People are not born to be defeated

It’s late autumn. I know that all the leaves will eventually fall. However, I also know that when the early spring comes, every branch will produce young shoots.

I often hear people say that I have never stopped writing, and I am very happy to say that. I always talk about this topic every time I lecture. I tell everyone: if a person regards his literary and artistic creation as a farmer working hard on his own field, then you will definitely reap the same as a hardworking farmer.

I am intoxicated in my life and thoughts, even at night, it will not disappear. I know that the world will forget everything in the end, and art will live forever.

I am fortunate that the times have exiled me in the vast wilderness, allowing me to stand alone on the top of the inaccessible mountain, sitting opposite the world, looking at the poetry in my mind and the distance.

The biggest difference between people is not their knowledge and IQ, but their comprehension. Real artists are definitely not cultivated in the classroom

To be able to “not be forced by material” and maintain freedom of thought and spirit is not far from the “other shore”.

Simplicity is the character of a master. It is a profound simplicity, self-confident humility, concise maturity, and an unpretentious character. The road to success of any outstanding artist cannot be imitated or copied.

The blessing of living and working in peace and contentment does not belong to an artist. The artist has been wandering all his life.

Whenever I am with a strong man with a successful career, I can see from behind his deep expression and sharp eyes that there must be a humiliating and bumpy experience in his life.

Occasionally, I will meet some arrogant and invincible people, so I will leave without hesitation, because I am worried that the arrogant and arrogant arrogance will pollute my tranquility.

For some people, it is not worth wasting even a quarter of an hour of time and energy, so I often refuse now.

Marx’s daughter Jenny asked the historian Vitek: “Can you use the simplest language to condense human history in a booklet?” Vitek said: “No, just four German proverbs are enough. 1. Whoever perishes God, always let him swell first. 2. Time is a sieve, which will eventually wash away all the sediment. 3. The bee steals the flower, but the result is that the flower blooms. 4. It is dark and more visible. You can see the stars.”

There is no genius. The vast majority of people have almost the same talents. Outstanding people are just one thing to do to the end!

In every lecture, I would say: What I can’t stand the most is to be mediocre and not enterprising, to have a great time but to give up on oneself, the original goal was within reach, but in the end it fell short.

In our lives, the vast majority of people regard the realm that they yearn for but cannot always be achieved as their own success and happiness. What is even more strange is that through hard work, the realm of dreams has been reached, but the original intention has been forgotten. Happiness and success are again in the illusory distance. Therefore, there are very few people in the world who truly feel that they are successful and happy. The vast majority of people are suffering for their failure.

If you always hold your destiny in your hands? , You must be your own master. In the old movie “Shawshank’s Redemption”, the bird’s character: “Through the despair, the night sky, the brightest star must be you!” There is also a sentence in Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea” that says: “People are not I was born to be defeated.” However, I have discovered in my life that the fate of many people is not in my own hands.

I treat all my pursuits piously, do not fight, do not play, do not be aggressive, step by step, I know that everything in the world will eventually come to light, and all players in the mixed world will surely be ruined.

Curiosity, thirst for knowledge, and understanding have always been the most important elements in my life. I am pleased to keep cracking the secrets of each field. — Brief speeches by two Nobel Prize-winning scientists.

The three qualities I hate most: the first is laziness, the second is vulgarity, and the third is hypocrisy. When I meet these three kinds of people, I will not argue with them, because I know that arguing is useless; I will avoid them and not let them pollute my breath.