles and concerns, and these herbs.

Saying this, he gave her the dress and a basket of herbs so fresh and fragrant that it seemed that the one that is a closed and fragrant garden was bringing them; and continued saying:

—These will never wither, but you will always find them as I give them to you: go to Hungary, where by the will and permission of my Son all suffer from a cruel plague that has given such that the diligence of human doctors is not worth it. to reserve her headdresses from death; Only to you, through these herbs, is power granted; but it must be this way: that the wounded of this evil who wants to be healed must confess all his sins, without reserving any, no matter how ugly, in front of you and another person that you indicate; And done this, having taken the juice out of this herb, you will give it a single drop to drink, with which it will immediately be healthy; but warn, and so do you who you heal, that in failing to confess any sin, or by shame or malice, to the point that he drinks the salutary and soft liquor,

Beatriz got up, hearing this, and taking off her jar of jargon, she put on her dress, and taking the harness that she took off to the cave, she put it in the place that she had found for it; and saying goodbye to that dwelling with tender feeling, she took her basket accompanied by her glorious defender, who, taking her by the hand, took her out from among the rocks and put her on the road, showing her where to go, and hugging her and giving her his blessing, and she kneeling, with many tears for leaving that heavenly lady, kissed her feet with such feeling that she would never want to remove herself from them, asking her to always protect her; and the Blessed Virgin, since she wanted to leave, said to her:

“Go on, daughter, with the blessing of God and mine, and you will heal all who do what I have said, in the name of Jesus, my beloved Son.”

And leaving her like that, kneeling, she disappeared, leaving the holy queen so moved that she had left her that she could not get up or remove her mouth from the place where she had had her glorious feet; And so it was a good space until, seeing that it was fair to obey what he had commanded, he got up and started walking.

As he entered the kingdom of Hungary, it was a wonderful thing to see the people who healed, both of one sex and the other, so much so that within a few days his fame flew throughout the kingdom, calling him the miraculous doctor, until he reached the The same city where the court resided, which it found in more trouble than the others it had walked, both because there were more people there and evil was seized by the most, and because Prince Frederick was wounded by him, to such an extent that they had no hope of his life, for not taking advantage of the remedies that the doctors gave him; and since there was no other heir, the king and the kingdom were in great pain.

Beatriz began to make her miraculous cures,p. 397healing so many with them that they barely left her an hour to give her body some rest, and together with this, to speak of nothing else but the miraculous doctor, some believing to be a saint, and others having him as an angel; so that the news reached the king, who, all who knew, affirming that he healed so many, eager for the life of his beloved brother, sent for him, and when he came, he promised him great favors if he gave him health.

—Let’s go where he is, Beatriz replied, that as the prince does what others do, he will undoubtedly heal.

Hearing this from the king, he took her by the hand and brought her to where Frederick was on the bed, so ill and weakened that it seemed that it would barely last two days. He had at his bedside his magical doctor and friend, who departed from him day or night, and although he had already made the precautions that every Christian must do to leave this life, they had been as false as the one who had promised to his doctor would not tell, not even to the confessor, the secret that they both knew.

For when the king saw him so tired, he said to him:

“Courage, my beloved brother, for here is the miraculous doctor who, with God’s favor, will give you life, as he has given to all those throughout the kingdom who suffered from this disease.”

Alentose Federico, and putting his eyes on Beatriz, said:

“Do your job, doctor. If you heal me, I promise to make you the greatest lord in Hungary.”

“We have to,” said the magician at this time, “to know by what virtue you cure, if it is by science, or by herbs, or by words.”

“Well, you,” said Beatriz, “know so much, don’t you know what virtue I cure? In God’s, who can do more than your false magic.

The magician fell silent, hearing this, and Beatriz, turning to Federico, said:

“Do you know, prince, what you have to do to make use of the remedy that I have to give you?”

“No,” said Federico. Warn me of everything, because I do not lose the cure by ignoring what has to be done.

“Well, you have to confess all your sins, leaving none out of shame or malice, in front of the king, your brother and me: but look, prince, what you do, than if you do not confess everything and have some left, in place to live, you will die.

Great mystery of God, who was speaking with the very ones who were persecuting her, without being known to anyone, and even less magic! For Federico seeing that he had appointed the king, returned to his doctor, he said:

“You see, doctor, it cannot be less: it leaves room for me to do what this good man says I have to do.”

The doctor laughed, and turning to Federico, he said:

“Well, how, prince, do you forget that you have promised me, as who you are, not to depart from me?” Is it fair for a king to break his word? According to this, neither I can leave nor you send me. Look at this, man, how it must be, that unless shattered I will not give up the right I have to your promise.

Federico was speechless, not knowing what to respond to what the doctor was talking about, seeing that he was telling the truth.

To which Beatriz responded, inspired by heaven:

—Estate stay, deceiver, do not go, it does not matter that you are present, because you are always at everything; but this time your cunning will not be worth it or knowing that there are those who know more than you.

With this, the king and Beatrice, and the doctor sitting down, Federico confessed to all his sins, except for the betrayals concerning the queen, the magician being very happy, seeing how the prince observed him.p. 398 that she had promised him, who after he finished and said he had nothing more to say, seeing Beatriz that it was different, he said:

“You have no more to say?”

“No,” said Federico.

-Do not? Beatriz replied. Well, look at what you do until you get the liquor: I’ll give it to you, I have it in this vessel; but warn that if you leave something, no matter how minimal, at the same point that you drink it, you will not only lose your life, but also your soul.

Federico trembled hearing this, and turning to the king he said:

—My brother, promise me, as king, to forgive me what I have committed against you, and grant me life, that less than with this I cannot do what this good man asks.

“I, beloved brother,” said the king, “forgive you, even if you have tried to take my life, and I grant you yours, and God willing that, by working this miraculous remedy, you may have it for many years.”

“Well, doctor friend,” said Federico, returning to magic, “excuse me, dying and condemning me are two terrible evils; and it is not a reason that, for keeping the promise that I made you crazy, I lose the life of my soul and body, when I am sane.

“That way you keep what you promise?” Said the magician. What hope will you give your subjects when you are king? And I will complain about you, and I will denounce you all over the world with perjure.

“The soul and life are more important,” said Federico.

And without waiting for more questions or answers, he declared everything that touched the queen, saying how he had been the one who had fallen in love and persecuted her, and how she, to get rid of him, had locked him in the iron cage; how he had pretended with the doctor’s knowledge of the letters, while in the duke’s house; how he had wanted to force her before killing her at the source; how the boy prince had died in the emperor’s house, and how, while he was to slaughter her, he had disappeared; what he had heard from the gentleman of the emperor’s house who had come to prevent justice from being executed, because the child had risen; how he had found it with his eyes, being true that the huntsmen had taken them out; and how, as much as they had tried to know what had been done, they had not been able to reach it, neither the doctor with his knowledge, nor he with his diligence;

Finally, he did not leave anything that he did not discover, what Beatriz saw, giving him the lust of liquor, he was immediately healthy.

Like the king, who was attentive to what his brother said, learned of the queen’s innocence and what had happened with work and persecution, and did not know where they would find her to ask for forgiveness and return her to the state she deserved, crying tenderly Told him:

—Oh, Federico (I don’t want to call you brother, it wasn’t your works of being one); and how sane you were in asking me for my life, that if I had not promised it, a death would be a small punishment, because if I could give you a thousand, I would not leave it for any danger that might come my way! Do not seem while I live before my eyes, that I do not want to see with them the cause of the tears that mine are shedding.

Oh, my beloved Beatriz, and as if, considering you guilty, joy has not yet entered my sad heart for having lost your beloved company; how from today I will die living, without these tears that I shed ever wipe from my painful eyes!p. 399Oh, holy martyr! Forgive my bad judgment in giving credit against your virtue to such treachery: but how could I not be deceived if my own brother discredited you with such apparent evils?

The king said these regrets with so much feeling that, seeing Beatriz that it was time to make herself known, he said:

“Calm down, Ladislao, don’t be so discouraged, because here is Beatriz;” I am the one who has suffered so many disgraces and misfortunes, and for whom your eyes are shedding those tears.

As soon as the queen said this, when she saw herself, and they all saw her, with the royal dresses that she took out of the palace when they took her to gouge out her eyes and that had remained in the cave, without missing a single jewel that was taken from her. monteros, as complete in its beauty as before, without the sun or the air, even though it was eight years in the cave, having spoiled a point of its beauty; observing all who were in the room, which were many (because of the cry that the king made, all the knights who were there had entered, believing that Frederick had died), how the Mother of God, Queen of the angels and Our Lady, he had his divine hand on the right shoulder of the beautiful Queen Beatrice; in whose heavenly and divine sight the doctor, who was seated in a chair near Federico’s bed, giving a great bang,

—You won, Maria, you won; I already know the shadow that protected Beatriz, who until now was blind.

And he disappeared, leaving the chair full of thick smoke, the room being an astonishment and a chaos of confusion, because the part that was Beatriz with her divine Defender was a resplendent paradise, and to which the false doctor and true demon, a darkness and darkness.

The king knelt, and Federico, who had already jumped out of bed, at Beatriz’s feet, and all those who were in the room with the same fate, kissing her feet and the earth on which she had them.

Who would hear Ladislao’s tenderness that he said to her, asking her forgiveness for the discredit she had had against his virtue! Who would see Federico begging her to forgive him, loudly confessing his betrayal! Who would look at her ladies, who at the voices and thunderings of the devil had come out with tender tears, some kissing her hands and others her clothes; and all with so much happiness how sorry they had been for their misfortunes! Needless to say, it seemed like a crazy genre of contentment.

Beatriz lifted her husband and brother-in-law together, hugging them in the same way, and then everyone else, one by one. The voice of the miraculous coming of the queen came out, knowing what the doctor who had given life to all was like, and they ran as if out of court to the palace; so much so that it was necessary for her to go out where she was seen by all, because they shouted to let them see their queen; and just as he left her between the said contest, the Queen of Heaven had disappeared.

Ladislao would like to rejoice in the beautiful arms of his wife the glories that he had lost in her absence; but she did not consent to him, telling him that there was no longer a kingdom or husband in the world for her, that she only aspired to the heavenly Husband and to the kingdom of glory; that he did not try to cause her more misfortunes than those suffered: and as this must have been the divine will, he did not replyp. 400but the king did not try to persuade her otherwise; because, inspired by God, he determined to follow in the footsteps and path of Beatriz, who without wanting to spend the night in the palace, taking with him all the ladies who wanted to be his companions, went to a convent where they all took the habit of nuns, giving her the king leaves for it, where he lived holy until he was very old.

King Ladislao then sent the news to England with trustworthy ambassadors, sending for the Infanta Isabela for Federico’s wife, who was Beatrice’s sister and very young when she came to Hungary, and no less beautiful than her sister, to whom the kings her parents wanted to bring themselves, to see Beatriz on the way; and having come, the weddings of Federico and the Infanta Isabela were celebrated with great festivals of the two kingdoms, and after the kings of England returned, King Ladislao transferred and gave the kingdom to his brother; and having given him the investiture and sworn vassals to him, he took the habit of the glorious Saint Benedict, where, following in the footsteps of his holy wife, he went to prevent his place in heaven.

Having lived holy, he died many years before Beatriz, who, before her death, wrote her life herself, as it has been said here with the name of disappointment; because in him the ladies see what they should fear, because because of the cruelty and stubbornness of a man, Queen Beatrix suffered so many hardships, the one who in all Italy is considered a saint, where I saw her life in handwriting, being there with my parents.

And I warn this, because if anyone has heard something of this queen, it will be as I say, but not printed or tampered with by other devices; and since it has been proposed that these disappointments have to be about true cases, it is force that someone has heard them elsewhere, but not as it is referred to here.

They all listened with such pleasure to the disappointment that Dona Estefanía referred to, which, although long, did not cause distaste for taste, before they wanted it to last longer: and although Don Diego, because he came to see himself as the owner of the beauty of Lisis, desired for so long , I wish the disappointments of that night were shorter, the two disappointing ones, as it was the penultimate, purposely prevented them longer, and did him no little favor in delaying the pain that instead of pleasure was finally forewarned him of the party, because in this painful life it has not been fulfilled, because, as we are getting closer to the end, like the one who walks, who walking one day one day and another day another, comes to arrive at the place where he straightened his trip, so this sad world is walking, and in the misfortunes that happen in it it seems that it is approaching the last day.

For, seeing Dona Isabel that the discreet Lisis exchanged seats with Dona Estefanía, because she was the penultimate who was to disappoint, she sang alone this sonnet, of a divine understanding of Aragon, made to a lady whom she loved for fame, without having seen her, and she excused herself from seeing her for not disabusing him of the deception that he could suffer in her beauty; although she disappointed him in writing, saying that she was ugly, for taking away the desire he had to see her; and Lysis had been given to Dona Isabel to sing to her, on this occasion, for not giving it a tragic end, although the hero who did it deserved him for having embarked on Lethe.

p. 401Loving without seeing, it seems easy,

That contradicts care effects;

But who of the wit has paid,

He deserves more loving credit.

The one who in the light that time fades

Lascivious request sweet pleasure,

Appetite is his love, how unfortunate

With the same delight he falls away.

Amarilis, if seeing your beauty,

Her beauty would give up tender spoils,

It will hold my senses to the years.

My love portion of the soul is assured,

And fleeing the inconstancy of the eyes,

He wanted to eternalize in the ears.