Men are not good, women do not love

As the saying goes, men are not bad and women do not love. However, scholars’ research has found that women are more inclined to choose good men than the so-called “diamond men” who are willing to spend a lot of money for women. The good qualities of being kind, selfless and caring for others mean that a person has the potential to be a good parent. A report from the University of Nottingham and the Institute of Psychiatry at Kings College, London pointed out that good qualities such as selflessness and altruism have replaced the strong and tough as women’s preference for spouse selection. The results of this study sounded like a lot of Lei Fengs. The implication of the advent of the times. According to the report, researchers have conducted studies on 70 pairs of identical female twins and 87 pairs of fraternal female twins to understand the development of selfless altruism in the process of human sexual selection. The study uses questionnaires to understand the tendency of these twins to give love to society, such as whether they have participated in charitable donations, whether they are willing to jump into the river to save others, and whether they value the other’s helpful qualities when choosing a spouse. The results of the questionnaire analysis show that in the process of human evolution, people who value selfless and altruistic qualities when choosing a spouse often end up choosing kind and selfless people as their partners. The result of this social survey means that the selfless and altruistic genes in human evolution will be stronger than the selfish and self-interested genes.

On the surface, the selfless and altruistic qualities seem to be incompatible with the evolutionary theory of “survival of the fittest, the weak and the strong”, but the research results help us to see more clearly the relationship between selfless altruism and sexual selection. The researchers analyzed that the human brain has also been continuously developed during the evolution of humans, so humans need to invest more in the process of raising children. Therefore, our ancestors often choose people who are willing and able to become good parents. As a life partner. The famous female writer Tie Ning once recalled that when she was in her early thirties, she went to visit the old writer Bing Xin. Bing Xin asked Tie Ning with concern if she had a partner. Tie Ning replied, “I haven’t found it yet.” Bing Xin said in earnest after hearing this: “Don’t look for it, you have to wait.” A Hong Kong woman warned the author many years ago that when looking for someone, we must observe whether the man is good to everyone, not just to please you alone. If he is only courteous to you, then this man It can’t be, because his pleasing is obviously a purposeful and clear hypocrisy, which is a disguise. Upstairs, Miss Michele said that one of the things that touched her most about her boyfriend was that when Thomas Cook Travel Agency, a century-old British store, went bankrupt, her boyfriend happened to buy the North African Tunisian vacation package of this travel agency. It is doubtful that he can get a refund, but Michelle’s boyfriend never complained that he would lose hundreds of pounds. The man said the following: “We just lost a one-week vacation opportunity. However, the more than 2,000 employees of the travel agency lost their jobs for this. It is Christmas Eve. Their luck is really bad. Therefore, we There shouldn’t be any complaints, and I will not apply for and force travel agencies to refund.” Michelle said touchedly that it was her boyfriend’s words that made her determined to develop with her. In fact, they had only known each other for two months at the time. Schell is actually in the stage of investigation and hesitation.

Girlfriend Kelly said that British men are usually shy and not good at expressing emotions. When her boyfriend offered the engagement ring, it was when she was lying in the bathtub. The boyfriend actually sat on the toilet and handed it over. His face was flushed red and he confessed: “Will you accept this?” Kelly It was an interesting story about myself at a meeting of the wool knitting group in the library. The 8 British ladies present all said that their husbands had never confessed the enthusiastic word “I love you!”, and British men felt ashamed to say it. A 50-year-old woman explained on the spot: “British men are very shy. If a British man confesses the sour vocabulary’I love you, he must be drunk at the time.” The British man felt unconsciously confessing. “I love you” is too sour, too artificial, and too abrupt. British men think it is more beautiful to be reserved and low-key, so: “Are you willing to accept this?” It is a confession of love.

On Valentine’s Day last year, the British cheap “Poundland” (Poundland) sold a total of about 40,000 engagement rings with a unit price of one pound, almost double the number the year before. So many British people are keen to use one pound to express their love, and the whole country is surprised. For this reason, the store stated that the one-pound “shiny ring” and “men’s ring” are only temporary substitutes, and it is not recommended that people regard it as a real engagement ring. A spokesperson for the “One Pound Shop” said that they have launched a wide variety of Valentine’s Day products, more than 80 kinds of products, including perfumes, rings and “the content is only suitable for adults” Valentine’s card. At the same time, the “One Pound Store” also introduced many romantic home decorations according to consumers’ willingness to go out for Valentine’s Day, so that couples/partners who do not go out for the holidays can also feel the same romantic atmosphere at home. A spokesperson for the store said: “Rather than spending a fortune in a crowded and expensive restaurant for Valentine’s Day, many Britons would rather spend a romantic and private evening in a warm and comfortable home.”

British people spend a romantic Valentine’s Day. Some people give flowers and some people give chocolate. Data from the consumer research company “Savvy” shows that last year, British people spent 853 million pounds on Valentine’s Day, an increase of 7.8 compared to the previous year. %. Even the most stingy consumers will walk into the store on the eve of Valentine’s Day, and they often have impulse purchases. Therefore, every store will not miss the business opportunity of Valentine’s Day. The Martha (M&S) department store has launched a cut into a love shape “Love Sausage” and “Love Gherkin”. Restaurants, flowers and gift shops, Valentine’s Day’s eve is also the most profitable day of the year. The flower delivery company “Interflora” predicts to the BBC that this year’s Valentine’s Day flower delivery volume will be 15 times higher than usual, and they will be sold every second. 3 bunches of flowers. Nowadays, people giving flowers to Valentine’s Day are not limited to lovers. Many people also use Valentine’s Day to present flowers to mothers and grandmothers to express their love.

The romantic candlelight dinner is of course the highlight of Valentine’s Day. The restaurant reservation website “Quandoo” stated that the number of Valentine’s Day restaurant reservations has increased by 160% compared to the average number of reservations on average days. Although Valentine’s Day promotional activities are not as enthusiastic as “Black Friday” (Black Friday), however, merchants’ use of Valentine’s Day promotions has become more and more excessive, especially when retail sales are declining. More and more merchants Begin by unscrupulous and trying every means to pay people’s pockets. In fact, it can be said that the store is promoting every day, and you can make up any reason to launch a variety of gimmicks that make customers pay. For example, the card retailer “Moonpig” has launched Valentine’s Day cards for pets, and the sales of pet lover cards are on the rise. The promotional line is: Your dog is also a lover you can’t ignore. Nowadays, more and more people begin to celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends or family members, which has also expanded the business opportunities of Valentine’s Day cards, giving parents, grandparents, and even the seven aunts and eight aunts love cards overwhelmingly.

British media said that scholars have found that the role of seasons on people’s psychology is surprisingly large, and that seasonal changes can affect our health, psychology and expectations for the future. Although no two pairs of partners are exactly the same, in general, scholars have discovered some periodic patterns. Every year there is a peak period during which people generally make important emotional decisions. The wedding service platform “Marriage Online” surveyed 18,000 people, and the results showed that in the United States, nearly 40% of engagements occurred in the two and a half months from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day. December is the peak time for engagement, and Christmas Eve is especially popular. The British travel website “Chili Sauce” conducted a survey of 10,000 people and found that one-third of men think this time period is the most suitable for marriage proposal. A survey in the United States found that the number of marriage proposals made on Christmas Eve accounted for nearly one-third of the year. But scholars remind men to pay attention to this: Women often don’t think so. The survey found that Valentine’s Day is the most suitable day for women to get engaged, and the vote rate on this day is as high as 23%. Unfortunately, the survey found that only 12% of marriage proposals occurred on Valentine’s Day. In contrast, Christmas Eve (the most suitable day in the eyes of men) proposes the most, with 31% of men choosing to propose on December 24. New Year’s Eve is second only to Christmas Eve, and the next day to propose is New Year’s Day, and then the anniversary of the first meeting between the two. Although some surveys claim that the festive period (referring to the period from the end of November to the beginning of January) is the most popular season for marriage proposals, there is no evidence that the engagement date has any relationship with the happiness of the marriage and growing old together. Another regret is that there is no data to show at which time of the year, the person you are passionately in love with is most likely to accept a marriage proposal.

The British media also published a social survey. Among the 2,000 couples interviewed, the following characteristics make the couples have a higher index of marital happiness: the husband is five years older than the wife or more; between couples of different nationalities, at least both parties can Communicate fluently in one language; both spouses have similar professional skills. Scholars’ research also shows that when choosing a wedding date, one of the factors to consider is the age of you and your partner. A study conducted by the Institute of Sociology at the University of Utah in the United States showed that marriage between the ages of 28 and 32 has the lowest divorce rate after five years. They analyzed the data of more than 9,000 people, and the conclusion is as follows: Before about 32 years old, for every year of marriage age, the chance of divorce will decrease by 11%. However, after the age of 32, the chance of divorce increases by 5% for every additional year of marriage age. The study said that there may be a “blonde girl effect.” That is: when we are young, our mate choice psychology will change every year, so early marriage may cause friction between the two parties in the future or become more and more alienated. On the other hand, people who marry late may have a natural fear of marriage. These people may be more “naturally grumpy” to some extent and do not handle interpersonal relationships well, which leads to a higher risk of divorce.

Due to the lack of evidence of causality in this study, it is questioned that even if you try to set the marriage age within the optimal age range of 28 to 32, you may not be able to ensure that you will not divorce. The marriage age is not an absolute factor in the longevity of marriage. An old American woman who has been married for eighty years said about the secret of preservation of marriage: “I have the urge to strangle him every month, but tolerance has allowed our marriage to continue to this day.”